100 Quotes About Violence

Misery breeds violence. Not just in the streets, but in our homes, relationships, and workplaces. As a society, we have tried to foster a culture of peace and understanding. In many ways, we have succeeded Read more

But if we’re honest with ourselves, we must admit that some of us have not embraced this ethic of being peaceful. You might be one of them. Here’s a list of violent quotes to help you see how violence can be a destructive force in your life.

The Christian motto 'All men are brothers', however, also means that those who do not accept brotherhood are not men. Unknown
Being broke didn't seem so awful as it had yesterday, being broke but being at peace with the world.(" Don't Wait Up For Me Tonight") Cornell Woolrich
I didn't look over my shoulder; there wasn't a sound behind me on the pavement, but I knew he was coming slowly after me. The crawl of the skin up and down my back told me. Little needles of warning that gathered at the back of my skull told me. I'd never known until then that the jungles aren't so very far behind us, after all, and tails, and four feet instead of two. Where else did those symptoms come from?(" Don't Wait Up For Me, Tonight") . Cornell Woolrich
He should have caught up with me inside of fifteen minutes at the outside, if he'd been able to get on the next train after mine. But then there was that station agent to be considered. And Rafe didn't have a solitary coin on him; he'd have to break one of those fifties. I now remembered something that I'd been noticing half my life and that had never meant anything to me until today - a little sign outside each subway change booth, advising the public that the agent wasn't obliged to make change for anything bigger than $1. Never get mixed up in a murder, flashed through my mind insanely, unless you've got plenty of small change.(" Don't Wait Up For Me, Tonight") . Cornell Woolrich