100 Quotes About New Adult

It’s hard to believe that the new adult stage of life is already upon us. As you begin to move out on your own, start making new friends, and establish your own personal style, you might find yourself feeling a little bit confused. You might feel like an outsider in some way, or like you don’t fit in. Maybe you’re wondering if you even belong in this world Read more

What’s truly important to remember is that it’s normal to feel this way. There will be ups and downs, and ultimately, the higher road is the one that wins out. With that in mind, here are wise and inspirational quotes about becoming an adult.

I had fallen too far. I was in love with...
I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay. Abbi Glines
But this girl...she doesn’t feel pointless. She’s real and she’s beautiful and she fits perfectly when she’s in my arms. She makes me want to feel. Monica Murphy
The best things in life are crazy.
The best things in life are crazy. Emme Rollins
When the mind is free, magic happens.
When the mind is free, magic happens. C.G. Rousing
Shout out to everyone transcendinga mindset, mentality, desire, belief, emotion,...
Shout out to everyone transcendinga mindset, mentality, desire, belief, emotion, habit, behavior or vibration, that no longer serves them. Lalah Delia
I was as unburdened as a piece of dandelion fluff,...
I was as unburdened as a piece of dandelion fluff, and he was the wind that stirred me about the world. Sarah J. Maas
Please. Forgive me. One more chance, Blaire. I want this....
Please. Forgive me. One more chance, Blaire. I want this. I want you. Abbi Glines
You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful...
You naked in my bed is even more unbelievably beautiful than I thought it would be... and trust me I've thought about it. A lot. Abbi Glines
My panties were still on but he didn’t let that stop him, nosing them out of the way and tonguing my sex, making low, growling noises in his throat like a big cat purring with pleasure while it devoured its prey. Emme Rollins
I can't take anything you don't give me. Stop giving...
I can't take anything you don't give me. Stop giving me power over your life. Chelsea M. Cameron
My task is set before me, girl My mission clear...
My task is set before me, girl My mission clear and true There’ll be black knights and dragons, girl But I will always come for you… Emme Rollins
A laugh jumps out of my mouth, surprising me. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed and it puts me on edge. I suddenly want to do the same thing to her. Let her see how it feels to teeter on that cliff. Nyrae Dawn
I know you. Inside and out, Sara. I know you,...
I know you. Inside and out, Sara. I know you, and I’ve accepted it all. Every bit of the crazy. And I love you anyway remember? Emme Rollins
Does he tell you that you’re allhe thinks about? Does he tell you that he lives for you? That he breathes for you? That he dreams of you everydamn moment, awake and asleep? Does he tell you anyof that?’ He pauses to look at me and I try to keep a blankface. ‘No, I didn’t think so, ’ he says quietly. Mila Gray
The world isn’t always what’s right in front of you, you know? It’s below, it’s above, it’s out there somewhere. Every burn of every light inside every house I see when I look down from the rooftop has a story. Sometimes we just need to change our perspective. And when I look down at everything, I remember that there’s more out there than just what’s going on in my house–the bullshit with my dad, school, my future. I look at all those full houses, and I remember, I’m just one of many. It’s not to say we’re not special or important, but it’s comforting, I guess. You don’t feel so alone. . Penelope Douglas
I think back to what Landon said about heartbreak, that if you don’t love the person, they can’t break your heart. Hardin repeatedly breaks my heart, even when I don’t think there are any more pieces to break. And I love him. I love Hardin. Anna Todd
Fuck me, ” I whispered, giving him permission, taking him...
Fuck me, ” I whispered, giving him permission, taking him into my flesh, a soft invitation to madness. Emme Rollins
Sometimes there’s no cure for the crazy.” Dale sighed, stroking my hair. “I think we all just have to keep loving through it. Maybe that’s the cure. Emme Rollins
I’m the guy who knows how you can hurt so much that your insides feel like they’re cut and bleeding. Stephanie Witter
Misha, my best friend who got me into bed and...
Misha, my best friend who got me into bed and fucked me with a lie. Penelope Douglas
Todo lo que puedo hacer es esperar, dejar pasar los días. El tiempo no lo cura todo, esa es una mentira que se repiten los que están desesperados por olvidar, pero sí consigue poner en espera los sentimientos y las emociones. Apartas los recuerdos y los recluyes en una zona de tu mente a la que, con suerte, solo accedes en esas noches en las que te cuesta conciliar el sueño. Al final, logras vivir y seguir adelante aunque sepas que hay una parte de ti que malvive como puede. Haces balance y llegas a la conclusión de que eres más o menos feliz, y procuras no mirar atrás. Victoria Vilchez
My eyes burn with tears, and I'm so tired. So...
My eyes burn with tears, and I'm so tired. So tired of holding back everything I feel and want to say. So tired of being someone I'm not and making mistakes that I didn't have any fun making. Penelope Douglas
GrayG: I feel like I can tell you anything. Ivy...
GrayG: I feel like I can tell you anything. Ivy Mac: You can. That's what friends do. Gray G: I've never been friends with a girl before. Ivy Mac: I'm honored to be your first. Kristen Callihan
We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a whole new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of his mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain. Emme Rollins
You think he’s perfect and he’s safe and, in your head, he can do anything... but he can’t save you, Sara... and I can’t save you either. Emme Rollins
My knees were weak but he held me with one...
My knees were weak but he held me with one hand, guiding me with the motion of his hips. I was completely his to do with what he wanted and he knew it. Emme Rollins
The house was the color of baby vomit.
The house was the color of baby vomit. Pixie Lynn Whitfield
It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with him. We’re not going to act like he doesn’t exist. Not anymore. Carrie Butler
Vorrei dirgli che possiamo venirci incontro, trovarci a metà strada, far scontrare i suoi timori con le mie disfunzionalità, intrecciare la mia instabilità con la sua, cercare di trovare un equilibrio tutto nostro. Elle Caruso
You can’t get the blood out. Steven Ramirez
Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely,...
Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely, they could never die? To give them more than just your heart or your soul? What if you could give then the miracle of immortality? Kellie Thacker
You realize people like you and Trav are going to fight, right?" America said, filing her nails as she chewed the huge wad of gum in her mouth. I turned over on the bed. "You are officially fired. You are a terrible conscious. Jamie Mcguire
Even if he survived the Sorcerer, there would always be another Sorcerer, bigger and more dangerous than the last. It was just a matter of time until he died the kind of gruesome death that was the very reason people had paralyzing phobias of heights. Megan Westfield
He gazes at the people in the truck. "Are you driving back with them? Smiling, I nod. "Yes." "With a bunch of dudes?" "Yes." "Is that safe?" My smile expands into a face consuming grin. " I am safer in that truck than I am anywhere else. Jessica Sorensen
I shrug and shuffle my toe across the carpet in front of me, feeling silly. "So? It's a compliment being like you." All the humor evaporates from his face and his honey-brown eyes. Within seconds he has me in his arms and he hugs me like I'm the most important thing in the world to him. "Don't ever change, Callie Lawrence, " he whispers in my hair. "Promise me you won't. Jessica Sorensen
The old you has been left behind to leave place for the new you. And it will be a new you that your new friends will admire, that your old friends will struggle to understand and that your true friends will learn to embrace. Lauren Klarfeld
There is something beautiful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and breathtakingly pure. It’s the paint that changes its meaning and the hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different. Piper Payne
She placed her arms and hands strategically over the areas of her body that she felt uncomfortable with, but he moved closer, and his hands gently pulled them away too. “There’s no need to hide from me, you’re beautiful.” His lips then softly kissed the places that she tried to hide. At first, she felt self-conscious, but after taking several deep breaths, she focused purely on him, and not on her fears of not being sexy enough. She felt open, perhaps a little too exposed, more naked inside than out. She knew that her old inhibitions were causing her nervousness, and tried harder to relax. It was difficult having someone looking deeper than her just her body, something she wasn’t used to. Traceyanne McCartney
If only I could freeze this moment, this feeling, because right now, nothing else mattered. I was f***ing flying. Tara Kelly
You belong to all of us, and we belong to you. Sarah J. Maas
The great joy and honour of my life has been to know you. To call you my family. And I am grateful - more than I can possibly say - that I was given this time with you all Sarah J. Maas
If you go chasing your freedom your fate will only follow you there and force you back. Christina Henry
Adapt or die. It was savagely simple." -- CelesteALL LIGHT WILL FALL Almney King
All night, I thought about that walk. The touch of the forest tickled my skin long after, while the scent lingered in my nostrils. It was unlike anything back home. There was a feeling in the atmosphere I couldn't shake--something that was trying to draw me back. I felt alive in that forest. --His Name is Moonlight Kellie Thacker
I felt empowered by him, as if his very existence manipulated the balance of my nature from a shy little girl to wonder woman. Kellie Thacker
You would have only seen a skittish young deer jumping through the forest, having no idea it was a little girl. Kellie Thacker
I'm going to tell you something I probably shouldn't. Kellie Thacker
If I had known how difficult it was to edit my book, I would have done that first then written the story. Unknown
Fair enough… No inhaling battery acid, ” I smirk. “We can’t breathe batteryacid, can we? M.A. George
What if the Devil doesn't know he's the Devil? Cathrine Goldstein
What am I to you?’ Sophiel smiled. ‘The sun. You are my sun, like Astrid said. My sun, that lights up my life. That looks after me with its fiery rays. I only have to turn towards it for it to set fire to my heart. A.O. Esther
The Words 2012, one world is ruin and one new world is build. One twisted pictures, one couple which loved each other... just their relationship dies... And another person just steal somebody's life and then he finds the truth... Deyth Banger
A part of me didn't want to need anyone, miss anyone, even love anyone, It'd always been me against the world, and I didn't altogether enjoy that I was starting to lose that feeling. It usually meant that something awful was going to happen Tijan
It was the calm before the storm, and holy crap, my bones knew it was going to be the storm of my life. Tijan
Everything had become chaotic, and I wasn't sure how much more I wanted to take Tijan
I was choosing, and I was choosing Kellan. Tijan
I'm a demon. I'm more than half-demon, and that means I can only love one person.” He watched me from his pillow. “You. Only you Tijan
The only god thing in me, is you. If you die, there's no redemption for me. I'll become a full demon. Tijan
The only spark of humanity in me is from you, because I love you. If you die, so do I. Tijan
He protected me. He killed for me. He would do anything for me. Tijan
We were strong separately, but when we were together, we were impenetrable. Tijan
This was a different kind of a kiss, not one that leads to something, but a hard, painful one. It was a goodbye kiss. Penelope Ward
Everything about her always seemed to dance. Her lips as she spoke, her eyes as she laughed, even her hands as she made the cup of coffee I just ordered. Holli True
I take small, shallow breaths, even though my lungs are begging for more air. I feel the heat of Ten’s controlled breaths against my face. As we stand there, it feels as if an electric charge is growing between us, so powerful that it would shock us if we moved even a millimeter closer together. And yet I feel like I want to. Jenny Lynne
I feel claimed and bonded to him like animals do. I feel like I've already been caught and trapped and he's merely priming me, leaving me to simmer in my juices, anxiously waiting for the moment when he takes his first bite of me. Katy Evans
Every day for a week, sitting in my idling car, saying goodbye without saying anything at all–the touch of his hand, his forehead pressed to mine, the way he brushed my hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. And still, he hadn’t kissed me. Not once. Nothing but that brief brush of his lips. I was beginning to go a little crazy. Emme Rollins
The Female Orgasm. The Big O. That elusive, reclusive Loch Ness of the labia. Does it prove the existence of God, or just His twisted sense of humor? Kirstie Collins Brote
One second, he was in my mouth, my tongue flicking over the broad head of him; the next, his hands were on my waist and I flipped onto my front. He nudged my legs apart with his knees, spreading me as he gripped my hips, tugging them up, up before he sheathed himself deep in me with a single stroke. I moaned into the pillow at every glorious inch of him, rising onto my forearms as my fingers grappled into the sheets. Sarah J. Maas
Rhys shuddered, and I watched his cock twitch.“ Play later, ” he ground out. Indeed. His mouth found mine, the kiss open and deep, a clash of tongues and teeth. He lay me down on the pillows, and I locked my legs around his back, careful of the wings. Though I stopped caring as he nudged at my entrance. And paused.“ Play later, ” I snarled into his mouth. Rhys laughed and slid in. And in. And in. Sarah J. Maas
Please, ” I gasped out. He just brushed his lips against my jaw, my neck, my mouth.“ Tamlin, ” I begged. He palmed my breast, his thumb flicking over my nipple. I cried out, and he buried himself in me with a mighty stroke. For a moment, I was nothing, no one. Then we were fused, two hearts beating as one, and I promised myself it always would be that way as he pulled out a few inches, the muscles of his back flexing beneath my hands, and then slammed back into me. Again and again. I broke and broke against him as he moved, as he murmured my name and told me he loved me. And when that lightning once more filled my veins, my head, when I gasped out his name, his own release found him. I gripped him through each shuddering wave, savoring the weight of him, the feel of his skin, his strength. For a while, only the rasp of our breathing filled the room. I frowned as he withdrew at last–but he didn’t go far. He stretched out on his side, head propped on a fist, and traced idle circles on my stomach, along my breasts. . Sarah J. Maas
If it was possible for two people to make sparks, simply by connecting at their lips, I would think we would have been a firework display in the dark. Kristen Hope Mazzola
She was falling apart beneath my hands, and I was falling apart beneath her. My power was her power, and together, we sent each other soaring. Rachael Wade
The kiss wasn’t just any kiss. No, it was a tricky little bastard, because it started out soft and gentle, but shifted gears in a matter of seconds. The moment her response went from surprise to surrender, the kiss turned hard and hungry, launching us into a frenzy of movement. Her arms were around my neck, my hands were moving all over her body, and somehow, in a span of about five seconds, she climbed up me like a tree, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. We spun and bumped into the counter. I reached behind my back with one hand to tighten the cross of her ankles. And then I had her sitting on the edge of the stovetop, my hands exploring the tops of her thighs. I pushed the ruffled skirt hem up and clasped on to her bare, silky skin. Her tongue dove to the back of my throat, sliding over mine like wet, slick velvet. Holy mother fuck, I couldn’t breathe. I was drowning in this girl. Rachael Wade
My heart and my cock seemed to like the idea, and Whitney made me a slave to both, so my wits were outnumbered. Rachael Wade
We fell into each other’s arms and kissed like we were coming up for air after being underwater for days. The melding of our mouths was sweeter than oxygen. We took huge, deep gulps of each other as we struggled with worldly constraints like clothing and gravity, seeking to transcend it all in our coming together. Emme Rollins
Then maybe you’ll believe me when I say…you’re pretty fucking special, Laney Hill. Cassia Leo
Eventually, you're gonna have to let someone in. Cassia Leo
Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Cassia Leo
You said my name and my heart went rogue Zandile
He's made me believe I'm worth love of the liquid kind, you know, the kind that seeps to all my damaged parts. Zandile
Sometimes a night of over-eating leaves you hungry for something you can't name. An emptiness haunted me. An emptiness I didn't have a name for until I met Jeb. Now, I' m starving. Kim Briggs
Breathe, Emma. Now is not the time to swoon. Eva Walker
But everything evened out eventually, didn’t it — every wave subsided, lapsed back into the ocean, returning, giving them time to put themselves back together again. He was her moon. He balanced out her tides. Katie Neipris
Finishing my thoughts aloud meant saying how my dad had passed, and I had failed. How I had smoked joints and lay in bed enabling my hopelessness. I’d been the ugly in my world. Rebecca Berto
His smile is beautiful. It's the kind of smile that can take away all nervousness and tension in a room, no matter how big. I have no choice but to smile back. S. Elle Cameron
Time had taught him that whether his sins were pardoned or left unforgiven, they would remain committed. Tomorrow he would hopefully choose wiser, with a stronger measure of compassion. Unknown
There were many tomorrows to be lived through his children. He could only hope that they would face them more courageously than he had, that his mistakes would serve as warning signs rather than crutches to lean on. Unknown
He now realized that right and wrong were intertwined notions. His arms could not differentiate between just and unjust causes. They only knew that they were empty. Unknown
On occasion we stumble upon what seems to be a truth. Compared to the surrounding blackness, it sparkles and dazzles our eyes. But are these actually truths? Are our eyes really feasting upon light? Or just patches of grey? Unknown
Our first kiss was there on the bridge in the woods. How do you describe a first kiss? It is like trying to hold water in your hands. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that compares kissing to drinking salted water. “You drink, and your thirst increases, ” it says. Time, I’m sure, passed by, but we remained unavailable for comment. Kirstie Collins Brote
You can't make a fan of everyone. Stay true to your story, characters, music, art or whatever it is you do and fuck everyone else who doesn't like it. Life isn't perfect. Ann Marie Frohoff
Charlee has my arm. She has my arm–my arm that’s rigid from pleasure, from her touch–in her little fingers. She holds my other one, too and she’s right there, that sweet candy perfume stripping the rest of the strength from my body, and it escapes in a soft, breathy sigh. Rebecca Berto
You know there’s this gaping space between us, and if I leaned forward I’d grab Dex’s shirt without ever touching him. You know there’s a three-inch-thick glass wall separating us. Now we know, too. Rebecca Berto
He pries me from his chest and drops his hand from the back of my head, tracing my ear, along my jawline. He snatches his fingers a moment before they press into my lip. Rebecca Berto
Maybe we choose to stay in a constant state of ignorance as a protective instinct – maybe I was just in denial. I just don’t get how you can be completely in love with someone one day, and then all of a sudden you just aren’t. I will never forget that day...the day where I became numb. Piper Caleb
I need to make myself strong on the inside instead of what is on the outside. I know all of this, but why can’t I put any of it into action? I guess that’s why I am in this place. Piper Caleb
I mean, that was the code, wasn’t it? Single girls and taken guys weren’t allowed to be friends. The leash always got in the way. Carrie Butler
One second she’s all timid, and then reeoowr! Hellcat. Carrie Butler
All because I fell in love with a madman. Carrie Butler
My hopes for pie died on the sidewalk. There went my grin. Carrie Butler