27 Best Titanic Quotes And Sayings

The story of the Titanic is one that’s become a part of American history. The tragedy inspired songs, films, and even a mini-series about it. The collection of Titanic quotes below will help you remember and learn about this infamous event.

La memoria es como libro en el cual se escribe toda nuestra vida. Algunas veces deseamos cerrarlo y olvidarlo para no recordar todos los escabrosos detalles, y otras veces deseamos abrirlo y observarlo detenidamente, queriendo volver a sentir lo mismo que sentimos en aquel momento. Audrey Dry
Y, entonces, en ese instante que tan solo dura un segundo, el cerebro se encarga de abrir la cerradura del cofre en el cual guardas todo lo que aprecias. Cede de tal manera que la tapa se abre y todo lo que hay en el interior sale de forma tan rápida y tan fugaz que no puedes detenerlo. Audrey Dry
Things work out the way they're meant to
Things work out the way they're meant to Danielle Steel
Katie shook her head in dismay. “I thought being poor was the worst thing that could happen to a girl.”“ No, Katie, ” the countess said in a clear voice. “The worst thing is to be in love with one man and have to marry another.” Katie O'Reilly to the Countess of Marbury in "Titanic Rhapsody Jina Bacarr
Skip your fancy talk, Captain Lord Blackthorn. If I do your bidding, and I’m still discussing that with the Almighty, it will only be to save my arse.” Katie O'Reilly to Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn in "Titanic Rhapsody Jina Bacarr
I was born Katie O’Reilly, ” she began. “Poor Irish, but proud of it. I boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger with nothing more than the clothes on my back. And the law at my heels.” Titanic Rhapsody Jina Bacarr
If there was one thing that made Captain Lord Jack...
If there was one thing that made Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn smile more than holding a pretty woman in his arms, it was a winning hand at cards. To his dismay at the moment he had neither. Jina Bacarr
Things Isabella Wouldn't Care About: - Titanic sinking again. - Metror striking Earth and landing directly on top of world's most innocent panda. - Titanic sinking again and this time the entire crew is puppies. Jim Benton
It's a picture of how comfortable I've become silently loving you, quietly falling, so serene; the waves of the sea gently soothing my inhibitions, making me unencumbered, encouraging me to go on. Color me titanic Evy Michaels
It was a frightening metaphor for what the United States...
It was a frightening metaphor for what the United States was becoming — a Titanic of rich, proud dimwits heading for the iceberg of anti-colonialist backlash. M.B. Dallocchio
My mind is like the Titanic, to many brain cells...
My mind is like the Titanic, to many brain cells for the life boats. Steve Merrick
Lending my voice to a dedicated readership is a match made in heaven. R. Barri Flowers
Maybe all the events of the last few months had occured for just one reason - to bring Thad and me together. Perhaps our being here on the Titanic wasn't pre-destination, but rather, destiny. Suzanne Weyn
Titanic started a voyage through history when it sailed away. One century later, there is still no port at sight. Marina Tavares Dias
I feel rather a fool writing down my thoughts Ellen Emerson White
Sometimes, though, you make a pact with yourself. I'll pretend there's nothing wrong if you pretend there's nothing wrong. It's called denial, and it's one of the strongest pacts in the world. Just ask all those people who were still drinking champagne while the Titanic went down. Neal Shusterman
It is my last night here, and I suddenly feel quite tearful, sitting up in my usual window. Ellen Emerson White
These are hard memories, and I will save the rest of the story for another time. Ellen Emerson White
Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart. Erma Bombeck
It's all about perspective. The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship's kitchen. (Oct 4, 2011) Wynne McLaughlin