100 Deceit Quotes And Sayings

Deceit can be a horrible thing, and it can ruin a person’s life. If you’ve had to deal with deceitful people, or if you know someone who has, we’ve got some quotes about deception for you here. Deception is such a powerful tool in the hands of deceptive people. They use it to get what they want and it can ruin lives.

To find out if she really loved me, I hooked...
To find out if she really loved me, I hooked her up to a lie detector. And just as I suspected, my machine was broken.
A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumors enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumor is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong. It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. Forced to start from scratch for the sake of purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively speaking, fully amputates the information in order to protect his personal judgment. In other words, his ignorance is to be valued more than the lie believed to be true. . Criss Jami
Deceit for personal gain is one of history's most recurring crimes. Man's first step towards change would be thinking, counter-arguing, re-thinking, twisting, straightening, perfecting, then believing every original idea he intends to make public before making it public. There is always an angle from which an absolute truth may appear askew just as there is always a personal emotion, or a personal agenda, which alienates the ultimate good of mankind. Criss Jami
There is no other way to determine the difference between...
There is no other way to determine the difference between the will of God and the crafts of satan... Jesus is the way, the truth and the life... The Holy Spirit of God is the Comforter... Israelmore Ayivor
Cleverness isn't always true nor is the truth always clever. Criss Jami
Trustful people are the pure at heart, as they are...
Trustful people are the pure at heart, as they are moved by the zeal of their own trustworthiness. Criss Jami
Cunning grows in deceit at seeing itself discovered, and tries...
Cunning grows in deceit at seeing itself discovered, and tries to deceive with truth itself. Unknown
A DEAD STATESMANI could not dig: I dared not rob: Therefore I lied to please the mob. Now all my lies are proved untrue And I must face the men I slew. What tale shall serve me here among Mine angry and defrauded young?from EPITAPHS OF THE WAR 1914-18 Rudyard Kipling
When you are posessed by evil spirits, it is crafty...
When you are posessed by evil spirits, it is crafty manipulations that you follow; but when you are posessed by the Holy Spirit of God, it is wise discretions you pursue! Israelmore Ayivor
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is...
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Erasmus
People love answers, but only as long as they are...
People love answers, but only as long as they are the ones who came up with them. Criss Jami
If you can get others to believe that your random...
If you can get others to believe that your random guesses are actual answers, they’ll never guess that you never understood the question in the first place. Craig D. Lounsbrough
…deceitful! ” she decided with a little bounce of fury that briefly ballooned the silk of her trousers. “There! You deceitful …”“Gillia…”“…misleading, dishonest, insincere…”“ Those are all the same words, Gill–”“Ooh! Liar! ” She’d managed to get her hands on a small pillow. He ducked just as it whizzed past him. In justice, however, it did strike the mosaic vase behind him on an engraved mahogany pedestal, and it tipped and spun on its base before landing in a shattered heap on the bare floor. “Now, look what you’ve done! ” she accused tearfully and bolted from the room. V.S. Carnes
She was a ray of sunshine, a warm summer rain,...
She was a ray of sunshine, a warm summer rain, a bright fire on a cold winter’s day, and now she could be dead because she had tried to save the man she loved. Grace Willows
Oh honey, someday a real man is going to make...
Oh honey, someday a real man is going to make you see stars and you won't even be looking at the sky." Excerpt from Grace Willow's Last Minute Bride Grace Willows
Selling eternal life is an unbeatable business, with no customers...
Selling eternal life is an unbeatable business, with no customers ever asking for their money back after the goods are not delivered. Victor J. Stenger
...a third [of three] had died in his bunk of...
...a third [of three] had died in his bunk of natural causes--for a dagger in the heart quite naturally ends one's life. R.A. Salvatore
Silence is a lie that screams at the light.
Silence is a lie that screams at the light. Shannon L. Alder
Betrayal and dishonor is usually an inside job. Keep it...
Betrayal and dishonor is usually an inside job. Keep it 'sucka-free', loved one! T.F. Hodge
Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of direct experience. Often such stories treat a fleeting state of mind as if it were our entire and permanent self. Sharon Salzberg
Know the word of God not in order that by doing so you might be saved; know it rather so that unlike the many you are not easily deceived. You may find that, evidently, a great many of the so-called novel ideas of the present were made without a clue that 'God', if you will, already laid profound discourse on or against them ages ago: no man has gone against God in such a way that God, from the beginning, did not already expect him to. Then, insofar as this, you will remain clear in that it is not at all that the Christian should be against newness; quite the opposite really - for a major point of Christianity is about one constantly being made new in Christ - it is only that many people are not actually bringing true newness to the table, and this is precisely because they do not first apply (or let alone even know) the wisdom of old. Criss Jami
Kashays [anger-pride-deceit-greed] will not leave by suppressing them, they go away through Gnan (Enlightened Knowledge). Dada Bhagwan
How easy it is for so many of us today...
How easy it is for so many of us today to be undoubtedly full of information yet fully deprived of accurate information. Criss Jami
The study of Scripture I find to be quite like mastering an instrument. No one is so good that they cannot get any better; no one knows so much that they can know no more. A professional can spot an amateur or a lack of practice or experience a mile away. His technicality, his spiritual ear is razor-sharp. He is familiar with the common mistakes, the counter-arguments; and insofar as this, he can clearly distinguish the difference between honest critics of the Faith and mere fools who criticize that which they know nothing. Criss Jami
If the surprise outcome of the recent UK referendum - on whether to leave or remain in the European Union - teaches us anything, it is that supposedly worthy displays of democracy in action can actually do more harm than good. Witness a nation now more divided; an intergenerational schism in the making; both a governing and opposition party torn to shreds from the inside; infinitely more complex issues raised than satisfactory solutions provided. It begs the question 'Was it really all worth it' ? . Alex Morritt
The problem with dreams is that they are always futuristic and gives a deceptive impression that there is still enough time to actualize them. The tragedy, however, is that you soon realize that the time you thought you had to fulfill the dreams had melted away before your very eyes. Sunday Adelaja
The problem with dreams is that they are always futuristic...
The problem with dreams is that they are always futuristic and gives a deceptive impression that there is still enough time to actualize them. Sunday Adelaja
Psychobabble attempts to redefine the entire English language just to...
Psychobabble attempts to redefine the entire English language just to make a correct statement incorrect. Psychology is the study of why someone would try to do this. Criss Jami
Yet if women are so flighty, fickle, changeable, susceptible, and inconstant (as some clerks would have us believe), why is it that their suitors have to resort to such trickery to have their way with them? And why don't women quickly succumb to them, without the need for all this skill and ingenuity in conquering them? For there is no need to go to war for a castle that is already captured. Christine De Pizan
Michelle, since the first day I met you I knew you were the one for me. I knew that I would make you my wife. I love waking up to your beautiful face every morning and seeing you before I close my eyes each night. I love you with everything in me, and I promise to be the man that you need for the rest of our lifetime together. Would you do me the honor of being my wife? Blaque Diamond
The more we're thrown into conflict with each other through...
The more we're thrown into conflict with each other through engineered distrust, the less able we are to unite against those responsible. DaShanne Stokes
How often have I painted a splendid picture of a...
How often have I painted a splendid picture of a journey marked by courageous ascents and daring desert crossings when all along all I’ve really been doing is running? Craig D. Lounsbrough
We evolved haphazardly within a random universe; no purpose underpins us, no God watches over us, and no assured glorious future awaits us. We are saddled with a dualistic consciousness that weighs us down and plays tricks on us. We have built and seem unable to dismantle a dehumanizing and destructive civilization and mindset that perpetuates deceit and greed. We can make ourselves as comfortable as possible, as doctors tell their terminally ill patients, but we are sadly incurable. . Colin Feltham
If truth be told, the easy road is nothing more...
If truth be told, the easy road is nothing more than an armchair in clever disguise. And if you look around, it seems that there are a whole lot of people in the furniture business. Craig D. Lounsbrough
I pretend to give gifts that people pretend to be gifts so that I can pretend that I gave something that actually cost me something. And what pretending or this sort gives me is the gift of a pretend life. Craig D. Lounsbrough
Christians are called to set people free from the delusion...
Christians are called to set people free from the delusion of the world and from the devil’s deceit Sunday Adelaja
Any government that places profit before people is pure evil.
Any government that places profit before people is pure evil. Suzy Kassem
If [Patricia Highsmith] saw an acquaintance walking down the sidewalk she would deliberately cross over so as to avoid them. When she came in contact with people, she realised she split herself into many different, false, identities, but, because she loathed lying and deceit, she chose to absent herself completely rather than go through such a charade. Highsmith interpreted this characteristic as an example of 'the eternal hypocrisy in me', rather her mental shape-shifting had its source in her quite extraordinary ability to empathise. Her imaginative capacity to subsume her own identity, while taking on the qualities of those around her - her negative capability, if you like - was so powerful that she said she often felt like her inner visions were far more real than the outside world. She aligned herself with the mad and the miserable, 'the insane man who feels himself one with all mankind, all life, because in losing his mind, he has lost his ego, his self-ness', yet realised that such a state inspired her fiction. Her ambition, she said, was to write about the underlying sickness of this 'daedal planet' and capture the essence of the human condition: eternal disappointment. Andrew Wilson
People turned against each other cannot turn against those responsible.
People turned against each other cannot turn against those responsible. DaShanne Stokes
â€â€¹Who gets to Live? You or Your Rules?
â€â€¹Who gets to Live? You or Your Rules? Vineet Raj Kapoor
Politics bores you?" Bronsen said. Julien smiled. "It does. Apologies, sir, and it is not that I haven't tried to be fascinated. But careful and meticulous research has suggested the hypothesis that all politicians are liars, fools, and tricksters, and I have as yet come across no evidence to the contrary. They can do great damage, and rarely any good. It is the job of the sensible man to try and protect civilization from their depradations. . Iain Pears
If you lay with a scorpion, don't be surprised when...
If you lay with a scorpion, don't be surprised when it finally stings you. DaShanne Stokes
Liars are highly unlikely to admit their lies, never mind apologize for the hurt they’ve caused. Liars don’t genuinely apologize. Deceit has become their full-out lifestyle. They are centered on themselves with no thoughts of the consequences of their lies. In cowardly style, they tell more lies to try and cover their tracks. They are not good at admitting they actually have shortcomings. Cathy Burnham Martin
There is no deception on the part of the woman, where a man bewilders himself: if he deludes his own wits, I can certainly acquit the women. Whatever man allows his mind to dwell upon the imprint his imagination has foolishly taken of women, is fanning the flames within himself -- and, since the woman knows nothing about it, she is not to blame. For if a man incites himself to drown, and will not restrain himself, it is not the water's fault. John Gower
DON PEDROCome, lady, come; you have lost the heart of Signior Benedick.BEATRICEIndeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile; and I gave him use for it, a double heart for his single one: marry, once before he won it of me with false dice, therefore your grace may well say I have lost it. D O N PEDROYou have put him down, lady, you have put him down. B E A T R I C E So I would not he should do me, my lord, lest I should prove the mother of fools. William Shakespeare
Possibly the most debilitating deception of all is to create a god of my own making, fool myself into believing that this limp god of mine is the true God, and then construct the entirety of my life on this flamboyantly fictional character. Possibly the most devastating realization of all is when the real God shows up, and in the showing up all of this come crashing down. Craig D. Lounsbrough
Religion (dharma) is decrease in kashay (anger, pride, deceit and...
Religion (dharma) is decrease in kashay (anger, pride, deceit and greed) and increase of kashay is irreligion (adharma). When Kashay goes away (completely) is the religion of the Self (Soul). Dada Bhagwan
Soul (Atma) remains very far from where kashays (anger-pride-deceit-greed) are created, the Soul is quite far from there. Where there is absence of kashays, there lies the ‘religion of Vitrags (the enlightened ones)’, and where kashays are present, lies the ‘relative religion’! Dada Bhagwan
There is no samkit (vision with right belief that I...
There is no samkit (vision with right belief that I am Pure Soul) where there are kashays [anger, pride, deceit and greed], and where there are no kashays, there is samkit (self realization). Dada Bhagwan
The world has enough deceit, decay, and despair; be different. Lindsey Rietzsch
What did one see if one looked in any depth into the world of this writer's fiction? Elegant self-control concealing from the world's eyes until the very last moment a state of inner disintegration and biological decay; sallow ugliness, sensuously marred and worsted, which nevertheless is able to fan its smouldering concupiscence to a pallid impotence, which from the glowing depths of the spirit draws strength to cast down a whole proud people at the foot of the Cross and set its own foot upon them as well; gracious poise and composure in the empty austere service of form; the false, dangerous life of the born deceiver, his ambition and his art which lead so soon to exhaustion --- . Thomas Mann
Your anger, pride, deceit, and greed should be such that they hurt no one. If they are limited to where they only hurt only you and no one else, then the path of liberation is open. Dada Bhagwan
As long as kashay’s (anger, pride, deceit, greed) do not go away, you have not attained God’s religion even a little bit. Religion of the vitarags [the enlightened ones] means absence of kashay (anger, pride, deceit, greed). Dada Bhagwan
If anger-pride-deceit-greed occur, let them occur. There is nothing wrong if you have thoughts of bad conduct, do not be afraid, however, you must repent (do pratikraman) and turn it around, this will result in a high level of dharmadhyan [auspicious contemplation] . Dada Bhagwan
Is it atikraman [Hurtful karma] if we eat, cut our hair or brush our teeth? No, it is not like that. Anger-pride-deceit-greed is considered atikraman [Hurtful karma]. If you do pratikraman [Ask for forgiveness], they will all go away. Dada Bhagwan
Regardless of the amount of kashays [anger, pride, deceit, greed] the other person creates, if you win over the kashays with the Gnan [real knowledge] abundance from within, when the kashays have no effect on you from within, then it is considered as winning the world. Dada Bhagwan
All the subjects of the world can be included in the kashays of anger-pride-deceit-greed. Anger and deceit are the ‘protectors’. They have indeed originated from greed. A proud person will have greed for self-validation and recognition from others. And deceit protects it. Dada Bhagwan
Anger-pride-deceit-greed; they are the ones giving you pain and only they are your enemies. There is no other enemy out there. There is only a nimit (evidentiary doer) outside. Wrong vision makes you accuse the nimit. When you attain the right belief (samkit), know that you have found the solution. Dada Bhagwan
The kashays (inner anger, pride, deceit and greed) that keep one entrenched in the coolness of the worldly life are the very thing that makes one wander life after life. Dada Bhagwan
Every human being is indeed unhappy as long as he is not free from kashays. Dada Bhagwan
The one whose kashays, (inner anger, pride, deceit, greed) are gone is worthy of worship. The absence of inner intent of kashays is indeed Gnani! Dada Bhagwan
Awareness’ will not arise where there is deceit along with self-pride (maan). If there is deceit with self-pride, then one can never see the self-pride. Dada Bhagwan
Absence of Kashays (anger-pride-deceit-greed) is indeed bliss. Dada Bhagwan
When does one become free from all tubers (of the mind)? When one becomes free of kashayas (anger-pride-deceit-greed). Kashays (anger-pride-deceit-greed) are tubers themselves. Dada Bhagwan
Complete departure of kashay (anger-pride-deceit-greed) is Moksha (Liberation). At first, there is the departure of kashays and then there will be ‘that’ [Liberation]. Dada Bhagwan
Any halfway clever devil would decorate the highway to Hell as beautiful as possible. Criss Jami
Truth is never a straight line; it is a circle that will take you back to what you know, in order to challenge your belief in what is fair, what is real, what is forgiveable, what is not and what type of person will you become today now that you know. Shannon L. Alder
No matter how much I tried to justify the affair, the fact remained that I was a deceitful person. One moment I was making out with a man and an hour later I was in bed with another man. Who had I become? What had I lost in life that led me to do this? Did I not have a perfect life? Was I not happy? Of course, I was happy. I knew I was happy and content. Had I become greedy? I was in a maze and I could not find a way out. Jagdish Joghee
Love feeds on deception. Erol Ozan
If you wouldn't invite a thief in your house why would you allow a liar in. the only difference between the two is the thief steals your money and objects the liar steals with words by deceit of manipulation by Bonnie Zackson Koury Bonnie Zackson Koury
He belongs to a whorehouse, not in my heart Munia Khan
Sealing your lips makes your eyes talk Truth creeps beneath your lame feet’s walk Knees stiffen when blood vessels stalk A pounding heart’s lies hard as rock Munia Khan
You can learn things from a heart so bleeding When love bargains with deceitful pleading Hours soar from dawn to dawn splitting your time Don’t hear melody from a soundless chime Munia Khan
Would you dare to reach inside the vault of a feral heart? Glare into the keyhole, eyes bound with intrigue...is it real what we perceive? or does the absent colour leave you lost or decieved? L V HALL
Death is deceitful, pretending that peace is on the horizon. The truth is that chaos is left in its wake, claiming the souls of those stranded in life. Death is the enemy of love in its purest form. It's the one thing that can tear our souls out and rip our hearts to pieces. The miraculous part of this process is that all it needs to do is extinguish a single, solitary breath. That's all it takes to steal the future of someone; someone who deserves to live more than all the others. If only I could capture that breath before it was taken to replace it with my own. . J.D. Stroube
People don't care about being duped as long as they're happy, which is the shortest form of happiness; hence 'self-duprication' becomes a habit. Criss Jami
They say blood is thicker than water. It's also more treacherous, prone to betrayal, full of shit and quite honestly, I wouldn't put much weight into it at all. Ashly Lorenzana
This was a new skill she'd acquired, the ability to look, to the outside world, utterly serene and even cheerful, while, in her skull, all was chaos. Dave Eggers
Pretentiousness isn't always just big words and meaningless jargon, but also pretty words that either when put into action don't mean beans or hurt you in the long run. Oftentimes, the former appeals to the intellect whereas the latter appeals to the heart. Criss Jami
When one with honeyed words but evil mind Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state. Euripides
Deceit is a tool of statecraft, " Irulan agreed." There are limits to power, as those who put their hopes in a constitution always discover, " Paul said. Frank Herbert
The meaning of life in western secular society is to be successful. So many people are success mad and they are encouraged to reach for something and have so called "worthwhile goals". Money, fame, power, good looks, possessions are the indicators of success and the media and advertising companies exploit this. People are conditioned to believe that they can only feel happy or good about themselves if they have these things. This of course is not true. Tim Crawshaw
Deceivers are the most hideous creatures in the world Munia Khan
Keep your finger on the pulse of society, take controversies with a grain of salt, lick your finger and then lift it to the wind; always know what is going on, my friend, so this world can never steer you wrong again. Criss Jami
False humility is quite like the worst of both worlds: both that of Meekness and that of Conceit. Criss Jami
During the flames of controversy, opinions, mass disputes, conflict, and world news, sometimes the most precious, refreshing, peaceful words to hear amidst all the chaos are simply and humbly 'I don't know. Criss Jami
It is important to refuse to be intimidated. That refusal must not be based simply on a calculation of the odds of succeeding. At times, in my case, multiple lawsuits and an ethics charge seemed overwhelming, and the fact that I knew my work to be accurate and responsible was only partial solace. l was well aware that court, like the National Football League, is an arena in which, on any given Sunday, anybody can win. The refusal to be intimidated must come, in the end, not from a sureness of succeeding but from a knowledge of the cost of scurrying for shelter through fake retractions and disowned truths. It is a question, in the end of self-respect. Who among us could, in good faith, ever face a survivor of childhood abuse again were we to run for cover when pressed ourselves? Children are not permitted that choice, and the adults who choose to work with them and with the survivors they become cannot afford to make it. It would be a choice to become. Through betrayal and deceit, that to which we object. Our alternative, then, is not to hide. Not to refuse to treat adult survivors, not to refuse to go to court in their defense, not to apologize and retract statements we know are true, but to cultivate endurance and tenacity as carefully as we read the research. Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned Author: Anna C. Salter. Ethics & Behavior, Volume 8, Issue 2 June 1998 . Anna C. Salter
Don't starve an instinct with a lie on, Never hit or deceive a wounded lion. He heals faster than you can imagine And hurts even more when in famine. Ana Claudia Antunes
Men seek a great deal, but fatally close, albeit very different, is one's pride in proving oneself right with one's zeal for finding the truth. Criss Jami
The hype cheapens the hyped, as right things are then made wrong by exaggeration. Criss Jami
Anything someone gets conned into will never be that great. Roberto Hogue
We first become salesmen as children in the confession booths of our parents. Criss Jami
As for the majority, it is not so much race as it is political affiliation that really divides it today. What was once an issue of physical difference is now one of intellectual difference. Men have yet to master disagreeing without flashing all their frustrations that come with it; the conservative will throw half-truths while the liberal will throw insults. Combine these and what do you get? A dishonest mockery of a country. . Criss Jami
It is the nature of physics to hear the loudest of mouths over the most comprehensive ones. Criss Jami
I become quite melancholy and deeply grieved to see men behave to each other as they do. Everywhere I find nothing but base flattery, injustice , self-interest, deceit and roguery. I cannot bear it any longer; I'm furious; and my intention is to break with all mankind. Unknown
You may plainly perceive the traitor through his mask; he is well known every-where in his true colors; his rolling eyes and his honeyed tones impose only on those who do not know him. People are aware that this low-bred fellow, who deserves to be pilloried, has, by the dirtiest jobs, made his way in the world; and that the splendid position he has acquired makes merit repine and virtue blush. Yet whatever dishonourable epithets may be launched against him everywhere, nobody defends his wretched honour. Call him a rogue, an infamous wretch, a confounded scoundrel if you like, all the world will say “yea, ” and no one contradicts you. But for all that, his bowing and scraping are welcome everywhere; he is received, smiled upon, and wriggles himself into all kinds of society; and, if any appointment is to be secured by intriguing, he will carry the day over a man of the greatest worth. Zounds! these are mortal stabs to me, to see vice parleyed with; and sometimes times I feel suddenly inclined to fly into a wilderness far from the approach of men. Unknown
If perchance a friend should betray you; if he forms a subtle plot to get hold of what is yours; if people should try to spread evil reports about you, would you tamely submit to all this without flying into a rage? Unknown
The true mark of English conversation is not being able to tell when you've been insulted. I think the more sophisticated society becomes, the more it hides behind the masks it manufactures. Christopher Fowler
Confirmation bias is the most effective way to go on living a lie. Criss Jami
To swear day and night by media slander will make one a bigger victim than the slandered. It doesn't take much to begin to fear a mere illusion of human badness. Criss Jami