100 Quotes About Sing

There’s a reason why we all love to sing – it’s a powerful way to express ourselves and connect with others. We all have our own unique voice, and it’s important to express ourselves freely. These top sing quotes about expressing your inner self will help you feel free and confident when singing.

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth. William W. Purkey
Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take...
Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering. Steve Maraboli
I can't set my hopes too high, ' Cause every...
I can't set my hopes too high, ' Cause every hello ends with a goodbye. Demi Lovato
Laugh, even when you feel too sick or too worn out or tired. Smile, even when you're trying not to cry and the tears are blurring your vision. Sing, even when people stare at you and tell you your voice is crappy. Trust, even when your heart begs you not to. Twirl, even when your mind makes no sense of what you see. Frolick, even when you are made fun of. Kiss, even when others are watching. Sleep, even when you're afraid of what the dreams might bring. Run, even when it feels like you can't run any more. And, always, remember, even when the memories pinch your heart. Because the pain of all your experience is what makes you the person you are now. And without your experience---you are an empty page, a blank notebook, a missing lyric. What makes you brave is your willingness to live through your terrible life and hold your head up high the next day. So don't live life in fear. Because you are stronger now, after all the crap has happened, than you ever were back before it started. Alysha Speer
THE FOUR HEAVENLY FOUNTAINSLaugh, I tell you And you will turn back The hands of time. Smile, I tell you And you will reflect The face of the divine. Sing, I tell you And all the angels will sing with you! Cry, I tell you And the reflections found in your pool of tears -Will remind you of the lessons of today and yesterday To guide you through the fears of tomorrow. Suzy Kassem
If you've got nothing to dance about, find a reason...
If you've got nothing to dance about, find a reason to sing. Melody Carstairs
Yesterday it was sun outside. The sky was blue and people were lying under blooming cherry trees in the park. It was Friday, so records were released, that people have been working on for years. Friends around me find success and level up, do fancy photo shoots and get featured on big, white, movie screens. There were parties and lovers, hand in hand, laughing perfectly loud, but I walked numbly through the park, round and round, 40 times for 4 hoursjust wanting to make it through the day. There's a weight that inhabits my chest some times. Like a lock in my throat, making it hard to breathe. A little less air got throughand the sky was so blue I couldn’t look at it because it made me sad, swelling tears in my eyes and they dripped quietly on the floor as I got on with my day. I tried to keep my focus, ticked off the to-do list, did my chores. Packed orders, wrote emails, paid bills and rewrote stories, but the panic kept growing, exploding in my chest. Tears falling on the desktick tick tickme not making a soundand some days I just don't know what to do. Where to go or who to see and I try to be gentle, soft and kind, but anxiety eats you up and I just want to be fine. This is not beautiful. This is not useful. You can not do anything with it and it tries to control you, throw you off your balance and lovely waysbut you can not let it. I cleaned up. Took myself for a walk. Tried to keep my eyes on the sky. Stayed away from the alcohol, stayed away from the destructive tools we learn to use. the smoking and the starving, the running, the madness, thinking it will help but it only feeds the fireand I don't want to hurt myself anymore. I made it through and today I woke up, lighter and proud because I'm still here. There are flowers growing outside my window. The coffee is warm, the air is pure. In a few hours I'll be on a train on my way to sing for people who invited me to come, to sing, for them. My own songs, that I created. Me–little me. From nowhere at all. And I have people around that I like and can laugh with, and it's spring again. It will always be spring again. And there will always be a new day. Charlotte Eriksson
If I had the choice, I would sing only love...
If I had the choice, I would sing only love songs. Debasish Mridha
Anyone who is having troubles should pray. Anyone who is happy should sing praises. Anyone who is sick should call the church's elders. They should pray for and pour oil on the person in the name of the Lord. And the prayer that is said with faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will heal that person. And if the person has sinned, the sins will be forgiven. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen. (James 5:13-16) . Anonymous
How could you be sad, when you can sing?
How could you be sad, when you can sing? Lailah Gifty Akita
If you sing a song, any brokenness shall heal.
If you sing a song, any brokenness shall heal. Lailah Gifty Akita
I only wrote prose before I met you. My musings...
I only wrote prose before I met you. My musings were superfluous and serious as well. But now the words dance with me. I sing with them and we create poetry. Kamand Kojouri
A free spirit is not bound by this, that, matter, materialism or opinion. They sing, dance and flow on the wind - for they are at one with it. They are nothing and everything - void and expanse. Even space and time does not confine or define them. For they are pure energy itself. Rasheed Ogunlaru
This is a day of celebration! Today, we are divorcing the pastand marrying the present. Dance, and you will find Godin every room. Today, we are divorcing resentmentand marrying forgiveness. Sing, and God will find you in every tune. Today, we are divorcing indifferenceand marrying love. Drink, and play that tambourine against your thighs. We have so much celebrating to do! Kamand Kojouri
Forget your voice, sing! Forget your feet, dance! Forget your...
Forget your voice, sing! Forget your feet, dance! Forget your life, live! Forget yourself and be! Kamand Kojouri
Ashes have no fear to burn in hell In your...
Ashes have no fear to burn in hell In your heart's paradise angels dwell Rib cage fastens all sins of the wrong Your bones will sing you mortality’s song Munia Khan
I celebrate myself, I paint and dance and sing myself, and what I assume you will assume, for every atom as of me as good belongs to dreamy You. I am a song. I am a poem. I am the soil and a gem. I am a stargate and a voyage. I am the ocean and your soul. Oksana Rus
Battle for the sake of honor may be a fine...
Battle for the sake of honor may be a fine thing for bards to sing of, but it is no way to preserve one's homeland Jacqueline Carey
When you truly sing, you sing yourself free. When you...
When you truly sing, you sing yourself free. When you truly dance, you dance yourself free. When you walk in the mountains or swim in the sea, again, you set yourself free. Jay Woodman
Singers provide all the proof that we have souls.
Singers provide all the proof that we have souls. J.R. Rim
You must be more alive than life. You must see darkness danceand hear silence sing. You must be more awake than lightfor we aren’t born sleepingand we shouldn’t live sleeping. Only then will death’s slumberbecome sweet. Kamand Kojouri
What is life? Life is living in this moment, experiencing and experimenting but experience isn’t life. Life is reflecting and meditating but reflection isn’t life. Life is helping and guiding but philanthropy isn’t life. Life is eating and drinking but food isn’t life. Life is reading and dancing but art isn’t life. Life is kissing and pleasuring but sex isn’t life. Life is winning and losing but competition isn’t life. Life is loving and caring but love isn’t life. Life is birthing and nurturing but children aren’t life. Life is letting go and surrendering but death isn’t life. Life is all these things but all these things aren’t life. Life is always more. Kamand Kojouri
Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated. Terry Tempest Williams
When a writer's heart is filled with the music of...
When a writer's heart is filled with the music of her soul, her words sing. A.D. Posey
Holding you in my arms always feels like holding a musical instrument that I love the most, moving my fingers on your skin feels like playing it. And my soul closes its eyes and starts singing along with the music I start creating. Akshay Vasu
It is beautiful to hear, how even the demons inside...
It is beautiful to hear, how even the demons inside me have started singing your name. Akshay Vasu
Tipani flower skies blazing rapture of color laced tree crowns silhouettes along the ocean diamond necklaced beach...of my heart in fragrance of love spilled by caressing kisses of the sun opening the gates to dive deep through away to horizons with no return... Oksana Rus
To know if someone can speak offensively or politely, don’t give him poem to recite; don’t give him a song to sing. Just engage him in an argument and you will know it for yourself who he is. Israelmore Ayivor
Art doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply stirs our curious consciousness and sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be. Kamand Kojouri
Open spaces sing to my heartof the art of nature and the nature of art. Jay Woodman
In musical performances one can sense that the person on stage is having a good time even if they're singing a song about breaking up or being in a bad way. For an actor this would be anathema, it would destroy the illusion, but with singing one can have it both ways. As a singer, you can be transparent and reveal yourself on stage, in that moment, and at the same time be the person whose story is being told in the song. Not too many kinds of performance allow that. . David Byrne
They took my booksbecause my message was love. They took my penbecause my words were love. Then they took my voicebecause my song was love. Soon they’ll take myselfso nothing remains. But they don’t know that when I'm gonemy love will stay. Kamand Kojouri
Long before the stars died the birds began to sing - cool rippling doves, loud cheery starlings, the long lilting trills of warblers and thrushes. Mike Bond
Sing just to express your love for life and everything around you. No reason is needed to sing. Debasish Mridha
It is not your mouth that sings. It is your mind and heart that sing. Debasish Mridha
Music dissipates every misery. Lailah Gifty Akita
I sing a beautiful song quietly in my heart. Lailah Gifty Akita
Lord I thank you for the gift of breath, eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste, nose to smell, mouth to speak, face to smile, voice to sing, body to dance, legs to walk, mind to think and hands to write. Lailah Gifty Akita
When we feel, a kind of lyric is sung in our heart. When we think, a kind of music is played in our mind. In harmony, both create a beautiful symphony of life. Toba Beta
Brian came in heavy at that moment on his guitar, the rapid, high-pitched squeal ranging back and forth as his fingers flew along the frets. As the intro's tempo grew more rapid, Bekka heard Derek's subtle bass line as it worked its way in. After another few seconds Will came in, slow at first, but racing along to match the others' pace. When their combined efforts seemed unable to get any heavier, David jumped into the mix. As the sound got nice and heavy, Bekka began to rock back-and-forth onstage. In front of her, hundreds of metal-lovers began to jump and gyrate to their music. She matched their movements for a moment, enjoying the connection that was being made, before stepping over to the keyboard that had been set up behind her. Sliding her microphone into an attached cradle, she assumed her position and got ready. Right on cue, all the others stopped playing, throwing the auditorium into an abrupt silence. Before the crowd could react, however, Bekka's fingers began to work the keys, issuing a rhythm that was much softer and slower than what had been built up. The audience's violent thrash-dance calmed at that moment and they began to sway in response. Bekka smiled to herself. This is what she lived for. . Nathan Squiers
Nothing softens the heart like a song. Lailah Gifty Akita
Life is a sorrow, without a song. Lailah Gifty Akita
In the early days, I might have gotten on stage and begun to sing as a desperate attempt to communicate, but now I found that singing was both a physical and emotional joy. It was sensuous, a pure pleasure, which didn't take away from the emotions being expressed–even if they were melancholic. Music can do that; you can enjoy singing about something sad. David Byrne
Something tugged inside him. A flutter of unease. Do you sing? Those had been her first words to him, the day she had bought him. A band of nausea circled Arin’s throat, just as it had when she had asked him that question, in part for the same reason. She’d had no trace of an accent. She had spoken in perfect, natural, mother-taught Herrani. Marie Rutkoski
Love is the only song I sing. Lailah Gifty Akita
Praise the Creator while you have grace to sing. Lailah Gifty Akita
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone. Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Kahlil Gibran
The harbour of influence is richer in the cemeteries where people are buried with their music on their tongues unsung. Don't leave your potentials untouched! Israelmore Ayivor
Here I am at these crossroads again, wondering what will never become of me. Now and then, I'll take one on the chin. Because I wear my heart upon my sleeve. Jerod Mankin
Singing from your heart is like fresh air that heal you again from the pollution around you Ahmed Farrag
Am I making something worth while? I’m not sure. I write and I sing and I hear words from time to time about my life and choices making ways, into other lives, other hearts, but am I making something worth while? I’m not sure. There was a boy last night who I never spoke to because I was too drunk and still shy, but mostly lonely, and I couldn’t find anything lightly to say, so I simply walked awaybut still wondered what he did with his lifebecause he didn’t even speak to meor look at mebut still made me wonder who he wasand I walked away asking Am I making something worth while? I am not sure. I am a complicated person with a simple lifeand I am the reason for everything that ever happened to me. . Charlotte Eriksson
GRACE is a word we can keep in our minds when we walk, dance, swim, talk, sing, do anything at all - to enable us to get in 'the zone' where everything flows more easily - where everything feels lighter, and we are in a peak state. Grace allows us to follow our inner guidance - be true to who we are - and give our gifts lightly to the world. It's one of those magic words! Jay Woodman
Don't die with the music on your tongue unsung! Don't die with the apps in your mind undesigned! Don't die with the books in your head unpublished! Don't die with the sermons in your heart unpreached! Live well and die well! Israelmore Ayivor
The intruders spoke no words as they rushed in. Five boys carrying baseball bats and tire irons. They wore an assortment of Halloween masks and stocking masks. But Derek knew who they were.“ No! No! ” he cried. All five boys wore bulky shooter’s earmuffs. They couldn’t hear him. But more importantly, they couldn’t hear Jill.One of the boys stayed in the doorway. He was in charge. A runty kid named Hank. The stocking pulled down over his face smashed his features into Play-Doh, but it could only be Hank.One of the boys, fat but fast-moving and wearing an Easter Bunny mask, stepped to Derek and hit him in the stomach with his aluminum baseball bat. Derek dropped to his knees. Another boy grabbed Jill. He put his hand over her mouth. Someone produced a roll of duct tape. Jill screamed. Derek tried to stand, but the blow to his stomach had winded him. He tried to stand up, but the fat boy pushed him back down.“ Don’t be stupid, Derek. We’re not after you.” The duct tape went around and around Jill’s mouth. They worked by flashlight. Derek could see Jill’s eyes, wild with terror. Pleading silently with her big brother to save her. When her mouth was sealed, the thugs pulled off their shooter’s earmuffs. Hank stepped forward. “Derek, Derek, Derek, ” Hank said, shaking his head slowly, regretfully. “You know better than this.”“ Leave her alone, ” Derek managed to gasp, clutching his stomach, fighting the urge to vomit.“ She’s a freak, ” Hank said.“ She’s my little sister. This is our home.”“ She’s a freak, ” Hank said. “And this house is east of First Avenue. This is a no-freak zone.”“ Man, come on, ” Derek pleaded. “She’s not hurting anyone.”“ It’s not about that, ” a boy named Turk said. He had a weak leg, a limp that made it impossible not to recognize him. “Freaks with freaks, normals with normals. That’s the way it has to be.”“ All she does is–” Hank’s slap stung. “Shut up. Traitor. A normal who stands up for a freak gets treated like a freak. Is that what you want?”“ Besides, ” the fat boy said with a giggle, “we’re taking it easy on her. We were going to fix her so she could never sing again. Or talk. If you know what I mean.” He pulled a knife from a sheath in the small of his back. “Do you, Derek? Do you understand?” Derek’s resistance died.“ The Leader showed mercy, ” Turk said. “But the Leader isn’t weak. So this freak either goes west, over the border right now. Or…” He let the threat hang there. Jill’s tears flowed freely. She could barely breathe because her nose was running. Derek could see that by the way she sucked tape into her mouth, trying for air. She would suffocate if they didn’t let her go soon.“ Let me at least get her doll. Michael Grant
Let your heart sing from those wounded places. When you sing your song with everything you've got, it will not only heal you, but it will heal all of us through you. Gemma B. Benton
Tell me where the swans go in the winter I need to know if the mute ones can sing. Tell me why stars fall from the sky I need to know if it is luck they bring. Tell me why feathers land near you I need to know if you've injured your wing. Now, tell me where you end, my angel For I no longer know where I begin. Kamand Kojouri
Many use the word “Kingdom” flippantly. Even though we sing about it in our praise songs, we talk about it in our sermons, yet we seem to still not understand its reality in our daily lives Sunday Adelaja
As much as what I can think of life, it is more of a poetic journey with emotions & experience packed up in the form of livelihood. When it starts, it brings confirmation of a new soul entering into the world. But when it ends, it takes away not just soul, but happiness of those related to that life. It’s in the middle of this journey that the best poems get their sequence of words. Taranpreet Singh
When we sing with love, everything around us listens with joy. Debasish Mridha
I will not stop singingthe Muses who set me dancing. Anne Carson
If God wanted the woods to be quiet, He would not have given birds songs to sing. Matshona Dhliwayo
Teach your children that a person is more valuable than any treasure found on this earth, teach them to love, teach them to sing, and dance, teach them to be courageous, and tell them they will be victorious on anything they put their heart and mind to, teach them honesty, and to never give up hope. Martin Suarez
To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor. Stacey T. Hunt
Music gives strength to the soul. Lailah Gifty Akita
I have drunk the night and swallowed the stars. I am dancing with abandon and singing with rapture. There is not a thing I do not love. There is not a person I have not forgiven. I feel a universe of love. I feel a universe of light. Tonight, I am with old friends and we are returning home. The moon is our witness. Kamand Kojouri
Sing, then. Sing, indeed, with shoulders back, and head up so that song might go to the roof and beyond to the sky. Mass on mass of tone, with a hard edge, and rich with quality, every single note a carpet of colour woven from basso profundo, and basso, and baritone, and alto, and tenor, and soprano, and also mezzo, and contralto, singing and singing, until life and all things living are become a song. O, Voice of Man, organ of most lovely might. . Richard Llewellyn
Listening to Don Moen's songs always reminds me of my darkest moments Then I was always listening to them and crying, locking myself alone in the room, shedding tears, questioning God, singing along with Don MoenBut today, whenever I listen to the songs, I always smile. Indeed, God never sleeps, He never slumbers OMOSOHWOFA CASEY
Relax. Refresh. Renew. Play. Sing. Laugh. Enjoy. Forgive. Dance. Love. Hug. Share. Kiss. Create. Explore. Hope. Listen. Dare. Trust. Dream. Learn. TODAY! Steve Maraboli
After a few minutes, she speaks up again. “You’re next. Sing.”Anxiety grips Hallelujah’s chest, squeezing. “I don’t sing, ” she says.“ C’mon, it doesn’t matter if you’re bad. It’s not like this is a concert hall–”“ She’s not bad.” Jonah’s back. “She has a great voice.” Rachel swings around to look from Jonah to Hallelujah. “Really? Now you have to–”“ No."“ But–”“ I don’t sing, ” Hallelujah repeats, turning away. Jonah joins them by the fire. The silence stretches out. Except it’s not really silent, not with the birds and wind and fire and how loud Hallelujah’s heart is beating. And then Jonah clears his throat. “You used to sing, ” he says. “You were great.” Hallelujah ignores the compliment. She looks into the fire. She feels the last of the day’s happiness fading away, already a memory.“ Why’d you quit?” Jonah asks. “Was it ’cause of Luke?”Hallelujah inhales deeply. She feels the familiar spark of anger in her gut. “Yes, ” she says. “It was because of Luke. And you. And everyone else. So thanks for that.” Jonah’s face drops. She can see that she’s hit a nerve. Well, he hurt her first. The way he took Luke’s side, shutting her out. The loss of his friendship, when she needed a friend most. The loss of their voices harmonizing, when she needed music most. How she just hurt him can’t begin to compare to all of that. . Kathryn Holmes
When you choose your life, ignore people, when you make it in life, remember some friends, when you sing a song, praise your source, when predicaments arises, stand your ground. Michael Bassey Johnson
A good mother... when you CRY, she CARRIES you; when you are HUNGRY, she will HURRY to feed you; when you are about to SLEEP, she SINGS for you! Long live good mothers! Thank you mama! Israelmore Ayivor
I don't have what it takes to inspire someone to become a "worldly" musician or rapper! I can't use the power God gave me yesterday to work against the Kingdom God set up many years ago! Israelmore Ayivor
Dance your pain, sing your sorrows, because there is nothing else tomorrow. Santosh Kalwar
Awake, then die in the arms of a modified lover sleep, then dream in the absence of a tangible lover envision, then sing in the thralls of a hungry lover A.P. Sweet
Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel. Michael Bassey Johnson
From my spirit's gray defeat, From my pulse's flagging beat, From my hopes that turned to sand Sifting through my close-clenched hand, From my own fault's slavery, If I can sing, I still am free. For with my singing I can make A refuge for my spirit's sake, A house of shining words, to be My fragile immortality. Sara Teasdale
When something seems unbalanced and out of rhythm, just a song can tune things up in a moment. The power of music is therapy. Anthony Liccione
Over the boundary of time, Hope transcends, Desire sings, One verse, One song, And that is the song of happiness. Debasish Mridha
Suddenly, as one, all the Greys stop talking and gape at Christian. What? Christian is singing softly to himself at the piano. Silence descends on us all as we strain to hear his soft, lyrical voice. I've heard him sing before, haven't they? He stops, suddenly conscious of the deathly hush that's fallen over the room. Kate glances questioningly at me and I shrug. Christian turns on the stool and frowns, embarrassed to realize he's become the center of attention.' Go on, ' Grace urges softly. 'I've never heard you sing, Christian. Ever. E.l. James
If you sing a song, you never be sad. Lailah Gifty Akita
I meet people and they enforce me their culture and then I choose to fly away and I meet other people and these people force me their religion and I wanna fly away. I meet other people, these people are silent, we begin to sing the song of the ocean and then we fly away together ~ Grigoris Deoudis
I would like to sing someone to sleep, to sit beside someone and be there. I would like to rock you and sing softlyand go with you to and from sleep. I would like to be the one in the housewho knew: The night was cold. And I would like to listen in and listen outinto you, into the world, into the woods. The clocks shout to one another striking, and one sees to the bottom of time. And down below one last, strange man walks byand rouses a strange dog. And after that comes silence. I have laid my eyes upon you wide;and they hold you gently and let you gowhen something stirs in the dark. Rainer Maria Rilke
My soul sings joyful praise to the Holy one. Lailah Gifty Akita
And I've been thinking: if the human race manages to destroy itself, as it often seems to want to do, or if some great disaster comes, as it did for the dinosaurs, then the birds will still manage to survive. When our gardens and fields and farms and woods have turned wild, when the park at the end of Falconer Road has turned into a wilderness, when our cities are in ruins, the birds will go on flying and singing and making their nests and laying their eggs and raising their young. It could be that the birds will exist for ever and for ever until the earth itself comes to an end, no matter what might happen to the other creatures. They'll sing until the end of time. So here's my thought: If there is a God, could it be that He's chosen the birds to speak for Him. Could it be true? The voice of God speaks through the beaks of birds. David Almond
Let me tell you something: when you dance, you are the greatest dancer who has ever lived. And when you sing, you will have the courage to raise your voice to the heavens, knowing that you may never get an answer. Emma Forrest
Words to invoke peace & awareness. Words to create freedom and fairness. Words to plant sacred seeds. and sing us back into balance. Jay Woodman
Heaven resonates when one sings wholeheartedly. Toba Beta
Create simple ways to prove the Divine exists in every aspect of your life and then make the choice to cast your gaze only upon those things that make your heart sing loudest. Molly Friedenfeld
Dance, Live, Sing, Cry, Love, Travel and Love again, until the day you have to stop Vanessa Vanney Thompson
Dress the part! Invent and pretend to your heart’s content! Act, sing, and dance while everyone’s watching! The world’s a stage, remember? Richelle E. Goodrich
Sing the world into existence….. Jay Woodman
I am going to sing for you, a little off key perhaps, but I will sing. I will sing while you croak, I will dance over your dirty corpse. Henry Miller
I heard a bird sing in the dark of December. A magical thing. And sweet to remember. We are nearer to Spring than we were in September. I heard a bird sing in the dark of December. Oliver Herford
I would like to paint the way a bird sings. Claude Monet
In the garden of humanity every baby is a fresh new flower who can smile, laugh, giggle, dance, love and sing with mother earth. Debasish Mridha
Jonathan Drazen, " I said, squeezing his hand. "You're a manipulative bastard, a brazen liar, and a sadist. You've brought me to my knees. You've dominated me. You've told me who I am and then challenged me to be it. If you made me strong enough to stand up to the world, let me stand by you. If you completed the woman I am, let me be that woman in your honor. Every part of my body is dedicated to you. Every note I sing. Every breath in my lungs. My pleasure and pain. Take me. Let me serve you. Let me be yours. C.D. Reiss
...Tomorrow I'm going to destroy you. I'm going to mark your body and ruin your mind. By noon, you won't know whether to laugh or cry. But tonight? Tonight I will revere you. I will build an altar of myself. I will frame you in stars. C.D. Reiss
We can all take pictures but not everyone can capture the beauty that's usually hidden in plain view.. We can all open our mouth to sing but not everyone can melodically touch your soul.. We can all pick up a pen to write but not everyone can write words in such a way that they leap off of the page for you.. We can all part our lips to speak but not everyone can speak life into you.. We can all move our bodies to a beat but not everyone can become one with music, stir emotions and shift energy with dance.. Point is: WE CAN all do something but Know your gifts, cultivate them and ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Then working together becomes effortless. Copies aren't accepted everywhere.. O R I G I N A L S are eventually required! . Sanjo Jendayi
We can all take pictures but not everyone can capture the beauty that's usually hidden in plain view.. We can all open our mouth to sing but not everyone can can melodically touch your soul.. We can all pick up a pen to write but not everyone can write words in such a way that they leap off of the page for you.. We can all part our lips to speak but not everyone can speak life into you.. We can all move our bodies to a beat but not everyone can become one with music, stir emotions and shift energy with dance.. Point is: WE CAN all do something but Know your gifts, cultivate them and ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Then working together becomes effortless. Copies aren't accepted everywhere.. O R I G I N A L S are eventually required! . Sanjo Jendayi
Sing to your mountains because as you sing, they are being cast into the sea. As you sing, the portals of heaven are opening. Sherry K. White