Leave me alone", is not a good news! "Let's be together" is not a bad news. We were made to be each others keepers. Let love lead Israelmore Ayivor
It is in building the best of our abilities that we ultimately destroy the worst of our liabilities. Craig D. Lounsbrough
A part of me genuinely wanted to be the worst because I was so sick of everyone fighting to be the best. Criss Jami
You have to understand that only the very worst end up here: the ones whose anger made them kill, and who felt no sorrow or guilt after the act; those so obsessed with themselves that they turned their backs on the sufferings of others, and left them in pain; those whose greed meant that others starved and died. Such souls belong here, because they would find no peace elsewhere. In this place, they are understood. In this place, their faults have meaning. In this place, they belong. John Connolly
He stopped, finally, and smiled. “Honestly? With this thing I think I could get my jerk-off muscles so well-developed that I could rub out a spooge with one pump! If that’s not worth $19.95, I don’t know what is. Debra Anastasia
Duke was already sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for her. She got in and started the car. Duke busted into a Slim Jim of his own. “You hairy toad fucker. That stuff’s nasty. Your toilet must be like a nuclear reactor.” Dove turned on her windshield wipers as a light mist seemed to fracture the glass. “I’m sorry, Whore Basket. I couldn’t hear you over the noise of you crapping your pants! ” Duke took another huge bite and chewed the waxy meat like gum. “This stuff is off the charts. I could eat vats of it. . Debra Anastasia
Here’s the deal. We go in, you stand there like the asshole you are, and I explain you aren’t gay lovers with the pharmacist. Sound good?” Dove clicked her blinker on and checked her side mirror. “All I heard was blah, blah, holding your dick later, blah, blah.” Duke rolled down his window and stuck his face into the night. Debra Anastasia
That’s sweet. Nice of you.” Johnson put his hands in his pockets. Dove couldn’t help but wonder if he was massaging a sore bag of testicles. Dove looked around, and Johnson shuffled his feet. It seemed neither knew what to say, but she hoped neither wanted to part ways either. Johnson’s default was always medical. “How’s your infection?” Die. Die. Kill me. “It’s… cleared up… nicely.” Dove twisted her hand into her hair. . Debra Anastasia
Inaction is the worst action of human beings! Mehmet Murat Ildan
In action is the worst action of human beings! Mehmet Murat Ildan
And you know what the worst thing was? The worst thing was that nobody ever believed how hard we tried. Jack McCarthy
The worst kind of oppression is when the victims think and talk in the language of their oppressors. M.F. Moonzajer
I never said I was sad, I’m just pessimistic, ” said Alecto. “Expect the worst, that way you’ll never be disappointed, Mandy Valems. Rebecca McNutt
There are moments in life where I wonder whether things can get worse. I'm on a plane, with my new husband, whose enthusiasm for this whole thing seems to be flagging, and it's in this deep moment of self-pity that I register—with absolute horror—that I've also just started my period. I look down at my white jeans and stifle a sob... Christina Lauren
Christ, would you look at that shite? Supes an' religion, the two worst things on the planet. Garth Ennis
What alarms me most is the fact that, even when God has now raised up a voice to speak on these issues, many sincerely believe that I am in error or at worst that I am doing something utterly wrong Sunday Adelaja
If you don't truly believe in Jesus Christ, fear will be your worst enemy at the End of the Age. The gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift of no fear. John 14:1-4. Felix Wantang
The Fukushima nuclear complex went on to become the worst man-made engineering disaster in all of human history, outside of war. Steven Magee
Tell me a story. Be my storyteller. Arzum Uzun
What we define ourselves us can sometimes bring forth the best images of ourselves--or vice versa, will create some of the worst restrictions we place on our lives. Andrew Kendall