100 Quotes About Year

It’s hard to believe that the next 10 years will have passed so quickly, but that’s just how time works. The future will be here before we know it, and that’s why it’s never too early to plan for the future. For many people, the first decade of life is full of milestones and achievements. For others, it’s a chance to look back at the past 10 years and realize all the great things they accomplished Read more

Regardless of what your age or stage is, here are some great 10th anniversary quotes to celebrate this important milestone in your life.

It can take years to mold a dream. It takes...
It can take years to mold a dream. It takes only a fraction of a second for it to be shattered. Mary E. Pearson
I saw the years of my life spaced along a road in the form of telephone poles threaded together by wires. I counted one, two, three... nineteen telephone poles, and then the wires dangled into space, and try as I would, I couldn't see a single pole beyond the nineteenth. Sylvia Plath
Knowing when to be silent makes you seem wiser beyond...
Knowing when to be silent makes you seem wiser beyond your years. Anthony T. Hincks
The fact is that nothing is more difficult to believe than the truth; conversely, nothing seduces like the power of lies, the greater the better. It's only natural, and you will have to find the right balance. Having said that, let me add that this particular old woman hasn't been collecting only years; she has also collected stories, and none sadder or more terrible than the one she's about to tell you. You have been at the heart of this story without knowing it until today .. . Unknown
THE FOUR HEAVENLY FOUNTAINSLaugh, I tell you And you will turn back The hands of time. Smile, I tell you And you will reflect The face of the divine. Sing, I tell you And all the angels will sing with you! Cry, I tell you And the reflections found in your pool of tears -Will remind you of the lessons of today and yesterday To guide you through the fears of tomorrow. Suzy Kassem
Every year as you grow older it is your duty...
Every year as you grow older it is your duty to add more years of wisdom. This wisdom may come in many ways. Use it to the best of your abilities Jochebed Gwamna
It took me two years to give him all of...
It took me two years to give him all of my heart, and he threw it away in one night. Dannika Dark
If, years later, I do use the slit detector to observe which way the electron went, it will mean that many years earlier the electron must have passed through one slit or the other. But if I don't use the "slit detector, " then the electron must have passed through both slits. This is, of course, extremely weird. My actions at the beginning of the twenty-first century can change what happened thousands of years ago when the electron began its journey. It seems that just as there are multiple futures, there are also multiple pasts, and my acts of observation in the present can decide what happened in the past. As much as it challenges any hope of ever really knowing the future, quantum physics asks whether I can ever really know the past. It seems that the past is also in a superposition of possibilities that crystallize only once they are observed. . Marcus Du Sautoy
A dream so vibrant, A dream so blissful; I hold...
A dream so vibrant, A dream so blissful; I hold it close to my heart. In anxious nights, And days of hope; These years have passed solely. One day the dream to turn true- If only! Somya Kedia
It was a mistake to think of houses, old houses, as being empty. They were filled with memories, with the faded echoes of voices. Drops of tears, drops of blood, the ring of laughter, the edge of tempers that had ebbed and flowed between the walls, into the walls, over the years. Wasn't it, after all, a kind of life? And there were houses, he knew it, that breathed. They carried in their wood and stone, their brick and mortar a kind of ego that was nearly, very nearly, human. Nora Roberts
For years I was deathly afraid of my own weaknesses, but when I closed my eyes and let myself be vulnerable to them it allowed miracles to take place. Miracles that were only alive when I accessed my BLIND faith. Bethany Brookbank
Look, Miranda, he said, those twenty long years that lie between you and me. I've more knowledge of life than you, I've lived more and betrayed more and seen more betrayed. At your age one is bursting with ideals. You think that because I can sometimes see what's trivial and what's important in art that I ought to be more virtuous. But I don't want to be virtuous. My charm (if there is any) for you is simply frankness. And experience. Not goodness. I'm not a good man. Perhaps morally I'm younger even than you are. Can you understand that? . John Fowles
The years, the months, the days, and the hours have flown by my open window. Here and there an incident, a towering moment, a naked memory, an etched countenance, a whisper in the dark, a golden glow these and much more are the woven fabric of the time I have lived. Howard Thurman
Today is an ephemeral ghost.. A strange amazing day that comes only once every four years. For the rest of the time it does not "exist."In mundane terms, it marks a "leap" in time, when the calendar is adjusted to make up for extra seconds accumulated over the preceding three years due to the rotation of the earth. A day of temporal tune up! But this day holds another secret–it contains one of those truly rare moments of delightful transience and light uncertainty that only exist on the razor edge of things, along a buzzing plane of quantum probability.. A day of unlocked potential. Will you or won't you? Should you or shouldn't . Vera Nazarian
There are too many years around this table, too much...
There are too many years around this table, too much time confined in one place. Richard Smyth
We often don't realize the passing of years until we...
We often don't realize the passing of years until we see them in a child. Chris Burkmenn
Save your golden days as time goes by Before golden years expire Unknown
My heart is torn in tiny pieces scattered throughout the years. I exist in several places because you carry those pieces with you, wherever you go, whoever you choose to be, I’ll be beside you in one form or another. Moryah DeMott
Sorgan tried his very best not to think about how long it must have taken for a stream that small to eat its way down through solid rock to form its current bed. Sorgan knew exactly what the word “hundred” meant, but when numbers wandered off toward “thousand”–or even “million”–and the people who used those terms were talking about years, Sorgan’s mind shied back in horror. David Eddings
The solution is so obvious, but for so many of us we would travel a hundred miles out of the way to avoid it, gather a thousand opinions on the way and take a pit stop in fear to check our map before we proceed through hell. Heaven was always a direct flight with no layovers. Shannon L. Alder
A lot can be changed in a span of a year. A thousand lives can be moulded, a lot many lessons can be learnt and life can show its unpredictability. Even so, one year is enough to prove to yourself that you are worth the struggle that you undertake just to reap a momentary fruit of that labour. If fighting a new fight keeps us motivated each year, so be it. Here is wishing every fighter, struggling to make a break and succeed in life a memorable New Year. Do what you do best and don't trade your passion for fame but rather earn the fame through your passion. May your fight be fruitful this year and your name engraved in hearts of horde in the form of your work. A Happy New Year to all my well wishers, peers, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and readers. May your year be blessed with good fortune and health with added wealth. My message this New Year is that in a world full of possibilities never limit yourself to the sky for what is sky when there is endless darkness beyond to lighten up. Take care. Adhish Mazumder
Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years...
Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone less. Crystal Woods
Dr. Richard Selzer is a surgeon and a favorite author of mine. He writes the most beautiful and compassionate descriptions of his patients and the human dramas they confront. In his book Letters to a Young Doctor, he said that most young people seem to be protected for a time by an imaginary membrane that shields them from horror. They walk in it every day but are hardly aware of its presence. As the immune system protects the human body from the unseen threat of harmful bacteria, so this mythical membrane guards them from life-threatening situations. Not every young person has this protection, of course, because children do die of cancer, congenital heart problems, and other disorders. But most of them are shielded–and don’t realize it. Then, as years roll by, one day it happens. Without warning, the membrane tears, and horror seeps into a person’s life or into the life of a loved one. It is at this moment that an unexpected theological crisis presents itself. James C. Dobson
For all these stars, nothing is new. They’ve seen all kinds of warsand miracles, too. They know the messengers with their holy bookswill smile and wash their hands in blood. They know the politicians with their good lookswill make the poor eat pies of mud. They’ve seen the Earth freeze and then burn with greed. They’ve seen the treesand the seas emptied. Yet, you won’t hear their sneerswhen a man arrivesand, having experienced a number of years, proclaims: 'I have lived! ' Because nothing is new under these stars:the lies, the love, the memories and scars, the ruin, the revolution, the fakes and true, the families, the friends, none of it is new. All of it–even the me and you. Kamand Kojouri
He excused himself for a nap, and this day blended...
He excused himself for a nap, and this day blended into his dreams like like years blended into a life, unseen but still felt, the line between memory and present always bleeding. Catherine Lacey
I've heard you say so many a time That I know just the right words to say, just the right lines to rhyme... Today it's been 7 years since we last met I have learnt to say just the wrong words, just the lines you hate.... Sanhita Baruah
Maybe we're just falling stars, we once danced in the same skyline looking down at the world. And we've fallen like all others, from near and far, we've gathered together, but separated by time and space, keeping a part of that light that we've came with and spreading it in this dark world that we've chosen to live in, in order to shine some light and love around. Maybe we've chosen to believe one truth today, and find it to be false tomorrow. Maybe we're trying to not get attached to the idea that we now know it all. At night, we see the truth of where we've fallen from, gazing in that night sky full of distant stars, constellations, planets, the reflection of the sun on the moon, all with their own stories to tell. Sometimes we wonder why would we leave such a mysterious place, with an infinite amount of stories and wonders. Maybe it's because as stars we could've only seen each other's light from afar, but here we can listen more carefully to each other's story, embrace each other and kiss, discover more and more of what can be seen when infinite star dust potential is put into one body and given freedom to walk the Earth and wander, love and enjoy every moment until coming back. Maybe in the morning, we'll only see one star shining up there and forget the others. Maybe that is also how life and death is, and the beauty of the sunrise and sunset that come in between, our childhood years and old years, when we reflect on the stars that we once were and that we will once again be. Maybe, just maybe. . Unknown
Refusal to engage in spiritual warfare does not exempt you...
Refusal to engage in spiritual warfare does not exempt you from being among the next casualties of war Steven Chuks Nwaokeke
Any church that operates in prayerless and powerless Christianity spend...
Any church that operates in prayerless and powerless Christianity spend their days and years conducting dust to dust rites in the burial grounds. Steven Chuks Nwaokeke
My mind is being consumed by you. My body is...
My mind is being consumed by you. My body is longing for you. Just one touch or a kiss, And I shall be satiated for a thousand years. Kamand Kojouri
A leader in 10 minutes can unlock your potentials which in reality would have taken you 10 years to do without them. Israelmore Ayivor
At forty two years, Sona Kilroy stood tall and strapping, a powerful figure. Rising to the rank of Admiral in the Corsair fleet was no easy feat. It took intelligence, talent, determination, resilience, creative thinking, brute force, and sheer cunning to achieve — and perhaps also a large slice of luck. Christina Engela
When sadness knows the reason of tears, heart prepares to carry the ache for years Munia Khan
God whispered, "You endured a lot. For that I am truly sorry, but grateful. I needed you to struggle to help so many. Through that process you would grow into who you have now become. Didn't you know that I gave all my struggles to my favorite children? One only needs to look at the struggles given to your older brother Jesus to know how important you have been to me. Shannon L. Alder
When you have been with your partner for so many years, they become the glove compartment map that you've worn dog-eared and white-creased, the trail you recogonize so well you could draw it by heart and for this very reason keep it with you on journeys at all times. And yet, when you least expect it, one day you open your eyes and there is an unfamiliar turnoff, a vantage point taht wasn't there before, and you have to stop and wonder if maybe this landmark isn't new at all, but rather something you have missed all along. Jodi Picoult
God, had it really been that long? It had. Nineteen years since Georgie stumbled across Seth in the Spoon offices, seventeen years since she first noticed Neal, fourteen since she married him, standing beside a row of lilac trees in his parents' back yard. Georgie never thought she'd be old enough to talk about life in big, decade-long chunks like this. It's not that she'd thought she was going to die before now, she'd just never imagined it would feel this way, the heaviness of the proportions. Twenty years with the same dream, seventeen with the same man. Pretty soon she'd have been with Neal longer than she'd been without him. She'd know herself as his wife better than she'd ever known herself as anyone else. It felt like too much, not too much have, just too much to contemplate. Commitments like boulders that were too heavy to carry. Fourteen years since their wedding, fifteen years since Neal tried to drive away from her, fifteen since he drove back. Seventeen since she first saw him, saw something in him that she couldn't look away from. Rainbow Rowell
The biggest regret a few years down the line would be… I wish I could. So dare to do what you dream of… N O W. Vikrmn
Decide. What you want? Life full of years or Years full of life. NOW. Vikrmn
The sacred time exist in days, weeks, months, seasons and years. Lailah Gifty Akita
There is no indication that God explained to Joseph what He was doing through those many years of heartache or how the pieces would eventually fit together. He had no ways of knowing that he would eventually enjoy a triumphal reunion with his family. He was expected, as you and I are, to live out his life one day at a time in something less than complete understanding. What pleased God was Joseph’s faithfulness when nothing made sense. . James C. Dobson
But death, too, had the power to awe, she knew this now-that a human being could be alive for years and years, thinking and breathing and eating, full of a million worries and feelings and thoughts, taking up space in the world, and then, in an instant, become absent, invisible. Jhumpa Lahiri
We all live but a hundred years. When I am with you, I live it in a matter of days. Kamand Kojouri
Years from now, when all the junk they got is broken and long forgotten, you'll still have your stars. Jeanette Walls
Over the years, I learned to smile or laugh when I was supposed to. I kept my true self hidden; I did not need to unleash my pain on the world around me. Instead, I taught myself to ignore it. I did not realize that the pain was eating away at my soul. J.D. Stroube
Authors must spend months, years making fantasy believable in a single work while reality runs rampant and complete chaos elsewhere. Don Roff
Even if you have been having sex for years with many people, you can still become a "secondary virgin." That occurs when you repent of previous sexual sins and then determine not to be intimate with anyone until you are married. It will require discipline to stay in the hallway of doors, but it still bring the sweet benefits of healthiness, greater self-respect, and above all, harmony with the King. He will honor you for doing what is right. James C. Dobson
Sumone Yiden Smiff was a businessman of note. Was, past tense. Through years of sweat and swearing and amazingly smart (or lucky) deals he’d built up a mining empire that spanned the sum of known space. At 74 years, he had reached the apex of a career stretching half a century. His companies mined precious commodities like Impervium, Obstinatium and Bitanium. He wasn’t really famous, or ostentatious. In fact he only ever made the cover of Fortune One Billion once, twenty-five years ago. He’d never married, had lots of children — light-years apart, apparently. Christina Engela
Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we didn't make it past the age of maybe 10? Think back to when we were younger, before we were so easily influenced by adults. We rebelled against everything that we now believe is impossible. Super Heroes still existed and we didn't hold grudges because "sorry" was okay and as long as you still wanted to share your toys with me, nothing more needed to be said. Be 10 years old today everyone. . DAndre Lampkin
There would be times in the years to come when he ( Murphy ) would accompany me back and forth between the two worlds I'd come to know. Other times, Yipes would venture out over the water, and even Matilda came along once. There were loads of clothes and seeds and jars of honey and other such things cramping our space, and children of every age moving between the pillars and The Land of Elyon. And always, always, there was Marco at the pedals, helping guide the way across the Lonely Sea. I have yet to venture off the course that was set for me by Sir Alistair Wakefield, but I see certain things on the old maps that make me curious. Are there other places to explore, somewhere in the immeasurable reaches of the Lonely Sea? Maybe my own children or their children will find these strange spots on the map. My way is set an in stone, and I don't feel the need to veer off any longer. It has taken many days of searching and fighting, but in the end I have found what I was looking for. I have found my way home. Patrick Carman
Actually, years mean nothing. It's what's inside them. Simon Van Booy
Time became more important the closer to death one was, so an extra few hours to make peace with the world were worth more than years. Anthony Marra
If you were destined to be a poet, then you won't brainstorm for lines that rhymes. If you were destined to be a celebrity, then you shouldn't start searching for fans. If you are truly a god, then let others worship you! Michael Bassey Johnson
I'm an oracle of the past. I can accurately predict up to 1 minute in the future, by thoroughly investigating the last 2 years of your life. Also, I look like an old database — flat and full of useless info. Will Advise
In times like these I always cheered myself up with a certain story. I forgot just when I first heard it, or who I heard it from.. but, back when I was young it would cheer me up when I was feeling depressed. Basically, you think of life in terms of a single 24 hour day. So if you take the average human lifespan, to be around 72 years, then dividing that by 24.. that comes to 3 years per hour. Meaning, that if you were 18 it'd only be 6 AM! 6 in the morning is nothing! Schools aren't even open by then! It's only been a couple of hours before sunrise, the day's just begun! So if you're 18, you can still fix you life by then! In fact even if you were 30 year old, that's still only 10 AM! The sun's still high, and there's still 2 hours until noon! You still have the whole afternoon to fix your life! You could still make something of yourself. I've always been thinking that, but.. I'm now 45 years old! 45 divided by 3 is 15 meaning, that the time 3PM! Ring Ring Ring! I can hear the clock, ringing in my mind! There's only 2 hours before work is over at 5PM! I can't redo anything, it's almost time to go home already. Nobuyuki Fukumoto
I don't have what it takes to inspire someone to become a "worldly" musician or rapper! I can't use the power God gave me yesterday to work against the Kingdom God set up many years ago! Israelmore Ayivor
Memory's got nothing to do with years. You remember what you remember. Ian Mcewan
You grieve at first. And then slowly, with the yawning of the years, the disappeared gets scraped from your memory, the way your flesh can be peeled from your limbs. It's very harsh and extremely painful. But it gets done, square inch-by-square inch. Until, the skin that is your memory gets completely scarred and numbed. You live. The disappeared is detached from the dermis of remembering. And that is what is known as moving on. Psyche RoxasMendoza
So... today the magic happens from 16 in 17 years old. Deyth Banger
Now I need to speak directly and with compassion to those who have already pushed open the door of premarital sex. The monster has been released. You've lost your virginity and may have been sexually active for years. Perhaps you've been carrying a load of guilt for doing what you knew was wrong. James C. Dobson
There is a time and place for electromagnetic shielding and I regard it as a last resort due to the long term biological problems that I have observed with it over the years in plant growth experiments. Steven Magee
Did you ever look back at some moment in your past and have it suddenly grow so vivid that all the intervening years seemed brief, dreamlike, impersonal–the motions of a May afternoon surrendered to routine? Roger Zelazny
Cathy, don't look so defeated. She was only trying to put us downagain. Maybe nothing did work out right for her, but that doesn't mean we aredoomed. Let's go forth tomorrow with no great expectations of findingperfection. Then, expecting only a small share of happiness, we won'tbe disappointed." If a little hill of happiness would satisfy Chris, good for him. Butafter all these years of striving, hoping, dreaming, longing- I wanted amountain high! A hill wasn't enough. From this day forward, I vowedto myself, I was in control of my life. Not fate, not God, not even Chris was ever again going to tell me what to do, ordominate me in any way. From this day forward, I was my own person, totake what I would, when I would, and I would answer only to myself. I'dbeen kept prisoner, held captive by greed. I'd been betrayed, deceived, tied to, used, poisoned. . but all that was over now. V.C. Andrews
Humans are intelligent and resourceful. If we've been around a million or more years, why are we so disinclined to believe that we could have built cities 10, 000, 20, 000, 50, 000 or even more years ago? Christina Engela
31. The human body seems indestructible when we are young. However, it is incredibly fragile and must be care for if it is to serve us for a lifetime. Too often, the abuse it takes during early years (from drugs, improper nutrition, sporting injuries, etc.) becomes painful handicaps during later years. James C. Dobson
How safe and secure is the internet? Well..... Would you leave all your worldly belongings on the road and expect them to be there when you came back seven years later? Anthony T. Hincks
This is the thing about a lie: over time, it not only obscures the truth but consumes it. Those who pursue veracity (those dogooders, those seekers) see truth not as an abstract thing but something concrete. Strong, vivid, with an unassailable right to prevail. But those who fight for it, who fight in the name of it, do not understand that truth is anemic, weak. Especially in the hands of an accomplished liar. Especially over years. A lie, in collusion with time, can overpower the truth. A good lie has the power to subsume reality. A good lie can become the truth. T. Greenwood
Those minute seconds, flip minutes into hours; hours turn into days, weeks, years, and all these happen in a fraction of a life; placed meagerly, amid this endless Universe. Aniruddha Sastikar
Fpr years I thought we were on the same page... then I discovered we were NOT even in the same book... Kjforce
For years I thought we were on the same page...then I discovered we were NOT even in the same book... Kjforce
This is not your standard “How to restore” your VW Beetle book. It’s also not a workshop manual. Aside from a basic rundown on the differences between various bug models through the years, there is a section on some things you can do to preserve your bug. Mostly however, what I’ve done is reviewed all the things I did to my bugsand put those ideas together as cheap, skillful, cheap, d.i.y, cheap means of enhancing your grocery getter’s performance and handling. . Christina Engela
It takes a week to write a book, but it takes years to write a good one. M.F. Moonzajer
The most beautiful women in the world are the ones that can stand as rivals on the battlefield of love, yet they can still see each other’s pain. They can set down their swords for only just a moment to acknowledge the beauty of the warrior that stands before them–the passion, the fearlessness and the relentless fire that never gives up. It is in this moment that we learn that it is not the man that sees the worth of the hearts torn by battle in his honor; it is the women who have suffered for so long. Two women that can “see” clearly the worth of the other, even while they grow weary from their wounds is the only kind of beauty that matters. For if there wasn’t two worthy opponents there would be no war in love. Shannon L. Alder
Not so many moons ago, he had been able to run to the summit of the temple without losing a single breath; however, now he felt like an old camel that laboured under a load of corn. Years pass so quickly, and the dreams of youth are lost forever. Alan Kinross
I have been an author for 20 years and an ass for 55. Mark Twain
Minutes turn into hours that add up to days amounting to weeks that become  months melting into yearsaccumulating for decadesto pile up for centuriesand ultimately form minutes again―just on a grander, divine scale. Richelle E. Goodrich
Life may dawdle along in minutes but don't be deceived, for it will sprint by in years before you even notice. Richelle E. Goodrich
People live up to 75, the other is just a gift. Deyth Banger
The years would pass like weeks, and loves would pass too, or else grow sour. Larry McMurtry
Live in a way that would not leave us regretting after so many years on earth. Sunday Adelaja
Life isn't about the years you lived. It is about how you lived. Tanushree Podder
When the years are dying in the arms of your life, the earth is in pain moving around the sun. Munia Khan
Wherever they might be they always remember that the past was a lie, that memory has no return, that every spring gone by could never be recovered, and that the wildest and most tenacious love was an ephemeral truth in the end. Unknown
It is very strange that the years teach us patience - that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting. Elizabeth Taylor
The uncertainty wore on him. The conditions in jail--the handcuffs, the noise, the filth, the crowding--mangled his senses. It's likely that, if one must be incarcerated in the United States, a jail in central Maine would be among the more tolerable spots, but to Knight it was torture. "Bedlam" is how he referred to the place. It never got dark in jail; at eleven p.m., the lights merely became a little duller. "I suspect, " he noted, "more damage has been done to my sanity in jail, in months; than years, decades, in the woods. Michael Finkel
I had spent many years living with a plain piece of canvas just right on my face as a headboard for my bed. As the years passed by, I watched it slowly transforming into a work of art which still lives above my head. And that my friend, is truly living art. Shawn Lukas
HYMN OF THE DIVINE DANDELION I am born as the sun, But then turn into the moon, As my blonde hairs turn Grayish-white and fall To the ground, Only to be buried again, Then to be born again, Into a thousand suns And a thousand Moons. Suzy Kassem Suzy Kassem
It does not count a day if you do not learn something new from it , its not nice to become old in years while your true age is only a few days Alaa Zabaneh
The fifties is a decade when every year is markedly different from the one before and after. That doesn't happen every decade. 1983 isn't that much different from 1986. But 1953 is very different from 1956. Sara Sheridan
I had to make a large number of changes to clear Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) up, it took years to figure it out. I kept on making change after change until one day I realized that EHS was no longer present. Steven Magee
I consider myself fortunate that I spent three years working at 7, 775 feet before spending five years working at 13, 796 feet on the summit of Mauna Kea. I can only wonder how much more severe my long term very high altitude sickness could have been without the initial adaptation to the lower altitude. Steven Magee
Seventy years of life is nothing in front of a single day of death Munia Khan
I have a suspicion that when first built, Stonehenge may have glowed blue with St. Elmo's fire during certain times of the year Steven Magee
Stray voltage/current/frequency is the most serious form of exposure. Electrocution kills very few people per year. Stray voltage/current/frequency exposure is suspected to be making people sick in the millions! Steven Magee
It has been known for many years that a subset of the population cannot tolerate the radiation emitted by transmitting utility meters and sickness results in these people. Steven Magee
A few years turned into more years, and more years turned into all years. Years have a habit of behaving like that. Fredrik Backman
The years are going by us like huge birds, whom Doom and Destiny and the schemes of God have frightened up out of some old gray marsh. Lord Dunsany
First comes the day, then the seconds of the event, then the days which become weeks, then the months, then the years. Deyth Banger
I think irradiating pilots with WiFi radio frequency (RF) radiation is really going to hit about five years from now as 'Delayed Radiation Complications' show up. I am expecting to see increased airplane accidents & crashes for various reasons starting in 2020 onward. Steven Magee
I can't get it why did I name my book series, I'm talking about "The Life Of One kid". I'm talking about the last word "Kid"?? Aren't your curious I'm with British Accent and putting "Kid" the American word for child the last? I'm also curious I still don't know, I really don't know why. Child sounds like a baby maybe that's all, kid sounds like a child in aobut 7-8 years old! Deyth Banger
Those were the people who made her something, and without them she was different. She'd held on to them and to that old self tenaciously, though. She clung to it, celebrated it, worshipped it even, instead of constructing a new grown-up life for herself. For years she'd been eating the cold crumbs left over from a great feast, living on them as though they could last her forever. Ann Brashares