100 Quotes About Vampire

Today’s topic is vampires. There are many different types of vampires, but most are monsters with fangs and long, stringy hair. Still, some people believe that they really exist. The truth is, vampires do exist, but they are not the same as the ones you see in horror movies Read more

Vampires are also known as blood drinkers. They drink the blood of humans and animals to survive. Vampires can be divided into three groups: vampire creatures, vampires that feed on blood, and vampire hunters.

Jealous?""Maybe.""No reason. I like my ladies with a pulse. Rachel Caine
I never lie,
I never lie, " I said offhand. "At least not to those I don't love. Anne Rice
Oh, don't mind me,
Oh, don't mind me, " came an extremely sarcastic voice near the wall. “You two go ahead and make out— I'll just sit here and bleed quietly. Julie Kagawa
Wow, ” said Adrian. He sat down on the bed and tested its bounciness, giving it a nod of approval. “This is amazing. What do you think, buttercup?”“ I have no words, ” I said honestly. He patted the spot beside him. “Want to try it out? Richelle Mead
You so need to lighten up about that potato-launcher incident, " Butch said. Phury rolled his eyes and eased back in the banquette. "You broke my window."" Of course we did. V and I were aiming for it."" Twice."" Thus proving that he and I are outstanding marksmen. J.r. Ward
I'm gonna kill him, " Eve said, or at least that was what it sounded like filtered through the pillow. Stake him right in the heart, shove garlic up his ass, and-and-" And what?" (Michael)When did you get home?" Claire demanded. Apparently just in time to hear my funeral plans. I especially like the garlic up the ass. It's...different. Rachel Caine
Crap, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"" I'm thinking we have about fifteen vampires and no blood, " Claire said. "Is that it?"" No, I was thinking we're out of chips. Of course that's what I was thinking. Rachel Caine
There aren't any syringes." Red Sox came over and held a sterile pack out. When she tried to take it from him, he kept a grip on the thing. "I know you'll use this wisely."" Wisely?" She snapped the syringe out of his hand. "No, I'm going to poke him in the eye with it. Because that's what they trained me to do in medical school. J.r. Ward
That's brain tissue. How can you-?" Claire shut her mouth, fast. "Never mind. I don't think I wanna know."" Truly, I think that's best. Please take it." He showed his teeth briefly in a very unsettling grin. "I'm giving you a piece of my mind."" I so wish you hadn't said that. Rachel Caine
The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because...
The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullshit. Richard Pryor
Eric moved the broom experimentally and made an attempt to sweep the glass into the pan while it lay in the middle of the floor. Of course, the pan slid away. Eric scowled. I'd finally found something Eric did poorly. Charlaine Harris
Fortunately, among werewolf women, the word "bitch" is not offensive. I was having a lot of fun with that." Hey there, bitches! " I called as I came through the door. "What are my favorite bitches up to today? Molly Harper
You humans, always eating. I'll make you soup. You can eat it while you keep working." Myrnin set aside his book and walked into the back of the lab." Don't use the same beaker you used for poisons! " Claire yelled after him. He waved a pale hand. "I mean it! Rachel Caine
He's not doing anything he shouldn't be doing, right?" "Like what?"" Like hitting on you."" Ew. No, of course not. He doesn't see me that way." Michael shook his head and went back to his coffee." What? You think he does?"" Sometimes he looks at you a little.. oddly, that's all. Maybe you're right. Maybe he just wants you for your blood."" Again, Ew! What's with you this morning?"" Not enough coffee. Rachel Caine
Niall had been able to mask the odor of fairy from Eric in the restaurant, but I saw from the flare of Eric's nostrils that the intoxicating scent clung to me. Eric's eyes closed in ecstasy, and he actually licked his lips. I felt like a T-bone just out of reach of a hungry dog. "Snap out of it, " I said. I wasn't in the mood. With a huge effort, Eric reigned himself in. "When you smell like that, " he said, "I just wanna fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you. . Charlaine Harris
Myrnin, who hadn't said much, suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around her. She stiffened, shocked, and for a panicked second wondered whether he'd suddenly decided to snack on her neck.. but it was just a hug. His body felt cold against hers, and way too close, but then he let go and stepped back. "You've done very well. I'm extremely proud of you, " he said. There was a touch of color high in his pale cheeks. "Do go home now. And shower. You reek like the dead." Which, coming from a vampire, was pretty rich. . Rachel Caine
First bubble baths. Now Disney parks. You're shattering every creep...
First bubble baths. Now Disney parks. You're shattering every creep vampire myth I've ever heard. Jeaniene Frost
You okay?"" Fine."" Your heart's beating really fast."" Gee, thanks. That's very comforting that you can hear it." He smiled, and it was the old Michael, the one she'd first met before all the vamp stuff." Yeah, I know it is. Sorry. Just stay behind me if there's trouble."" You sound like Shane.""Well, he did say he'd kill me if I got you hurt. I'm just looking after my own neck."" Liar. Rachel Caine
She can go with us to the lab and keep...
She can go with us to the lab and keep Myrnin pinned down while we pull the plug, if he's not... you know, better."" Define BETTER with that guy."" Not all fangs and raaaaar. Rachel Caine
Here, " Myrnin said, his voice still gentle and low. "Amelie said you had to work. No one said you had to work alone." He picked up the next part and slotted it in, took the screwdriver from Claire's numbed fingers, and fastened it with a couple of deft, fast movements. "I'll be your hands." She wanted to cry, because it was so sweet, but it wouldn't do any good. Rachel Caine
Myrnin turned away to pick up his Ben Franklin spectacles,...
Myrnin turned away to pick up his Ben Franklin spectacles, balanced them on his nose, and looked over them to say, "Don't do drugs. I feel I ought to say that. Rachel Caine
Oliver laughed - actually laughed." I like this new Claire, " he said. "You should work her this hard all the time, Myrnin. She's interesting when she's forthright." Claire, possessed by the spirit of Eve, shot him the finger. Which made him laugh again, shake his head, and walk up the steps. Rachel Caine
Don't run I never liked fast food
Don't run I never liked fast food Rachel Caine
Promise me, Amelie, that you’ll crucify me with silver before you allow me to fall in love.”“ I hardly think there’s any chance of that, ” Amelie said. "I doubt you have the capacity. Rachel Caine
Bite me, Goth princess, ” Shane called from the back. “Not literally or anything.”“ Maybe you should say that to Michael.”“Not funny, Eve, ” Michael said. Eve raised her eyebrows and held her fingers up, measuring off about an inch. “Little bit, ” she said. Rachel Caine
Huging my pillow to my chest, I told myself, At least soon you won't have so much time to miss him. Soon school will start again, and then you'll be busier. Wait. Am I reduced to HOPING for school to start? Somehow, I have discovered a whole new level of pathetic. Claudia Gray
Ransom really looked at the other man for the first time, shook his head, stared again.“ Holy hell, your eyes are like a fucking viper’s.” Venom raised an eyebrow.“ You have hair prettier than one of Astaad’s concubines.” Ransom gave the vampire the finger. Venom grinned. Nalini Singh
I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave....
I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want to be all sexy, too. And trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy. Kiersten White
He started to touch the mechanism under the keyboard, then pulled his hand back with a snap." Ah, " he said. "Must deactivate the security.... Turn around, please."" What?"" Turn around, Claire. It's a secure password! "" You have GOT to be kidding."" Why ever would I joke about that? Please turn. Rachel Caine
Yo, cop. We're heading for Screamer's. You wanna come?" Butch looked up at the doorway. Vishous was in the hall with Rhage and Phury behind him. The vampires had expectant looks on their faces, like they honestly wanted to hang with him. Butch found himself grinning like the new kid who didn't have to sit alone at lunch after all. J.r. Ward
Shane, in case we don’t … don’t come out of this, I wanted to say…” He glanced over at her, and she felt her whole body warm from it. She remembered that look. It made her feel naked inside and out, but not in a creepy kind of way. In a way that felt…. Free. “If what you say is true, and I guess it has to be, I think I know why we’re … together, ” he said. “I think I’d fall for you no matter what, Claire. You’re kind of awesome. Rachel Caine
I've won Satan's lottery. Christopher Moore
Yeah, I get it; you're a vampire, " she said. "Creepy. And okay, a little hot, I admit." "You don't mean that." "Come on. I still like you, you know, even if you.. crave plasma." Michael blinked and looked at her as if he had never seen her before." You what?"" Like. You." Eve enunciated slowly, as if Michael might not know the words. "Idiot. I always have. What, you didn't know?" Eve sounded cool and grown-up about it, but Claire saw the hectic color in her cheeks, under the makeup. "How clueless are you? Does it come with the fangs?" "I guess I.. I just thought.. Hell. I just didn't think.. You're kind of intimidating, you know." "I'm intimidating? Me? I run like a rabbit from trouble, mostly, " Eve said." It's all show and makeup. You're the one who's intimidating. I mean, come on. All that talent, and you look.. Well, you know how you look." " How do I look?" He sounded fascinated now, and he'd actually moved a little closer to Eve on the couch. She laughed. "Oh come on. You're a total model-babe." "You're kidding."" You don't think you are?" He shook his head. "Then you're kind of an idiot, Glass. Smart, but and idiot." Eve crossed her arms.“ So? What exactly do you think about me, except that I’m intimidating?”“ I think you’re…you’re…ah, interesting?” Michael was amazingly bad at this, Claire thought, but then he saved it by looking away and continuing. “I think you’re beautiful. And really, really strange.” Eve smiled and looked down, and that looked like a real blush, under the rice powder. “Thanks for that, “ she said, “I never thought you knew I existed, or if you did, that you thought I was anything but Shane’s bratty freak friend.”“ Well, to be fair, you are Shane’s bratty freak friend.”“ Hey! ”“ You can be bratty and beautiful, ” Michael said. “I think it’s interesting. Rachel Caine
How'd you get to be so good at this?
How'd you get to be so good at this?"" I had a good teacher."" Better not have been Myrnin or I'll have to kick his predatory ass."" I mean you, dummy."" Oh. Rachel Caine
Forever is a really long time, you know? What do...
Forever is a really long time, you know? What do you do with forever?"" The same thing you do when you don't have forever." He smiled wanly. "Live. Amanda Hocking
If Peter Pan had been real, he would've gone mad...
If Peter Pan had been real, he would've gone mad and killed everyone in Neverland. Amanda Hocking
I get in that kind of situation all the time, Comrade. It's not a big deal." Anger replaced my fear. I didn't like being treated like a child. "Stop calling me that. You don't even know what you're talking about." "Sure I do. I had to do a report on the R.S.S.R. last year. Richelle Mead
After a moment, Wrath turned to John. "This is Lassiter, the fallen angel. One of the last times he was here on earth, there was a plague in central Europe-""Okay, that was so not my fault-""-which wiped out two-thirds of the human population."" I'd like to remind you that you don't like humans."" They smell bad when they're dead."" All you mortal types do. J.r. Ward
By the time Bones announced it was Tammy's turn, I'd fallen in love with him all over again. Flowers and jewelry worked for most girls as a romantic gesture, but here I was, misty-eyed at watching him show my mother how to stab the shit out of him. Jeaniene Frost
I haven't had a lot of good, soft things in my life, " he said against my forehead. "Not since my family sent me away. Apart from being your sire and feeling that pull to you, it's that goodness, that softness and warmth, along with the resolve and strength in you, that I love. Being turned hasn't taken that from you. If someone were going to design the perfect mate for me, it would be you. Even when you infuriate me with your pigheaded stubbornness and your temper and incredible lack of anything resembling self-preservation–"" Stop describing me please."" You're the most fascinating, maddening, adorable creature I've ever met, " he said, sighing and pushing my hair out of my eyes. "So, when I seem possessive or I'm raving like a lunatic, it's just that part of me is still very afraid that I'll lose that–that I'll lose you. I love you. Molly Harper
It is as if Quincey has replaced the sun in...
It is as if Quincey has replaced the sun in my universe and it is around him that I spin. Kate Cary
She took a deep breath, "Last chance. Are you in need of rescuing?" His expression turned very strange, almost as if she'd struck him, "Yes, " he said finally. Holly Black
We come together, we create our families, we chose our mates out of the desire to form a life together. Love takes many forms, wears many faces, but when it's real, when it touches your heart, you will know it and--with hope--embrace it. Love is stronger than hate, love is stronger than anger. Love is stronger than all artificial divisions that exist n our world. Yasmine Galenorn
He felt like home.
He felt like home. JoAnne Kenrick
My ideas about vampires may be romantic, but your attitudes...
My ideas about vampires may be romantic, but your attitudes toward women need a major overhaul. Deborah Harkness
Hurricanes couldn’t remove you from my mind. You’re my world...
Hurricanes couldn’t remove you from my mind. You’re my world and I’m incapable of not loving you. BillieJo Williams
I never knew what it was to crave a woman’s touch. Or to hunger for a woman’s kiss.” “And now you do?” she asked hesitantly.“ Since I met you, Corinne Bishop, I’ve been thinking of little else. Lara Adrian
Gavin! What’ll I wear home?”“ Cloak.” His voice roughened and he ripped harder, tossing the material to the ground. I felt his smile when he kissed my neck, and shivers ran down my back at the sound of his low growl.“ I made that! I don’t have many of those, you know.”“ Cam, ” he snaked one hand around my stomach and made his way north, slipping one hand into my corset top to grope my chest. “You won’t be thinking about it when I’m inside you.” His hips shifted off my back and he separated my legs with his knee, his breathing ragged against my shoulder. “Now forget the damn dress. . Rachael Wade
That’s the last time I put you in charge of the tequila when we’re making margaritas JoAnne Kenrick
Joel’s face swam across my vision and I blinked, goose bumps running up my arms. I shook his memory away, determined to stay focused, although my heart caved at the thought of his last words to us, right here in this very spot: Take care of each other. I’d be damned if I was going to let him down now. Rachael Wade
Samira’s guards are coming for you. You’re being summoned. Didn’t you hear the horn? Come on, they’ll be here any second looking for you.” I bit my lip to hold back a smile of my own at why we hadn’t heard the horn.“ Summoning me …”“Your guess is as good as mine, now come on. Cam, for crying out loud, fix your hair.” She cocked her eyebrow and gave me the I-know-you’ve-been-messing-around look. “And you, ” she shot Gavin the same look, “zip up your fly, Don Juan.” She rolled her eyes and turned for the door. Rachael Wade
Gavin, I never thought you’d be the irrational one in this relationship, but I’m happy to report that you’ve just thoroughly shocked me.” He rolled to his side to lean on his arm, keeping my hand resting on his chest, buried underneath his shirt. “I know. My timing is impeccable.” He smirked, letting his hungry gaze drift over my body. “But I’m sorry, love. I cannot take seeing you all tucked up in this sexy corset anymore. The ties are so tight, they’re just begging me to undo them.” His fingers trailed over the top of my chest and down over the corset’s binding, tugging at the edges of the lace as he went. “Forcefully, ” he winked. . Rachael Wade
Weave the circle, tightly sewn, Let nothing evil or unknown Enter within. Stay without On pain of death, we cast you out. Yasmine Galenorn
Let me guess. You think we’re going to live happily ever after, like some stupid fairy tale?”“ Why not?” His stare dared me to laugh or, worse, to argue.“ Because the whole thing is ridiculous, ” I said. I despised the bitterness in my own voice. I sounded so damaged. Good. If he thought I was his soul mate for some mysterious reason he wouldn’t let on, let him see the worst of me.“ It’s not ridiculous to me. Perhaps that’s the difference between predators and prey, love. I’ll never stop hunting. But I expect that one day, you’ll stop running.”“ Because I want to die?”“ Because you want to live. Delilah S. Dawson
Please, let me take you home. You’re drunk.”“ I am not.” I shoved him, spilling some kind of delicious poison on him. “Go home and have a wild time with Ms. Scarlet. In the bedroom. With the–”“ Okay, you’re starting to talk board game. Let’s go home, babe. I’ll get you into bed. Rachael Wade
Gavin turned us to face Josh, a satisfied grin springing up when he noticed the condition of Josh’s clothes. “Thanks for the last-minute invitation, man.” Josh chuckled, patting Gavin on the shoulder. “Shall I do the honors, Mr. Suave?” “Sure thing, Frodo Baggins. By the way, I hear the Shire has impeccable dinner parties this time of year.” The corners of Gavin’s lips twitched and his eyebrows shot up as he gestured to a food stain of some sort near the collar of Josh’s white shirt. Josh’s chin shot down to follow Gavin’s amusement and he quickly tried to wipe away the crumbs. “Yeah, well … you know how we hobbits like to eat. . Rachael Wade
I looked around the room, at everyone who inhabited the space, person and monster, slave and master, aware we were in the madness together, swirling around in the same mess, all out to get something, a piece of our own pie. But I knew that in the midst of that noxious stew, coming to terms with our poisons was only the beginning. Ever forward, Cecile’s voice replayed in my mind. Ever forward. Rachael Wade
I knew I was a little different from most demons...
I knew I was a little different from most demons but nothing says freak of nature like a one-eyed gypsy saying I had a rainbow glow. It just didn't sound complimentary. Mary Abshire
You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you...
You, my dear, are a creature of the night, you are a vampire. Lauren Hammond
You’re fearless.” Draven laughed loudly and shook his head. Zarah frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.“ No, I’m not. Trust me. I’m scared all the time. You scare the living hell out of me.” Her jaw dropped. “I scare you?”“ Anyone who isn’t scared of you is insane. Pixie Lynn Whitfield
He turned then and those blue eyes met hers from...
He turned then and those blue eyes met hers from across the sea of people. Her stomach bottomed out. Damn it. She couldn't be attracted to the arrogant ass. Somehow repeating herself wasn't helping. Billi Jean
Why don't you check out those teenagers in the middle row? They've been going at it like dogs in heat ever since the previews. They're probably both werewolves. And even if they aren't, you should throw them out on principle alone. Rusty Fischer
Don't fear me, Jenna.
Don't fear me, Jenna."Amusement lit her features. "It's kind of hard to be afraid of a vampire who apologizes for using harsh language in front of a lady."" I'm not a vampire."" And I'm not a lady. Dianne Duvall
I can't believe I have you here with me, " she whispered and turned her face into his throat, nuzzling him. Inhaling. Tasting his skin with her tongue. "My life was pain and terror. You took away his voice. You gave me hope that my daughter would survive and others wouldn't shun her. I was terrified and alone, and you changed all that. You brought beauty and hope back into my life. Thank you for that, Dragomire. I swear I will spend every minute making you happy." Emeline to Dragomire, Dark Legacy, Dark #27. Christine Feehan
For the record, I would have made a very lousy...
For the record, I would have made a very lousy romance heroine. Mari Mancusi
Know this, sivamet-this child will be mine. I will take Vadim's blood from you and exchange it for mine. Eventually, over time, she will be ours. My child and yours. My blood will change her cells. her organs, reshaping and repairing any damage. 'The healer-"- Dragomir to Emeline Christine Feehan
He saw trust. Complete trust. It was a gift, a...
He saw trust. Complete trust. It was a gift, a precious one, and it humbled him. I've got you, Emeline. I will always be with you. Dragomire to Emeline, Dark Legacy, Dark #27 Christine Feehan
Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would say… Mari Mancusi
What happens when you pray for an angel and get...
What happens when you pray for an angel and get a vampire instead? R E Mullins R E Mullins
He was both her hero and enemy. She was his...
He was both her hero and enemy. She was his best student and biggest regret. R E Mullins
Once a generation there is a girl born who is...
Once a generation there is a girl born who is destined to slay the vampires. Mari Mancusi
So not only do I have to go out and...
So not only do I have to go out and fight evil villains, I have to take up woodworking, too? Mari Mancusi
I never said becoming the slayer would be a field...
I never said becoming the slayer would be a field trip to a Justin Bieber concert. Mari Mancusi
Sit down, ” she ordered, nodding toward her bed. He cast it an uncertain look. “I can’t. I’ll stain the covers.” She stared at him. “You’re kidding, right?” He sported deep wounds that bled profusely and he was concerned about staining her bedding? “Perhaps if I cleaned up a wee bit–” “Sit your ass down, ” she ordered, pointing at the queen-sized bed. Eyebrows flying up, he sat so swiftly she almost laughed. Dianne Duvall
His beautiful eyes were full of dread and sorrow. “You’re different, ” she whispered. He nodded. “Yes, I am.”“ You should have told me how different.” A mirthless laugh escaped him. “When? Dianne Duvall
It’s just a party, right? What could possibly go wrong? Mari Mancusi
Oh, but I was an idiot. Wanting to be whatever magic she waited for, when I had no magic - only darkness or death to give. But it seemed in that one instant, when she turned to discover what was behind her, that I could have brought happiness to at least one mortal. Me and my dreams of goodness. I had always been a fool for them. Krisi Keley
Do you remember the sight we saw, my soul, that soft summer morninground a turning in the path, the disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones, its legs in the air like a woman in needburning its wedding poisonslike a fountain with its rhythmic sobs, I could hear it clearly flowing with a long murmuring sound, but I touch my body in vain to find the wound. I am the vampire of my own heart, one of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughterwho can no longer smile. Am I dead? I must be dead. Charles Baudelaire
I was made to rule the darkness.
I was made to rule the darkness. Rae Hachton
You are afraid to die?' Yes, everyone is.' But to die as lovers may - to die together, so that they may live together. Girls are caterpillars when they live in the world, to be finally butterflies when the summer comes; but in the meantime there are grubs and larvae, don't you see - each with their peculiar propensities, necessities and structures. Unknown
What can I say? I prefer to die well informed.
What can I say? I prefer to die well informed. Nalini Singh
I could kill you a thousand times over Abraham, but...
I could kill you a thousand times over Abraham, but we would never be even. You took everything I had. Christopher Buecheler
The spirit who inhabits her animates us all. Destroy the host, you destroy the power. The young die first; the old wither slowly; the eldest perhaps would go last. But she is the Queen of the Damned, and the Damned can't live without her. Anne Rice
Fe es aquello que nos permite creer en cosas que...
Fe es aquello que nos permite creer en cosas que sabemos que no son ciertas. Bram Stoker
Writing Vampire Erotica is like writing sex scenes for porcupines. Unknown
A friend once told me that the real message Bram Stoker sought to convey in 'Dracula' is that a human being needs to live hundreds and hundreds of years to get all his reading done; that Count Dracula, basically nothing more than a misunderstood bookworm, was draining blood from the necks of 10, 000 hapless virgins not because he was the apotheosis of pure evil but because it was the only way he could live long enough to polish off his extensive reading list. But I have no way of knowing if this is true, as I have not yet found time to read 'Dracula. Joe Queenan
Vampires, like virgins or priests, are things that women believe...
Vampires, like virgins or priests, are things that women believe in. We must never fail to humor them in such matters. Brian McNaughton
I think so, ” she [Claire] said. “Just watch your...
I think so, ” she [Claire] said. “Just watch your back, okay?” “Nah, Michael’s got mine.” He [Shane] looked straight into her eyes.“ I’ve got yours. Rachel Caine
Does Hallmark make a “Sorry I tried to drink your...
Does Hallmark make a “Sorry I tried to drink your blood and touched you in a vaguely inappropriate manner” card? I settled for “How much do you remember? Molly Harper
Claire said. “I might be able to get him to stop.” “Who, crazy dude? Maybe. Or he might pull your head off, ” Shane said. “I kind of worry.” She couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah?”“A little bit.”“ That’s …nice.”He studied her, and returned the smile. “Yeah, ” he said. “Kind of is, actually. Rachel Caine
Yes, " he said. "I am sure. I double-checked everything after you went home yesterday. I even made a few improvements, just in case." The first part of that reassured her. The second part.. not so much. "What kind of improvements?" "Oh, nothing, really. Mostly just streamlining. You really did very well; I certainly don't want you to think that I am one of those people who has to be in control all the- Oh, well, I suppose that's actually true- I do have to be in control all the time. But only because I am in charge, of course. . Rachel Caine
I’m faster than the rest of you, if .. Because I’m a vampire, ” Michael said, and it was some kind of breakthrough for him to say that. “If you get in trouble, I’ll be there.”“ Nice, ” Shane said. “I’m warming up to this bloodsucking thing, Mikey.”“No, you’re not.”“ Okay, no, I’m not, but right now let’s pretend I am. Rachel Caine
Her eyes went so wide they nearly bulged. It was probably wrong of me to find that amusing. Or to want to take a photo of Nicholas with his fangs out and wearing a black cape lined with red satin and then hang it over my pillow in a heart-shaped frame. Alyxandra Harvey
Well, friend, I don’t know about your tastes, but I tend to like it very bloody, ” Myrnin said. He shifted position, dragging Claire along like a rag doll without any effort at all. “Have we been introduced?”“ Probably not. Why, are you asking me out, sweetheart?”“ You’re not my type, darling. Is this one yours?”“ No, ” Frank said, and looked at Shane, just in a quick flicker. “Let’s say she’s a friend of the family. Rachel Caine
Amelie said, “I won’t be your servant in Morganville. Nor should you be mine. Equals.” She offered her hand to him, and he looked down at it, clearly taken aback. But he took it. “Now defend what is ours, my partner.” He grinned … grinned! … and whirled to meet Myrnin in midleap as Myrnin attacked. Rachel Caine
I never meant it,
I never meant it, " he was saying. "Never meant it to happen. Can't stand it, seeing her suffer. Must do something, do something... What do I do? What can I do...? Rachel Caine
Wait, Richard Cheney, as in Dick Cheney? You're a vampire...
Wait, Richard Cheney, as in Dick Cheney? You're a vampire named Dick Cheney? Somehow, that makes you seem more evil. Molly Harper
It's a sweet setup, I'll admit. For all that the maids STILL show up each day with jumbo crucifixes, jumpy movements, and red eyes from crying over the short straw that drew them vampire duty.' Yesterday, she'd just stopped herself from raising her clenched hands above her head and chasing one of them around the room groaning, 'I vant to suck your blood. Kresley Cole
A human hires a hit man to kill his cousin for money, boring. That same hit man botches the job twice, funny. Then the desperate hit man sends a ghoul after the girl to finish things up, my curiosity's piqued. That same ghoul ends up with his head cut off by a mysterious redhead .. . Ah. Now I'm interested. Jeaniene Frost
Just because we don't understand why they'd cover up something doesn't mean they aren't, " Bobby said, and we both turned to look at him. "Now you just sound paranoid, " I said. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you, " Bobby said with an expression so serious that I couldn't help but laugh. Amanda Hocking