6 "Kyrian Lyndon" Quotes And Sayings

Kyrian Lyndon is a writer/blogger that has been blogging about personal development and marketing for over 4 years now. He has written, published and marketed his first novel, "The Magnificent Seven" in 2013. He has written over 100 articles for various websites and blogs over the last few years.

The rationale seems to be that we keep people as victims by validating them, empathizing with them, and fighting alongside them for equality and the dignity they deserve. I don’t think people are kept down by that. I believe what keeps people down is the constant dismissal of their pain, the degradation, the humiliation, the fear of injustice, and the continuous crushing of their will, their faith, and their hope. This type of oppression kills the self-esteem people need to empower themselves, and it's flat-out terrorism. . Kyrian Lyndon
But time brought healing, Downsizing of ego, And freedom from bondage. Alas, neither damnation Nor salvation Would come– No terror of some hellish fiend Or apocalyptic fury Upon his command. There was nothing to fear, And there was everything. Kyrian Lyndon
Evolving increases our value, and when we know our value, we navigate toward those with whom we share a genuine interest and appreciation. The rest, in my estimation, is bondage. Kyrian Lyndon
How was it then that I could see a monster in him as easily as I could see his dignity, his integrity, and his charm? I had learned over the years that he held everything in for as long as he could. When he reached his limit, unrelated incidents could unleash that pent-up anger to an unprecedented degree. Kyrian Lyndon
What had those vile creatures unleashed in me? What beast had they awakened? I think I vowed to kill the beast and bury it so deep in the abyss it would never again rear its ugly head. Part of me did make this promise. The other part embraced an unfolding of life’s inextinguishable flames and the mind’s unspoken bondage. As far as reinforcing the strength of my mind’s resolve, I supposed my body was a useless entity. Rather, it was this fancy thing I lived in–a mausoleum that beckoned the living, promising gratification, refuge, solace, peace, even immortality. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t mine. I realized then, it had never belonged to me. I could control what happened to it only if people were merciful. Watching Valentin was not merciful. It was a torturous joy. Kyrian Lyndon