100 Quotes About Organization

There are some things in life everyone needs, but no one can do without. Sometimes it’s hard to see what those things are because they aren’t easy to define. We all need an organization in our lives, but most people don’t know how to go about finding one for themselves. These organization quotes are here to help you get organized, stay organized, and become the best organized person you can be.

The point of simple living, for me has got to...
The point of simple living, for me has got to be: A soft place to land A wide margin of error Room to breathe Lots of places to find baseline happiness in each and every day Leo Babauta
Your most important “want” should be the one you can control! Shannon L. Alder
Making a product is just an activity, making a profit...
Making a product is just an activity, making a profit on a product is the achievement. Amit Kalantri
When you were making excuses someone else was making enterprise.
When you were making excuses someone else was making enterprise. Amit Kalantri
Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organization.
Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organization. Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Without the persistent rising up of individuals that seek the Lord and place themselves under His direct leadership, churches will inevitably...slip into human hierarchy, institutionalizing a system of doctrines and practices. Henry Hon
Those who have no knowledge are often willing to occupy...
Those who have no knowledge are often willing to occupy influential positions with the aim of acquiring every possible benefit. Eraldo Banovac
Man does not know most of the rules on which...
Man does not know most of the rules on which he acts and even what we call his intelligence is largely a system of rules which operate on him but which he does not know. Friedrich A. Hayek
With a well-organized life, you have a higher chance of...
With a well-organized life, you have a higher chance of success and excellence in your area of calling and whatever you find yourself doing. Sunday Adelaja
No one has truly become successful on life without having...
No one has truly become successful on life without having to organize his life. Sunday Adelaja
Great things in business are never done by one person,...
Great things in business are never done by one person, They are done by a team of people Steve Jobs
In one of his puckish moods Saul talked the president of a university into letting him anonymously take an examination being administered to candidates for a doctorate in community organization. "Three of the questions were on the philosophy of and motivations of Saul Alinsky, " writes Saul. "I answered two of them incorrectly. Nicholas Von Hoffman
Until now, human organization could only be based upon something negative which could not be conquered: SCARCITY, and something false: PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.. No wonder instead of producing stability, it produced the exact opposite. The current human organization based upon dealing with the consequences of scarcity and being considered responsible for our individual characteristics which we could never have chosen (our nature, our nurture, our “soul”, and all the choices they engender), will always lead to an irrational, hence unstable human organization causing perpetual conflicts, which is no organization at all. Today, we have the luxury to initiate a rational self-organization based upon two positives: -our HUMAN CONSENSUS; our common desires shared by all, and -the SCIENTIFIC PROJECT to achieve them. . Haroutioun Bochnakian
I personally find that for domestic purposes, the Trivial Pursuit...
I personally find that for domestic purposes, the Trivial Pursuit system works better than Dewey. Nick Hornby
Since God lives in the heart, I was not to seek some Being way up in the sky . my journey to God was not outward, but inward! The only way to get closer to God was to become ordered enough inside to enable me to experience him within. When our emotions are running loose, and our minds are confused . . and our imagination is working overtime, there's so much internal noise that we can't hear the still voice of God.So many times over my years as a mother I had felt tired, overwhelmed, and worn out So often I felt I couldn't get any personal space to think, what with the continual onslaught of "Mummy! Mummy! " coming from the children, or the work that I hadn't finished staring me in the face. I needed quiet time alone. . Holly Pierlot
People who represent social organization in a country are a...
People who represent social organization in a country are a force in that country Sunday Adelaja
William: "I'm sure we can all pull together, sir." Vetinari: "Oh, I do hope not. Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny. Free men pull in all kinds of directions. Terry Pratchett
At the banquet table of nature, there are no reserved seats. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can hold. If you can't take anything, you won't get anything, and if you can't hold anything, you won't keep anything. And you can't take anything without organization. A. Philip Randolph
The auto immune disease is like politics in an organization,...
The auto immune disease is like politics in an organization, attacking own cells thinking it's foreign! Harrish Sairaman
Just reviewing this list, these to-dos and dones, her pace...
Just reviewing this list, these to-dos and dones, her pace quickens; she feels lighter, she feels smarter, she feels in control, she feels alive. Rumaan Alam
The essence of community, its heart and soul, is the non-monetary exchange of value; things we do and share because we care for others, and for the good of the place. Dee Hock
The nature of your work does not have to be the culture of your team. Janna Cachola
When the leader grows, the organization grows. Israelmore Ayivor
When the leader goes wayward, the organization goes wayward. Israelmore Ayivor
Leading means running fast enough to keep ahead of your people S.M. Stirling
The growth of an organization is not dependent on the number of employees in its register. It is dependent on the number of employees who show dedication and commitment to the vision of the organization. Israelmore Ayivor
Everyone in the organizations is very important. From the sweeper to the security officer; from the messenger to the manager, everyone doing well at his post is a leader. The organization becomes a leading one when it’s made up of people leading in their roles. Israelmore Ayivor
Good managers don't set a goal to increase efficiency, but rather an implementation of business process improvements that result in higher efficiency as well. Eraldo Banovac
The Church is both organism and organization - Woven together in a beautifully messy dance that stumbles across the stage of a fallen world. Todd Stocker
Understand: your mind is weaker than your emotions. But you become aware of this weakness only in moments of adversity, precisely the time whenyou need strength. What best equips you to cope with tthe heat of battle is neither more knowledge nor more intellect. What makes your mind stronger, and more able to control your emotions, is internal discipline and toughness. No one can teach you this skill; you cannot learn it by reading about it. Like any discipline, it can come only through practice, experience, even a little suffering. The first step in building up presence of mind is to see the need for it, to want it badly enough to be willing to work for it. . Robert Greene
Once out of the mailroom, I began to learn more about fear. As soonas fear begins to ascend, anatomically, from the pit of the stomach to thethroat and brain, from fear of violence to the more nameless kind, youcome to believe you are part of a horrible experiment. I learned todistrust those superiors who encouraged independent thinking. When yougave it to them, they returned it in the form of terror, for they knewthat ideas, only that, could hasten their obsolescence. Management askedfor new ideas all the time; memos circulated down the echelons, requestingbold and challenging concepts. But I learned that new ideas could finishyou unless you wrapped them in a plastic bag. I learned that most of thesecretaries were more intelligent than most of the executives and that theexecutive secretaries were to be feared more than anyone. I learned whatclosed doors meant and that friendship was not negotiable currency and howimportant it was to lie even when there was no need to lie. Words andmeanings were at odds. Words did not say what was being said nor even itsreverse. I learned to speak a new language and soon mastered the specialelements of that tongue. Don DeLillo
Unlike sharing, where the group is mainly an aggregate of participants, cooperating creates group identity. Clay Shirky
[B]ecause the minimum costs of being an organization in the first place are relatively high, certain activities may have some value but not enough to make them worth pursuing in any organized way. New social tools are altering this equation by lowering the costs of coordinating group action. Clay Shirky
I wonder how can I ever work for an organization that pollutes the world and refuses to clean up and sometimes even own up. And, I wonder how on earth can I work for an organization where one of my fellow classmates wouldn’t get the same paycheck and the same perks and the same benefits as I would simply because she is a girl. Sharad Vivek Sagar
As you try to balance between the socialist and capitalist systems in the world, you will come up against the biggest problem facing humanity today. Jung wrote in 1938 "Any large company composed of wholly admirable persons has the morality and intelligence of an unwieldy, stupid, and violent animal. The bigger the organization, the more unavoidable is its immorality and blind stupidity." Each of these systems promotes itself by pointing out the moral failings of the other, but these moral failings are actually failings brought about by people acting within the context of large organizations. What is truly needed is to learn a structure of organization of human beings that provides for the organized group the same capacity and propensity for moral behavior that is possessed by individuals. . Anonymous
I feel sad for the people who I hear always plan, plan, plan the next day's event to occur. Life only stands still for them. Ingrid Nkenlifack
Believe in the sacred word of God, the Holy Bible, with its treasury of inspiration and sacred truth; in the Book of Mormon as a testimony of the living Christ. Believe in the Church as the organization which the God of Heaven established for the blessing of His sons and daughters of all generations of time. Gordon B. Hinckley
If the people in an organization think the company is small, they will act that way. If they think the company is big, they will act that way. David J. Greer
I don't waste food, water, money, time and talent. Amit Kalantri
Successful companies are built by investing large amount of money and hundreds of litres of sweat. Amit Kalantri
Successful companies are built by investing lare amount of money and hundreds of litres of sweat. Amit Kalantri
Justice is always naive and self-confident; believing that it will immediately win once recognized. That is the reason why the forces of Justice are so poorly organized. On the other hand, the Evil is cynic, sly and fantastically organized. It never ever has the illusion of the ability to stand on its own feet and to win in a fair competition. That is why it is ready to use any kind of means without hesitation. And of course it does - under the banners of the most noble ideas. Vladimir Bukovsky
Logic issues in tautologies, mathematics in identities, philosophy in definitions; all trivial, but all part of the vital work of clarifying and organising our thought. Frank Plumpton Ramsey
Without anarchy, there would be chaos. Jeffrey Tucker
Life is a series of choices and all we can do is make them. Kamal Ravikant
I discovered that my obsession for having each thing in the right place, each subject at the right time, each word in the right style, was not the well deserved reward of an ordered mind but just the opposite: a complete system of pretence invented by me to hide the disorder of my nature. Unknown
When you feel good about the value you offer the organization, communicating and demonstrating your value to others is much easier. Bonnie Marcus
(about organizing books in his home library, and putting a book in the "Arts and Lit non-fiction section) I personally find that for domestic purposes, the Trivial Pursuit system works better than Dewey. Nick Hornby
...you need to assess what you love right now and what is authntic to your way of living in this season of life. Melissa Michaels
Mass amateurization of publishing makes mass amateurization of filtering a forced move. Clay Shirky
Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. Asa Don Brown
The concert we give is winning. And if all the people in our organization whose instrument is scouting of player development or major league scouting or player knowledge, all play well, we're going to have the most beautiful symphony of success. And I think we have. John Schuerholz
Having a pleasant time can extend a long period of time to have a fun time. Travis Polso
You can tell if a person is organized by checking his desktop. Ali AlJabari
Marx made theory... Lenin applied it with his sense of large-scale social organization... And Henry Ford made the work of the socialist state possible. Diego Rivera
The rejection of mass organizations as the be-all, end-all of organizing is vital for the creation and rediscovery of possibilities for empowerment and effective anarchistic work. Curious George Brigade
Politics exists in every organization, We can not deny Avinash Advani
Battling busyness is a community response. Kevin DeYoung
Nature,. . in order to carry out the marvelous operations [that occur] in animals and plants has been pleased to construct their organized bodies with a very large number of machines, which are of necessity made up of extremely minute parts so shaped and situated as to form a marvelous organ, the structure and composition of which are usually invisible to the naked eye without the aid of a microscope.. Just as Nature deserves praise and admiration for making machines so small, so too the physician who observes them to the best of his ability is worthy of praise, not blame, for he must also correct and repair these machines as well as he can every time they get out of order. Marcello Malpighi
Why do anything unless it is going to be great? Peter Block
Time Progression: Wasting >>Spending >> Managing >> Investing Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Like creating a masterpiece, quitting is an art: you have to decide what to keep within the frame and what to keep out. Richie Norton
When the finely tuned balance among the different parts of bodies breaks down, the individual creature can die. A cancerous tumor, for example, is born when one batch of cells no longer cooperates with others. By dividing endlessly, or by failing to die properly, these cells can destroy the necessary balance that makes a living individual person. Cancers break the rules that allow cells to cooperate with one another. Like bullies who break cooperative societies, cancers behave in their own best interest until they kill their larger community, the human body. Neil Shubin
Do you really understand all this army stuff? It helps not to be too bright, sir. Unknown
Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life. Christina Scalise
I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time. Neil Gaiman
Indeed, organizing atheists has been compared to herding cats, because they tend to think independently and will not conform to authority. But a good first step would be to build up a critical mass of those willing to 'come out, ' thereby encouraging others to do so. Even if they can't be herded, cats in sufficient numbers can make a lot of noise and they cannot be ignored. Richard Dawkins
An organization has worth when its movement has a tangible goal Sunday Adelaja
The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now. Not for the person we were in the past. Unknown
Very few USA citizens realize that the USA corporate military is regarded by many to be both a domestic and international terrorist organization. Steven Magee
Because Wikipedia is a process, not a product, it replaces guarantees offered by institutions with probabilities supported by process. Clay Shirky
The basic capabilities of tools like Flickr reverse the old order of group activity, transforming 'gather, then share' into 'share, then gather'. Clay Shirky
In terms of organisational models and human relationship models, humankind has not evolved much over the last millennia. Miguel Reynolds Brandao
The way to find a needle in a haystack is to sit down. Beryl Markham
And always, in our highly regularised way of life, he is obsessed by thoughts of themorrow. Of all the precepts in the Gospels the one that Christians have most neglected is the commandment to take no thought for the morrow. If a man is prudent, thought for the morrow will lead him to save; if he is imprudent, it will make him apprehensive of being unable to pay his debts. In either case the moment loses its savour. Everything is organised, nothing is spontaneous. Bertrand Russell
Do first what you don’t want to do most. Clifford Cohen
Life is not found in atoms or molecules or genes as such, but in organization; not in symbiosis but in synthesis. Edwin Grant Conklin
There seems to be a sense of balance or equilibrium that nature attempts to achieve with the usage of cycles, leading us to the concept of self-organization and spontaneous order. Kat Lahr
Bryar Kosala just likes helping people, and is good at running things, and when invited to become the world’s Mom she said, “Sure. Ada Palmer
To grow interested in any piece of information, we need somewhere to 'put' it, which means some way of connecting it to an issue we already now how to care about. Alain De Botton
What we colloquially call 'feeling bored' is just the mind, acting out of a self-preserving reflex, ejecting information it has despaired of knowing where to place. Alain De Botton
Did the men steal the papers?" Reynie asked, fearing her response. No, because they are fools, " Sophie said bitterly. "They demanded to see the papers, and when I did not answer fast enough -- they were very frightening, you see -- they hurt me so that I was not awake. When I opened my eyes they were still trying to find the papers. They did not understand how we organize the library, you see. They were angry and creating a bad mess. . The police were coming and the men decided they must leave. I shouted at them as they left: 'It is a free and public library! All you had to do was ask!. Trenton Lee Stewart
Let all things be done decently and in order. Bible
There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody anywhere anytime. Calvin Coolidge
When liberty destroys order the hunger for order will destroy liberty. Will Durant
Those who are fond of setting things to rights have no great objection to setting them wrong. William Hazlitt
To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every human being in our beclouded and tempestuous existence. Joseph Conrad
Our laws make law impossible our liberties destroy all freedom our property is organized robbery our morality an impudent hypocrisy our wisdom is administered by inexperienced or mal-experienced dupes our power wielded by cowards and weaklings and our honour false in all its points. I am an enemy of the existing order for good reasons. George Bernard Shaw
Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of organized life. H. G. Wells
Timing degree and conviction are the three wise men in this life. R. I. Fitzhenry
We put things in order - God does the rest. Lay an iron bar east and west it is not magnetized. Lay it north and south and it is. Horace Mann
I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's. William Blake
Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge. Winston Churchill
There is no course of life so weak and sottish as that which is managed by order method and discipline. Michel De Montaigne
Large organization is loose organization. Nay it would be almost as true to say that organization is always disorganization. G. K. Chesterton
That's what learning is. You suddenly understand something you understood all your life but in a new way. Doris Lessing
Her tiny and organized handwriting reminded me of the tidiness of her desk, as if she'd wanted to find in words the peace and safety that life hadn't wanted to grant her. Unknown
We all behave like Maxwell’s demon. Organisms organize. In everyday experience lies the reason sober physicists across two centuries kept this cartoon fantasy alive. We sort the mail, build sand castles, solve jigsaw puzzles, separate wheat from chaff, rearrange chess pieces, collect stamps, alphabetize books, create symmetry, compose sonnets and sonatas, and put our rooms in order, and all this we do requires no great energy, as long as we can apply intelligence. We propagate structure (not just we humans but we who are alive). We disturb the tendency toward equilibrium. It would be absurd to attempt a thermodynamic accounting for such processes, but it is not absurd to say we are reducing entropy, piece by piece. Bit by bit. The original demon, discerning one molecules at a time, distinguishing fast from slow, and operating his little gateway, is sometimes described as “superintelligent, ” but compared to a real organism it is an idiot savant. Not only do living things lessen the disorder in their environments; they are in themselves, their skeletons and their flesh, vesicles and membranes, shells and carapaces, leaves and blossoms, circulatory systems and metabolic pathways - miracles of pattern and structure. It sometimes seems as if curbing entropy is our quixotic purpose in the universe. James Gleick
If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the foundation of the organization and our best hope of establishing a world order. Dwight D. Eisenhower
There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia. Kurt Vonnegut