4 Strand Quotes And Sayings

Here is a collection of quotes about life as a student. From remembering to study hard to remembering to take time away from the books to remember to drink coffee.

Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate...
Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution. Deepak Chopra
Do the lovers know that when they whisper these poems they are commemorating our love? Do they ever think of you and meor only of themselves? Do they know that I once found a strand of your hairand wore it around my necklike a necklace? That I kiss your handsmore than I kiss your lips? Do they realise that our love and their love are drops in the universe’s ocean of loveand that without any of these drops, the ocean would be less? . Kamand Kojouri
Not on one strand are all life's jewels strung. William Morris