29 Quotes About Aspire

Aspire is a powerful word. It can inspire hope in the hearts of people who feel powerless and hopeless, and it can motivate people to take action. In fact, it’s been called the most powerful word in the English language. It’s been said that if you aspire to do great things, you will achieve them Read more

So don’t let a single day go by without using your ability to aspire to make a difference in someone else’s life!

You will never know how high you can climb until...
You will never know how high you can climb until you reach the top. K.L. Toth
You want help? Ask for help. You want love? Ask...
You want help? Ask for help. You want love? Ask for love. If you want anything from the universe, anything from yourself, you must first ask. Kamand Kojouri
Now is not the time for bigots and racists. No time for sexists and homophobes. Now, more than ever, is the time for ARTISTS. It’s time for us to rise above and to create. To show humanity. To spread hope. We must prevent society from destroying itself, from losing its way. Now is the time for love. Kamand Kojouri
Just like how most if not all poor boys look up to and aspire to someday be rich men, most if not all underdeveloped and developing countries look up to and aspire to someday be developed countries. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Most women would each be left with fewer dreams or...
Most women would each be left with fewer dreams or without a dream, if the institution of marriage were to be abolished. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The true measure of a man is not what he dreams, but what he aspires to be; a dream is nothing without action. Whether one fails or succeeds is irrelevant; all that matters is that there was motion in his life. That alone affects the world. Mike Norton
To sum it up, succuss is merely a small act...
To sum it up, succuss is merely a small act of courageousness. Kierra C.T. Banks
I hope that when the characters in my novels dream...
I hope that when the characters in my novels dream beyond their current circumstance, it inspires the reader to do the same. Kristine Scarrow
The full length of a frog doesn't have to be...
The full length of a frog doesn't have to be seen when it's dead. It has to be seen when it jumps. Aim for greater heights always. Constance Chuks Friday
Then the truth is this: a good man can only aspire to be worthy of a good woman. She'll always be out of his league in ways he'll never understand. But he'll appreciate what he doesn't understand–if he's smart. Unknown
The guilt you felt when you were smiling and others were suffering, the guilt you felt when you were petty with friends and impatient with your parents, when you were rude to your teachers and didn’t stand up for strangers, that guilt is marvellous. It proves that you are human, that you want to be better. Thank this guilt for teaching you, for making you aware. And now endeavour to better yourself. It is a lifelong work to become the person we want to be. Kamand Kojouri
Don’t just exist; do something meaningful with your life. Discover a problem and fix it. Don’t just fit in; make it a point to brighten your corner. Decide to resolve your challenges. Don’t just manage; go extra mile and win your race. Never give up the fight. You will win. Don’t just be able; always make sure you are available. Be present to make a change. Don’t just be alive; once you have arrived, find the reason why and make that reason accomplished. Don’t just wish; be passionate about what you wish to see happen. Rise up and make it happen. Don’t just create; create to change; change to improve; improve to increase. Aspire to inspire. Don’t just be making a living; make a life and leave an indelible footstep wherever you step. I want to meet you and many others on the top. Don’t be left out! . Israelmore Ayivor
No one has any right to tell you that the way you perceive yourself is wrong. Because by doing so, they also discourage the person you aspire to be. Kamand Kojouri
A team's inspiration comes from individuals' aspirations. The combined quality of individual passions makes a team's impact to excel. When you are in a team, play a part! Israelmore Ayivor
Let today be the day you embrace your beautiful spirit and shine light for those living in the dark. Light their path so the road traveled will be seen more clearly. You never know how much a simple act of kindness is appreciated if you never try. Be that candle for someone today and shine bright. Amaka Imani Nkosazana
Wake up with a purpose and make every effort to succeed. Many people spend their lives just going through the motions. They are satisfied with their daily routines or habitual lifestyles. Don't be complacent with those activities. Challenge yourself to be better, do greater things. Amaka Imani Nkosazana
When you aspire to inspire before you expire, you conspire to inspire even after you pause to respire. Keep pushing it! Israelmore Ayivor
Whether you like it or not, you are branding yourself. The concern is whether the brand is a positive one or not. It is therefore expected of every aspiring achiever who wants to make an indelible impact to first of all create and maintain a good brand. Israelmore Ayivor
Defend your leadership roles with your true character. Never attack your own aspirations with corruption and unfaithfulness! Keep calm and be honest! Israelmore Ayivor
The volume of your impacts is measured by the direction of your movements, the passion with which you inspire and the attitudes by which you make an influence! Israelmore Ayivor
When you find yourself in the thickness of pursuing a goal or dream, stop only to rest. Momentum builds success. Suzy Kassem
The opportunity cost of an unlived dream is not only that dream, but also the dreams the dream was meant to inspire. Ryan Lilly
There is one other error in the Gondsman's line of resoning, I believe, on ap urely emotional level. If machines replace achievement, then to what will people aspire? And who are we, truly, without such goals? Beware the engineers of society, I say, who would make everyone in all the world equal. Opportunity should be equal, must be equal, but achievement must remain individual. R.A. Salvatore
Your heart desire will come, but when it comes, you desire for another, and when it comes again, you still aspire for another, that shows your level of ingratitude. Michael Bassey Johnson
The ultimate obscenity is not caring, not doing something about what you feel, not feeling! Just drawing back and drawing in, becoming narcissistic. Rod Serling
Approach each new day as a new opportunity to be the person you aspire to be. Bill Courtney
Those who seek to aspire are those who achieve Greatness. Saim .A. Cheeda
Hope fuels your inspirations while doubts assault your aspirations! Israelmore Ayivor