100 Happiness Advice Quotes And Sayings

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s a feeling that we’re in when we wake up in the morning and when we go to sleep at night. It’s a feeling that we feel when we’re having a good day, and it’s a feeling that we have when we have a bad day. It’s the kind of happiness where you feel content with what you have, and you can go out and enjoy life Read more

But it doesn’t happen by chance or luck. It’s something that you have to work for. And you can work for it, but it won’t come easily.

That’s where these quotes on happiness will come in handy. They will inspire you to go out there and fight for the happy life you want to live, but they won’t make your journey any easier. You definitely won’t get everything right the first time, but every time you try something new, you find out more about what makes you happy and who you are as a person.

A good life is doing what you love as much...
A good life is doing what you love as much as you can and doing what you must as much as you should Savania China
Happiness will never flourish in a life bereft of optimism.
Happiness will never flourish in a life bereft of optimism. Carlos Wallace
Live a life that fits your specific circumstances, not one...
Live a life that fits your specific circumstances, not one that fits someone else’s expectations Savania China
Whoever said that money didn't buy happiness was a damn...
Whoever said that money didn't buy happiness was a damn fool. A damn fool who'd never been poor. Tom Cooper
The heart is delighted by the first, The other makes...
The heart is delighted by the first, The other makes the mind go numb; Happiness and gloom like twins, Holding the hands together come! Neelam Saxena Chandra
Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfillment, success and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results. Germany Kent
Any day above ground is a good day. Before you...
Any day above ground is a good day. Before you complain about anything, be thankful for your life and the things that are still going well. Germany Kent
Though no one can backtrack and create a brand new...
Though no one can backtrack and create a brand new start, Everyone is capable of taking their life in a brand new direction. Germany Kent
This is the secret of happiness that you have been looking for: If you are moving in the direction of your identified desires, you're happy in this moment. If you're moving in opposition to your identified desires, you are unhappy in this moment. Abraham Hicks
Laugh every day for five minutes, without any reason, then...
Laugh every day for five minutes, without any reason, then repeat it for 21 days straight and it will become your habit to do. Catherine B. Roy
Happiness is like a ripple. If you're the origin, you...
Happiness is like a ripple. If you're the origin, you will get happiness back with same frequency. Saadshah
We place artificial demands on ourselves that undermine our happiness....
We place artificial demands on ourselves that undermine our happiness. These demands force us to work harder and harder to cross a finish line that keeps moving. Frank Sonnenberg
Remember no more your misery, listen to good music.
Remember no more your misery, listen to good music. Lailah Gifty Akita
As per the law of karma, that which is your...
As per the law of karma, that which is your meat today, this dear beloved animal will make mincemeat of you tomorrow. In another birth. Fakeer Ishavardas
Stop giving people the power to control your smile, your...
Stop giving people the power to control your smile, your worth, your attitude and your day. Don’t give anyone that much power over your life. Germany Kent
Happiness is a dream but as we know dreams coming...
Happiness is a dream but as we know dreams coming true Mohammed Sekouty
Having a positive attitude gives you the power to uplift, the power to create change, the power to motivate, the power to inspire, the power to influence, the power to cultivate happiness, and the list goes on. Lindsey Rietzsch
Oh! The morning sun, I am grateful for your light and warmth. Oh! The pristine nature, I am grateful for your beauty and life sustaining air. Oh! The river and oceans, I am grateful for your generosity and water for thirst. Oh! The vast sky, I am grateful for your vastness and deepness of love. Debasish Mridha
A person’s outlook on life colors their interpretation of specific events. Human beings’ behavioral and thinking patterns enable people to thrive or cause them to live in despondency and despair. Kilroy J. Oldster
Mindfulness is awareness of everything that is happening in the moment of 'Now'. Mindfulness is a self development technique that will change the focus of our mind towards happiness. Unknown
Now, I don't smile because I have a perfect life or even because I'm having a perfect day - I smile because that's how I choose to deal with whatever life throws my way. Lindsey Rietzsch
Nothing can stop you from being happy except yourself. Focus on positive thoughts. Lailah Gifty Akita
Today is a sacred moment. Lailah Gifty Akita
Be thankful that you have clothes to wear, food to eat and a place to sleep. Lailah Gifty Akita
You don’t need to have everything to be happy. Enjoy the moment. Lailah Gifty Akita
We must find within us a happiness with ourselves which no one else can disturb. Otherwise we give them power over us. Aleksandra Layland
Having a positive attitude gives you power. This isn't the same kind of power that dictators and warlords seek after, but rather a spiritual power. It's a power that comes to us from God. Lindsey Rietzsch
Without curiosity and passion, the world will seem to lack possibility and everything in life will appear pre-ordained. It is important for a person to spend the majority of the day pursuing their passionate interests and enlisting their innate inquisitiveness. Life is so much sweeter when we contemplate pleasant as opposed to distasteful thoughts. We feel most alive when we create an apt channel for our creative impulses, and engage in thoughtful discourse relating to our concordant values. . Kilroy J. Oldster
Boredom is a positive attitude's enemy. Lindsey Rietzsch
Boredom is the Devil's delight. Lindsey Rietzsch
We each want nothing more than to live for the moment. Nature hardwired us perpetually to follow the call of the wild, cull all the highs in life, and rejoice in life by dancing, singing, jumping, building nests, creating beauty, and playing with our young. We each find ourselves happiest when we are engaging in conduct that makes us feel alive. Kilroy J. Oldster
Joy cannot be confused with the mere absence sorrow, misinterpreted as experiencing minimal despair, or misunderstood as living without crippling trepidation. Bliss necessarily encompasses uncompromising acceptance of life’s defining permutations. Emotional harmony necessitates beholding the pleasant and unpleasant exigencies of life while expressing unstinting appreciation for the ordinary and the extraordinary events in our lives. Joyfulness transcends the variations in physical and emotional demands exerted upon us. Elation for life allows us to rise above environmental determinates and associated stresses that might otherwise vex our souls including death and other sorrowful events. Kilroy J. Oldster
A feeling of joy if not shared or tasted is a waste of a chance to be embraced. Ana Claudia Antunes
Hold on to anything you find that's good and workable for you. Drop anything negative where you find it. Germany Kent
Somewhere, somebody is looking for someone exactly like you. Germany Kent
The greatest wisdom is to be happy Bangambiki Habyarimana
As in Plato’s myth of the cave, some of us don't stay long enough in one single place, relationship, journey or country but that does not mean we evade reality or makes us unstable. It simply means, we are not very keen to entertain ourselves, for long periods of time, with the same old same old reflections or shadows on the wall, when aware of the existence of the sun; the price for enlightenment, solitude . EfratCybulkiewicz
If you feel that you are going without go within Rasheed Ogunlaru
Creativity is at the root of excitement. Lawren Leo
Keep a vigil on those who push you down always and leave them alone. Stay away from them so that you don't waste your precious time refuting them, trying to impress them or proving your point to them. Let them not occupy any free space in your mind. Sanchita Pandey
The key to happiness is......to hide the damn key in a place that only you can access. Mansi Laus Deo
To reach the high notes in life, you must open your heart to sing. Caron Kamps Widden
Happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin called life. Whatever befalls you, walk on unattached. Sanchita Pandey
Kids want to be grown ups, adults want to be young and careless again. Single people desperately want a relationship, but those who are in one still complain almost all the time and wish for freedom. The poor want money, the rich want more of it. This means that changing your situation doesn’t prevent you from suffering, doesn’t make your desires go away. So you need to change something on the inside. Lidiya K.
You must live everyday of your life or you have wasted that many days of your life ... Adel Abouhana
I feel the reason we are all here, our purpose of being, is to help others find their little piece of happiness and heaven right here on earth. Ken Poirot
The universe is your attendant. It will bestow you with the silverest of its sunshine, coolest of moonlight and the most fragrant air. Each drop of water that goes into your thirsty body will turn into God's nectar that will nourish the cells of your body and make sure that you shine once again! Sanchita Pandey
Serenity is a very elusive quality. I've been trying all my life to find it. W.P. Kinsella
Satan wants you to believe that you don't have a choice in the matter. You can't be happy until things go the way that you want them to. Once you have the perfect marriage, your finances under control, a better job, or a nicer home - then you'll be happy. LIES, LIES, LIES. You will never be happy until you make the decision to do so. Lindsey Rietzsch
The start and the end is same for all of us. We were all born, and we will all die - in the same state. It is the journey where we experience Happiness. Manoj Arora
Life has a positive and negative side. Happy people ignore the negative side Bangambiki Habyarimana
The mind's health depends on what it feeds on. Avoid thoughts and conversations that kill your soul. Bangambiki Habyarimana
It does not matter what you have but who you are Bangambiki Habyarimana
Endeavor to create heaven on earth and turn your heart into the new Jerusalem Bangambiki Habyarimana
Only the shallowest person believes that they can attain true happiness by maximizing their wealth at any cost. In absence of morality, ethics, and a sustainable philosophy to guide us in an ethical search for happiness, we will always perceive life’s random countervailing forces of adversity and unpleasantness as inflicting a great personal injustice upon us. Through application of a deeply embedded personal philosophy, we can push back against the negative implications of a life of suffering. We can use a philosophical stance to gain the perspective needed to say 'yes' to all of life, both its rosy path of ineffable joys and a blackened trail of tears. We must learn to accept life as it truly is and not waste precious time in wistfulness. Kilroy J. Oldster
Happiness is a choice, a repetitive one. Akilnathan Logeswaran
The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.. live wild dont be a normal person.. to become presence, means accepting the risk.. and be sure if u don't take risks u'll have a wasted soul.. Marouane LAASSAFAR
Happiness is a reflection of how you perceive the moment Jane Emery
It's never over till it's really over in your mind... Sandhya Jane
No matter how old you are, simple things can still bring you smile Raven San Jose
Sometimes being happy willrequire some difficult conversations. Some of those conversationswill be with yourself. Domonique Bertolucci
If someone tries to undermineyour commitment, re-evaluateyour commitment to them. Domonique Bertolucci
Identify your driving motivationand you will have all theencouragement you need. Domonique Bertolucci
To be happy, you need to dothe right thing for you, even when it feels like thehardest thing in the world. Domonique Bertolucci
Live your life with courageousintegrity. Do the right thing, not the easy thing. Domonique Bertolucci
There is a big difference betweenbeing self-ist and being selfish–putting yourself first doesn’t meanyou have to put everyone else last. Domonique Bertolucci
The most importantcommitment you will ever makeis to being the best you can be. Domonique Bertolucci
Being the best you can betakes courage. You need to ownyour decisions and have thecourage to see them through. Domonique Bertolucci
It’s easy to be brave wheneverything is going your way. When the going gets tough, it takes courage to followthe path you believe in. Domonique Bertolucci
Be honest with yourself. You can’t be the bestyou can be unless you knowwho you really are. Domonique Bertolucci
Unless you have thecourage to say ‘no’ tothe things you don’t want, it’s hard to say ‘yes’ tothe things that you do want. Domonique Bertolucci
Don’t rely on the opinions of others. Only you will know what isright for you. Domonique Bertolucci
Be courageous in yourdecision-making. Stand by your choicesand never look back. Domonique Bertolucci
Very few changes in life areachieved without effort and acommitment to making that effort. Domonique Bertolucci
The only person who cantake responsibility for yourhappiness is you. Domonique Bertolucci
When you decide to be the bestyou can be, don’t be surprisedif the circle of people youwant to spend your time withbecomes smaller. Domonique Bertolucci
Most people are fine with fineand okay with okay. If you want to be the best youcan be, make sure you’re not. Domonique Bertolucci
Don’t take your happiness forgranted. Be proactive aboutmaintaining and sustaining itin your life. Domonique Bertolucci
Commit to being happy andmake the choices that willsupport your commitment. Domonique Bertolucci
Although happiness is a stateof being, it usually still requiressome doing if it is to belasting in your life. Domonique Bertolucci
Recognise how muchyou have to give. Domonique Bertolucci
Give the people you love thebest of yourself, not the worst. Domonique Bertolucci
Sometimes you have to risk orgive up some of your financialwealth to have a richer life. Domonique Bertolucci
Every time you say ‘but’, you aregiving yourself a get-out clause. Domonique Bertolucci
When you understandthe difference betweenwant and need, you willfinally realise howrich your life really is. Domonique Bertolucci
There is nothing wrongwith enjoying life’s luxuriesas long as your happinessisn’t contingent on them. Domonique Bertolucci
Challenge your assumptionsand identify your limiting beliefs. Every time you find yourself thinkingthat you can’t do something, ask yourself, ‘Why not? Domonique Bertolucci
So many people sabotagetheir own chances for happiness–don’t be one of them. Domonique Bertolucci
It is only when your actionsand words are aligned that youcan achieve your true potential. Domonique Bertolucci
There is nothing wrong withwanting more. There is no reasonwhy you shouldn’t get everythingyou want from life. Domonique Bertolucci
There is nothing wrong withdeciding that you don’t wantsomething, but if you do want it, go out and get it! Domonique Bertolucci
Just because there is an obstaclein your path, that doesn’t meanyou have to get off the road. Domonique Bertolucci
Worrying about money isone of the biggest causes ofunhappiness, but no amountof money can make you happyunless you change theway you feel about it. Domonique Bertolucci
Just because there are thingsyou still want, that doesn’t meanyou can’t feel gratitude for all thewealth and abundancealready in your life. Domonique Bertolucci
Having a poverty mentalityleaves you focusing on all thethings you don’t have, when inreality you probably already haveeverything you need. Domonique Bertolucci
You have to give yourselfpermission to be happy. Nobody else can give it to you. Domonique Bertolucci
Being happyis not a privilege–it is somethingeveryone deserves. Domonique Bertolucci
Most of the things youfind yourself wantingwill have little or no bearingon the happiness in your life. Domonique Bertolucci
Find a way to express yourgratitude for the wealthand abundance in your life. Domonique Bertolucci