192 "Katie Reus" Quotes And Sayings

Katie Reus is a journalist who writes about travel, health, entertainment and culture. She has been published by Forbes Travel Guide, Travel+Leisure, Family Circle, Southern Living, Women's Health, Yoga Journal and Black Belt Magazine. The recipient of numerous awards for her travel writing, she has published two books: The South & You, and Best of the South. She lives in Nashville with her family.

With his supernatural vision he immediately spotted Rhea sitting near the shoreline, her legs stretched out in front of her. Unfortunately she had on clothing. Not that he'd expected her to be naked. Still, a dragon could dream.. After shifting to his human form he let his camouflage drop and headed toward her. Naked. He held onto his clothes, but didn't bother to put them on as he stalked across the sand. Nudity was no big deal to shifters but normally he clothed himself in front of females in socially appropriate situations. Now, the most primal part of him wanted Rhea to see all of him. To see what he had to offer her. Katie Reus
I want to make it crystal fucking clear that you’re it for me… I screwed up before. Big time. I own it. And now I’m going to win you back. Katie Reus
I can think of a few ways I wouldn't mind you taking control." He dropped his voice a few octaves, making his already deep voice even more delicious. Katie Reus
Ever since meeting Charlie… his entire world was off it’s axis… Katie Reus
I've never claimed to be civil, " he said with a soft growl, flashing his canines. Katie Reus
I want to mate with you more than my next breath, but I need you to be sure.” His eyes were human again as he continued. “Dragon matings are for life. I... don't ever want you to regret mating with me. Even if every second that you are not mine is torture. Katie Reus
As long as they were together, they could face anything. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t feel alone–and she knew he didn’t either. Katie Reus
He knew himself well enough that once she was gone he wouldn’t last regardless. His heart would simply stop beating without her. Katie Reus
There would never be anyone else. Not if he lived a thousand lifetimes. Katie Reus
The woman lived inside him, was his mate. Katie Reus
He didn’t utter threats. He delivered promises. Katie Reus
It’s all or nothing with me. Make sure you know what you want. Katie Reus
It’s like I’ve walked into the fucking Twilight Zone, ” she murmured… Katie Reus
His jaw clenched and he wanted nothing more than to shake sense into her. Or just kiss her and give her as many damn orgasms as it took for her to see reason. Katie Reus
Sweetheart, no one needs coffee, I just like the taste. Almost as much as I like the way you taste. Katie Reus
That dress makes me want to do bad things to you." There was a long pause in which her sweet honeysuckle scent grew, twisting around him. Finally she spoke, her voice low. "What kinds of things? Katie Reus
She certainly hadn't planned to sleep with anyone. But Mr. Tall, Dark, and Sexy had approached and it had been over for her. Katie Reus
Dragons loved treasure, that was not a myth about his kind, and Rhea was the greatest treasure of all. Katie Reus
She'd seen what was between his legs and she wasn't ashamed to admit she wanted to see it again. More than just see it. Touch and taste would be a good start. Katie Reus
I do want you. More than my next breath. Katie Reus