100 Quotes About Urban Fantasy

After reading so many urban fantasy novels, I've decided to create my own list of quotes related to the genre. This list will be updated over time with new quotes, so keep coming back for more!

I envy people that know love. That have someone who...
I envy people that know love. That have someone who takes them as they are. Jess C. Scott
Friends are the family you choose (~ Nin/Ithilnin, Elven rogue).
Friends are the family you choose (~ Nin/Ithilnin, Elven rogue). Jess C. Scott
Do you think we can be friends?” I asked. He stared up at the ceiling. “Probably not, but we can pretend. Priya Ardis
Vane grabbed me. “DuLac, let’s chat.” British-speak for “Stand still while I yell at you. Priya Ardis
I’d said it before and meant it: Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass. Richelle Mead
Okay, God, I thought. Get me out of this and I’ll stop my half-assed church-going ways. You got me past a pack of Strigoi tonight. I mean, trapping that one between the doors really shouldn't have worked, so clearly you're on board. Let me get out of here, and I’ll...I don’t know. Donate Adrian’s money to the poor. Get baptized. Join a convent. Well, no. Not that last one. Richelle Mead
The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadow. Jess C. Scott
Anya looked upon Nin admirably. Having him as a partner-in-crime–if only on this one occasion, which she hoped would only be the start of something more–was more revitalizing than the cheap thrills of a cookie-cutter shallow, superficial romance, where the top priority was how beautiful a person was on the outside. Jess C. Scott
Nin knew how much humans loved money, riches, and material things–though he never really could understand why. The more technologically advanced the human species got, the more isolated they seemed to become, at the same time. It was alarming, how humans could spend entire lifetimes engaged in all kinds of activities, without getting any closer to knowing who they really were, inside. Jess C. Scott
Telling someone like my mother that Hell is a real, physical place, somewhere you can travel to and from, would be like spray-painting the statue of Jesus hanging over the pulpit during mass. Better off telling her the Pope is gay. Bill Blais
Pray to whatever you believe in that they don't send...
Pray to whatever you believe in that they don't send the snakes. Zoe Forward
It sucks. I think you'd make a pretty snake woman, but I'm not really into that kind of girl. Those pointy teeth and slitted nose. Their mindless need to kill..." He shuddered. Zoe Forward
Kissing her wasn't just a kiss. It was a full-body,...
Kissing her wasn't just a kiss. It was a full-body, mid-altering experience. Zoe Forward
I promise if you come to my car I won't...
I promise if you come to my car I won't cuff you unless..." his voice dropped in a sensuous tone, "...that's what you want. Zoe Forward
Vane’s lips tightened to suppress a smile. “Why so hostile,...
Vane’s lips tightened to suppress a smile. “Why so hostile, love?”“ You whacked me on the head with a ball! ”“ You deserved it. Priya Ardis
I caught his hand. “What do you want me to...
I caught his hand. “What do you want me to do?” Leaning down, he kissed the pulse beating on my neck just above the damaged skin. “Tomorrow, I need you to die. Priya Ardis
He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again. I...
He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again. I pictured smacking him in the face. Priya Ardis
I noticed him right away. No, it wasn’t his lean, rugged face. Or the dark waves of shiny hair that hung just a little too long on his forehead. It wasn’t the slim, collarless biker jacket he wore, hugging his lean shoulders. It was the way he stood. The confident way he waited in the cafeteria line to get a slice of pizza. He didn’t saunter. He didn’t amble. He stood at the center, and let the other people buzz around him. His stance was straight and sure. . Priya Ardis
Robert, I’m sorry that you feel so strange, but I’m not sorry that you’re feeling it because of me, ” I whispered, my heart feeling a familiar twinge as I continued, “but even if you hadn’t felt it, it would not change the way I feel about you. S.L. Naeole
And to think of all the colors in the world,...
And to think of all the colors in the world, blood chose to be red. Nelou Keramati
She doesn’t need the pack. She doesn’t need me.” I shot to my feet. “That’s not true, ” I said hotly. He tilted his head a little, his eyes meeting mine. His eyes softened. “I misspoke, ” he said in a steady voice. “She doesn’t need me to make sure she has enough food or a place to live-that is my privilege, but she doesn’t need me to do that. She doesn’t need me to keep her safe or to make her a whole person. She doesn’t need me to do anything except love her. Which I do. . Patricia Briggs
Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the...
Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the pillow on either side of his. Lips, teeth, tongue, mingled together. I ate him up and didn’t let go until I had to come up for air. Priya Ardis
Nothing is forever. Except atoms.
Nothing is forever. Except atoms. Dannika Dark
It was like being leaned on by a very heavy,...
It was like being leaned on by a very heavy, warm brick. A sexy brick. Patricia Briggs
Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an...
Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an ugly chain with a yellow diamond were his only apparel. Priya Ardis
His attitude, though always bad, has changed since he helped me prep the Pandora charm for Morgan. He thinks I'm falling for her, as ridiculous as that sounds, and he might be tempted to take matters into his hands. Kim Harrison
Welcome back, Jem.
Welcome back, Jem. J.A. Belfield
I clung to each word that fell from his lips...
I clung to each word that fell from his lips like a spider to a web. Dannika Dark
I knew I was a little different from most demons...
I knew I was a little different from most demons but nothing says freak of nature like a one-eyed gypsy saying I had a rainbow glow. It just didn't sound complimentary. Mary Abshire
Why didn't you let me die? You could have finally...
Why didn't you let me die? You could have finally been free."" I gave up trying to imagine a world without you." - Essallie & Kayden Alivia Anders
Random line from BURNING DARKNESS: Fonda Raine stepped out of...
Random line from BURNING DARKNESS: Fonda Raine stepped out of the back end of a month in hell a hardened warrior, ready to undertake the most important task of her life: kill Eric Aruda. Jaime Rush
I don't do romance, in the same way I don't do heroin Russian roulette, or nude alligator wrestling. I consider all of the above self-destructive, and demeaning and these are things up with which I will not put. D.D. Barant
Tangled Moon ~ Sometimes you have to break the rules....
Tangled Moon ~ Sometimes you have to break the rules. Sometimes you have to let go of the past. And sometimes you have to accept the impossible. Olivia Stocum
You're not crazy." She was serious, no hint of a smile. He cocked a brow. "And how do you know that?"" I cut hair for a living." Her dark eyes glinted with playfulness, easing some of his jacked-up nerve. "I see crazy all the time. You're not it. Lisa Kessler
Don't fear me, Jenna.
Don't fear me, Jenna."Amusement lit her features. "It's kind of hard to be afraid of a vampire who apologizes for using harsh language in front of a lady."" I'm not a vampire."" And I'm not a lady. Dianne Duvall
For the record, I would have made a very lousy...
For the record, I would have made a very lousy romance heroine. Mari Mancusi
Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would say… Mari Mancusi
Once a generation there is a girl born who is...
Once a generation there is a girl born who is destined to slay the vampires. Mari Mancusi
So not only do I have to go out and...
So not only do I have to go out and fight evil villains, I have to take up woodworking, too? Mari Mancusi
Once bitten, totally smitten.
Once bitten, totally smitten. Mari Mancusi
Sit down, ” she ordered, nodding toward her bed. He cast it an uncertain look. “I can’t. I’ll stain the covers.” She stared at him. “You’re kidding, right?” He sported deep wounds that bled profusely and he was concerned about staining her bedding? “Perhaps if I cleaned up a wee bit–” “Sit your ass down, ” she ordered, pointing at the queen-sized bed. Eyebrows flying up, he sat so swiftly she almost laughed. Dianne Duvall
His beautiful eyes were full of dread and sorrow. “You’re different, ” she whispered. He nodded. “Yes, I am.”“ You should have told me how different.” A mirthless laugh escaped him. “When? Dianne Duvall
It’s just a party, right? What could possibly go wrong? Mari Mancusi
...but if there was one thing that all my years as the Spider, all the battles, all the brushes with my own death, had taught me, then it was THIS.That THIS was what was important. This moment right now and all the ones that we are lucky enough to have after it. Today, tomorrow, hell, maybe even forever. Jennifer Estep
One hand was behind his back, and he held it out, presenting a bouquet of white and smoky purple lilies. “They’re straight from the underworld, by the way. They are everlasting. They won’t die. Jess C. Scott
Christians. They’re determined to rid the land of any who worship the Horned One. Murdering all the druids, burning the temples, sometimes whole villages, and knocking over the standing stones.” The Lady’s face hardened. “This god of peace and love certainly likes to bathe the land in blood. Brom
I never arrive unannounced without something big and juicy in...
I never arrive unannounced without something big and juicy in hand.- Simon Hunt Dannika Dark
You’re starting to look like you did before, and that’s not good because what you looked like was complete shit, so get up and go to bed so I can stop acting like your mother. I can already feel my balls starting to recede. And hey, does it look like I’m growing breasts? - Kye Krista Alasti
I can be a gentleman off and on. When the...
I can be a gentleman off and on. When the urge hits me. - Tran Krista Alasti
Just shut up and talk. - Shella
Just shut up and talk. - Shella Krista Alasti
Why would Dad call you? I mean, you have to...
Why would Dad call you? I mean, you have to admit that he would have been better off calling the local prison and asking them to send out one of the convicted killers to come find me. - Shella Krista Alasti
Don’t be hating on my peacock. It’s just not right....
Don’t be hating on my peacock. It’s just not right. - Kye Krista Alasti
I’m sure all of that’s true. Especially the anal bit-- Marshall’s always been an ass--but I don’t see how this is relevant, unless of course I’m mistaken, and you really are comparing me to a crumb that needs sweeping. - Shella Krista Alasti
You’re not going to campus. You’re going out to get...
You’re not going to campus. You’re going out to get drunk and play with other ladies’ boobies.” - Kye Krista Alasti
So where did you get your information? Werewolves for Dummies?...
So where did you get your information? Werewolves for Dummies? No, wait, you watched Underworld? Or maybe you were raised by wolves? Stop mewhen I’m warm.” - Shella Krista Alasti
History has been written, but it has not always been...
History has been written, but it has not always been right or complete. Toi Thomas
... there's fear that keeps you safe, and fear that warns you, and then there's fear of another sort. The kind that makes you turn on your friends, that irises the world down to one frightened person. Margaret Ronald
I mean to say, really, I am near to developing a neurosis - is there anyone around who doesn't want to study or kill me?" Floote raised a tentative hand." Ah, yes, thank you, Floote.""There is also Mrs Tunstell, madam, " he offered hopefully, is if Ivy were some kind of consolation prize." I notice you don't mention my fair-weather husband."" I suspect, at this moment, madam, he probably wants to kill you." Alexia couldn't help smiling. "Good point. Gail Carriger
Cat, you asked me before to find out if those dream -suppression pills had any side effects. I’ve checked with Pathology, and they said you might experience depression, mood swings, irritability, paranoia, and chronic fatigue. Have you noticed any of that? Jeaniene Frost
Five hundred years ago the notoriously savvy Henry VIII discovered an elegant way to solve both his theological problems and his personal liquidity crisis –he dissolved the monasteries and nicked all their land. Ben Aaronovitch
Vane grabbed me. “DuLac, let’s ch Priya Ardis
One of my professors once told me that the last official act of the British monarchy was when Queen Victoria refused to sign a law that made same-sex acts illegal. It would have made me think more highly of her, except the reason she objected was because she didn’t believe women would do anything like that. Parliament rewrote the law so it was specific to men, and she signed it. A tribute to enlightenment, Queen Victoria was not. Neither, as I have observed before, are werewolf packs. Patricia Briggs
And Esme remembered in a rush--the wolfsong, the haunting, lyrical spirals of it in the dawn quiet and the feeling of euphoria that had attended it. Even in recollection the howling uplifted her like the crescendo at the end of a symphony and made her heartbeat quicken. Laini Taylor
Don't pursue something with a vengeful heart, or it will destroy you. Hate wraps a cold hand around your heart and hollows you out." - Justus Dannika Dark
Why did you wear heels? How are you supposed to fight a gargoyle in what you're wearing? Priya Ardis
Well, can you tell her that?" He looked down at his feet. "I will. I will." Guy-speak for, "I plan to keep avoiding her until she gives up. Priya Ardis
If I were to lock you up in a dungeon, I guarantee you would not be bored. Priya Ardis
You'll get fired if anyone finds out about us! "" So many rules in this century, " Vane muttered. Priya Ardis
Plus, I happened to be a history nerd. Why else would I be interested in a guy born in the year 519? Priya Ardis
Let the spirits guide you, but never let them take you. E.J. Stevens
The last declaration he'd made to me hung between us. The L word. The one that had nothing to do with like. Priya Ardis
The combination of razor-sharp wit (completely real) and his credentials (completely fake) had won them over in the end. Priya Ardis
Emma was doing something nice for Simon? Hell must be enjoying the snow day. E.J. Stevens
From DW:I got it. “Here's the thing, ” I said. "I'm not going to be the government's bitch. Tamara Rose Blodgett
Walking out into the night with a water fey was all kinds of stupid. Heck, Kelpies eat people. They may not play with their food as creatively as the Each Uisge, but dead is dead. E.J. Stevens
So what did you do, drug me, stuff me in the trunk, then dump me like a sacrificial offering into that vampire’s coffin? - Shella Krista Alasti
When a Dragon, an Elf, and a Human walk into a bar, the Human is always going to be the punch line. Bryan Fields
Nil Sine Magno Labore ("Nothing without great effort") --Motto of Brooklyn College TonyPaul De Vissage
I can see the headline now: Archangel Busts Were Whisperer. Stacy Mantle
What I knew for sure was that he had a quick temper, a cocky attitude, and a southern accent... Apparently he also has a pet cougar. Stacy Mantle
Been lickin’ peanut-butter spoons? Maybe I should call you butterfingers. It has a better ring than Hella Shella. - Tran'Answer my question, Tran. Right now. Or I show you just what these fingers'-- I wiggled my fingers under his nose-- 'can really do.' I took a step closer, erasing the distance between us. 'And let me tell you, emo boy, you are not going to like it. Let’s just say, that peanut butter I ate, freshly made.' I licked my lips with care. 'I’m actually quite skilled when it comes to crushing nuts.' - Shella . Krista Alasti
God, why do I bother trying to help you? It’s not like you appreciate it. It’s not like the word ‘thanks’ is in your vocabulary. It’s like you’re not capable of being nice to someone you decided to despise when you were six-years-old. Sure, about twelve years have passed, but what’s time compared to your rock-headed mind? - Tran Krista Alasti
I’m not really sure why Ziggy puts up with me. I’m broken. Mostly because of the broken woman who spawned me. I swear, adults should have to get a license to make a kid. Prove they’ve got their shit together before they bring a child into the world. My mom tried, I think. She thought she could piece herself into something resembling a mother by dropping the drugs and dropping the need to feed her overblown selfish streak. But she failed. Rachel A. Marks
I intend to make you scream for me, Riley. Keri Arthur
The Contract had an air of esoteric mysticism when it covered topics related to the universe’s deepest secrets, yet it was gratuitously specific regarding the wrath of Thotash and the penalty for default. Huge swaths of the unholy text were dedicated to the terrors and woes that would fall upon those who failed to meet the Terms, including pestilences of the skin, debilitating afflictions of vital organs, nameless horrors from forgotten dimensions, and the “rain of teeth, ” though whose teeth was uncertain. Article VIII, section 3, subsection B was particularly unsettling, assuming one had sufficient familiarity with anatomy to grasp it fully . J. Zachary Pike
I can’t believe it.’ I whispered.‘ You can’t let him lure you back in, Felicia. He’s wrong. He’s wrong! ’ Vanian pleaded, I could feel the quiver of his magic, the wisps that were fighting against the iron burning into his wrists, I could feel the crackle as it fought in the air, against his emotions, against his pain. I shook my head, was about to speak but Adam grabbed him by the front of his shirt; as if a few more tears and shreds couldn’t go amiss. The tightness of his grip paled the Faerie’s cheeks, caused the blood to trickle down faster, dropping to the floor.‘ My wife.’ He yelled, ‘She’s my wife, silverblood.’ With each growl of a syllable he accented it with a punch to Vanian’s face. I couldn’t take much more. I jumped over and pulled at Adam’s shoulders, fingertips driving into the nook of his collarbone, pressing down with as much as I had in me, anything to break his hold. He recoiled and rose his hand to me, at first I flinched but I stopped. He wouldn’t hurt me. He wouldn’t. . Charlotte Munro
I love Carlos like the weird, half-dead son I never particularly wanted Unknown
Do you believe in eternal love, Vane?"He nodded. "When you live for hundreds of years, you see all kinds of things."" How does someone know the difference between that and infatuation?" He sat up between her legs, then pulled her into his lap to cuddle. "I don't think there is a difference. Ithink infatuation is like a garden. If tended and cared for, it grows into love. If neglected or abused itdies. The only way to have eternal love is to never let your heart forget what it's like to live without it. . Sherrilyn Kenyon
Only this time, now that she knew what it felt like to kiss him, she didn’t want to slap that look off his face, she wanted to kiss it off. Mairead Falcon
Vane passed the mashed potatoes across Bride to Fury, who stared at them with a fierce frown. "Whatare these?" he asked." Potatoes, " Vane told him." What did they do to them?"" Just eat them, Fury, " Vane said. "You'll like them, trust me." Patrick snorted. "Where are you from that you've never seen mashed potatoes before?"" Mars, " Fury said as he frowned at the way the potatoes clung to the spoon. . Sherrilyon Kenyon
People weren't just angry about it. They were still afraid. Fear is a powerful, often irrational emotion, and mass fear.. has the power to shake any society to its core. As long as the world remembered, they would live in fear of all cryptids-- regardless of whether or not any individual among us was truly dangerous. Of course, not everyone supported stripping cryptids of all right. But dissenters were few among a dangerous and violent many, and most ignored the problem. Submission was the only solution they could conceive of to fix my problem. But with the imprint of Clyde's fist still throbbing in my stomach I was less interested in fixing a problem than in becoming one. Rachel Vincent
But wanting something didn't give one the right to have it. Rachel Vincent
And when his head slumped forward into his book, she giggled, for she knew that he was hers. C. Robert Cargill
Fireball doesn’t need a search warrant. Bryan Fields
Death drives desire. Rosemary A. Johns
Blood Life is not hunger. It’s freedom Rosemary A. Johns
In the space between wake and sleep, where the real world juxtaposes with the imagination, that's where I live. Mica Rossi
You know those vampire myths? Bollocks to them. Rosemary A. Johns
Do you feel it? That roaring call? Rosemary A. Johns
Life without madness is mediocrity. Nelou Keramati