24 Haunt Quotes And Sayings

Haunt quotes are a great way to express your thoughts about the things you've experienced in life. From the mundane to the bizarre, people have their own unique ideas about haunts, so feel free to share your favorite haunt quotes with us here.

Tell me about those days, when you stood on a thin line between dreams and reality, watching it get disappear slowly. All of a sudden there is no difference between both. And you get tore apart into nothingness. Where your mind always asked you to be awake, scared of being haunted by dreams and your heart asked you always to fall asleep, to escape from the hands of reality, because it haunted you too. . Akshay Vasu
When your freedom depends on the death of an innocent,...
When your freedom depends on the death of an innocent, it haunts you forever, ' Red thought empathetically. 'Even if you couldn’t save them anyway. Emory R. Frie
My laps-meter, the first caliper of the soul and the first hope of bridging the dread chasm that has rent the soul of Western man ever since the famous philosopher Descartes ripped body loose from mind and turned the very soul into a ghost that haunts its own house. Walker Percy
If you construct a room in paint, you haunt it. Your life rests in every stroke. So paint only the rooms that you can bear to occupy forever. Or paint the stars instead. Benjamin Wood
St. Augustine is not only the oldest continuously-occupied European settlement on the American continent, it is also perhaps the most haunted city in the United States. Seemingly every spot in this city has some ghostly hidden history, right below the surface. Just by strolling through the historic streets you can hear the whispers of the long-dead. James Caskey
If you feel you have to open a particular door, open it, otherwise all your life that door will haunt your mind! Mehmet Murat Ildan
Positive people know what they are about to do and why. Because of this, when they are being haunted by the premature quest to give up, they focus their minds onto the joy of accomplishing their pursuits. Israelmore Ayivor
Everything you have said will not matter anymore one day, only those things that you never said will always haunt you and strangle you every time you see your world in someone else's hand. Akshay Vasu
So, apart from casting runes, what other hobbies do you have? Forbidden rituals, human sacrifices, torturing? — Simona Panova
They scold their own hearts but it actuates no real change, only deepens the wound. But they can’t look away from it. Thus, by paralyzing their Present, we beat The Adversary on His home turf. And loop after loop, the depressed haunt and harrow themselves, sometimes for years, when they have only, for a brief moment, to look away from themselves, to look up. Geoffrey Wood
The unknown grayish mystifying forest was benumbed into frost-covered cold, and the tremendous pines towering above the dark marshy soil resembled a gathering of severe mute brothers from a forbidden ancient order worshiping forgotten gods no one had ever heard of outside of the world of secret occult visions. Simona Panova
Our pasts haunt us all.” I admitted, in a rare moment of perfect clarity. Ross Turner
The splendor of that moment, its transcendent glory and aliveness, haunted him. He could thrust it aside by day, but it poisoned his dreams by night, calling to him and pleading with him to unlock the chains he'd bound about it. David Weber
You will never say goodbye to the past, until you understand why the flashbacks haunt you. Shannon L. Alder
Give mea moon-blanket nightto keep me warma long-gone smileto comfort mea pair of rain-blue eyesto haunt mea simple soul...to love me. Sanober Khan
Time has been given to us as a sacred covenant, that if wasted will haunt us throughout eternity, in the form of regret Steven Redhead
That he will haunt the footsteps of his enemy after death is the one revenge which a dying man can promise himself; and if men had power thus to avenge themselves the earth would be peopled with phantoms. ("Eveline's Visitant") Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Quinns always come at half price, about half the time, and half-naked, even during the colder half of winter. A Quinn is like a queen, but draggier, and cheaper to buy and use for personal gain, unless you’re suspicious that you’re poor and illiterate like Jarod Kintz, in which case Quinns could be the spirits of your dead relatives, come to haunt you until you gather a massive fortune through selling books on the internet, to send some back in time through a portal you bought from the NSA, so they would have lived better lives without having to move a finger for their fortune. Oh, yah, and since they aren’t - they’re blue, like smurfs, yet they turn purple whenever tickled on the belly, which is something they seem to rather dislike, since they start biting and scratching when it happens, for no good reason, I might add. Will Advise
If I died, I’d expect my guy to mourn me forever, and if he tried to hook up with someone else, I’d haunt him till he ended up in a crazy house. Then I’d haunt the girl. Gena Showalter
Sometimes I think you're still a prisoner. You're not free of this place in your head, Nathan. And you're definitely not free of those people. They haunt you. Sally Green
In one aspect, yes, I believe in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves. Laurie Halse Anderson
He wouldn’t be the one to prove to the world that there was an afterlife, but he hoped to be the one to prove it to himself, though he would have a few stern questions for a Creator who made people haunt libraries. Thomm Quackenbush
The fears we keep alive, will be a recurring haunt until it dies, or we do. Anthony Liccione