8 Beggar Quotes And Sayings

Whether you’re a beggar or a beggar not, you can’t help being one or the other. It’s a tough life to be a beggar. We all have different circumstances, and most of us need to beg for our own survival. But not all of us have to beg – here are some great quotes about being a beggar that will brighten your day.

People will rather pass by the weak, the lame, the beggars, the orphans, the tormented, the widows and take their large offerings to church, to the man of God who already has a mansion and jets , what a shallow mindedness. Sunday Adelaja
As they were walking, a beggar came up, holding his hand out and crying, "Baksheesh! Baksheesh! "Mike kept on going but Mitchell stopped. Digging into his pocket, he pulled out twenty paise and placed it in the beggar's dirty hand. Mike said, "I used to give to beggars when I first came here. But then I realized, it's hopeless. It never stops."" Jesus said you should give to whoever asks you, " Mitchell said." Yeah, well, " Mike said, "obviously Jesus was never in Calcutta. Jeffrey Eugenides
They are but beggars that can count their worth. William Shakespeare
Those dear to me took fright for my safety and, perhaps, my sanity. Kings, they explained, do not walk like beggars for hundreds of miles. My response was that if a beggar could managed the feat, then why not a king? Did they think me less capable than a beggar? Sometimes I think that I am. The beggar knows much that the king can only guess. And yet who draws up the codes for begging ordinances? Often I wonder what my experience in life--my easy life following the Desolation, and my current level of comfort--has given me of any true experience to use in making laws. If we had to rely on what we knew, kings would only be of use in creating laws regarding the proper heating of tea and the cushioning of thrones. Brandon Sanderson
After applying to hundreds of scholarships I finally felt that we are also beggars, no different than others, we are not on the street, uneducated, but we are sitting in front of computers with years of hardworking and repeatedly begging each and everyone to sponsor and support our education, not because we deserve, but we cannot afford. M.F. Moonzajer
It turns out we were some peoplewhich has been chosen by God to be happy in a different way# beggars Ys Sroyer
You know the proverb, Mr. Hale, 'set a beggar on horseback, and he'll ride to the devil' - well, some of these early manufacturers did ride to the devil in a magnificent style - crushing human bone and flesh beneath their horses' hoofs without remorse. Elizabeth Gaskell