25 Knitting Quotes And Sayings

For some people, knitting is a form of self-expression and a relaxing hobby. But even if you don’t have a love for knitting, have a look at these quotes about knitting.

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't...
Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either. Elizabeth Zimmermann
Achieving the state of SABLE is not, as many people who live with these knitters believe, a reason to stop buying yarn, but for the knitter it is an indication to write a will, bequeathing the stash to an appropriate heir. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
It is a peculiarity of knitters that they chronically underestimate the amount of time it takes to knit something. Birthday on Saturday? No problem. Socks are small. Never mind that the average sock knit out of sock-weight yarn contains about 17, 000 stitches. Never mind that you need two of them. (That's 34, 000 stitches, for anybody keeping track.) Socks are only physically small. By stitch count, they are immense. . Stephanie PearlMcPhee
How Superheroes Make Money: - Spider-Man knits sweaters. - Superman...
How Superheroes Make Money: - Spider-Man knits sweaters. - Superman screw the lids on pickle jars. - Iron Man, as you would suspect, just irons. Jim Benton
When confronted with a birthday in a week I will...
When confronted with a birthday in a week I will remember that a book can be a really good present, too. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
Mr Wisdom, ' said the girl who had led him into the presence.' Ah, ' said Howard Saxby, and there was a pause of perhaps three minutes, during which his needles clicked busily. 'Wisdom, did she say?'' Yes. I wrote "Cocktail Time"''You couldn't have done better, ' said Mr Saxby cordially. 'How's your wife, Mr Wisdom?'Cosmo said he had no wife.' Surely?'" I'm a bachelor.' Then Wordsworth was wrong. He said you were married to immortal verse. Excuse me a moment, ' murmured Mr Saxby, applying himself to the sock again. 'I'm just turning the heel. Do you knit?'' No.'' Sleep does. It knits the ravelled sleave of care.'( After a period of engrossed knitting, Cosmo coughs loudly to draw attention to his presence.)' Goodness, you made me jump! ' he (Saxby) said. 'Who are you?'' My name, as I have already told you, is Wisdom''How did you get in?' asked Mr Saxby with a show of interest.' I was shown in.'' And stayed in. I see, Tennyson was right. Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers. Take a chair.'' I have.'' Take another, ' said Mr Saxby hospitably. . P.g. Wodehouse
And in the act of making things, just by living their daily lives, they also make history. Knitting is clothing made in spare moments, or round the fire, whenever women gathered together... It's something to celebrate-clothes made in love and service, something women have always done. Anne Bartlett
Sacred actions: gratitude, praying, dancing, hugging, singing, writing, painting, drawing, gardening, jogging, reading, knitting and many more! Lailah Gifty Akita
Cat, I'll let you in on a little secret. We don't all love our jobs every day. And doing something you have passion for doesn't make the work part of it any easier... It just makes you less likely to quit. Kate Jacobs
I will continue to freak out my children by knitting in public. It's good for them. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
This is the crux of being a Creative Mother. It is more than how many jumpers you have knitted, or having an exhibition in a fancy gallery, or a bookshelf of your own books. It is about the act of living authentically whilst honoring your mother self and creative self. About saying yes to life, every part of your life, and finding how to weave them all together. Lucy H. Pearce
Sweaters need to be imagined, dreamed over. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
Wait." Walter went to the basket, taking what was a gray sleeve, drawing it out fro the middle of the heap. "Oh, " He said. He held the shapeless wool sweater to his chest. Joyce had knit for months the year Daniel died, and here was the result, her handiwork, the garment that would fit a giant. It was nothing more than twelve skeins of yarn and thousands of loops, but it had the power to bring back in a flash the green-tiled walls of the hospital, the sound of an ambulance trying to cut through city traffic in the distance, the breathing of the dying boy, his father staring at the ceiling, the full greasy bucket of fried chicken on he bed table. "I'll take this one, " Walter said, balling up the sweater as best he could, stuffing it into a shopping bag that was half full of the books he was taking home, that he was borrowing." Oh, honey, " Joyce said. "You don't want that old scrap."" You made it. I remember your making it." Keep it light, he said to himself, that's a boy. "There's a use for it. Don't you think so, Aunt Jeannie? No offense, Mom, but I could invade the Huns with it or strap the sleeves to my car tires in a blizzard, for traction, or protect our nation with it out in space, a shield against nuclear attack." Jeannie tittered in her usual way in spite of herself. "You always did have that sense of humor, " she said as she went upstairs. When she was out of range, Joyce went to Walter's bag and retrieved the sweater. She laid it on the card table, the long arms hanging down, and she fingered the stitches. "Will you look at the mass of it, " she exclaimed. "I don't even recall making it."""' Memory -- that strange deceiver, '" Walter quoted. Jane Hamilton
I can weave words together and create magic, it's like knitting and crocheting words with pen and paper, some call it Poetry. Charmaine J. Forde
The doing and the daring are the magic keys to unlocking the treasure chest. Reba Linker
I will always buy extra yarn. I will not try to tempt fate. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
In life, as in knitting, don't leave loose ends. Take the time to thank the people who matter in your life. Reba Linker
Observe her when she has some knitting, or some other woman's work in hand, and sits the image of peace, calmly intent on her needles and her silk, some discussion meantime going on around her, in the course of which peculiarities of character are being developed, or important interests canvassed; she takes no part in int; her humble, feminine mind is wholl with her knitting; none of her features move; she neither presumes to smile approval, nor frown disapprobation; her little hands assiduously ply their unpretending task; if she can only get this purse finished, or this bonnet-grec completed, it is enough for her. Unknown
Why do you have a cigarette lighter in your glove compartment?" her husband, Jack, asked her. "I'm bored with knitting. I've taken up arson Audrey Niffenegger
I will not let the non-knitters of the world decide how normal I am. Stephanie PearlMcPhee
The scarf could go on and on and on and on, and it could be the harlot-red banner of shame that wrapped him up and kept him warm when the nights grew lonely and cold. Amy Lane
Knitting has a profound connective power. The culture and people and rituals around it, the values, they all contribute to an immediate and profound trust in one another. It's home. You belong and are accepted, which rings true no matter where you are. Clara Parkes
The only thing that had saved her then was knitting. In prison she had become a compulsive knitter. Knitting allowed her to unite, to connect, to integrate. With every stitch she held on to dear life. Threads hold us together. Laura Esquivel
Women like to sit down with trouble - as if it were knitting. Ellen Glasgow