31 Rose Hathaway Quotes And Sayings

The journey in life may be a long and difficult one, but the path is filled with happiness and contentment along the way. There are many obstacles in life that may cause us to falter, but when we overcome our fears and challenges, we experience an even greater sense of fulfillment. These rose-hathaway quotes give you a little inspiration to keep going when things get tough.

Yet, it had been Dimitri’s gentleness and thoughtfulness mixed with that deadliness that made him so wonderful. The same hands that wielded stakes with such precision would carefully brush the hair out of my face. The eyes that could astutely spot any danger in the area would regard me wonderingly and worshipfully, like I was the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. Richelle Mead
Dimitri's voice snapped my attention back to him. "That's Adrian Ivashkov." He said the name the same way everyone else did. "Yeah, I know."" This is the second time I've seen you with him."" Yeah, " I replied glibly. "We hang out sometimes." Dimitri arched an eyebrow, then jerked his head back toward where we'd come from. "You hang out in his room a lot?" Several retorts popped into my head, and then a golden one took precedence. "What happens between him and me is none of your business." I managed a tone very similar to the one he'd used on me when making a similar comment about him and Tasha. "Actually, as long as you're at the Academy, what you do is my business."" Not my personal life. You don't have any say in that. Richelle Mead
You act young, " he said, "because you are young. But you know things, Roza. Things people older than you don't even know. That day.." I knew instantly which day he referred to. The one up against the wall. "You were right, about how I fight to stay in control. No one else has ever figured that out- and it scared me. You scare me."" Why? Don't you want anyone to know?" He shrugged. "Whether they know that fact or not doesn't matter. What matters is that someone- that you- know me that well. When a person can see into your soul, it's hard. It forces you to be open. Vulnerable. It's much easier being with someone who's just more of a casual friend."" Like Tasha.""Tasha Ozera is an amazing woman. She's beautiful and she's brave. But she doesn't-"" She doesn't get you, " I finished. He nodded. "I knew that. But I still wanted the relationship. I knew it would be easy and that she could take me away from you. I thought she could make me forget you." I'd thought the same thing about Mason. "But she couldn't."" Yes. And, so...that's a problem. Richelle Mead
A gun. I had been brought down by a gun....
A gun. I had been brought down by a gun. It was practically comical. Cheaters, I thought. Richelle Mead
You were wrong. She really is the new general in town." I smiled back, hoping he wasn't aware of my body's reaction to us standing so close. "Maybe. But, it's okay. You can still be colonel." He arched an eyebrow. "Oh? Did you demote yourself? Colonel's right below general. What's that make you?" I reached into my pocket and triumphantly flashed the CR-V keys I'd swiped when we'd come back inside. "The driver, " I said. Richelle Mead
Sex had been amazing, but it wasn't a magical cure...
Sex had been amazing, but it wasn't a magical cure for everything. Damn. Somewhere along the way, I'd picked up common sense. Richelle Mead
Do you love him?
Do you love him?" There were only a few people in the world who could ask me such insanely personal questions without getting punched. Dimitri was one of them. Richelle Mead
That's ridiculous.
That's ridiculous." Especially the part about Christian being manly. Richelle Mead
You…you got rid of that dress fast, " I pointed out between heavy breaths. "I thought you liked it." "I do like it, " he said. His breathing was as heavy as mine. "I love it." And then he took me to the bed. Richelle Mead
Clearly my stunning beauty has clouded your mind.
Clearly my stunning beauty has clouded your mind." - Rose Hathaway Richelle Mead
Did you pick that out?" I asked Dimitri. Honestly, I would have expected him to bend a piece of steel with his bare hands and present her with that. Richelle Mead
ARE YOU CRAZY?" I ASKED. He gave me the same wordless look he always did when I asked that question. Richelle Mead
Well, you've finally got a license to kill. It's about time. Richelle Mead
But with Dimitri, I never felt like I had to be anything more what I already was. I didn't have to entertain him or think up jokes or even flirt. It was enough to just be together, to be completely comfortable in each other's presence.. Richelle Mead
I needed to protect her from this - and from herself. Richelle Mead
In an undertone, I murmured, "This isn't over. I won't give up on you."" I've given up on you, " he said back, voice also soft. "Love fades. Mine has. Richelle Mead
While I'm fine with you two dating and being happy, please try not to break his heart too much when the time comes. Richelle Mead
I spent the rest of the day doing little more than that. I skipped dinner. I shed a few tears. But mostly, I just sat on my bed thinking and growing more and more depressed. I also discovered the only thing worse than imagining Dimitri and Tasha together was remembering when he and I had been together. He would never touch me again like that, never kiss me again… Richelle Mead
Behaviours and feelings rarely line up. Richelle Mead
No matter how great you ‘think’ you are or how successful you've become. Never forget those who have lifted you up. Never forget life's experiences, both good and bad which have shaped you as a person. You've had help climbing the rungs of life's ladder. And, those rungs can break at anytime, sending you back down to a place of humility, to remind you of where you came from and how you rose to the top…. James A. Murphy
Don't worry know what you can't change. rest when you can so you'll be ready for tomorrows battle. Richelle Mead
Hey, he's awesome. A little unstable, but awesome. We got along great." Adrian opened the door to the building we were seeking. "And he's a badass in his way too. I mean, any other guy who wore scarves like that? He'd be laughed out of this school. Not Abe. He'd beat someone almost as badly as you would. In fact.." Adrian's voice turned nervous. I gave him a surprised look." In fact what?"" Well.. Abe said he liked me. But he also made it clear what he'd do to me if I ever hurt you or did anything bad." Adrian grimaced. "In fact, he described what he'd do in very graphic detail. Then, just like that, he switched to some random, happy topic. I like the guy, but he's scary. Richelle Mead
He'd written me up a proposal of why dating him was a sound decision. It had included things like "I'll give up cigarettes unless I really, really need one" and "I'll unleash romantic surprises every week, such as: an impromptu picnic, roses, or a trip to Paris–but not actually any of those things because now they're not surprises. Richelle Mead
I nearly dropped the plate I held. "You've asked me out tons of times."" Not really. I've made inapproprite suggestions and frequently pushed for nudity. But I've never asked you out on a real date. And, if memory serves, you did say you'd give me a fair chance once I let you clean out my trust fund."" I didn't clean it out, " I scoffed. Richelle Mead
Staring into the mirror, I was surprised to see a haunted look in my brown eyes. There was pain there, pain and loss that even the nicest dress and makeup couldn't hide. Richelle Mead
Stay back, " I warned. "Stay away from him." They kept coming. "Stay back! " I yelled. They stopped. Except for one. "Rose, " came a soft voice. "Drop the sword." My hands shook. I swallowed. "Get away from us." "Rose." The voice spoke again, a voice that my soul would have known anywhere. Hesitantly, I let myself finally become aware of my surroundings, let the details sink in. I let my eyes focus on the features of the man standing there. Dimitri's brown eyes, gentle and firm, looking down on me. "It's okay, " he said. "Everything's going to be okay. You can let go of the sword." My hands shook even harder as I fought to hold on to the hilt. "I can't." The words hurt coming out. "I can't leave him alone. I have to protect him." " you have, " said Dimitri. The sword fell out of my hands, landing with a clatter on the wooden floor. I followed, collapsing on all fours, anything to cry but unable to. Dimitri's arms wrapped around me as he helped me up. Voices swarmed around us, and one by one, I recognised people I knew and trusted. . Richelle Mead
Dimitri moved closer to me, his eyes sparkling with a secret. "It gets better:you're Lissa's guardian."" What?" I almost pulled away. "That's impossible. They'd never.."" They did. She'll have others, so they probably figured it was okay to let you hang around if someone else could keep you in line, " he teased." You're not.." A lump formed in my stomach, a reminder of a problem that has plagued so long ago. "You're not one of her guardian too, are you?" It had constantly been a concern, that conflict of interest. I wanted him near me. Always. But how could he watch Lissa and put her safely first if we were worried about each other? The past was returning to torment us." No. I have a different assignment."" Oh." For some reason, that made me a little sad too, even though I knew it was the smarter choice." I'm Christian's guardian." This time I did sit up, doctor's orders or no. Stitches tugged in my chest, but I ignored the sharp discomfort. "But that's..that's practically the same thing! . Richelle Mead
Okay, but if you try to get me to pray with you, I walk. Richelle Mead
Where are you going?" he asked." To break someone's heart, " I replied. Richelle Mead
An idea hit me so fast I didn't pause to analyse it. I just acted. My body might be constrained, but my head and neck had just enough freedom to shift up-and kiss him. My lips met his, and I learned a few things. One was that it was possible to catch him totally by surprise. His body froze and locked up, shocked at the sudden turn of events. I also realized that he was just as good a kisser as I recalled. The last time we'd kissed had been when he was a Strigoi. There had been an eerie sexiness to that, but it didn't compare to the heat and energy of being alive. His lips were just like a remembered from out time at St. Vladimir's, both soft and hungry at the same time. Electricity spread through the rest of my body as he kissed me back. It was both comforting and exhilarating. And that was was the third thing I discovered. He was kissing me back. Maybe, just maybe, Dimitri wasn't as resolved as he claimed to be. Maybe under all that guilt and certainty that he couldn't love again, he still wanted me. I would have liked to have found out. But I didn't have the time. Instead, I punched him. Richelle Mead