39 Best Behind Quotes And Sayings

Behind is a place that holds a lot of different meaning. It can define the meaning of a person's life, the past, and even their future. While it is common to think of behind as a negative place, in reality it can be quite positive. Because it is a place that holds a lot of different meanings, we’ve put together a collection of wisdom from many different sources about what you can learn from being behind someone.

Life has a way of going in circles. Ideally, it would be a straight path forward——we'd always know where we were going, we'd always be able to move on and leave everything else behind. There would be nothing but the present and the future. Instead, we always find ourselves where we started. When we try to move ahead, we end up taking a step back. We carry everything with us, the weight exhausting us until we want to collapse and give up. We forget things we try to remember. We remember things we'd rather forget. The most frightening thing about memory is that it leaves no choice. It has mastered an incomprehensible art of forgetting. It erases, it smudges, it fills in blank spaces with details that don't exist. But however we remember it——or choose to remember it——the past is the foundation that holds our lives in place. Without its support, we'd have nothing for guidance. We spend so much time focused on what lies ahead, when what has fallen behind is just as important. What defines us isn't where we're going, but where we've been. Although there are places and people we will never see again, and although we move on and let them go, they remain a part of who we are. There are things that will never change, things we will carry along with us always. But as we venture into the murky future, we must find our strength by learning to leave things behind. Brigid GorryHines
Don't assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don't say...
Don't assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don't say anything you can't stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel. Warsan Shire
And turnips - endless ruptured turnips.
And turnips - endless ruptured turnips. Merrie Haskell
Perrotte frowned. “I’d like to turn a plowshare into a sword , ” she said. “I’d cut our way out of those thorns, and then use it to run my enemies through–” She bit off her next words and swallowed them. Sand stared at her, aghast. She met his eyes, defiant. “What? You don’t like bloodthirstiness?” she asked. “Pardon? No. I’m horrified that you would dull a sword on that thorn brake. I could make you some pretty good hedge shears. Merrie Haskell
The truth is .. . Well, the truth is the truth, and thus worth telling, but sometimes truths are so complicated that it’s exhausting to get them out in the right order.” He glanced up at her. That sounded like an evasion if ever she’d heard one. She raised an eyebrow. Merrie Haskell
Saint Melor’s father was Saint Meliau.”“Was everyone in Bertaèyn a...
Saint Melor’s father was Saint Meliau.”“Was everyone in Bertaèyn a saint, back in the day?”“ Everyone who didn’t murder anyone, maybe, ” Perrotte said. Merrie Haskell
The shrine I prayed at not to go to university, ” Sand said.“ I guess your prayer was answered, ” Perrotte said. Sand strongly considered throwing something at her–but there was nothing to hand that wasn’t sacred. Merrie Haskell
How did you get into the castle, Alexandre, son of Gilles Smith?” Sand shrugged. “A saint kidnapped me from his shrine and put me into a fireplace here. So I guess the answer is, a miracle of Saint Melor. Or so I think. He has not told me.” “If you are trying to antagonize him, you are doing a good job, ” Perrotte whispered. Sand scuffed his shoe at her. “I’m just telling the truth! ” “You’re very good at telling it in the most maddening way possible.”“ Thank you?. Merrie Haskell
You’re not mending anything, remember, Sand? The hedge.” He paused...
You’re not mending anything, remember, Sand? The hedge.” He paused and shook his head at himself. “And Perrotte’s away for a few minutes, and you’re talking to yourself again. Merrie Haskell
Hiding behind titles to create security is insecurity.
Hiding behind titles to create security is insecurity. Richie Norton
Stay behind the scene; then you will have more freedom...
Stay behind the scene; then you will have more freedom to work, more freedom to think and more freedom to act! Mehmet Murat Ildan
If only they could see the things we hide behind those shining eyes and blissful smiles. Akshay Vasu
I don't need psychology I am not a sociopath Neither and Psychopath Deyth Banger
Remember to forget what lies behind, reach and press forward. Jim George
The past is far behind. If you still want to look at it, you will painfully stretch your neck muscles. Don't live in the past, leave the past, but learn from it. Israelmore Ayivor
Let’s live to believe leaving all lies behind Munia Khan
Pastor Face Your Business” When people say this they mean that I must just stay behind the pulpit and preach Sunday Adelaja
Your success lies behind your choices... To get there, you must choose it and drive your dreams in that chosen direction! Israelmore Ayivor
One of the greatest source of danger in life is to find the right path and stand on it. If you find the right way, run on it, don't stand on it. Something may be coming from behind; it will surely crush you when you are static. Israelmore Ayivor
We always look behind, through, and beyond ourselves, never within. Vert