24 Best Wellness Lifestyle Quotes And Sayings

There is a lot of information out there on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be difficult to know what’s true and what’s not. That’s why we’ve put together a list of wellness-lifestyle quotes that will help you stay motivated and stay strong. In addition, we’ve included helpful tips to help you along the way.

I highly recommended running through grassy trails in the rain. There is a haven of serenity out in nature, the sound of raindrops and the scent of flowers, the feeling of the water along my skin. Even in the middle of a busy city and an insane world, there is beauty everywhere. All we have to do is pause long enough to notice. Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Energy drinks like Red Bull may give you wings for...
Energy drinks like Red Bull may give you wings for the moment, but in time it takes away your basic physical and mental wellness and leads to disastrous psychiatric and physiological conditions. Abhijit Naskar
Killing or eating animals is an act of beasts. Stirs...
Killing or eating animals is an act of beasts. Stirs within the devil. Sorry. It spurs evil. Thus is truth - at least the metaphysical. Fakeer Ishavardas
Imagine yourself having a fight with your romantic partner. The tension of the situation makes your limbic system run at full throttle and you become flooded with stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. The high levels of these chemicals suddenly make you so damn angry, that you burst out in front of your partner saying, “I wish you die, so that I can have some peace in my life”. Given the stress of the situation through highly active limbic system, your PFC loses its freedom to take the right decision and you burst out with foul language in front of your partner, that may ruin your relationship. In simple terms due to your mental instability, you lost your free will to make the right decision. But when the conversation is over, and you relax for a while, your stress hormone levels come down to normal, and you regain your usual cheerful state of mind. Immediately, your PFC starts analyzing the explosive conversation you had with your partner. Healthy activity of the entire frontal lobes, especially the PFC suddenly overwhelms you with a feeling of guilt. Your brain makes you realize, that you have done something devilish. As a result, now you find yourself making the willful decision of apologizing to your partner and making up to him or her, no matter how much effort it takes, because your PFC comes up the solution that it is the healthiest thing to do for your personal life. From this you can see, that what you call free will is something that is not consistent. It changes based on your mental health. Mental instability or illness, truly cripples your free will. And the healthier your frontal lobes are, the better you can take good decisions. And the most effective way to keep your frontal lobes healthy is to practice some kind of meditation. Abhijit Naskar
I don't believe in the word " incurable " I believe to find a cure we need to deconstruct the cause. Nikki Rowe
If you do not grasp, intellectually or spiritually, the 'One' in All, you would've lived and died as your former self - ape, et all. Fakeer Ishavardas
Humble yourself, before you are. Fakeer Ishavardas
Any given day is a second chance, after yesterday. Make the best of it today. Fakeer Ishavardas
It's tough to get out of one's inherited imbecilic culture, and a thus inherited or endowed lunatic belief system. A freethinker must overcome every deadened system. Especially one's own. Fakeer Ishavardas
I love religious nuts. They make me remember I have them too. So, being a health nut, I scratch them religiously. Just as I do my butt. Fakeer Ishavardas
You are given a life, a death. Understand both while living, and before dying. Or you'd have wasted a life, a death. Fakeer Ishavardas
Respect all people as you do your people, and you would be a fine people. Fakeer Ishavardas
Life is easy. Just stay un-dead. Fakeer Ishavardas
Dare to oppose yourself. Fakeer Ishavardas
Truth respects no ism. Fakeer Ishavardas
Come on, let your silly egotistical self be gone! And then only THAT WHICH IS will be shown. Fakeer Ishavardas
Only that 'holy' book which teaches you to love all beings - animals or human things - read. Another one, idiots do, You let go, God speed. Fakeer Ishavardas
There is always a choice. Always. So do not say, you had no choice. Good or bad, doing it or not, is about you, not choices. Always. Fakeer Ishavardas
If your needs are little, you are rich enough. Fakeer Ishavardas
Truth in, untruth out. Seek thus, within-without Fakeer Ishavardas