22 Best Oksana Ru Quotes And Sayings

Sometimes it can be hard to be positive and optimistic about life. We all have bad days, things don’t always go the way we want them to, and sometimes it seems like everything is completely out of our control. In these moments, it’s easy to think that things are going to go from bad to worse. So if you’re having a tough time or just need some encouragement, check out this list of quotes about confidence.

I celebrate myself, I paint and dance and sing myself, and what I assume you will assume, for every atom as of me as good belongs to dreamy You. I am a song. I am a poem. I am the soil and a gem. I am a stargate and a voyage. I am the ocean and your soul. Oksana Rus
Dare to Explore. Dare to Dream. Dare to Discover. Dare...
Dare to Explore. Dare to Dream. Dare to Discover. Dare to break the rules. Dear to Leave. Dare to Begin. Dare to Live. Dear to Love. Dare to be You. Oksana Rus
Be calm...calm as a calm lagoon, then you will look...
Be calm...calm as a calm lagoon, then you will look beautiful as a beautiful calm lagoon crowned by the Moon and sheltered by the brilliance of the stars reclaiming your royalty of regal life... Oksana Rus
For me, a hearty laugh is one of the most...
For me, a hearty laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. It's a way of life! Oksana Rus
...and you will hold me with your wondering eyes in the serenity of purest mind at the dreams edge of my quiet golden shores accompanied by the melodies of emerald blue rippling waves where I will always remain voicing harmony in the over the rainbow soothing memories of your heart... Oksana Rus
A silent velvet footstep filled me, unwelcome yet so needed. You finally found my hidden shore with grains of time and ocean of the most secret secrets, violet and red; left a trail of deep blue footsteps on my glowing beach of soul, and no matter how many times tides wash the golden sand anew, your prints can never be erased. Each one a shining star in my quiet Universe... Oksana Rus
Just one caress became a symphony of passion, insatiable longing, an unquenchable desire to possess.. Gasps.. The sparkling touch, embrace make hard to breathe.. A mere short burst of brilliance, explosive need..forbidden sweet.. Beneath the warmth of a dancing rainbow summer sunset, slowly tuning into the magic night with the stars flooding the sapphire skies..the sacred emerald island wildlife listens to our song, played with loving fingertips, reflected in diving deep into each other's ocean eyes.. Oksana Rus
In my heaven sweet melodies of the skies ripple pool of the sea playing sweet song to me, sharing tales of the past, blending with mine as mirage, painting new... I breathe in, am in love and alive... Oksana Rus
Tipani flower skies blazing rapture of color laced tree crowns silhouettes along the ocean diamond necklaced beach...of my heart in fragrance of love spilled by caressing kisses of the sun opening the gates to dive deep through away to horizons with no return... Oksana Rus
I don't want realism. I want magic. I live magic. I am magic. Oksana Rus
I am the Constellation of my own Oksana Rus
Just take my hand, lead, dance with me...and I will simply follow the blueness of the water, the white waves rolling free...where the earth beneath my feet and stars make my heart whole again...in long and priceless moments of shared solitude... Oksana Rus
The serenity of the lulling ocean is a wondrous thing to behold..more precious than the gems coveted and covered in platinum or gold... Oksana Rus
Infatuated painted clouds, enamored of our silky bed-lagoon, reflect with silent tremors your sweetest of the kisses...whispers...then lightly consume its shining sunset skin with loving smiles greeting the lacy starry night ahead...making our senses dance so softly stepping on to the adorn petals of the place no one else knows... Oksana Rus
You are the Poem I dreamed of writing, the Masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining Star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled. Yes, I am Blessed. Oksana Rus
The sky blue strengthens slowly, the dawn light rosy and pale the summer song of our romance begin to unveil...with every heart beat and the waves' breath...the time stood in harmony still. Your morning kiss my hands could feel...by your lips soft, so warm, so very gentle, nice and full of life... Oksana Rus
Echo of the waves appears in the sky, their lights reflected in your eyes. I'm back in our world and happy again. The sound of your voice, compassionate embrace.. The power in your touch, serenity of stride.. The beating of your heart calms down my presence, gracing with eternal peace of mind.. Bathing in the sunshine of your arms I'm deeply aware of the melodic stream that has no language..gliding beneath the quiet Heaven of your eyes.. Oksana Rus
Soft on the neck of either dove love's hands let slip the reins: and while we look for light of love, love's twilight wanes... Oksana Rus
It finally was entirely silent and I inhaled and breathed its magical peace... Oksana Rus
Meet me there, where the sea meets the sky... Oksana Rus