100 Urban Fantasy Romance Quotes And Sayings

Urban fantasy and romance novels can take place in any setting and with any type of character. What makes them so appealing is that they’re both genres that encourage readers to be creative and imaginative, as well as romantic. Here are some of the best quotes about these types of books to make you feel like you’re actually reading something truly special.

Death drives desire. Rosemary A. Johns
Blood Life is not hunger. It’s freedom Rosemary A. Johns
You know those vampire myths? Bollocks to them. Rosemary A. Johns
…dancing in the carnage and the flames. Rosemary A. Johns
Do you feel it? That roaring call? Rosemary A. Johns
I think when magic is dark enough, it can look like anything it wants. Laura Oliva
Sorry, I got hung up or I’d have been here earlier. I made sure I made it for closing, though. I didn’t want the streets to suffer if you walked alone.” A glance at him showed his lips twitching. Humor, a new facet to my knight in leather armor; one I liked, given my oftentimes sarcastic attitude towards life. He wore the same leather duster of the previous evening, and, once again, I enviously admired it. Unable to resist, I reached out a hand and stroked its supple surface, feeling a thrill that my hand strayed so close to his actual body. “It’s so soft, ” I murmured.“ Not for long, if you keep stroking it, ” he drawled. . Eve Langlais
Armani halted, thinking twice about making her way over there, but she pushed forward not wanting to believe something was wrong. There was nothing worse than walking into a nightmare. And Armani just did. The air in her lungs seized when she saw her draped all over him. She blinked a few times, but Lily was still pressing her body all over Rafael.Armani wanted to kill her, right then and there. Suzan Battah
I want to make it crystal fucking clear that you’re it for me… I screwed up before. Big time. I own it. And now I’m going to win you back. Katie Reus
Aidan ducked his head, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “Damn, you feel good, ” he whispered, his deep voice hoarse with need. It only excited her more. “What do you say we forget dinner and the movie?” she whispered, her breath shortening. “How you tempt me, ” he rumbled, tightening his hold. “If I tempted you as much as you tempt me, ” she pronounced boldly, “we would both be naked right now. Dianne Duvall
Did you… need something?” he asked in a tight voice. I swallowed hard, my mind racing with a million things to say. The fear pricking at me, telling me I had one last chance to wimp out. To walk away. But I shook my head. No. Not this time. “ Yes, ” I said simply. “I need something.” “ And what, may I ask, do you need?” I met his eyes. “You. Mari Mancusi
Real men don’t kiss with the gentleness of a butterfly’s wing. Mari Mancusi
He brought up both hands to hold my face. "I would die for you, Isabelle.""No." I shook my head. "Live for me. Lisa Kessler
Are all firefighters as hot as you? Lisa Kessler
She didn’t warn you about me?” “ Should she have?” Erica finished her drink, relishing the burn in her belly and the flush of heat in her cheeks as she nodded “Definitely.” His gaze smoldered. “It’s a good thing danger is my calling, then. Lisa Kessler
He shook his head, a smile tugging at his lips. “Two hours isn’t going to be enough time.” She grinned, rocking her hips. “We’d better make it count. Lisa Kessler
By the time your training is complete, you'll come on command my defiant queen. B.A. Rhea
I’m a planner. I like to know what’s coming, that way I can figure out a way to deal with it.” He shot her a wink. “I wasna planned, and you handled that situation well.” It was a fact, but then again, who could ever prepare for a man like Dmitri? Donna Grant
As long as they were together, they could face anything. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t feel alone–and she knew he didn’t either. Katie Reus
He knew himself well enough that once she was gone he wouldn’t last regardless. His heart would simply stop beating without her. Katie Reus
There would never be anyone else. Not if he lived a thousand lifetimes. Katie Reus
The woman lived inside him, was his mate. Katie Reus
Do they send all of you jaguars through some elitist asshole training course? Lisa Kessler
We weren’t allies, but not being enemies was close enough for me. Lisa Kessler
He kissed my lips, his skin warm in spite of the cool winter wind whipping past us. His whisper would have been lost on me before, but now I heard every word. “What do you want, Raven? Lisa Kessler
The vortex. You can see the entire galaxy up there. More stars than you ever knew existed. Lisa Kessler
Everything okay?”“ I’m not sure, but it’s not shittier, so that’s something.” She laughed. “Still an optimist. Lisa Kessler
For the record…” I took her hand and held it up. “These are the only hands I want on me. Lisa Kessler
I want to do everything to you, all at once, ” he muttered. “I want to stroke you, fuck you, hold you down, lift you up, pin you, take you. I want you to take me. Lord and Lady, Sophie, I don’t know that I have any gentleness in me tonight. Thea Harrison
I don’t know, ” she lied. “I need a few days to think it over.” Even as she said it, she knew she was going to take the offer. Hell, she might even escape from whatever dark menace haunted her rune readings lately, along with the owner of that predatory, handsome face. Or if she went, she could be running right toward it. Toward him. Ah, well. You’ can’t fix stupid. And you can’t heal crazy. Thea Harrison
There was nothing else in the entire universe, nothing but the two of them together. Her curves, his angles. Her light, his darkness. Her softness, his exquisitely aching hardness. Male. Female. Thea Harrison
What do you think about having some orgasms to celebrate? Thea Harrison
Look at me, Regina.”She glanced up at him, appearing tiny. He stood almost a foot taller than her in his boots while she wore flats, which looked like ballet shoes. His palms heated and his heartbeat raced. Her scent that had teased him from afar now tormented him up close. God, he wanted to wrap himself in that scent, bury himself deep inside her. Lisa Carlisle
I like solitude.”“ Doesn’t seem to fit with the personality of a rock guitarist.”“ Let me tell you a secret.” He leaned forward. “My stage persona is not who I am at all.” Gina realized she had completely stopped painting while listening, enraptured with what he had to say. “What are you then?” He gave her a mischievous grin that reached his eyes. “Right now, I’m just a guy standing in front of a pretty girl who makes his pulse race. . Lisa Carlisle
Guilt can be a very destructive emotion. Deborah Blake
My teeth ache, my gums hurt, and my cat is tearing me apart, wanting you in every way imaginable. Your body. Your magic. Your fire spirit. Your blood. N.D. Jones
A rising tide of desire threatened to swamp her like a tidal wave, washing away fear and doubt and leaving behind it the knowledge that in her topsy turvy life, she was certain of only one thing: she wanted this man, right now, and she'd deal with the consequences later.. " I want to make love to you, " he said, his voice low and thrumming through her veins as if it were a music only she could hear. Deborah Blake
Sam could feel his jaw drop open, but it took him a moment to gather himself together enough to shut it. He blinked at Jazz. "Did that cat just talk, or am I losing my mind?" Koshka laughed, a bizarre sound coming from something with whiskers and ear tufts. "So you believe in witches but not to talking cats? You have a very limited worldview, Human. You might want to work on that. Deborah Blake
Sam started to move away, and she pulled him closer. " Where are you going?" she asked. " Shhh, " he said. "I'm just going to grab the blanket and turn out the light. I'll be right back." Bella chuckled sleepily and waved her right hand. The blanket lifted off the back of the chair where she'd left it and came slowly sailing across the room to drape itself over their entwined bodies. A snap of her fingers and the single lamp in the kitchen went out. Sam blinked in the sudden darkness. "You're a very handy woman to have around, " he said. " You have no idea, " she replied, and proceeded to demonstrate that she wasn't quite as tired as he'd thought. Deborah Blake
I straddled his lap and sank onto him so slowly I almost lost it. Each inch of him filled my already sensitive body. Nose to nose with him, I whispered. "You come with me.' His mouth curved into a wicked smile. "Happily. Lisa Kessler
When I turned, I found myself looking at my reflection in the mirror. The dressing room lights surrounded it like a frame, but with the rest of the lighting off, only the center of the mirror was visible. Just us. His gaze locked on mine as his hands slid slowly up from my hips. His fingers splayed wide, teasing me as they made their slow journey up my waist while his lips were at my ear. "I want you to see how sexy you are, and hot you make me. Lisa Kessler
Make me howl, make me scream, Things are never what they seem. Lay me out, end the pain, Now I'll never be the same. Deep inside, there I cry, Yet you still just pass me by. Can't you see, this is me, And I'm Howling! I'm Howling! I'm Howling! Lisa Kessler
Son, if you were any farther from fine you'd be in Nebraska. Deborah Blake
You say wicked like it's a bad thing. Deborah Blake
You should stay, " he repeated. "The worst of the storm may be over, but it is still raining. It's pitch-black out there, and you're already tired and soaked to the bone. "Not exactly great conditions for riding a dirt bike. I wouldn't want you to get hurt." Bella took another small step toward him, tilting her head up so she could look into his eyes. " And that's the only reason you want me to stay?" To keep me safe?" Sam shook his head. "No. Not the only reason." And he leaned down to kiss her, suddenly realizing he'd been wanting to do it since the day he met her. . Deborah Blake
Love and hate aren't as far apart as you think. Lisa Kessler
I never thought my life would end like this. Being hunted by mythological creatures in my pajamas. Honestly, it never entered my mind. Amanda Carlson
I ordered a hot chocolate and Chandler got a black coffee. He smiled over at me. "Still no love for coffee?" I shook my head. "Nah, why have bitter and gross when I can have sweet and delicious? Lisa Kessler
Come closer." His voice was more of a growl than a whisper. Hot. Lisa Kessler
His deep voice rumbled. "You are all that ever mattered to me. Lisa Kessler
He kissed her softly. "I think we both need time to get to know one another before we make love again. I don't want to rush things."" But mating us so we're connected for all eternity isn't rushing things? Carrie Ann Ryan
What am I?" she asked ..."You are mine, " he answered roughly, his forehead still on hers. Carrie Ann Ryan
It wasn't every day that a lion shifter next in line to the throne, dealing with a possible uproar and war in his Pride, found himself a soon-to-be father with a not-so-human potential mate after he'd left her all alone because he'd been forced to hurt her. There weren't any manuals for this sort of thing.... Carrie Ann Ryan
You scared the life out of me."" Good thing cats have nine lives, then, " she teased. Carrie Ann Ryan
He wouldn't grovel, wouldn't fall to his knees and beg forgiveness. He was the son of the Leo, the King of all lions. He would, one day soon, be the Leo and reign over his people. He couldn't fall for her more than he already had, but he could hope she could see how he felt. Because if she didn't, he wasn't sure what he would do next. Carrie Ann Ryan
Chewie gave a bone-scented sigh and rubbed his jowl affectionately against her leg. "I can't tell you what to do, Beka. I can just tell you that I would be very sorry if you weren't my Baba. I've kind of gotten used to having you around." Beka blinked back unexpected emotion. "Thanks, Chewie. That's really sweet." He was quiet for a moment, and then said. "You know what's really sweet? S'mores, that's what." He gazed up at her with an innocent expression. "Just sayin'. Deborah Blake
Er, hello, Chewie, " he said politely." Woof, " the dog said back." Chewie is a Newfoundland, " Beka explained. "They're great water dogs. They swim better than we do, and even have webbed feet. They're often used for water rescue, and the breed started out as working dogs for fishermen."" Uh-huh.. Chewie - I guess you named him for Chewbacca in Star Wars. I can see why; they're both gigantic and furry." Beka giggled. "I never thought of that. Actually, Chewie is short for Chudo-Yudo. Also, he chews on stuff a lot, so it seemed fitting."" Chudo what?" Marcus said. The dog made a snuffling sound that might have been canine laughter." Chudo- Yudo, " Beka repeated. "He's a character out of Russian fairy tales, the dragon that guards the Water of Life and Death. You never heard of him?" Marcus shook his head. "My father used to tell the occasional Irish folk tale when I was a kid, but I'm not familiar with Russian ones at all. Sorry.""Oh, don't be, " she said cheerfully. "Most of them were pretty gory, and they hardly ever had happy endings."" Right." Marcus looked at the dog, who gazed alertly back with big brown eyes, as if trying to figure out if the former Marine was edible or not. "So, you named him after a mythical dragon from a depressing Russian story. Does anyone get eaten in that story, just out of curiosity?" Chewie sank down onto the floor with a put-upon sigh, and Beka shook her head at Marcus. "Don't be ridiculous. Of course people got eaten. But don't worry. Chewie hasn't taken a bite out of anyone in years. He's very mellow for a dragon. . Deborah Blake
The boy stuck his hand out politely and shook hers, then extended it to Fergus, his eyes bright as stars in the night sky. "That's cool, " he said, looking down at Fergus's hand and turning it sideways so he could get a better look. "You have little webs between your fingers. Does that hep you swim?" Marcus cleared his throat, looking embarrassed. "Tito, dude, it's not polite to comment on people's, um, oddities." He shrugged an apology at Fergus, who just laughed." I do not mind, " Fergus said, grinning at the dark-skinned boy. He leaned down and whispered. "Can you keep a secret? I am actually a Merman from an undersea kingdom; that is why I have webs between my fingers." He held up one bare foot and said in a more normal tone, "Toes, too, see?" Tito's face was a study in conflicting awe and disbelief. "I never heard of a Merman, " he said, dubiously. "I thought there were only Mermaids. And they're made up." Fergus snorted. "If you do not have any Mermen, how would get more Mermaids, eh? . Deborah Blake
Telling a male lion not to be a lion wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Carrie Ann Ryan
Marcus gave her a slow, wicked smile, feeling the smoldering heat rise to the surface like molten lava, irresistible as a force of nature. "If you insist, " he whispered, and bent his head to capture her lips with his own. He put all his yearning, all his gratitude for the gifts she'd given him, all that heat bubbling up within him into the kiss, feeling her lips yield beneath his. She returned his fire with fire, kissing him back with a wild abandon that left them both trembling and enraptured, wrapped around each other in the midst of a crowd, focused only on each other. Overhead, fireworks lit the sky, but neither of them noticed. Deborah Blake
She'd been the one to push him away this time, yet it hurt just as much as it had before. The door clicked closed behind him, and she gasped out a sob, her body shaking. Why had she said what she'd said? Why had she pushed him away like that? It made no sense. The only thing she wanted was to wrap her arms around him and never let him go. And that was why she didn't do it. Because once she did, she'd never let go. And she wasn't sure she'd survive if she had to watch him leave her again. . Carrie Ann Ryan
Where she ended, he began. Donna Grant
CA-CAW. CA-CAW. I shrieked and hit the floor. Okay, maybe I needed a little protecting. " Use your spear, Ingrid! " I gestured wildly at the ornate weapon. "That bird is not going back out that window without a fight. Hurry, before it pecks us to death! " Instead of impaling the flying beast with her spear, Ingrid chuckled warmly. "Huggie, it's nice to see you again."--- " If they get to you before I can get you to the Valkyrie stronghold, you'll either be killed or tossed into one of the Nine Worlds quicker than you can say, 'Odin's my dad. Amanda Carlson
Who are you?" I asked as he turned and headed deeper into the cavern. " I am Fenrir the Wolf." "I'm sorry, did you say you're a wolf? Amanda Carlson
Fen looked mildly amused by my antics. In fact, he was just short of full-on laughing. "Don't snicker at me, wolf. Being naked in your arms.." As I said those words out loud, a kernel of heat seared through me, heat that had nothing at all to do with the scalding temperature of the water. "Well.. let's just say it surprised me, okay? I wasn't expecting to be. . unclothed or. . alive, for that matter." " Valkyrie, your nakedness does not bother me in the least." Did his eyes just flare a teensy bit? "It would've been counterproductive to heal you with your clothes on. What was left of them, anyway. I figured your life was worth more than your modesty." His lips went up in a cocky grin. "Plus, it kept me quite.. focused on my task. Amanda Carlson
I don't want you two hurt because of me."..." At least try, sweetling. Please." At her slight nod, he did what came natural and lowered his head. She gasped into his mouth, and he pressed his lips to hers. The electric shock between them only pushed him to kiss her deeper...." I think I can try if you're going to keep kissing me like that, " she finally said, and he grinned. Carrie Ann Ryan
As soon as she was ready for work, she called out to Eric's closed door. "Anything in particular you want for breakfast?" " Yeah, " he said, heading for the door. "But I don't think it's on the menu. Terry Spear
They toasted each other, then after she sipped hers, she ate some of the bisque - creamy, a little buttery, with lots of big chunks of lobster and a hint of garlic. It was so good that she asked him for the recipe. He gave it to her and added, " But I'll fix it for you anytime. Terry Spear
His mouth was on hers, the champagne flavoring his tongue and lips, his sexy scent reaching her over the warm, bubbling water. She stroked his arms, loving the feel of his mouth against hers, hot and hungry. Just like hers was, unable to get enough, not wanting to give this up, wanting to kiss him until the sun rose in the morning. Terry Spear
Sitting in a bar for hours on end wouldn’t help matters, but Tristan Archer figured he might as well try it out. It may take him far longer to get drunk than it would if he were human, yet he figured he’d give it a go. After the hellish few months he’d had, he would try anything at this point. He ran a hand through his short, auburn hair that tended to look brown in the bar’s lighting and sighed. He shouldn’t have accepted his friend Levi’s invitation to dinner and drinks at Dante’s Circle in the human realm. He should have rejected the offer and gone back to the thousand other things he had to do within the fae realm and inside the Conclave.Tristan wasn’t just any fae. He was a nine-hundred-year-old fae prince with responsibilities that lay heavily on his shoulders. He was also a Conclave member, where he helped govern every paranormal realm in existence with another fae member and two others from each race. That was how he’d become friends with Levi, a wizard and prince in his own right. So here he was, in Dante’s Circle, a bar owned and named after a royal blue dragon; the meeting place of seven women and their mates with a history he couldn’t immediately comprehend. Of course, it was because one of those women that he’d rather be in the fae realm instead of the dark bar with oak paneling and photos on the walls that spoke of generations of memories and connections. He’d been here a few times in the past, always on the outside of the circle of lightning-struck woman and their mates, but never fully excluded. They’d welcomed Tristan into their fold, even if they didn’t understand why it hurt him so to be that close to what he couldn’t have. Or maybe they understood all too well. After all, one of their own was the reason for his confusion, his torture. The object of his desire.“ If you keep glowering at her over in the corner, you’ll end up scaring her more than she already is, ” Seth said from his side. Tristan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, immediately regretting the action as soon as he did. The man next to him smelled of the sea. And hope. His heart ached and his dick filled. Seth Oceanus was a merman, a friend, and his mate. His true half. Or at least one of them. Not that he or Seth could do anything about it when the other part of their triad didn’t feel the same way. Carrie Ann Ryan
She was the last lightning-struck without a mate, and therefore, human. Carrie Ann Ryan
Brother Wolf gave Anna an amused look and then went back to being scary. Patricia Briggs
He couldn't stop staring at her cleavage... The vee in between beckoned him like a bee to nectar. Amanda Carlson
The moment this is over, you're mine, " Diesel all but groaned, keeping his eyes on the road so he wouldn't pull over and take her right there." No, wolf, you're mine."the look on his face went immediately from lust to yearning." That's right, " she said with a sigh. "We're going to finish what we started. And then do it all over again. Amanda Carlson
The moment this is over, you're mind, " Diesel all but groaned, keeping his eyes on the road so he wouldn't pull over and take her right there." No, wolf, you're mine."the look on his face went immediately from lust to yearning." That's right, " she said with a sigh. "We're going to finish what we started. And then do it all over again. Amanda Carlson
Diesel" - his name sounded sweet coming out of her mouth --"I want you, and I mean I really, really want you. Please. Let's go back to my room. Amanda Carlson
Diesel, " she moaned, "you are so damn sexy." He paused, breaking the kiss, his eyes filled with wanting as he gazed down on her. Then his mouth went up at an angle. "No, that would be you, Sofia. You are unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who hold a candle to you. Amanda Carlson
Luke picked up a piece of paper lying on the seat. "Camden Hills Avenue in the Badlands Golf Club." Luke chuckled. "Going to find a criminal in the Badlands. It kind of has an ironic ring to it. Amanda Carlson
I've seen you burn trained vampires to a crisp and swat supernatural beings away with your wings as if they were insects bothering you, and my driving is terrifying?"" Well it's not good. Katie Reus
Growl all you want. The sound is...appealing. Katie Reus
Want to grab a beer at Howler's?"Drake blinked, unsure he'd heard him right. After just battering each other to a pulp, Gabriel wanted to geta drink with him?..." Why are you asking me?" Gabriel shrugged, then winced." Because that's what males do. We beat the shit out of each other, then go have a beer afterward. Katie Reus
She brushed her lips over his, needing to taste him, to reassure herself of his presence, even if the kiss was relatively chaste. He let out a soft groan, his big body melting against hers as he pulled her close." Get a fucking room, " Gabriel muttered. Katie Reus
He was six feet six inches of confusing male. Lord, the man was huge, muscular and smelled heavenly. She just wanted to run her nose all over him, inhaling that spicy, earthy scent that made her inner wolf want to jump up and strut around for him. Katie Reus
Since there was nowhere else he wanted to be and no one else he wanted touching him, Drake shot Gabriel a smug look over his shoulder as he let Victoria take him wherever she wanted. Katie Reus
Always strap in. As supernatural beings we're pretty much going to survive any crash, especially you, but the police are more likely to pull you over if you're not strapped in."" I'm certain they could pull you over for many other infractions, " he murmured, doing as she instructed with the seatbelt. Katie Reus
Are you going to threaten to kill anyone?" Vega asked dryly. Even though he knew she wasn't being completely serious, the truth was, he would kill someone if they attempted to harm her. "I won't threaten anyone." Which was the truth. If he had to act, he would just kill, not bother with meaningless threats. Katie Reus
He wanted to regain his memory, but not if it cost him Victoria. He would give up everything for her. Katie Reus
If you're going to be my Valentine then I expect chocolates. Lots of them." He'd already planned to get her some considering how much the female ate chocolate. She was tall and slender and her high shifter metabolism meant she was often eating something sweet. He wondered if she'd taste sweet when he kissed her. Katie Reus
He gritted his teeth at the newest rumble, knowing what was happening, and looked back at Victoria. "I'll never say this again, but... wrap your arms around Gabriel, keep him close. Katie Reus
Shit, " Drake rubbed a hand over his face. Shit, shit, shit..." Shit, " Drake said again...." That about sums it up, " Gabriel muttered. Katie Reus
She leaned a shoulder against the tunnel wall and thought of Kellan. A Dragon King. A dragon and a King.A gorgeous man who kissed as if there were no tomorrow and made love skillfully, adeptly. He could have let her die. Instead, he took her on a journey that opened her eyes to an entirely new world both beautiful and frightening. Donna Grant
His mouth descended on hers in a fierce kiss. He seized, he captured. He dominated. And she loved every second of it. Donna Grant
How about you ask me something like, "What do you want more than anything?" and I reply with, "A hellhound in my bed"? Amanda Carlson
Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.- Dylan Thomas Victoria Rice
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."" Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. Arthur C. Clarke
Slowly, Dana walked around the long table and stared at them. The moment stretched. They sent her encouraging smiles. “Okay, ” she announced, “I’m not gonna lie. This is freaking me out a little. Dianne Duvall
For all I know, the guy is Dracula. Mari Mancusi
The scent of arousal pouring off her was almost enough to make his fangs — and everything else — pop out. She leaned against the doorjamb, her gaze sweeping over him. “Do you have any idea how yummy you look in that suit? Paige Tyler
Bez blew out a breath and leaned heavily against the bar. "Honestly, D, you're better off busting your subversive cherry with something else. A nice werewolf killing. A vampire blood drive. Laura Oliva
She drank in the sight of him, the power, the virility, the sheer sexiness. She knew just how well those lips of his kissed, how gentle and coaxing his hands could be, and how mouth-watering his body was. Donna Grant