28 Best Supernatural Romance Quotes And Sayings

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are many forms of love to explore. There’s the romantic love that gives us butterflies in our stomachs, the love that makes us laugh, the love that makes us cry, and the love that keeps us up at night wishing things were different. Love means different things to different people. How do you define your type of love? Do you prefer butterflies or laughter? Do you dream of a life filled with happiness or one that’s constantly filled with heartache?

Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely,...
Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely, they could never die? To give them more than just your heart or your soul? What if you could give then the miracle of immortality? Kellie Thacker
If the only tool in Willem's arsenal was a silent supplication to an absent almighty, then I might as well be sitting next to a raving radical ready to die for the promise of seventy-two virgins and a couple of camels. Lisa C. Temple
Without thinking, I step a little closer, reaching out slowly to slide a fingertip over the largest petal of the lily tattoo on her lower back. Instantly a vibration moves up my arm, and I swear the mark on my hand burns against my skin. I clench my fingers into a fist, but I don’t step away.“ Did you feel that?” she asks. I shake my head. “I don’t know.” I feel so much, always so much. She takes my hand and brings it to her side again, resting it on the violets. I look at thepurple flowers between my fingers and feel the heat of her skin, the way it slides beneath my palm, soft as silk. And that vibration moves through my arm again. Her breath quickens. I find myself moving closer as her blue eyes go wide with wonder. My heart stutters and my chest aches with some unknown need.“ Are you doing this?” I ask. Is she making me want this?“ No, ” she breathes. The smell of her turns to spice, sharp and warm, and I know I’m sensing her now, even through the block in the house. We stand like that for an eternity, still as statues on the outside, but inside I’m running, running toward a place I’ve never been. I should be terrified. But all I feel is strength. Rightness.And then Kara moves, her hands skimming up my chest, testing the boundaries. Her palms slide to my shoulders, her fingers tracing the line of the muscles in my arms, down to my waist. She grips my shirt, stretching it a little, waiting for me to tell her to stop. But I watch her lift it, let her pull it up, raising my arms, and I even take the last of it off myself, dropping it to the floor. We breathe, staring at each other. The vibrations move between us. My left arm buzzes with them. I think she’s doing it. Whatever’s happening, it’s her. I reach up and brush my marked knuckles across her cheek, amazed at the feel of her, the way her eyes seem to see everything, the way she pulls me into her. I can’t seem to remember why I shouldn’t kiss her. And kiss her. And. I kiss her, taking her face in both hands, skimming my thumb over her jaw as she leans into the touch, reaching out to curl her fingers around the back of my neck. I have to remind myself to breathe. I need more of her. The emotions roll over me in a rush, a tangle of sensation and movement, heat and sugar and heady aromas. I grip her tighter. Her nails dig into my shoulders. My hands slide down her spine. The kiss deepens, goes on forever, until I can barely see sense. I explore her shape, the feel of her ribs, the textures and taste of her skin on my tongue as I kiss her neck, her shoulders, her chest. As I draw trembling gasps from her lips, she grips me so hard it hurts. Our bodies mesh. Our breath mingles in frenzied desperation. Nothing else exists except her. Her warmth. Her spice. Her. Rachel A. Marks
You want to show me your wrath? You want to hurt me, so show me. We can take this to the bedroom if you like–the bed might be reduced to kindling, but I’m willing to take that chance. Now fight me, ” he growled aloud, his obsidian eyes narrowing to angry slits. “Show me what you are becoming. R. W. Patterson
One celestial quake and the timeline belonging to her had imploded in the heavens like a dying star. It was like falling into oblivion, she thought wearily, the tattered remains of her life floated–unanchored in a vacuum of what was and what little remained. R. W. Patterson
Grief–in all of its agony–burrowed deep into her essence, its serrated edges killing her piece by piece. R. W. Patterson
I only have secrets that keep you safe, Darlin Unknown
Jensen looked concerned." I'm reluctant to delay, but would a later appointment be better?" He glanced over at Vanelli and got an answering 'I told you so' look that I personally wanted to scrape off Vanelli's face with a blowtorch. Katherine Bayless
We've peered into the deepest parts to see beyond what lies on the surface. Kellie Thacker
You can't let your light die out. Yours is the only light on my dark path. Without it, I will be forever lost. Kellie Thacker
You’re different, Elli. You’re unlike anyone else, it’s because of that…’‘ How can a Prince, how can someone like you be seen with me? I get it, Evan, its fine.’‘ It’s because of that, I want you. Charlotte Munro
Come here.” Nico reached over and gave Katty a great big hug. “Have I told you how much I love you lately?” Katty immediately turned soft. She had a big weakness for Nico. Just hearing the word 'love' instantly made her melt. “No, but I like to hear it.” She smiled back at him with a smile that illuminated her face. She did like to hear it. She hadn't know Nico for very long, but there was just something so awesome about him that she felt very loved. He may have been a Vampire, and had a heart as black as night, but deep down he was a good man. He knew how to love a girl when he found the right one. He loved her completely, and without any doubt. . Keira D. Skye
The salty, slightly stagnant smell of the marsh filled my nose. On the other side of the bed, a French door opened to what looked like the balcony. The curtain was drawn but a silhouette moved outside the gauzy white veil. Sandi Beth Jones
I didn't spend an afternoon doing my hair and makeup to go on demon-duty. Cherie Colyer
Why the hell didn't faerie food come with a warning written in bold letters: MADE IN LA LA LAND. EATING WILL OPEN YOU UP TO FAERIE ATTACKS. Cherie Colyer
Oh my god! Madison, what is with you and non-human guys? Cherie Colyer
This look said I was uncomfortably near some line. Nikos had a lot of lines, all hidden. If you shot a marble in on one side of his personality, instead of coming out the other it would bounce on secret internal walls and shoot out in some unpredictable way. I suspected some of those ways were deadly. Mary Hughes
I want you, Elaine. I want your mind, your soul, your body. I want you as my mate. I offer you my soul–right now. Right here. Take it all–take everything I am, ” he murmured, his lips grazing the corner of her mouth. “…and I’ll even let you keep your clothes on.” She looked up at him, gasping at his boldness. In that instance, Ian’s lips slanted across hers in a consuming, mind-numbing, heart-stopping kiss. She moaned against his mouth, drinking in his groan before pulling back, chest heaving. “We’re in church, Ian, ” she panted. “God can hear us.” His lips curled into a small, knowing smile. “I’m counting on that, love. R. W. Patterson
It’s supernatural, hard to explain it any further. Chelsea Ballinger
They are from another world, another way of life that somehow has merged with our own. These worlds are kept separate for the safety of everyone. " "And yet, I connect them." "You do. Meredith T. Taylor