124 Quotes & Sayings By Latika Teotia

Latika Teotia is a writer, motivational speaker and a marketing professional. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling book 'Every Woman's Guide To Success' and has been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post and BBC. She is a member of the American Marketing Association, National Speakers Association and National Non-Profit Association. Latika is a certified Life Coach, a Certified Fearless Speaking Expert and a Certified Personal Trainer.

You are not alone in your sorrow and suffering because...
You are not alone in your sorrow and suffering because the good Lord is suffering with you. He cannot see His children unhappy. Latika Teotia
If our foundation is on God, then our burden becomes...
If our foundation is on God, then our burden becomes His and we sail through smoothly. Latika Teotia
God’s mercy knows no bounds; His amazing miracles can heal even the most serious illness and make you come out of any difficult situation without a scratch. He can help you deal with all your relationship issues and remove all financial problems with one stroke. He can bless you with a purposeful life. Pray, trust and walk in faith always and in all the ways. Latika Teotia
Materialistic things cannot make you truly happy; it’s your faith in God that can bring real satisfaction. And ofcourse, the love you give and receive will fill your life with cheer as well as laughter. Latika Teotia
Are you comprehending what God is trying to teach through those tests and trials which you are being made to undergo time and again??? If you are being put in a situation again and again, you must realize that He is trying to teach you something. It is high time that you became wise enough to understand, learn and deal with it once and for all instead of pushing them under the carpet. We are destined to learn a few lessons from which we can’t just escape. Latika Teotia
By holding on to God at all times, we can...
By holding on to God at all times, we can remain calm and enjoy peace in us even in the middle of our storms. Latika Teotia
The situation and the people you meet in everyday life...
The situation and the people you meet in everyday life are designed by God for your future. So follow Him because He alone knows what’s best for your well being. Latika Teotia
I pray for those who feel friendless and who feel that they are all by themselves in this wide world. May God show them, through one His of innumerable ways, that not only does He know them but also loves them dearly. Latika Teotia
It is quite likely that while you are praying for God’s mercy and your wishes to be answered He too may be waiting to give you the desired wish. But, you have to at least start working towards it. You can’t just be sitting idle waiting for miracles. You have to work towards it and when the going gets tough, pray to Him to help you out. To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too. Latika Teotia
Strange are the ways of God. At times He showers His gifts when we least expect them. Treat each day as an important one; you never know He may have decided to send you a gift through a small child looking for help or an unknown stranger seeking directions to a place or a person unable to pay his coffee bill because his pocket has been picked or a lady on the next table who absent mindedly leaves her purse in the café. Anyone of them could be the carrier of God’s gifts. Be alert His miracles can come up any time, in any form and through anyone. Your life may be about to change, His Angel is on the way so don’t be caught napping. Don’t treat today or any day as just another day. . Latika Teotia
You are strong and you know it. Even when you are faced with problems, all you have to do is look within and you’ll find that not only are you capable of solving it but you can handle it much better than you think. So don’t lose heart. However, if you think that you are all alone with your problems may God fill you with hope and may you always be blessed with the kind of support you need. Stay blessed. Latika Teotia
Don’t run after people or plead with them beseeching them to return. If they leave you they were never meant to be a part of your complete journey. However difficult you may find it initially, don’t break down. Take it as a sign from God. Perhaps they were hampering your growth, perhaps they had made you so dependent that your entire world revolved around them. You must accept this change … and move on … You need people in your life who are supposed to be there…according to your destiny. Keep your eyes open, someone better is coming along. Trust God! ! ! . Latika Teotia
O God, I’m grateful for this gift of another beautiful day. I pray that just as You give us a new gift of life every day, may we too value it as much. May Thy love and light always show us the right path. May we always be compassionate and kind to others. May we never ignore someone in need. Bless us O God so that we become the instruments of Thy wishes. Latika Teotia
As nothing is wasted in our life same goes for pain also. It only brings us closer to God and to ourselves too as we come to know our strengths. So allow life to unfold as it should. Just go with the flow. Latika Teotia
I pray to God to give you a happy life filled with compassion, kindness and peace. May joy never leave your door step. May your house always ring with the laughter of friends and family. May your good fortune increase day by day. Latika Teotia
God’s mercy never fails so don’t live another moment in regret. Find the meaning of your life and discover your value by turning towards Him. Start dwelling on His unconditional love and limitless favor to live a joyful life. Latika Teotia
Don’t allow the challenges of life to break you. Remember all the good things God has done, and fill your heart with faith Latika Teotia
It’s only human to become impatient while waiting for God’s timing and His gifts. But fretting won’t help. Stretch your faith more and think of great possibilities because one touch of God’s favor can turn any situation around. Hold on to your peace and pray. Latika Teotia
God has removed some people from your life for a reason, respect that or else you won’t be able to live a life He wants you to. Do not keep going back to the people who have been removed from your life or who have hurt you. Be firm and stand up against the injustice that is being heaped on you. Refuse to be cowed down. Not putting up with the nonsense of others will not be construed as being rude or unkind, you will still continue to be a sweet, loving, kind and gentle person that you really are. Latika Teotia
Do you feel that you are in a complicated situation today when nothing seems to be going right for you? Are you bewildered or baffled by what is happening around you? Relax! God always has our well being in mind. Reach out to Him, pray with all your heart, talk to Him about your fears, share your worries with Him and you will feel much lighter. You may even see the purpose of your present situation. A lady was having her breakfast, her 7 year old daughter, who was in a playful mood, accidentally dropped coffee on her. She yelled at her and had to go and change her clothes. When she came down, she found her child crying hysterically. It took a lot of time to pacify her and in the commotion the girl missed her school bus. She had to go and drop her to the school knowing full well that she was going to be late to office and would get hardly any time to prepare for an important presentation that she had to give later in the day. She cursed her fate, looked up to Heaven and muttered, “O God why me? Why did this happen on such an important day?” After dropping her daughter at her school she found that her office block, which was in a high rise building, had caught fire. The fire which had started two floors below had quickly spread to the rest of the floors and her colleagues were trapped in the building. Had she reached in time she too would have been one of them. Delay in reaching office had, in fact, saved her! So, look for God’s message in everything and have patience as well as faith. Latika Teotia
Even though we keep talking about counting our blessings, looking at brighter side of things, being positive and so on, do we really practice them when things fall apart at the seams? That is the time we crib and grumble the most. “Why me? Why this? Why that?” and so on are the questions uppermost in our minds. That is the time to remember God’s innumerable mercies and Blessings showered on us in the past. That is the time to practice what you have been saying so many times. Rekindle your faith and Hold on to Him. Remember that there are still things to be thankful for. Latika Teotia
If you hang to pain, hurt, embarrassment, guilt and such emotions you will find that they will dominate your life. They won’t allow you to move on unless you make a conscious effort to deal with them and free yourself. Talking to friends, family or to God can help remove the burden from your chest and make you feel better. Latika Teotia
Forgive and forget what had happened. Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures. Relax ! ! ! You are constantly evolving. Love yourself to bits. Get up ! ! ! Step out ! ! ! And keep this in mind that God’s help is close at hand. Repose trust in Him and all will be well. ~Latika Teotia Latika Teotia
When in doubt, look inwards and honestly count your blessings. We often grumble when things go wrong or when we get hurt. We are prone to crib about what we don’t have and forget to see what we already have. Comparing yourself with the good fortune of others is bound to bring a lot of misery in its wake. If you really want to get into that comparison mood then compare yourself with those who are less fortunate. A man who had just lost his job was sitting dejectedly in his balcony and watching people pass by when his eyes fell on a beggar who was rummaging through garbage for some food. The man in the balcony felt happy that at least he had enough to eat and was not reduced to what the beggar was doing. The beggar saw a one legged man who was hobbling around on crutches and felt happy that he had all his limbs intact. The one legged man saw a man being taken in a wheel chair and counted himself fortunate that he could at least move around on his own. The man in the wheel chair saw a hearse taking away a dead body and thanked God that he was alive. . Latika Teotia
Whatever is happening to me is for my good; I have full faith in God. He will never do something that is not good for us nor will He ever forsake us. He works in mysterious ways and keeps an eye on each one of us. Therefore, I will continue on my path and continue doing what I’m doing as also what I want to do. I’ll not hold myself back. If there is a mess around me, I’ll work even harder to turn it into something positive; perhaps God has a message for me, I’ll try to find it. My faith in the Good Lord is unshakeable. . Latika Teotia
Whatever you do, do it if it brings you peace....
Whatever you do, do it if it brings you peace. If in doubt look up to God and seek His guidance. In fact seek His blessings before starting anything and you won’t go wrong. Latika Teotia
Don’t allow the challenges of life to break you. Remember all the good things God has done, and fill your heart with… Latika Teotia
God’s simple Blessings are nothing short of miracles. That rain drop trapped in a leaf, that glistening dew drop which has just caught the first rays of a new born sun, that sweet song of the Nightingale, those beautiful wooly clouds with their unique designs (have you ever noticed that clouds never make the same design twice- and we humans struggle to draw something new or write something unique), the pit pit patter of the rain creating a music of its own. These are but some of His Blessings that make me look up in awe at our Creator. So caught up are we in our daily lives with our monotonous routine that we fail to notice the millions of miracles happening all around us. Pause. Look around. Notice. Feel. Life is not just about rushing through. It’s also about taking a break. . Latika Teotia
Difficult times always make us realize the true value of good times. Only a hungry person can appreciate the taste of a loaf of bread- however hard and old that loaf may be. Only a homeless person can truly appreciate the value of a roof over the head- even if it’s in an old unpainted building. Only the blind can appreciate the true value of sight- even if it’s hazy. And so on. So problems and difficulties teach us to better appreciate the good times. They are very important or else our lives would be partial. God is ALWAYS with us; never think, even in your wildest dreams, that He can ever forsake us. If you have been through only good times, you may have forgotten Him, because you were too busy celebrating and enjoying life. He was always there watching over you and keeping you out of harm’s way. It is only during your difficult times that you turn to Him. When things get out of hand you started cribbing and complaining that He has left you to the wolves. No, that’s not true; He was and is always there by your side. He’s now busy solving your problems and showing you a way out of the mess you are in. It is, perhaps, His way of showing the other side of life; of making you realize that things do go wrong and sunshine as well as rain should be taken in your stride. He sends rain to you to make you appreciate the warmth of sunny days. He puts you through difficult times to teach you the value of good times. It’s His way of teaching you to see the silver lining. You will not crib about the huge electricity bill, because you are earning enough to afford a good house with lights and heating gadgets to keep it warm. You will not feel irritated with the out of tune singer in the row behind you because it means that you can hear well. You will not feel miffed with your daughter for having dropped coffee on your clothes, because it means you have a family to come home to. Appreciate what you have and have thank the Lord for all that He has given you instead of crying for what you don’t have. . Latika Teotia
God always answers our prayers; if there is a delay, it is because He has something better in mind for us. Don’t give up- we commit the mistake of giving up too soon thinking that God has forgotten us little realizing that He never forsakes His children. If you feel your prayers have not been answered, then keep praying, increase the intensity of your prayers till He gives you what you want. Latika Teotia
Never lose faith in God. Remember that He is always there by our side watching over us and steering us in the right direction. We are continuously evolving into better human beings and growing spiritually. It is during this process of evolution that we become confused, restless, depressed and even hostile because we are not aware of this change in us. We may even feel that God has forsaken us- which couldn’t be farther from the truth, because He will never leave you, no matter how difficult the times may be. It is this ignorance that is the cause of all our miseries and confusions; the realization comes only once we share our worries with someone knowledgeable who tells us about God and His mysterious ways of working. So never lose faith, always repose your trust in God. . Latika Teotia
Be appreciative about others, don’t criticize or crib about them. Gossiping will only fill you with negativity. Speak well about others. Positivity begets positivity. Don’t be in a hurry to pass judgment or criticize, check yourself before you do. It’ll pass- once you make a deliberate effort to be positive. If you can’t speak well of others then you have no right to speak ill either. A critical attitude spoils everything. You aren’t happy; in turn you don’t give your best, resultantly you get ticked off. Because you get ticked off you crib and criticize little realizing that you started this vicious circle in the first place. What, then, is the solution? It’s simple. Learn to see the good in everything and, more importantly, ignore the bad. Don’t go to the garden to see only those patches where there’s no grass, the beds where the flowers have not been able to bloom or the places where there are overgrown hedges. Instead go to relax, see the flowers in full bloom. Be thankful that you have sight to see things- you are not blind. Don’t criticize the elevator that broke down this morning- be thankful that you are strong enough to climb stairs. Don’t find fault with your boss and your job- be grateful that you have a job. Don’t look at the world through a tainted window- clean it first and you will realize that it’s bright and sunny outside. Latika Teotia
How inspiringly beautiful it is to bloom inspite of life’s storms. Latika Teotia
Carry cheerfulness as well as positive vibes with you and...
Carry cheerfulness as well as positive vibes with you and leave a trail of joy wherever you go. Latika Teotia
It is not necessary that we will find the purpose of our lives by accumulating fancy degrees. We don’t have to search for it in formal places only; the realization can dawn on us even in the most unexciting place. In fact our ordinary, relatively dull and unexciting commonplace routine is the right place to reflect. It gives us plenty of time to take stock of our lives see what gives us peace and brings happiness. So based on the realization follow the path that gives you bliss. Latika Teotia
Indulge yourself because you have to learn to love yourself first before you try to reconstruct your life and piece it together. Go on, release those bottled up feelings, let your hair down and do what gives you real happiness. Believe me, you will feel relieved and feel much lighter. Don’t let situations and people pull you down. Promise yourself that you will live life your way on your terms and put your own self first. Surround yourself with positive people and never ever feel sorry for yourself- self pity will only bring negativity in its wake. So go ahead rebuild your life and live it the way you want to. . Latika Teotia
Anything that drains your emotions or fills you with negativity is not good for your soul; avoid such people, thoughts, situations and so on. Surround yourself with positive people whose company gives you happiness and peace of mind. Latika Teotia
Good or bad, happy or sad, everything that happens does so for a reason; no incident in this world is a stray occurrence. Don’t be unnecessarily perplexed or anxious about it- accept it. There’s no point resisting it because it was ordained. A strain of music, perhaps a song, at times a stray incident brings back memories of another day. Some may be nostalgically beautiful others may bring back that ache in the heart that you thought you had overcome long ago. Don’t stop them, let them keep flooding in. They are your memories of an era gone by. Feel them. Relive the good ones. Chew the cud of nostalgia. You will feel energized. The unhappy ones too are welcome, let them in. That pain that you feel once again is the purging of your heart. Feel that the ache for one last time and forgive those that caused the pain. Let go of those memories tenderly. Gently bid them adieu with love. You are a new person now. Those old memories have gone and they have left a space; you are now ready to accept new ones. Fill your life with love; spread it. Live life the way you want to. Do things that you have wanted to do all this while but were afraid to. Live the life that brings you happiness and makes your heart sing with joy.. . Latika Teotia
Saying yes comes very easily to me and, more often than not, I get into situations that could have been avoided by using the magical two letter word, ‘NO’. Then I sit back and regret having said yes to something which is guaranteed to take away my peace of mind. Enough of pandering to others, enough of indulging those who do not help me grow enough of saying ‘yes’ to those who are not good for my well being. I have consciously decided to be very very choosy about saying yes. I will say yes to my happiness, contentment and growth. My ‘yes’ will also be given to those who inspire me and who motivate me to reach higher. Latika Teotia
May the Good Lord always watch over you and fill...
May the Good Lord always watch over you and fill your days with hope. Latika Teotia
Life does appear to be unfair at times. We are overwhelmed by our problems and get into sadness mode. Take a hard look at what you are confronted with, try to analyze it and see what life wants you to see. Maybe you need to make changes and you will surely see a way out. Life has thrown a challenge at you; it hasn’t knocked you out, so why should you declare that you’re down and out? While there’s life there’s hope and where there is hope there is always a way out. So don’t give up. Latika Teotia
I am focusing on positive thoughts — thoughts of hope,...
I am focusing on positive thoughts — thoughts of hope, thoughts of love, thoughts of faith … Latika Teotia
To live a blissful life fill your heart with love,...
To live a blissful life fill your heart with love, hope, compassion and kindness; since heart alone has the key to bliss... Latika Teotia
We show confidence and faith in our own selves as...
We show confidence and faith in our own selves as well as in life when we decide to let go. Latika Teotia
Believers believe in their own selves first- that’s the foundation...
Believers believe in their own selves first- that’s the foundation for believing in others. For achieving anything, you have to have self confidence and faith in your own self. Latika Teotia
Cheer those passing through tough times but trying to smile all the same. Encourage them to keep trying and not to give in or give up. Tell them it’s not over until YOU say it’s over. Appreciate their positivity tell them that you are proud of them and that they deserve to succeed. Latika Teotia
Celebrate your achievements and victories without waiting for recognition from others; after all it’s your efforts which brought that accomplishment. A flower blooms in the desert with nary a person to appreciate its beauty, yet it blossoms, spreads its fragrance and enjoys its existence. A dew drop caught on the leaf in an unexplored forest sparkles like a diamond; it doesn’t need spectators to appreciate its beauty. You shouldn’t be dependent on others to encourage you instead be your own cheer leader… Love yourself to bits. . Latika Teotia
The day you start giving yourself priority and catering to your own needs first, that day everything will fall in place. Most of us were taught (or believed) that taking care of your own needs first is being selfish. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Unless you look after yourself first, how can you look after others? It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that if you want to help others, you have to take care of your own needs first. No, you are not being selfish by doing that. Charity begins at home- in this case with your own self. You can feed others provided you have enough to eat. More often than not, you are misused if you are nice. You have to compromise many a time to suit needs of others. That way you are seconding yourself to someone else. Stop doing that. You have a right to your needs and a reasonable chance to fulfill them. Demarcate clear boundaries, draw very clear unambiguous lines and stick to them; your personal space should not be violated. If in your relationships you find that all your efforts are concentrated on pleasing others then it is high time you unshackled and freed yourself from their vice like grip or else you will sink into quicksand with no chance of survival. If people don’t like the new you and decide to walk out, don’t stop them, they were never meant to be in your circle. Good riddance. Believe me, you will feel relieved because a very heavy load would have been lifted from your chest. Surround yourself with like-minded people who care for you, respect your individuality, see your value and don’t cross the line. They are people you should stick to- because they are genuine. . Latika Teotia
We really don’t need much to live comfortably, rest is all extra baggage which we collect because of immature feelings, emotional attachments and so on… same goes with our relationships we hang on to toxic relationships because of our fears and personal reasons. Letting go will bring much needed light and peace. I know it is easier said than done, but if we make conscious efforts, we sure can. Latika Teotia
Never end the relationship when emotionally charged.
Never end the relationship when emotionally charged. Latika Teotia
Don’t carry the guilt of what someone else did to you. It was their Karma. You don’t deserve to be punished for the wrong doings of others. Stop harming yourself and start living a life which you so richly deserve. Latika Teotia
Whenever I am sad and depressed; whenever I cry tears of pain or frustration I ask my little heart, why do I cry. Why does this emotion overtake me time and again. Then a little voice from within say that it’s OK to cry once in a while. If you’ve been hurt, it’s better to cry yourself to calmness, to console yourself instead of retaliating. These tears make me human instead of becoming a hard hearted person. Tears retain the innocent being within me. So tears are my biggest strength, they are my best friends…. Latika Teotia
People who fill you with positivity, who make us see...
People who fill you with positivity, who make us see the brighter side of life are our best friends. Cultivate them, hang on to them and never let them go. Latika Teotia
The best way to move on and move forward is to let go of the past. By past I mean everything hurtful, everything that brings or reminds us of pain, everything that was unpleasant and everything that led to disappointments. Unless you do that, the way forward will continue to be uphill. Let go and move on… Latika Teotia
Your indecisiveness can lead you to being manipulated and controlled like a puppet by others. Because you can’t decide- you can be pushed into compromising and bending backwards. Take responsibility of your life and your choices. Seeking support for every choice or decision can make you easy prey to the people you are looking up to. Once in a while it’s OK to take their suggestion but for every little thing going to them is not right and will not help you in the long run either. People will start taking you for granted and lose respect for you. God has given you wisdom so use that; follow your gut feelings and try to lead your life as an outcome of your own choices. At least it will be your life based on your decisions and you won’t have any regrets later. Pray if you feel weak at deciding things, God will surely help you. Latika Teotia
I give respect and reciprocate with enthusiasm to anyone who is nice, kind and respectful towards me. I appreciate the presence of people in my life but, if someone doesn’t value mine, then I find no reason to explain my absence to them. Latika Teotia
I’m aware of my actions and responsible for them, so...
I’m aware of my actions and responsible for them, so I don’t owe any explanation to anyone. Latika Teotia
From all the chaos, confusion, disorder, turmoil and pandemonium around her where things are in total disarray a woman is capable of not only restoring order but also bringing peace as well as harmony. She is brave, competent, accomplished, gifted, capable and blessed. Woman, be proud of yourself. Latika Teotia
Despite having been the victim of unfaithfulness, despite seeing infidelity, despite having been through failed relationships and despite being hurt, if you can still love, then, you are strong. You are blessed because love will never leave your doorstep. Latika Teotia
She was oppressed, trampled over, hurt, harmed and went through pain as well as sorrow till she decided to stand up to what was going on. She said a firm and emphatic NO to all the nonsense. She was determined to face her fears, heal the pain of countless wounds and come out of the shadows to claim her rightful place under the sun. Yes, she is a fighter and had that fire which refused to die down despite the torture and misery that she underwent. She now stands rock steady, full of self assurance, firmly anchored to the confidence in her own self. Having freed herself from the deep dungeon of misery that she underwent all these years, she is now much more relaxed and at peace. Her life which was quite a mess is now uncluttered and she now travels much lighter having broken free of the chains that bound her. No longer is her energy being sucked in the wrong direction of the bygone miserable past nor is she unsure of the future because she has decided to create it to her heart’s desire. She’s fully alert with her feet firmly planted. The warrior in her has arrived ! ! !. Latika Teotia
Life is unpredictable as there are various forces at play and most of them are beyond your control. But, confidence in your own self and faith in the heart will help you brave even the worst of storms. Latika Teotia
If you are convinced that the life style you are leading is right, if you are not coming in the way of others and not destabilizing or spoiling the peace of your neighborhood or the society then you don’t have to feel guilty. If some people criticize you for your living- style , don’t bother, remember you don’t have to respond to everyone and everything that others say, don’t feel guilty for ignoring them either. Latika Teotia
Life teaches us invaluable lessons through our experiences and I treasure these. If I’ve been hurt, humiliated, shunned or sidelined I have grown that much stronger by learning precious lessons from them. If I’ve experienced spells of failures and disappointments, I’ve had my moments of sunshine too. But the best gift that experiences have given me is that I don’t commit the same mistake twice. They have taught me to overcome even the most difficult obstacles… . Latika Teotia
So caught up are we in our daily chores, our worries, anxieties, tensions and problems that we hardly notice the magnificence and splendor around us. Make a very conscious effort to see something beautiful around you; just gazing at small beauties fills us with peace. Unless we do that we’ll continue to be caught in this web of anxiety. There is so much joy to be seen in the antics of children as they go about playing unmindful of the people around them. An excited dog on a leash dragging its owner, the crazy jump of a monkey from one tree to another, squirrels playing hooky pokey trying to dodge the prying eyes of human beings are all out there for you to enjoy. Just put the pause button on your routine, take time off to stand and notice; you’ll be filled with so much joy and peace. So start taking delight in little things and appreciate small blessings. . Latika Teotia
Not everyone can become a Mother Teresa or the Pope nor can we outperform others. Most of us have to go about living our daily mundane lives just trying to survive and making sense of the senseless things that go around us. That’s good enough. We are living our purpose and should appreciate our being. Latika Teotia
There’s nothing wrong with victims of any kind of abuse; they are perfectly normal. It is the ones that abuse others, who are not normal. It is they who have twisted minds and need to be corrected or counselled. Unfortunately people look down upon the abused victims as if they’ve done something wrong and make them feel ashamed as well as guilty- which is not fair and absolutely incorrect. Victims must be shown kindness, encouraged and rehabilitated at the earliest and those who abused them must be ostracized. If you have been the victim of any kind of abuse, take down those walls of guilt, don’t hide behind dark doors, face the light and take charge of your life. Seek support- if required. You must understand that you have done nothing wrong and must not feel guilty or have low self esteem of yourself; it is the one who has abused you who should be running for cover. All you need at this point of time is love, self love and lots of self confidence. Believe in yourself and have faith in your ability to bounce back. . Latika Teotia
You are here to live your purpose not to please others. If they truly respect you they will respect your choices too. Latika Teotia
Dream big and dream of a beautiful world where the sun always shines; where everyone sports a smile; where sorrow doesn’t come knocking on any one’s door; where there is plenty of love and where time stands still to watch you enjoy life. Dream of a peaceful world, a world where children retain their innocence and are not violated even before they bloom; where love exists in its true form and breakups are never heard of; where families grow instead of shrinking; where loneliness doesn’t exist and old age is spent enjoying the fruits of love that you sowed. Dream of a world where unselfishness and selflessness rule the roost; where we are not divided on the basis of colour or creed, instead we treat each other with love and respect; where there is equality in everything and the line between the haves and have not’s doesn’t exist. Such a world will bring Heaven on Earth.Fly out on the wings of imagination to build such a world and let not even the sky be your limit. . Latika Teotia
Stay calm and composed even when the things around you appear to be in a state of chaos. Learn to draw on your inner strength to brave all the storms. Stay firm and rock steady and let the disorder around you turn into order. That is your real test. You must not allow anyone or anything to take away your peace of mind or unbalance you. Don’t let even the worst of storms steal your inner peace and calm. You are strong, hold on to your peace. . Latika Teotia
Please be kind to your body, take care of it; because it loves you unconditionally. There is an army/ a plethora of organisms that are at work day and night without a moment’s respite to keep it going. It protects you from illnesses; repairs cuts and heals broken bones. Your heart doesn’t stop beating, even when you are asleep or resting; it snatches those very few moments between heartbeats. Despite the misuse that you put it to, it always faithfully and dutifully takes it in its stride. In a nutshell- it never lets you down and serves you with all its heart. So, be kind to it, don’t punish it for loving you. . Latika Teotia
If you notice the day we are judging and looking down on ourselves that day we are very edgy and judging others too. Our mood reflects what we feel inside. Judgment brings so much negativity and blocks our energy. We are not able to give our 100% to anything whether work or relationship. On the other hand self compassion brings harmony and has ripple effect as all love begins with love within. So try consciously to practice self love and forgiveness daily. It will bring a lot of peace into your life. . Latika Teotia
The choice to remain unhappy because of your hurts, pains and miseries by hanging on to them or live happily by forgiving and moving on is yours. There are lots of times that you may have felt that injustice had been done to you, that you were kind to someone who in return turned out to be ungrateful, that you loved with all your heart giving it all that you had but what you got in return was a broken heart and broken dreams, in short life has been very unfair to you. Right? So what do you want to do? Hang on to those miserable thoughts and moments? Will it help in any way? Are you going to get justice, will your heart be the same once again? Get real. Hanging on to bitter memories will only harm you because you will turn bitter and you will go crazy simply trying to deal with this accumulated mound of misery. Choose instead to forgive, ignore and move on. Get rid of that excess baggage that you have been carrying in your heart all this while and you will suddenly feel lighter as if a huge stone has been lifted from your chest. Forgive quickly and unconditionally, that’s the best way forward. Don’t be tied down by bitterness and let it not ruin your life. Latika Teotia
Once you come to terms with your shortcomings and not...
Once you come to terms with your shortcomings and not chase a mirage of an imaginable perfect person you’ll be able to do more justice with your life. Learn to appreciate and love yourself. Latika Teotia
Tackle your problems without delay, face them head on. Don’t shy away from taking decisions- however unpleasant they may be. By doing so you are taking care of yourself. Yes, even tackling a problem is self care because you have freed your mind from that nagging feeling of “yet to face the problem.” Mundane tasks like washing your clothes, getting rid of old stuff that you don’t need any more, sitting down to study for that test, confronting those who are making you uncomfortable, getting rid of those people who pull you down and fill you with negativity are steps in the right direction, Your worst enemy is procrastination. . Latika Teotia
We help people only during time of calamities, extreme pain, sorrow and losses which is a very noble and kind. But what about other regular or normal days? Why not support and be in touch otherwise too. There are many lonely ailing people living in forced solitude. I’m sure they would appreciate if people dropped in regularly to alleviate their loneliness. Latika Teotia
Today resolve to get rid of all the negativity that has been eating you away, dump those thoughts which create self doubt, do away with views that create self pity and make a new beginning. Life hasn’t ended, your page is still being written and you have a long way to go. Remember, every day is a new day and you can decide to start life anew whenever you want to. So go ahead write a new page, a new chapter of your life today and make it as colorful as you want. After all, you have only one life to live- make the most of it. Latika Teotia
Words bite. They hurt more than physical blows. External hurt disappears after some time but the wounds that words leave linger on and on. It’s very difficult to erase them from your heart- some cruel words get permanently engraved. So choose your words carefully, choose them wisely, because, words once uttered cannot be taken back. Latika Teotia
We are all trying very hard to be kind, considerate and compassionate. How much we succeed depends on which side of the table we are on. What we feel is our best foot forward may appear to be uncaring to others. So before forming opinions look within and grant people grace. As it is life is pretty difficult for us because we all are struggling with something or the other. No one really purposely wants to trouble or hurt anybody. Latika Teotia
People will try your patience, bug you, irritate you, do something petty and won’t think twice about it. It’s up to you to react by confronting them, seek an apology or just ignore them. I would sincerely advise you to ignore and move on. There are far better and more important things to do then waste time over eliciting a confession or an apology. Moreover, the people who do something wrong are neither mature enough to realize their follies nor will they accept that they were wrong. You will be banging your head against a stone wall and spoiling your own day. Invest your time and energy on things which matter. Hold on to your peace- always. Latika Teotia
We, at times, criticize ourselves for making immature choices. But if you think with real compassion you will find that those were the right choices at that point of time. Everything happens for a reason, maybe, that was destined. Anyway the best would be to accept whatever happened and move on. Latika Teotia
I do believe in loving my own self. It makes...
I do believe in loving my own self. It makes me feel good. It helps me in loving others too. Latika Teotia
Don’t be afraid of what could happen or that you may end up in pain if you took a chance on love or life. If you don’t take the plunge you may lead a safe life but it will be drab one. Life is too short to let it just pass by. Grab those short but beautiful moments which may lead to lifetime memories. As Garth Brooks famously sang, “I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance. Latika Teotia
Who said that life is a bed of roses and it is smooth sailing all the way? It is full of challenges and is a roller coaster ride with no respite. We have to deal with family issues, break ups, accidents, health issues, deaths and many other unforeseen calamities. Never give up and never ever give in. The challenge is to rise after you fall and come out stronger from that experience. Don’t be afraid, face life bravely and don’t deviate from your main purpose. Enjoy life to the hilt. Latika Teotia
I wish that you fall in love with yourself. I...
I wish that you fall in love with yourself. I can see the beautiful colours of your loving soul-which you are not able to appreciate. Latika Teotia
You don’t have to feel disappointed with yourself for not being able to alleviate the suffering of others. There are some things that are just beyond us. But what lies within our reach is to empathize, to love, to try very hard to be a good companion, a good listener and above all a good human being. That’s what we can do and that is what we must do. Sincerely love those who need us and show genuine care to them. Commit yourself a hundred percent to your relationship- give it all that you have. If you can do this you have done enough and that should give you a sense of satisfaction. . Latika Teotia
People try to get off the hook by giving excuses. Actually the reason why they are doing that is to try and get rid of the guilt which invariably accompanies such acts. They are trying to lessen their burden by passing on the responsibility on to others. They mix up excuse with reason. An excuse is an excuse and most certainly not a reason. Be careful while accepting excuses because you may unwittingly take on responsibilities which were not yours in the first place. There’s another type of excuse- the one you give to yourself. You don’t want to get up early in the morning, or you don’t feel like exercising, or you don’t want to mow the lawn and so on, therefore you will try and justify your action on the pretext that you slept late or couldn’t sleep properly or you have some imaginary ailment or the sky is overcast etc. Actually you are trying to get rid of that guilty feeling of not doing what you ought to have done. Latika Teotia
Loyalty begins with your own self. Be loyal to yourself, to your feelings, desires and demands of your soul. Start by following a small dictum- “Do unto others what you wish to be done by (others to you)” and you will realize how clearly you can see and how simple your life becomes. It’s a double edged weapon, you will set standards for your behavior with others and will expect no less from them either; it will also make you reasonable as well as realistic because you won’t expect the moon from others while you are not ready to do even half as much. In the past you may have bent backwards to please others, moulded yourself to suit their needs because you were too meek to stand up for your own self. You never thought of self love, your desire to grow and attain self fulfillment. Not anymore. You must be assertive, be firm and above all be loyal to yourself. If it doesn’t suit others, then so be it. They were never meant to be your fellow travelers, they were parasites who only wanted to use you, and having done that discard you when you had served their purpose. There was no ‘mutuality’ about such relationship. Be loyal to yourself and to others who are on the same wave length as you. Latika Teotia
If we live within the boundaries God has prescribed for...
If we live within the boundaries God has prescribed for us, we realize that our boundaries grow and there’s plenty of freedom… Latika Teotia
Do not be unkind to others just because you are...
Do not be unkind to others just because you are passing through difficult times because they are not responsible for your misery. Latika Teotia
Life throws up all kinds of people. Some may be kind, gentle, caring and loving; others may be indifferent who live through without making any difference to this world and there yet others who are loud, demanding as well as dominating. It is the last variety that always takes others for granted; they WILL have their way even if it means trampling others and even hurting their feeling in the bargain. They are like predators- beasts of prey. They will pounce on the weak, and won’t hesitate to rip them apart, if it suits them. They sniff out the kind hearted and caring people. Don’t waste your energy in trying to mould them because, firstly, it’s very difficult to change them and secondly it’s most certainly not YOUR duty to change anyone. What you should do instead is to send out a very clear message that your kindness, your gentleness or your caring nature are NOT your weaknesses- they are your strength. This nature of yours gives you the courage and the strength to do what you do. Believe me; they do not have the courage to take you on because they are like bullies who are basically cowards at heart. Let kindness and gentleness be your strength. Latika Teotia
More often than not we forget to give time to ourselves; we are so caught up in our daily lives that we ignore our wants, desires and wishes. Don’t lose your identity in this busy world; don’t give false promises to yourself saying that you will live it up once you have reached a certain level. Don’t put your career ahead of yourself otherwise you will either break down or burn out. Take time off for yourself and the right time to do that is NOW. Self care is just as important, if not more, as your career goals. You can do justice to your daily life, your career, your ambitions and your dreams provided you are well and alive. So now on create the ME time, nourish your soul and make self care your main concern. . Latika Teotia
Know, accept and make peace with you own self to live soulfully. Latika Teotia
Thinking well of others, praying for them may or may not change them, but you will, for sure, experience peace and love. Latika Teotia
Better to live with peace and not stress over the things which we can’t handle . Latika Teotia
Life has many ups and downs; some of the things may happen according to your wishes, but there are other things which just take away your peace. If you start fretting and fuming over the ones that go wrong and hang on to those memories, then, believe me life is going to be one long whine. Learn to ignore and you will find peace. As people grow older a certain amount of rigidity sets in not only in various parts of their bodies but in their mind sets as well. Very small deviations are enough to trigger strong reactions. Very often people start interfering in the lives of others; they should slow down and stopped interfering - especially in the lives of their children. They must invest their energies in something productive which will also give them peace. They must learn to ignore if they want to find true happiness. Latika Teotia
Today when you pray increase the circle of people you pray for and include even those who are unkind to you. It will make your vibrations more loving and you will be able to connect more. With every breath breathe in all the negativity, turn it into love as well as compassion and breathe out peaceful vibrations. Wish every living being well. When you are filled with love and compassion you always live a blissful life. Latika Teotia
The worst is behind you. Lock it up in a deep dungeon and throw away the key. You could live through what you felt were your worst moments. Now hold your head high, wear that smile you had forgotten existed and show the world the new ‘you’. Latika Teotia
Most of us have grown up in an environment where there were too many ‘No’s’ and limitations. We, therefore, get moulded to living within the confines of these self made boundaries where our world has been shrunk. Fulfilling our innermost desires makes us feel guilty and we are forever in this denial mode- perhaps a fallout of our childhood when lots of things were beyond our reach. It’s high time that we got rid of this habit and start living for our soul. Break free and follow your heart; live those dreams which you so desperately want to live. After all we have only one life and it’s our duty to do justice to ourselves too. Fulfilling desires and living the life we want is not a crime. So spread your wings and live for your own self. It’s your life and you deserve the best without any limits. Latika Teotia
I’m where my heart is because that’s my home! And I believe that the best place to live is in somebody’s heart. I’m a firm believer in loving kindness and forgiveness. I feel so much lighter not to be carrying the weight of negative emotions. Latika Teotia
That dull ache in the heart, those wistful eyes with unshed tears looking at the road waiting for the one who broke your heart to return, that sinking feeling that it’s over, the finality of the whole thing strikes you deep down within. Wake up, come to terms that there’s been a breakup and that it’s over. A breakup is no reason to breakdown, come on you are much stronger. Wipe those unshed tears, chin up, chest out, shoulders back, wear your most beautiful smile and let the world see that you are not down and out. It’s a new phase, a new day, start with a spring in your step and move on. There’s more to life than breakup and you have a long way to go on a beautiful journey. Latika Teotia