Extreme emotional pain has a profound effect on the body. I witnessed my already frail body become even more toxic and plundered.

Sharon E. Rainey
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In our world, we’re constantly told that pain is a part of life. In fact, many people live their lives in pain and never even realize it. Sometimes, though, you need to feel pain. It’s a way for us to heal and to grow. You can listen to music, read books or anything else that helps you process the pain and grow from the experience.

Source: The Best Part Of My Day Healing Journal

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  1. I can’t cure anyone. I can’t guarantee they will heal. I can only tell them my story, remind them that they are not alone in their journey and offer a glimmer of hope for healing.

  2. Time heals even the deepest wounds.

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  5. Laughter lightens my heart and therefore heals my soul as well.

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