62 "Evy Michaels" Quotes And Sayings

Evy Michaels is a former model and fitness competitor. She is extremely fit and her fitness expertise has led her to become an author, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and personal trainer. Evy is one of the most well-rounded authors in the world today with books in several different genres in print in over twenty languages.

Too scared to fight Too afraid to open my eyes...
Too scared to fight Too afraid to open my eyes Too small to stand up for myself Too awake to fight for my dreams God please teach me to be brave So that I can brave defeat Evy Michaels
You cannot put me down You shall not clothe me with a frown You certainly won't transform me into a clown Nor turn my clear black and white into indecisive brown My aspirations, my dreams, my future, you shall not drown Neither can you drive me into mad town I'm unshakable Evy Michaels
Delight in your weaknesses because they make you stronger Delight in your imperfections because they make you perfect Rejoice in your sorrow because it adds to your joy Relish at your pain because it makes your relief worth while Be glad when you are sad because it accentuates your happiness Be happy when they put you down because it makes you fight that much harder Accept when you are corrected because it adds to your wisdom Laugh at your tears Confront your nightmares Forgive your enemies Love them all . Evy Michaels
I know I am brave because the thought of giving...
I know I am brave because the thought of giving up scares me more than the thought of fighting Evy Michaels
I am defined not just by what you see, but...
I am defined not just by what you see, but by the potential within me, the possibilities I represent Evy Michaels
Whatever you do, be fierce, be fearless Evy Michaels
You live on in the wind that wraps around me to remind me of the absence of your embrace You live on in her eyes, when she looks at me I see your face You live on in the moon that revives the light you shone in my night You live on in her smile, when she laughs at my jokes, your voice echoes in her throat You live on in our song that I play on Saturdays all day long You live on in her touch, when she wipes my tears away and assures me I'll see you again You live on.. When I'm with her, you're with us . Evy Michaels
Whenever they say I am outgoing, I say... We must...
Whenever they say I am outgoing, I say... We must have met on the dance floor Evy Michaels
I see prisoners; those whose minds have been caged by people's ideologies of how they should live Internally displaced persons who have settled for a lot in life that isn't there's Tell me, how powerful is this fear that you surrender even before the war has began How minute is this belief in yourself that you look in the mirror and dare to tell the person on the other side you won't amount to anything? Shame! Set yourself free; rise above your fears and fight. Look in that mirror and declare woe unto those who venture to stand in your way. this is your life, yours alone, use it wisely . Evy Michaels
When the days become dark The nights become cold And...
When the days become dark The nights become cold And all there is, is an empty soul Believe you can escape your plight Even when relief is out of sight Don't you dare give up the fight Don't you dare Evy Michaels
It pierced through me like the ray of sun through the darkness And I was awakened like the dawn It hit me just as the lightning strikes in the middle of the storm And I'm electrified to the bone F I R E IN MEIt rushed through me like the wind in the cold desert night And my heart is chilled by the fire in me The fire that guides my way The fire that keeps my dreams burning Evy Michaels
There is an evil creeping inside The darkness has a firm hold on me There is a desire burning within Ambition seeks to replace the air I breathe There is a voice, relentless voice in my head My peace has abandoned me There is nothing but loneliness A hollow place I can't trace A void filled with nothing but space A sorrow with which no one can relate I'm just an innocent girl longing for tranquillity But I'm fading away Fear has taken over me . Evy Michaels
A crack on the road does not terminate the journey
A crack on the road does not terminate the journey Evy Michaels
It's slowly breaking her down Consuming her breath Fighting her strength She doesn't have much time Pieces will be the only thing left Of the will buried within She's crumbling down inside Crying out for help Running out of life A hero should suffice To save her from her disguise Evy Michaels
It's inevitable, sleep will find its owner It's inescapable, the owner will surrender to sleep It's unalterable, she will find sleep It's imminent, his heart will find its owner And when all is said and done They'll be inseparable Evy Michaels
You are the greatest treasure if you are your greatest...
You are the greatest treasure if you are your greatest treasure treasure Evy Michaels
I forgive you All I had to offer you was sadness My eyes shed sadness My face speaks sadness My lips smile sadness My voice spews sadness My touch spreads sadness I forgive you for leaving, for I have become an infectious incurable virus threatening to destroy everything you are not Such a happy delicate thing she is, isn't she? She has no idea, does she? How long before you turn her into sadness.. Evy Michaels
Silence thoughts.. Let me get lost in this kiss right now; In the morning you will convince me I shivered because of the cold. Let my head whirl and spin for a little while longer; When I wake, we will blame it on that sweet wine. Let my heart flutter and dance just for a moment; Tomorrow, I will not forget the beat that my heart skipped belonged to my favorite song that was on. Let me slip to fall deep in his eyes; When the sun rises and we remember the moon reflected in that stare, I'll be fine. Evy Michaels
We were just two broken souls trying to fix one...
We were just two broken souls trying to fix one another... Somehow I ended up with a piece of you and you me Evy Michaels
How does blind ferret out in the dark How is matchless able to ignite a fire\ How is clueless able to conspire How does ice spark off fervor Effortlessly he stirs up the deepest depths of my soul Like a weed in my heart he implants himself, sprouts and spreads anew He's here to stay... Evy Michaels