11 Quotes About Your-Dream

Whether it’s writing, music, art, or any other artistic pursuit, nobody ever achieves their dreams alone. Far too often, we find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know how to begin or what to do once we get started. We may even feel discouraged when things don’t work out right away. But not giving up is an important part of reaching your dreams Read more

These quotes inspire you to keep going no matter how long it takes, and they are here to help you achieve your goals.

Programming your mind with positive thoughts each day will go...
Programming your mind with positive thoughts each day will go a long way to keep you from allowing external criticism to derail your dreams. Ken Poirot
Your dreams are desperately counting on you to introduce them to their realities. Unknown
Incorporate daily programs on positive thinking as a counterbalance against the negativity you may encounter in pursuit of your dreams. Ken Poirot
At first, some friends who are actually 'unfriendly friends, ' would laugh at your faith in succeeding with your dream, because they would judge you based on your past failures and mistakes. But later on, they would become very jealous when they start to notice that you are succeeding in an extraordinary way, and continuously proving them wrong. Unknown
Your dreams can still be fully vindicated. The seeds of success and happiness are in all of us, but you must sow yours with faith. Unknown
Don't be discouraged if the people around you don't see what you see in your dream. Most great people were doubted in the beginning of their journey to greatness. Unknown
If they don't believe in you or your dreams, then their opinions of you are highly unimportant. Unknown
Each day you wake up, work as if the manifestation of your dream solely depends on that day. Unknown
A great success story is the only proof that you have given your dream your very best. Unknown
Your dreams will take you where you belong. Debasish Mridha