100 Quotes About Internet

The Internet is a big place. How can you be sure you’re spending your time the right way? The best way to get the most from the Internet is to harness its power for yourself. If you want to be productive and make the most of your time online, it should be to your benefit. By reading these helpful internet quotes, you can start using the Internet in a way that helps you achieve your goals and live well.

Headline?" he asked."' Swing Set Needs Home, '" I said."' Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home, '" he said."' Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children, '" I said. John Green
It doesn't matter if they hate you, or embarrass you, or simply don't appreciate your genius for inventing the internet-"" You invented the internet?", Martha said., George said." It was my idea! " Hermes said. "I mean the internet, not the rats. But that's not the point. Rick Riordan
Just move to the Internet, its great here. We get to live inside where the weather is always awesome. John Green
Any idiot can put up a website.
Any idiot can put up a website. Patricia Briggs
A telkhine was hunched over a console, but he was so involved with his work, he didn't notice us. He was about five feet tall, with slick black seal fur and stubby little feet. He had the head of a Doberman, but his clawed hands were almost human. He growled and muttered as he tapped on his keyboard. Maybe he was messaging his friends on uglyface.com. Rick Riordan
I am charging you with the protection of my mother...
I am charging you with the protection of my mother and friends, not to mention keeping my younger self off the Internet. He is as dangerous as Opal. Eoin Colfer
The internet is just a world passing notes around a classroom. Jon Stewart
S.M."Social Media or Social Menace?I'll leave it to you to work out. Anthony T. Hincks
We the people have no excuse for starry-eyed sycophantic group-think...
We the people have no excuse for starry-eyed sycophantic group-think in the Information Age. Knowledge is but a fingertip away. Tiffany Madison
Now I existed solely thanks to the quantum paradox, my brain a collection of qubits in quantum superposition, encoding truths and memories, imagination and irrationality in opposing, contradictory states that existed and didn't exist, all at the same time. Robin Wasserman
Many people in this room have an Etsy store where they create unique, unreplicable artifacts or useful items to be sold on a small scale, in a common marketplace where their friends meet and barter. I and many of my friends own more than one spinning wheel. We grow our food again. We make pickles and jams on private, individual scales, when many of our mothers forgot those skills if they ever knew them. We come to conventions, we create small communities of support and distributed skills--when one of us needs help, our village steps in. It’s only that our village is no longer physical, but connected by DSL instead of roads. But look at how we organize our tribes--bloggers preside over large estates, kings and queens whose spouses’ virtues are oft-lauded but whose faces are rarely seen. They have moderators to protect them, to be their knights, a nobility of active commenters and big name fans, a peasantry of regular readers, and vandals starting the occasional flame war just to watch the fields burn. Other villages are more commune-like, sharing out resources on forums or aggregate sites, providing wise women to be consulted, rabbis or priests to explain the world, makers and smiths to fashion magical objects. Groups of performers, acrobats and actors and singers of songs are traveling the roads once more, entertaining for a brief evening in a living room or a wheatfield, known by word of mouth and secret signal. Separate from official government, we create our own hierarchies, laws, and mores, as well as our own folklore and secret history. Even my own guilt about having failed as an academic is quite the crisis of filial piety--you see, my mother is a professor. I have not carried on the family trade. We dwell within a system so large and widespread, so disorganized and unconcerned for anyone but its most privileged and luxurious members, that our powerlessness, when we can summon up the courage to actually face it, is staggering. So we do not face it. We tell ourselves we are Achilles when we have much more in common with the cathedral-worker, laboring anonymously so that the next generation can see some incremental progress. We lack, of course, a Great Work to point to and say: my grandmother made that window; I worked upon the door. Though, I would submit that perhaps the Internet, as an object, as an aggregate entity, is the cathedral we build word by word and image by image, window by window and portal by portal, to stand taller for our children, if only by a little, than it does for us. For most of us are Lancelots, not Galahads. We may see the Grail of a good Classical life, but never touch it. That is for our sons, or their daughters, or further off. And if our villages are online, the real world becomes that dark wood on the edge of civilization, a place of danger and experience, of magic and blood, a place to make one’s name or find death by bear. And here, there be monsters. Catherynne M. Valente
Today, spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget...
Today, spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget that everybody isn't on social media. Germany Kent
You are what you share.
You are what you share. Charles W. Leadbeater
A fundamental approach to life transformation is using social media for therapy; it forces you to have an opinion, provides intellectual stimulation, increases awareness, boosts self-confidence, and offers the possibility of hope. Germany Kent
Don't let your past dictate your future,
Don't let your past dictate your future, Chris Mentillo
We are loved way more by some of the people...
We are loved way more by some of the people who have not contacted us in the last twelve or so months than we are loved by some of those who contact us every twelve or so days … or hours. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Texting is not talking and a phone is not a...
Texting is not talking and a phone is not a friend. Amit Kalantri
I Can See Nothing But The Bottom Sides of Her...
I Can See Nothing But The Bottom Sides of Her Shoes, And Then All Became Ample Dark. Chris Mentillo
Every good writer I know needs to go into some deep, quiet place to do work that is fully imagined. And what the Internet brings is lots of vulgar data. It is the antithesis of the imagination. It leaves nothing to the imagination. Jonathan Franzen
Reading, for me, is like this: consumptive, pleasing, calming, as much as edifying. It's how I feel after a good dinner. That's why I do it so often: It feels wonderful. The book is mind and I insert myself into it, cover it entire, ear my way through every last slash and dot. That's something you can do with a book, unlike television or movies or the Internet. You can eat it, or mark it, like a dog does on a hydrant. Tara Bray Smith
And people turn to internet with the hope that in this virtual world, where real identity need not be disclosed, they will find someone before whom they could be their true self, without any pretensions and get an opportunity to release the pent-up emotions and feel light. Chitralekha Paul
Copies have been dethroned; the economic model built on them is collapsing. In a regime of superabundant free copies, copies are no longer the basis of wealth. Now relationships, links, connections, and sharing are. Value has shifted away from a copy toward the many ways to recall, annotate, personalize, edit, authenticate, display, mark, transfer, and engage a work. Art is a conversation, not a patent office. The citation of sources belongs to the realms of journalism and scholarship, not art. Reality can’t be copyrighted. . David Shields
I can't blame modern technology for my predilection for distraction, not after all the hours I've spent watching lost balloons disappear into the clouds. I did it before the Internet, and I'll do it after the apocalypse, assuming we still have helium and weak-gripped children. Colson Whitehead
I'm a writer by profession and it's totally clear to me that since I started blogging, the amount I write has increased exponentially, my daily interactions with the views of others have never been so frequent, the diversity of voices I engage with is far higher than in the pre- Internet age–and all this has helped me become more modest as a thinker, more open to error, less fixated on what I do know, and more respectful of what I don't. If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please." The problem is finding the space and time when this engagement stops, and calm, quiet, thinking and reading of longer-form arguments, novels, essays can begin. Worse, this also needs time for the mind to transition out of an instant gratification mode to me a more long-term, thoughtful calm. I find this takes at least a day of detox. Getting weekends back has helped. But if there were a way to channel the amazing insights of blogging into the longer, calmer modes of thinking .. we'd be getting somewhere." I'm working on it. . Andrew Sullivan
The internet is killing the art of writing. The big "publish" button begs you to publish even before you go back and make one single edit, and as if this was not enough, you have instant readers who praise your writing skills! - Bangambiki Habyarimana
5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:1 Post...
5 Ways To Build Your Brand on Social Media:1 Post content that add value2 Spread positivity3 Create steady stream of info4 Make an impact5 Be yourself Germany Kent
If you are on social media, and you are not...
If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong. Germany Kent
Trivia are not knowledge. Lists of facts don't comprise knowledge....
Trivia are not knowledge. Lists of facts don't comprise knowledge. Analyzing, hypothesizing, concluding from data, sharing insights, those comprise knowledge. You can't google for knowledge. Elaine Ostrach Chaika
The internet is a blessing and curse, because it's a gateway to an endless plethora of information. However it's flooded with pseudoscience, fringe science, false information, contrived statements, pure lies, & utter misrepresentations of facts. It's essentially a situation were you're mining for genuine gold in a cave of fools gold, & while genuine gold exists, it's overwhelmed & obscured so often by imitation. Trevor Driggers
How easy it is for so many of us today...
How easy it is for so many of us today to be undoubtedly full of information yet fully deprived of accurate information. Criss Jami
Information is nutrition, knowledge is nutrition, art is nutrition and...
Information is nutrition, knowledge is nutrition, art is nutrition and they set us free. Internet is a great library, great library is a freedom within wisdom in this digital age Baris Gencel
If you are in a position where you can reach...
If you are in a position where you can reach people, then use your platform to stand up for a cause. HINT: social media is a platform. Germany Kent
Don't promote negativity online and expect people to treat you...
Don't promote negativity online and expect people to treat you with positivity in person. Germany Kent
Speak with caution. Even if someone forgives harsh words you've...
Speak with caution. Even if someone forgives harsh words you've spoken, they may be too hurt to ever forget them. Don't leave a legacy of pain and regret of things you never should have said. Germany Kent
We are a generation of everything temporary, masqueraded as engaged in patterns beyond the point, but relies too much on technology, and yet despite all of that, we no longer feel compulsive to connect with each other, and somehow that’s the reason some friendship doesn’t last, however, we have the sincerity to connect on a regular basis with a virtual audience and socialise on the internet. Luan
I wish I knew how to quit you, Tumblr.
I wish I knew how to quit you, Tumblr. John Green
You don’t have any friends, your sister dumped you, you’re a freak eater.and you’ve got some weird thing about Simon Snow.""I object to every single thing you just said." Reagan chewed. And frowned. She was wearing dark red lipstick." I have lots of friends, " Cath said." I never see them."" I just got here. Most of my friends went to other schools. Or they’re online."" Internet friends don’t count."" Why not?" Reagan shrugged disdainfully." And I don’t have a weird thing with Simon Snow, " Cath said. "I’m just really active in the fandom."" What the fuck is ‘the fandom’? . Rainbow Rowell
Can we go back to using Facebook for what it...
Can we go back to using Facebook for what it was originally for - looking up exes to see how fat they got? Bill Maher
Most of the people you read about being turned meet vamps in clubs or over the Internet...Ew, did you...?"" Yes, I met a vampire on the Internet, went to his evil love den, and let him turn me, because I'm that brainless. Molly Harper
You know, sometimes I don't understand what's wrong with us. This is just about the most creative and imaginative country on earth–and yet sometimes we just don't seem to have the gumption to exploit our intellectual property. We split the atom, and now we have to get French or Korean scientists to help us build nuclear power stations. We perfected the finest cars on earth–and now Rolls-Royce is in the hands of the Germans. Whatever we invent, from the jet engine to the internet, we find that someone else carts it off and makes a killing from it elsewhere. Boris Johnson
I still love books. Nothing a computer can do can compare to a book. You can't really put a book on the Internet. Three companies have offered to put books by me on the Net, and I said, 'If you can make something that has a nice jacket, nice paper with that nice smell, then we'll talk.' All the computer can give you is a manuscript. People don't want to read manuscripts. They want to read books. Books smell good. They look good. You can press it to your bosom. You can carry it in your pocket. . Ray Bradbury
You could write a book about things that you can't...
You could write a book about things that you can't find on-line. Maggie Stiefvater
The Internet is a funny place, because it’s a forum for so many awful ideas, body shaming, bullying, and the like. The negative side of social media is that everybody thinks they’re experts with the right to weigh in on. Yet, at the same time, the Internet is a place where women can find solidarity, no matter who or where they are. Ashley Graham
Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the...
Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers. Robert A. Heinlein
I dislike the phrase 'Internet friends, ' because it implies that people you know online aren't really your friends, that somehow the friendship is less real or meaningful to you because it happens through Skype or text messages. The measure of a friendship is not its physicality but its significance. John Green
People who have so much of their personality invested in...
People who have so much of their personality invested in the Internet can’t really survive as whole individuals without it. Mark A. Rayner
Write as much as you can. Read as much as you can. Use the library and the internet carefully for research and talk to people about things that matter. If you have an idea in your head talk it to people as a normal conversation, to get their natural opinions. And don’t forget to jot down discreetly any new ideas you get from people. God may use other people to convey messages to you, that may add more information to the ideas you already have. Enock Maregesi
The internet has become a carefully controlled and heavily monitored illusion. It has turned into both a circus and battleground. Popularity is rigged and can be bought. Censorship is in full effect. Popular opinion is fabricated, and the perception of a viewpoint's popularity is typically orchestrated and manipulated by legions of paid trolls. If you want to know the truth about somebody's true popularity and influence, look to the streets. If you want to know if a person is really guilty or innocent, study the facts yourself. Never judge anybody based on what you see or read on the internet. Information can easily be manipulated by the push of a few buttons. Suzy Kassem
I have been taunted on various platforms recently for becoming a neo-conservative, and have been the object of some fascinating web-site and blog stuff, from the isolationist Right as well as from the peaceniks, who both argue in a semi-literate way that neo-conservativism is Trotskyism and 'permanent revolution' reborn. Sometimes, you have to comb an overt anti- Semitism out of this propaganda before you can even read it straight. And I can guarantee you that none of these characters has any idea at all of what the theory of 'permanent revolution' originally meant. Christopher Hitchens
In the old days, a liberal and a conservative (a “dove” and a “hawk, ” say) got their data from one of three nightly news programs, a local paper, and a handful of national magazines, and were thus starting with the same basic facts (even if those facts were questionable, limited, or erroneous). Now each of us constructs a custom informational universe, wittingly (we choose to go to the sources that uphold our existing beliefs and thus flatter us) or unwittingly (our app algorithms do the driving for us). The data we get this way, pre-imprinted with spin and mythos, are intensely one-dimensional. George Saunders
In modern time slowness is new sickness.
In modern time slowness is new sickness. Amit Kalantri
But how do you come ‘offline’ when so much of our daily lives is moving ‘online’? Every month new sites and online services are launched. If you need to check anything — about a new school for your children, medical treatment, tourist destination or recipe — you go online. Bill Gates put it so well when he called the Internet the ‘town square for the global village of tomorrow’. Could you spend a week or even a day without reading your emails, using social media or going online? Someone recently joked with me that having Internet access is more important than having food or water. . Nigel Cumberland
The second death. To think that you died and no one would remember you. I wondered if this was why we tried so hard to make our mark in America. To be known. Think of how important celebrity has become. We sing to get famous; expose our worst secrets to get famous; lose weight, eat bugs, even commit murder to get famous. Our young people post their deepest thoughts on public web sites. They run cameras from their bedrooms. It’s as if we are screaming Notice Me! Remember Me! Yet the notoriety barely lasts. Names quickly blur and in time are forgotten. . Mitch Albom
The level of intelligence has been tremendously increased, because people are thinking and communicating in terms of screens, and not in lettered books. Much of the real action is taking place in what is called cyberspace. People have learned how to boot up, activate, and transmit their brains. Essentially, there’s a universe inside your brain. The number of connections possible inside your brain is limitless. And as people have learned to have more managerial and direct creative access to their brains, they have also developed matrices or networks of people that communicate electronically. There are direct brain/computer link-ups. You can just jack yourself in and pilot your brain around in cyberspace-electronic space. Timothy Leary
TV takes away our freedom to have whatever thoughts we want. So do photographs, movies, and the Internet. They provide us with more intellectual stimuli, but they construct a lower, harder ceiling. Chuck Klosterman
The internet is where some people go to show their true intelligence; others, their hidden stupidity. Criss Jami
Let our information and social technologies raise awareness and not propaganda, build connections and not passive-aggression. Criss Jami
Berners-Lee was supremely lucky in the work environment he had settled into, the Swiss particle physics lab CERN. It took him ten years to nurture his slow hunch about a hypertext information platform. Steven Johnson
Back then, I was still just a fan of music. And to be a fan of music also meant to be a fan of cities, of places. Regionalism–and the creative scenes therein–played an important role in the identification and contextualization of a sound or aesthetic. Music felt married to place, and the notion of “somewhere” predated the Internet’s seeming invention of “everywhere” (which often ends up feeling like “nowhere”). Carrie Brownstein
If BlackHat people can monetize an opportunity (that is, convert it to money), and especially if they can scale it (that is, make money from a big mass of people), then they will do it–happily so–and even create their own sub-markets to serve that BlackHat opportunity. Frederic Haddad
Ms Rainn, when was the last time you visited a library for the books and not the free Internet it offers? S.A. Tawks
Hermes gazed up at the stars. "My dear young cousin, if there's one thing I've learned over the eons, it's that you can't give up on your family, no matter how tempting they make it. It doesn't matter if they hate you, or embarrass you, or simply don't appreciate your genius for inventing the Internet-""You invented the Inte Rick Riordan
In the age of technology there is constant access to vast amounts of information. The basket overflows; people get overwhelmed; the eye of the storm is not so much what goes on in the world, it is the confusion of how to think, feel, digest, and react to what goes on. Criss Jami
In Jump Time’s developing hybrid world, capacities once nurtured in separate societies are available to the entire family of humankind. This is a stupendous happening, as important as the discovery of new continents during the time of the great sea journeys. For the first time in human history the genius of the human race is available for all to harvest. These rediscovered capacities may be evolutionary accelerators, now being gathered from many places, times, and cultures to awaken our species to who we are and what we yet may be and do. Often, however, it is not comfortable. We can for a time find ourselves strangers in a very strange land, wishing we could return to the comforts of a more insular and familiar worldview. Yet when we get beyond the shutterings of our local cultural trance, we gain the courage to nurture the emerging forms of the possible human and the possible society. . Jean Houston
The externalization of memory [via the use of external symbolic storage systems] has altered the actual memory architecture within which humans think, which is changing the role of biological memory, the way in which the human brain deploys its resources, and the form of modern culture. Merlin Donald
To remain vital, culture must be renewed in the minds of the members of every generation. Outsource memory, and culture withers. Nicholas Carr
Netiquette brings the World together through the Internet for the Information Age. It's all data. NetworkEtiquette.net David Chiles
The possibility of injury or death was a strong attraction: as the online world became more and more pre-edited and slicked up, and as even its so-called reality sites raised questions about authenticity in the minds of the viewers, the rough, unpolished physical world was taking on a mystic allure. Margaret Atwood
Internet is puberty of society. Mohit Parikh
If you are reading this then you have wasted another day of your life day dreaming, rather than planning the life God intended you to live. Shannon L. Alder
People become desensitized to many things going on around them. It is because they always see it on the tv, hear it on the radio, read or watch it on the internet, hear about it at work etc. Then immoral acts are tuned to a deaf ear. Then no one wants to take action or speak up for what's right. Break the cycle and have moral character. Amaka Imani Nkosazana
It's important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It's not only life of babies, but it's life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet. George W. Bush
Sadly, history shows us that people literally scrambled their children's brains with heavy exposure to screens at young ages. Developing primate brains are wired to interact with others in a real environment, learning the enormous range of human behaviours from copying the people they love and trust, not staring mindlessly at images. EXO Books
Leyner's fiction is, in this regard, an eloquent reply to Gilder's prediction that our TV-culture problems can be resolved by the dismantling of images into discrete chunks we can recombine as we fancy. Leyner's world is a Gilder-esque dystopia. The passivity and schizoid decay still endure for Leyner in his characters' reception of images and waves of data. The ability to combine them only adds a layer of disorientation: when all experience can be deconstructed and reconfigured, there become simply too many choices. And in the absence of any credible, noncommercial guides for living, the freedom to choose is about as "liberating" as a bad acid trip: each quantum is as good as the next, and the only standard of an assembly's quality is its weirdness, incongruity, its ability to stand out from a crowd of other image-constructs and wow some Audience. David Foster Wallace
The web is a dangerous place for a mind begging to slack off and be distracted by nonsense. Michelle M. Pillow
The Internet is the Petri dish of humanity. We can't control what grows in it, but we don't have to watch either. Tiffany Madison
Stop treating internet like it's a different thing and start focusing on what you actually want your society to look like. Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi
I saw them do it. Chip vandals. Right there on Commerce, behind the main road... They cut his head open. They know I watched. Anna L. Davis
I’d been an outcast my entire life. Growing up with technophobe parents in the dawn of a Cyborg Age did that to a person. Anna L. Davis
The Google self and the Facebook self, in other words, are pretty different people. There's a big difference between "you are what you click" and "you are what you share. Eli Pariser
Never presume to know a person based on the one dimensional window of the internet. A soul can’t be defined by critics, enemies or broken ties with family or friends. Neither can it be explained by posts or blogs that lack facial expressions, tone or insight into the person’s personality and intent. Until people “get that”, we will forever be a society that thinks Beautiful Mind was a spy movie and every stranger is really a friend on Facebook. . Shannon L. Alder
It is the thesis of this book that society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilities which belong to it; and that in the future development of these messages and communication facilities, messages between man and machines, between machines and man, and between machine and machine, are destined to play an ever-increasing part. Norbert Wiener
The net has provided a level playing field for criticism and comment - anyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion - and that is one of its greatest strengths. Sara Sheridan
A free and open Internet is a despot's worst enemy. Jay Samit
Computers are quiet and clean and totally distracting because the Internet is there, lying in wait for a moment of weakness to pounce on your creativity and progress. Arlaina Tibensky
If automating everything makes people lazier and lazier, and laziness leads to stupidity, which it does for most people, judging by the current content circulating the social networks everywhere, except North Korea, where they don’t have any internet to speak of - at some point the Japanese robots, for which a market niche is currently being developed, with no concerns on how they should be designed to act in society or outside it - will have no choice, but to take everything over, to preserve us from ourselves… . Will Advise
The cost of electrons and photons is getting cheaper all the time! T. Gilling
People always knock what's new but I love the modern Internet, where cleverness is currency. Social media is a cleverness meritocracy. We're living in it. Alexei Maxim Russell
Don't believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose. Douglas Adams
Rules for navigating the net, Or people will roll their eye Lest you can't roll the R rect: Literally, don´t dink and dive! Ana Claudia Antunes
Solution - A method of fixing a problem or situation. Solution is a positive Netiquette Word. NetworkEtiquette.net David Chiles
Winter arrived with December, and the world continued to suffer the loss of the Internet and most forms of communication. Supply chains were disrupted. The only mass form of personal communication was the letter, and postal workers were having their worst year ever, as they were actually meeded. Food was becoming scarcer and more expensive, as was fuel for vehicles and heating. Major cities experienced riots on a regular basis, spurred on by religious fervor and want. Civilization was on the brink of collapse. Mark A. Rayner
I'm selling Jarod's life today. I mean virginity. He has no life. Email [email protected] for more information and please try to catch our special delivery at double-price deals, which will be posted somewhere on the internet at random, every other Tuesday, for half a night (on the previous day), unless it’s a Saturday, in which case you’ll have to wait and hope until the destined day comes and takes you away to heaven, which unfortunately, does not exist, except in the imagination of carefully selected individuals. . Will Advise
It is that kind of thinking that is the problem; that movies, video games and the Internet, devices that simply amuse the imagination are more interesting than what a library stocks. S.A. Tawks
I have more online contacts than I can count. I make about one hundred connections a day. I have access to millions of people. I use to think that I had friends in these numbers. But virtual friends are like stars stretched out in the sky. They’re out there, they exist, and I can imagine what they’re like, but we’ll never meet. We all just co-exist in this vast universe with a length of space between us. . Katie Kacvinsky
A fixation with connecting with 'friends' online comes with the risk of disconnection with friends waiting for you to be present in the offline world. Craig Hodges
Isn't it funny how we all will end up? Best friends today, communicating via internet tomorrow. Crush today, dancing at their weddings tomorrow. Manasa Rao
Now, see, that's why everybody wants Internet friends. You can find people just exactly like you. Screw your neighbors and your family, too messy.' Dovey's phone buzzed, and she laughed, ignoring it. 'The trouble is, once you filter out everybody that doesn't agree with you, all that's left is maybe this one retired surfer guy living in Idaho. Barbara Kingsolver
Now it’s computers and more computersand soon everybody will have one, 3-year-olds will have computersand everybody will know everythingabout everybody elselong before they meet them.nobody will want to meet anybodyelse ever againand everybody will bea recluselike I am now. Charles Bukowski
Teamwork is good netiquette. All good users can work together to accomplish goals. NetworkEtiquette.net David Chiles