100 Quotes About Erotic Romance

Everyone at some point has felt a little horny for someone, but do you know what lust is? Lust is a strong desire to have sex with someone who is not your partner. It can be a feeling of wanting something or someone even though you know it’s not good for you. Lust is a powerful emotion that can make us do things we would never normally do, and even make us commit crimes. But there are many ways to fight lust and stay safe Read more

Here are some of the most erotic and romance quotes to help you fight those urges and stay safe from those who might try to take advantage of you.

I want my world to start and end with you.
I want my world to start and end with you. E.l. James
You know how you have a good meal and you got gravy left on the plate. The gravy was so good that you don’t want to leave it on the plate but you don’t want to be a pig about it? So you take your bread and use it to sop up the rest of the gravy. That guy is totally soppable! Erin Jamison
She rubbed her cheek on his chest like a sleepy...
She rubbed her cheek on his chest like a sleepy cat. “I like when you hold me.” Dios, she was going to break his heart. “I like when I hold you too. Cherise Sinclair
Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to be your morning...
Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to be your morning lollipop, but I need to eat, too. Pamela Clare
Do you belong to anyone?
Do you belong to anyone?" he asked." No, " she whispered." Good, because tonight, you belong to the the King of the Sea. Madame De Boudoir
It is the bane, and pleasure when creating Romance fiction, to know immersion and fulfillment for the reader are based on clarity. Clarity of plot, clarity of message, clarity of the characters, clarity of the changes going on inside of them, clarity of the darkest moment -- but don't you dare be obvious ~ Persuasion for the Endowment of Sex Appeal (Academic Paper) Glenn Hefley
Many things are thrown our way in this game of life. It's how you deal with them that shows your true character. I want all of you to feel the hope, love & passion I feel for the upcoming year & the rest of my life. I want ALL of you to not only go for your dreams, but have a damn ass good time doing it! Love & Warmth, May ââ„¢¥ Unknown
SALLY: Grab what you want and hope for the best.
SALLY: Grab what you want and hope for the best. Bijou Hunter
W“e’ve taken our love of crows and glitter to the...
W“e’ve taken our love of crows and glitter to the point of no return. Our best advice is don’t get caught up in the details… just enjoy the over-the-top romance. Alexa Riley
Don't be shy, dear. I'm too old for you to be embarrassed by me.” #RicardoAlonso , #FatefulItalianPassion. Olga Goa
XAVIER: No one should be forced to live their life...
XAVIER: No one should be forced to live their life in any way other than how they choose. Michelle A. Valentine
XAVIER: Being trapped in a life that you didn’t choose...
XAVIER: Being trapped in a life that you didn’t choose is no f***** picnic, no matter how good it may appear to people outside of the situation. Michelle A. Valentine
You’re so damn big, ” she whispered.“ Why, thank you...
You’re so damn big, ” she whispered.“ Why, thank you cariño, ” he said. Cherise Sinclair
....if you wanted something enough, you’d be willing to stand and fight for it, even if you got beat down. Sam Crescent
LEXI: I’d settled for this awful existence because I’d convinced myself it was better than being alone.... But it’s not. T.S. Joyce
CANDY: I learned long ago not to give a flying f*ck what strangers thought about me. H*ll, I only mildly care what my friends think. Life is too short to stress others’ opinions. Bijou Hunter
CLOVER: I take hold of my daughter, knowing her life may be complicated, not seem fair, and often a cruel joke. I can’t protect her from self-doubt and denial, things all of us inevitably face one way or another——but I can make sure she knows her father and I think we’re the luckiest people in the world to have her. And I think that might be enough. In fact, I think that might be everything. . Frankie Love
Everyone is effed up, Dalton. At some point, you just have to find someone to share the baggage with. Joyce
Tobias: No one ever said this would be easy, and you don’t seem like the type of woman to take the easy way out. Joyce
Link had to make the decision to save himself. Joyce
Want and need are not the same things either. A want can be foregone. It is voluntary, a nice-to-have. A need is required, a necessity. If he needed me, I’d be essential for his success, for his happiness. Sax
...it’s not him that you’re still pining after, it’s the lost time. You’re mourning what should’ve been more so than what really was. You feel robbed as well you should, but not for the right reasons. Jordan Silver
....what I’m really saying is that you knew, somewhere deep inside you knew that he wasn’t the one for you. I’ve always wondered with people who get divorced if the wronged party hadn’t seen it coming. Jordan Silver
No one else sees you as the villain here, but you gotta stop being a victim babe. Jordan Silver
He was so glad he didn’t go through with his plan to end himself. What an idiot. Look at how much he would’ve missed if he’d followed through. Jordan Silver
KYLE: ... no way in h*ll he’s getting away with short changing you.” K E R R Y A N N E: But like you said, I don’t need it so why? K Y L E: Because it’s rightfully yours sweetheart. Jordan Silver
You desire me. I can scent it on the wind.” He drew in a breath and licked his lips. “I have been waiting for your courage to bring you to me, but I have grown tired of our little game. Stella Berkley
Shy, all those things you listed don’t make a person. They don’t. I mean it. You’re beautiful, both inside and outside, but please don’t look at me to validate that. You have to know it for yourself. -Taylor Holden, Strapped. Nina G. Jones
Everyone thinks to the extent of their depravity.” #HenriettaLedyanova, #FatefulItalianPassion OlgaGOA
Say yes. Open your eyes, see that it's me, and say yes. Kelly Moran
After years of selfish lovers, my preference for pleasuring as opposed to being pleasured had unsettled her at first but as brief fumbles had turned into stolen weekends, her confidence and trust in me had grown to the point where she was now totally relaxed and at ease with me. There was nothing, not a single thing I couldn’t do for or to her if I so wished it. We didn’t even have a safe word because we didn’t need one. We just knew. . Michael Bayswater
With Mr. Montgomery, I set out to see what it would be like to write a novel in 30 days. It was hell! I'd do it again in a minute. Nadlee Thims
The last few strokes filled me with searing heat, electric pulses surging through my body and my soul, as our orgasms burst forth together, a million nerve endings suddenly flashing like twin rockets exploding fireworks, the multitude of sparks joining with a billion stars in the heavens above. Simone Freier
I breathed deeply of Sam’s manly scent — his pheromones — as his tongue burned in my mouth, his lips joined mine with violent softness, and his hands pulled my head even closer to him. Simone Freier
The last few strokes filled me with searing heat, and electric pulses traveled through my body and my soul, as our orgasms burst forth together, a million nerve endings suddenly flashing like twin rockets exploding fireworks, the multitude of sparks joining with a billion stars in the heavens above. Simone Freier
Intimacy and lovemaking–intertwined, meshed, and one becoming the other–are what I strive to achieve each time I am presented with the opportunity to enjoy a lovemaking experience. J.F. Kelly
We do not know whether I am making love to you or you are making love to me. The experience is so completely mutual. It feels awesome. I wish it could last forever. J.F.Kelly
We fell into each other’s arms and kissed like we were coming up for air after being underwater for days. The melding of our mouths was sweeter than oxygen. We took huge, deep gulps of each other as we struggled with worldly constraints like clothing and gravity, seeking to transcend it all in our coming together. Emme Rollins
Ah, lust. It makes us forget anything we want to. The greatest relaxant, the greatest stimulant. James Lusarde
KIRK: Anger will get you through the tough times when thinking happy f*cking thoughts about family and friends won’t do it. Just don’t let the anger eat you up until it’s all you got left. I know too many good men ruined by their resentments. Bijou Hunter
Erotic Romance is a complete women thing.. by the women for the women.. Men don't even have an idea where women's imaginations can reach..! Himmilicious
Reality runs the risk of spoiling things, don't you think? The fantasy is often better. That's where the soul is fulfilled. Reality struggles to fulfil the soul, that's why we're often so unhappy. But fantasy is the world of the soul... James Lusarde
Some say we’re already damned, ” Nathanial replied coolly, sitting back in his chair. “So you’re too late to send him to Hell.” -- BLOOD KNOT Tracy CooperPosey
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE: To my daughter, if you ever date anyone like the men I write, I will kick your *ss up between your ears and you will walk sideways for a month, but I’ll still love you. Amelia Hutchins
ANSON: I want to give you the world, but a man like me doesn’t have the world to give. [He ... leveled her with a gold-eyed look that ripped at her heart.] I can give you me. T. S. Joyce
KATE: Everyone is effed up, Dalton. At some point, you just have to find someone to share the baggage with.--- Dawson Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire, Book 5) T. S. Joyce
Your amethyst-colored eyes.” His voice guttural and sexy. “They change when you’re angry, or aroused. Lorien Lyn
Take all of me, ” he said against her mouth. Lorien Lyn
Easy, you're safe, " said a deeply rich and sexy voice. "Lie back down. Elena Kincaid
More dangerous than being in a house full of vampires? I think I’ll take my chances, Mr. Fallinsworth.""I think we’re way past formalities here since my cock has been inside that hot, wet, delicious body of yours. K.L. Kreig
It’s best if we just keep this casual and sleeping together after sex isn’t casual. At least not to me."" You’re right. Sleeping together after sex does complicate casual. You’re anything but casual, Kate. I want you and I always get what I want. K.L. Kreig
I never thought I had a soul, but in that moment when our eyes met and our hands touched in greeting, my soul screamed for joy. Celeste Carrara
Women, they were tricky business. A man had to step carefully lest he find himself in a pit of despair, longing after the one he wants and getting nothing but scorn in return. What was it about her that drove him crazy? He'd never had such a wild and instantaneous reaction to a woman before. T.A. Grey
The fire that had been raging inside her ever since she met him, ever since she left him, was now having gasoline thrown on top of it--by the gallon. T.A. Grey
Chase's look was hot, wicked, and not appropriate for minors. Milly Taiden
He's naked, " she said in a whisper louder than a yell." He knows, " Cyrus said." Does he want a blanket?"" Apparently not. Dominique Eastwick
I prescribe a quick jerk off in the shower and a return to sanity. (Dr. Hugo Peralta) Kate Richards
Go on vacation. You're turning into an itch B! Demis BFF Vicky
I promise it'll only hurt half as much as I wish it would." The words came out as smooth and sweet as if she'd just told him that mint chocolate chip was the best flavor ice cream ever. Avery Flynn
I've fucked you, licked you, bound you, flogged you, and spanked you. Jesus, Lilly, how much more do you want to get to know each other? Ella Dominguez
McG: 11:39 PM: Tease. A: Bushy prehistoric looking veggies frighten me. Lilliana: 11:41 PM: WTH are we talking about here? McG: 11:42 PM: Fucking auto correct. VAGINAS! Bushy vaginas put the fear of God in me. Seriously, Lilly, if you’ve got one, groom that shit unless you want to see a grown alpha male curl into the fetal position and cry. It won’t be pretty. Just sayin Ella Dominguez
In some very rare cases, an opposite-sex pair was born, and they always mated one another. Disturbing as it might sound, when it did happen, the offspring were invariably gifted. Sera and Trace's sons were noted psych-scientists. Belinda McBride
If you can think of your lover in six senses, then I'd say you're nailed. They've got themselves wrapped around your heart. And your cock. (...) Six senses? (...) Sight, sound, taste, scent, touch, and the other, that thing you can't figure out that means everything.  C.M. Stunich
I wanted to reach out and stroke her, to be gentle and tender towards her. Take care of her. James Lusarde
I was stirred only like a leaf in the wind, that is all.. . Unknown
..Gabrielle and Elaine seemed to hit it off by talking books – something trending about a very young billionaire and his obsession with an even younger woman..and sex. Lots of erotic sex scenes in the book like apparently on every page.. Who has time? Why even read about sex in a book when you can have it instead? I don't get that. And billionaires in their twenties? I mentally shook my head and pretended to care. I'm such a bastard. Raine Miller
Just like your father, Ryan–blunt, abrasive and cursing like a sailor.” He moved closer until he was just inches from him and added with a wink, “Everything I liked about him. Franca Storm
What he would have given to be that plaything in her hands... Amanda Lance
Hate is a disease, but love is its only cure.~ Kathryn Delcour from Adam's Fall Liv Morris
You are weak with love for her, brother. Franca Storm
I thought a wolf’s mindset was just to take?”“ I am not just looking at you through the eyes of a wolf, Cora. I am looking at you through the eyes of your mate. It is the only thing that has allowed me to hold back with you. The pull between us is intense. Franca Storm
Planning to stay on your leash, wolf? Or would you rather let loose? Franca Storm
He stroked her hair gently as he said, “You challenge me like no one ever has, like no one has ever dared. It’s frustrating…” he kissed her lips chastely, “…but also refreshing. And sometimes it even turns me on a little. Franca Storm
Sounds like the effect of wolf’s blood to me, ” he said, winking at her.“ You think?”“ Attacking without thinking? Just reacting instantly? Yeah, that’s wolf mentality. Franca Storm
Cora, you can turn around now. Your virgin eyes won’t be offended any longer. Franca Storm
Luca chuckled. “You will learn to trust me, princess.” Ryan scoffed as he also brushed past Luca and walked into the library. “Like hell she will. Franca Storm
Luca scoffed. “Wolves never change.”“ Excuse me?” Ryan demanded.“ All about instant gratification. Reacting purely on instinct and engaging in mindless acts of violence and sex.”“ Like vampires are any different. Oh, accept for the fact that my boys don’t kill those they fuck. Vampires get off on having a life in their hands, the power of draining their victim’s life force. Wolves revel in life. You are death and you breed only death. . Franca Storm
The stench of wolf–especially an Alpha–is very difficult to get out." Then you should keep your distance, ” she shot back. Franca Storm
You’re calling out the wolf, darlin’. Franca Storm
Nice moves, darlin’.” He gripped her hands gently and pried them off his shirt. “You’re getting stronger. That almost hurt. Franca Storm
No one outside could imagine what it felt like to squeeze the life out of a man, to feel the jerking and juddering as you throttled away their last breath. Sometimes Jared found himself staring at his own hands, marveling at what they’d done, disgusted at their violence but proud of their ability to protect. Holly Stone
When I was done, his arms were spread wide above his head, secured by the black ties at his wrists. he looked like a dark god who was being punished. Chloe Blaque
I'm moving to fast. I just... I'm drawn to you. I want to make love to you. I can't help it. Chloe Blaque
Most women prefer lovemaking with romance, appreciation, respect, and caring with plenty of foreplay, satisfaction, and afterglow. J.F. Kelly
I was brought up to think that women were inhibited, but they sure are not with me. I guess I am lucky or there is something about me that makes them feel totally comfortable, open, and expressive. I don’t mind; it feels good and the rest unfolds naturally. J.F. Kelly
Holy fuck. Testing, testing. Is this thing on or has Botox already begun to corrode her brain cells? S.L. Jennings
Babe, when we have sex, we create magic. We leave earth. We travel the fucking universe. Sex with you goes on and never ends. It transcends. I’m fucking addicted to it. Addicted to you. I didn’t want to share you. S. Ann Cole
Mm…hmm. I bet he’s helping you. Right into his bed and you’d be a fool not to test him out. Shit. From what you’ve told me, any woman would love to be in that man’s bed. I bet he’s got a nice cock and is a sweet lover too Alyson Raynes
Just so you know, I'm strictly a taco girl. I have tried sausage, but it's not for me." ~ Jolie Emma Nichols
I want to see the sunrise with you. I want to watch the sunset. I want to make out during a movie. Silly, huh? Emma Nichols
Love will find a way against time itself. Sylvia Day
If I could, ” he went on, “I would remain like this indefinitely–clasped by you, held inside you, a part of you–without moving at all. When we make love, I fight climax with everything I have. I don’t want to come; I do not want it to end. No matter how long I make it last, it isn’t nearly long enough. I am furious when I cannot hold back any longer. Why, Jess? If all I seek is the physical relief of natural lust, just as I would seek sleep or food, why would I deny myself?” She turned her head and caught his mouth with hers, kissing him desperately.“ Tell me you understand, ” he demanded, his lips moving beneath hers. “Tell me you feel it, too.”“ I feel you, ” she breathed, as intoxicated by his ardency as she was by the finest claret. “You have become everything to me. Sylvia Day
An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. ~Mae West Laina Charleston
You're absolutely gorgeous. But you look too empty." Holding her gaze he slid his thumbs in to circle the rim of her opening. "Want something to fill you up? Gina Maxwell
You're the best, " Rachel cheered. Her hands drifted to his chest and started tugging at the top button. "I am going to text her as soon as I am done with you, " she winked, and then pushed him towards the bedroom. Liberty Stone
Let me go! ” I screamed, but it was a wasted effort. Dean was determined to hold me. Determined never to lose his grip.“ I’m never going to let you go again. Jaimie Roberts
Why fantasize about what you already experience? I go to the written word for places and faces that I don't get at home. Hot people in hot climates. Sex acts I can hardly imagine. Porn is about the unachievable ... and, therefore, the inherently desirable. Belle De Jour
Mandy’s chest heaved more with each breath as he transitioned from a kiss into a long, slow, gentle suck. She could feel her nipples harden as the sensations of pleasure coursed from her breasts throughout her entire body. This wasn’t the same as when she nursed the baby it was like the difference between having something bump up against your back and having someone massage it. Calloway North
Oh fuck, he was right there. I was wet as hell and he could probably smell me now. I should have eaten strawberries or melon or a dozen roses or an entire mint plant. Did that work for women? I read an article that it worked for men. Their spunk tasted like what they ate. Did my vagina taste like spaghetti right now? God dammit! I shouldn't have eaten dinner! Tara Sivec
Let Your Inhibitions Run Free Cindy SmithJordan