100 Quotes About Shifter Romance

Shifters are a group of people who are blessed with the ability to transform into different animal forms. They are not limited to any specific species, but can take on the form of bears, wolves, hawks or even dolphins. Shifters have always been present in history, with many tribes and cultures believing that they have the ability to transform into animals. However, the word “shifter” wasn’t coined until 1981, when author Lora Leigh created her first novel about a heroine who was a shapeshifter Read more

Since then, “shifter” has become a widely used term for the group of people with this ability.

Darkness lingered in those blue eyes, like ghosts haunted him...
Darkness lingered in those blue eyes, like ghosts haunted him despite only the two of them standing in this cabin. Katherine McIntyre
A lazy smile reached his lips. “The mere sight of...
A lazy smile reached his lips. “The mere sight of me shirtless takes your mind there? Good to know. I’d rather a solid fuck than getting my kumbayas out. Katherine McIntyre
This life required scars, ... Some were on the outside, and some they carried on the inside. But scars weren’t shameful. They meant survival. They meant putting in work. They meant sticking around and getting through the hard stuff just on the chance that things could get better. T.S. Joyce
They surrounded him here, but beyond, flames licked the cabins,...
They surrounded him here, but beyond, flames licked the cabins, the incendiary glow striking a similar spark inside him from the injustice they’d faced tonight. Katherine McIntyre
ALLY: Ladies, listen: do not settle in life. Find a way to love yourself; screw anyone else who tells you otherwise. Life is too short to simply sit back and take what’s given to you. LeTeisha Newton
LEXI: I’d settled for this awful existence because I’d convinced myself it was better than being alone.... But it’s not. T.S. Joyce
WINTER: Because I guess I like the idea that maybe someday I can find my place, you know? My niche. Somewhere people will keep me. T.S. Joyce
Everyone is effed up, Dalton. At some point, you just have to find someone to share the baggage with. Joyce
Tobias: No one ever said this would be easy, and you don’t seem like the type of woman to take the easy way out. Joyce
Link had to make the decision to save himself. Joyce
Clotilda: ....don’t take him for granted. No day is promised us with the ones we love.... Joyce
Link: .....It’s the imperfections that give you character out here. Joyce
....there was nothing on this earth sexier than a strong woman. Joyce
Maybe her parents had picked a favorite kid, but that hadn’t bowed Kate. It had made her lock her legs and stand strong instead. Joyce
How about this then." Chase shifted on the bed. Even without looking, Connie knew he was leaning over earnestly, his brilliant, lying black eyes full of sincerity. "I've missed you desperately. I'm overjoyed to find you again. Will you marry me? Zoe Chant
I can think of a few ways I wouldn't mind you taking control." He dropped his voice a few octaves, making his already deep voice even more delicious. Katie Reus
Ever since meeting Charlie… his entire world was off it’s axis… Katie Reus
Candice had been writing for two days’ straight, working on her publisher’s book deadline, when she wrote the end, smiled, and set the book aside. She would start proofing it tomorrow after she’d given her brain a break. Now she’d do what she always did when she finished a book, or reached a good stopping point in one. Clean house. Check her backlog of emails. Pick up some more groceries. And take a run on the wolf side. She finished vacuuming and dusting, swearing every window must let all the outdoors in, and then started a batch of gingerbread cookie cutouts to celebrate finishing another book and the Christmas holiday season. While they were baking, she finally settled down to check her emails. Fan mail always came first, and one from her website got her attention right off. She opened it up and read: Hello, I’m Owen Nottingham, private investigator for White River Investigations, White River Falls, Minnesota and my client, Strom Hart, hired me to locate you. Your parents, John and Cynthia Hart, left you an inheritance and you need to see the lawyer about it so that you can claim it. I need to verify that you are the right woman first. Is there any way that we can possibly meet and get this taken care of so you can collect your inheritance? Strom Hart will be the one to receive it by the end of the month otherwise. His assistant, Jim Winchester, said Mr. Hart is your uncle.” She reread the message again, not believing her eyes, tears filling them. She quickly looked at the date of the message. Two days ago! She knew she shouldn’t have neglected her emails, but when she was into the story, she couldn’t break away. She ground her teeth, raised her fingers to respond, and heard a knocking at her door. No one came here. Never. Ever. Not even salesmen. She glanced at her phases-of-the moon calendar. The waxing gibbous was just beginning. She should be fine. Just to be on the safe side, in case the person at the door was trouble, she pulled a can of mace from her desk drawer and headed for the door. She peered through the peephole. A handsome black-haired man waited at the door, with rugged features and intense blue eyes. He was dressed in a black suit, a red shirt, and a dark purple tie covered in red, purple, and gold Christmas balls. She raised her brows.“ I’m Owen Nottingham, ” he said to the door, holding up his PI license and driver’s license. He couldn’t know that she was watching him, so he must have hoped she was there, observing him. “I tried getting hold of you on your contact form on your website about your inheritance. Your contact form might not be working, so I had to locate you in person.” So this was the man who had sent the message. But was he for real? He had to be. He wouldn’t have come all this way to see her if he wasn’t. But how had he found her? She opened the door, the bells jingling on her Christmas wreath, and he glanced down at the can of mace in her hand. He smiled, his gaze holding hers with such intensity, it was as though he could see clear through to her soul. “Really, just a PI doing my job.” A chilly breeze carried his scent to her. Wolf scent. She felt so lightheaded all at once, she grabbed the door to keep herself upright, and dropped the can of mace on the tile floor. It clattered, but she couldn’t reach for it if her life depended on it. Oh. My. God.This couldn’t be real. He couldn’t be real. No wonder he was talking to the door. He must have heard her footfalls as she’d approached. He took a deep breath at the same time and his eyes widened in surprise when he smelled her scent. His hand shot out to grab her arm and steady her. For a minute, as she tried to control her breathing, her heart rate, neither of which she could steady. She felt like she was going to pass out.“ Hell, you’re the wolf I saw across the White River, aren’t you?. Terry Spear
Owen couldn’t believe his luck. Candice Mayfair was the beautiful white wolf he’d seen that day so long ago. Not that she looked like a wolf right now. He only knew she was the wolf, unequivocally, because he recognized her scent. After the initial shock of seeing an unfamiliar and intriguing Arctic she-wolf, he’d gone after her. The whole pack had gone on a run that night, but they knew to stay far away from any campsite. He and the other guys had swum across the river to explore a bit. Cameron and his mate had stayed on the other side with the kids. He’d even swum back across the river to find her and discovered her scent had led right to one of the tents. Since she had moved into the tent, he knew she had to be one of their shifter kind. He’d even hung around the next day, waiting to catch a glimpse of her, but there were several women, and he had no idea which one had been her. Two blonds, a couple of brunettes, and a red-haired woman–none of whom looked like the picture he had of Clara Hart, though. Being a white wolf in summer had made it difficult to blend in, so he’d had to keep well out of sight. Candice Mayfair was definitely the author of the books on the website, though she didn’t look like the photo her uncle had of her, if she was Clara Hart. She had the same compelling eyes, different color, but they got his attention, grabbed hold, and wouldn’t let go. He carried her to her couch and set her down, staying close, his hand still on her arm until she seemed to regain her equilibrium.“ The wolf pup was yours, ” she accused, jerking her arm away from him.“ Wolf pup?”“ Yeah, wolf pup. Don’t pretend you don’t know about your own wolf pup.” Then all the pieces began to fall into place. Campers. Campfire. Food. Corey, the wolf pup she had to be referring to, hadn’t just found the food like they’d thought. Candice must not have been a wolf until that night.“ You fed him? Corey? His mom wondered why he smelled of beef jerky that night. We thought he’d found some at the campsite. Don’t tell me…he bit you. Terry Spear
My father’s corporation, the Nero Organization, supplied assassins for hire. Killing was our business, and business had been good for years. Lisa Kessler
She was thinking she needed to post a letter in the Lonely Hearts column in the Silver Town Gazette: She-wolf seeking male wolf who believes in ghosts. No others need apply. Terry Spear
ANSON: I’ll work on making it enough. And I’ll work at being enough. For you. T. S. Joyce
Is the werewolf community so afraid of one little half human? Chudney Thomas
If you wanted pomp and circumstance, you dealt with the vampires. If you wanted ceremony, the witches it was. But for plain old straight forward business, you dealt with the werewolves. Chudney Thomas
She was a woman without a family. A woman without a pack. A woman alone. Chudney Thomas
James’ fingers brushed her cheek. “You can run, or you can see this through to the end. Whatever that end might be. Chudney Thomas
KATE: Everyone is effed up, Dalton. At some point, you just have to find someone to share the baggage with.--- Dawson Fur Hire (Bears Fur Hire, Book 5) T. S. Joyce
Do they send all of you jaguars through some elitist asshole training course? Lisa Kessler
We weren’t allies, but not being enemies was close enough for me. Lisa Kessler
Everything okay?”“ I’m not sure, but it’s not shittier, so that’s something.” She laughed. “Still an optimist. Lisa Kessler
For the record…” I took her hand and held it up. “These are the only hands I want on me. Lisa Kessler
You're going to get yourself f*&^ed so hard you'll forget your own name. Renee Rose
He didn’t utter threats. He delivered promises. Katie Reus
It’s all or nothing with me. Make sure you know what you want. Katie Reus
It’s like I’ve walked into the fucking Twilight Zone, ” she murmured… Katie Reus
Maybe having great sex just made a werewolf’s nose work better… Paige Tyler
The legend of ‘The One’ had been clear that the connection between a werewolf and his mate could never be denied. The fact that it could be destroyed had never come up in conversation. Paige Tyler
Cameron’s mind registered what the rest of him already knew. He was insane about this woman, and he’d do anything to be with her, anything to protect her. She’d become his world. How it had happened, he didn’t know, but it had. Lisa Carlisle
Bring it, grizzly. Show me what you've got. Kathy Lyons
Stay strong, " said the detective. "They respect strength." What the hell was she supposed to do? Break a chair? Bench-press a Volvo? Kathy Lyons
She tilted her head up to look him in the eyes. "No diseases, right?" she asked, before she lost all reason. "No weird shifter thing I should know about beforehand?" " All human normal, " he said, his eyes dark and intense as he looked at her. Then he flashed a wicked smile. "Though my endurance might be legendary. Kathy Lyons
He didn't just want to mate with Becca, he wanted her to orgasm around his dick for a decade. Kathy Lyons
She looked back at him, her lips curving into an incredulous smile. "The man who just gave me the best orgasms of my life is asking me out on a date?" " Um... yeah?" " Um...okay. Kathy Lyons
Her hand drifted over his left nipple, and one of her fingers moved, sending lightning straight down to his groin. She was killing him, but he'd be damned if he moved one tiny inch. And if he was really, really lucky, she'd do it again. Kathy Lyons
A roll of five condoms unfurled from her hand. "I found these in your bathroom." " Did you check the expiration date?" God knew it had been a while since he'd needed one of those. She nodded. "We're okay, if you're okay." " Baby, " he growled. "We're headed for something exponentially better than just okay. Kathy Lyons
If he'd cut off his right arm to make her happy, then how much harder could it be to cut out his heart? Kathy Lyons
Can you make the salad while I fix the garlic bread?" He flashed her a grin. "Babe, I live to make salad. Paige Tyler
Layla smiled through her tears, "If I'd known that all it would take to get us talking is a romantic getaway to a bombed-out part of Eastern Europe, I would have gotten Kendra to set it up a long time ago." " Romantic, huh?" He smiled. "I like romantic. Paige Tyler
Maybe you could have picked something a little easier for our first official mission together?" Layla said in a teasing whisper... Paige Tyler
I straddled his lap and sank onto him so slowly I almost lost it. Each inch of him filled my already sensitive body. Nose to nose with him, I whispered. "You come with me.' His mouth curved into a wicked smile. "Happily. Lisa Kessler
When I turned, I found myself looking at my reflection in the mirror. The dressing room lights surrounded it like a frame, but with the rest of the lighting off, only the center of the mirror was visible. Just us. His gaze locked on mine as his hands slid slowly up from my hips. His fingers splayed wide, teasing me as they made their slow journey up my waist while his lips were at my ear. "I want you to see how sexy you are, and hot you make me. Lisa Kessler
Make me howl, make me scream, Things are never what they seem. Lay me out, end the pain, Now I'll never be the same. Deep inside, there I cry, Yet you still just pass me by. Can't you see, this is me, And I'm Howling! I'm Howling! I'm Howling! Lisa Kessler
Love and hate aren't as far apart as you think. Lisa Kessler
I ordered a hot chocolate and Chandler got a black coffee. He smiled over at me. "Still no love for coffee?" I shook my head. "Nah, why have bitter and gross when I can have sweet and delicious? Lisa Kessler
Come closer." His voice was more of a growl than a whisper. Hot. Lisa Kessler
His deep voice rumbled. "You are all that ever mattered to me. Lisa Kessler
Humans don't leap buildings. Stuntmen with harnesses do. And won't my crashing eight stories to the ground be detrimental to the mission? The dark elves will swarm me and take me hostage instantly." " That might be true, but you're not going to fall, " he said. Amanda Carlson
My name is Phoebe Meadows." I covered my nakedness again with my arms. "I know it's a little late for this, since I'm currently lying butt naked in your arms, and you've already saved my life three times, but now is better than never. You can call me Phoebe if you like. Amanda Carlson
They toasted each other, then after she sipped hers, she ate some of the bisque - creamy, a little buttery, with lots of big chunks of lobster and a hint of garlic. It was so good that she asked him for the recipe. He gave it to her and added, " But I'll fix it for you anytime. Terry Spear
His mouth was on hers, the champagne flavoring his tongue and lips, his sexy scent reaching her over the warm, bubbling water. She stroked his arms, loving the feel of his mouth against hers, hot and hungry. Just like hers was, unable to get enough, not wanting to give this up, wanting to kiss him until the sun rose in the morning. Terry Spear
The most possessive part of Conall didn't want another male to even look at Rhea. Katie Reus
One night of hot sex should have been easy enough to forget, but she couldn't get the images of their intertwined, naked bodies or his intoxicating scent out of her head. Katie Reus
What man didn't enjoy a beautiful woman curled up in his lap, even if she did treat him like a scratching post every time she woke up? Paige Tyler
Did you see that bison on the wall there? He’s so big. And so cute.” Angelo grinned. “I thought you might say that. That’s why I got a smaller version.” He took the plush animal from inside his jacket, where he’d been hiding it, and placed it on the table. “This is Ted.”Minka’s eyes glistened with tears as she stared at it. Crap, what had he done wrong? He’d thought she’d love it. But then she grabbed the toy in one hand, threw her arms around Angelo, and squeezed him so hard his ribs creaked.“ Thank you, ” she said against his chest. “He’s perfect. Paige Tyler
Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" he asked hoarsely. Minka didn't answer. She simply reached up and tangled her fingers in his hair, urging him down for a searing kiss. Paige Tyler
Angelo pulled his uniform overshirt over his head without undoing the buttons, which she thought was a pretty impressive feat. Then she saw what he was hiding under there and decided the view was much more impressive. Technically, he was still clothed, but the light tan T-shirt was really tight, and she didn’t have to use her imagination very much to figure out there were a lot of muscles under it. Just the sight of his big arms rippling as he moved was enough to make Minka catch her breath. When he reached behind his head to pull off his T-shirt, Minka found herself licking her lips in anticipation. She felt bad for watching him like this, but she couldn’t help herself. Then she looked up and saw Angelo regarding her with an amused expression on his handsome face.“ I understand why you want to keep the door open, and I’m okay with that, ” he said. “But you might want to look the other way for this part.” Minka felt heat rush to her face. She nodded and stepped out of the doorway, turning to sit down on the floor beside the bathroom like Angelo had done. Her fingers dug into the stuffed sloth’s fur. She was glad he couldn’t see her face because it was probably bright red. Why had she been staring like that? . Paige Tyler
She didn't know why being near him made the beast inside her go away, and she didn't care. She was Minka in his arms and a monster out of them. That was all that mattered to her. Paige Tyler
What did he call them? Lupus garous? Fancy name for a horror-flick creature. Terry Spear
He groaned a little and pulled his mouth free, pressing it against her forehead, then her cheeks. " I was going to start a fire ---" He smiled down at her. "You did. Terry Spear
He chuckled. She turned to see what was funny and nearly had a heart attack. He was holding one hot-pink-and-white mug while reading it, the other sitting on the counter: 'Men should be like my curtains, easy to pull and well hung. Terry Spear
He pulled out a couple of mugs while she warmed up the cocoa. He chuckled and she turned to see what was funny and nearly had a heart attack. He was holding one hot pink and white mug while reading it, the other sitting on the counter: Men should be like my curtains, easy to pull and well hung. Her lips parted, she had to have turned cherry red, and she turned away quickly before she burned the cocoa. Now what? Explain that a friend had given them to her when her last boyfriend and she had parted company? Or just ignore the fact that they were drinking out of those cups while she was having hot cocoa with him and pretend she wasn’t embarrassed to the tip of her toes? He brought the mugs over. “Anything else?”“ There’s a can of whipped cream in the fridge, if you want some.”“ Real cream, ” he said, eyeing the can. “Looks good.” He gave it to her, and he lifted the mugs. She shook up the can and pointed it at the right mug, pushed the nozzle, and the cream dripped and fizzled. Not to be thwarted, she shook it again, hoping that it wasn’t defective. And then the whipped cream swirled around with perfect ridges in a twirl on top with a cute little pointy peak. Perfect.Then she turned to the other mug, shook the can again, and pushed the nozzle. It was working great until halfway through her little mountain of whipped cream twirling to perfection, when the nozzle malfunctioned again and spewed whipped cream everywhere. In horror, she stopped what she was doing and stared at the white cream splattered all over Allan’s chest and a few that had dotted his boxer briefs. Her mouth agape, she glanced up at him. His eyes sparkled with mirth and he laughed.“ Oh, oh, let me get something to wipe it up, ” she said, belatedly, and set the can of whipped cream on the counter. She grabbed some paper towels and wetted them, then rushed back to wipe the mess up. He was still holding onto both hot pink mugs of cocoa. She had every intention of taking one of the mugs and letting him clean himself, but he just moved his arms apart as if to say she made the mess, she could wash it up. She thought she was going to die. Yes, he was totally hot. And yes, she’d fantasized about making love to him–since they were both unattached, and she truly liked him. But in her wildest dreams she would never have imagined making him cocoa in the middle of the night in her duplex while he stood in sexy silk briefs, not baggy, but nice and form fitting, and then she proceeded to splatter him with whipped cream. All over his tanned chest and those black briefs. Terry Spear
I'm not letting you -- us -- go that easily, sweetheart, so get used to having me in your life. Savannah Stuart
If he wouldn't take charge of this, she would. "Take off your clothes. Savannah Stuart
A dark-haired man with electric-blue eyes hadn't taken his eyes off Caro since she'd sat down. He watched her like, well, a predatory wolf watched his mate. Caro glanced over her shoulder and when she turned to face Nissa her expression was dark. " Uh oh. "I'm sorry. Is mate the wrong word? I'm still not sure of all the correct --" She shook her head and placed a gentle hand on hers. "I'm sorry, it's not that. No, he's not my mate. He's a very persistent.. Never mind. I'm actually unmated. Savannah Stuart
A year ago, she'd have opened her arms to him and bonded with him before falling in love. A year ago she'd been so secure in who she was an her place in the world, that she'd have known that the love would eventually come with the mating -that nature would work itself out. A year ago, she'd been stupid and naive. Savannah Stuart
No one fucks with the Lazos brothers. Savannah Stuart
He might be an alpha wolf but so was she. She didn't take well to orders, even if they were from her mate. Savannah Stuart
She said her pack died." " How?" " She didn't say." " And you didn't ask?" Thomas' gravelly voice was incredulous. " It's complicated." " I'll bet. You stink of sex. Is the reason you haven't asked because you haven't come up for air? Savannah Stuart
You're very quiet, " she murmured. " That's because I'm the big bad wolf, " he growled playfully. Savannah Stuart
He's not my alpha."" Oh, he's most definitely yours, " Charlie said. "He's been watching you for the last twenty minutes as if he could do very, very wicked things to you. Savannah Stuart
No way was she forcing Reece into a mating he didn't want. Wolves mated for life and it wouldn't be fair to either of them. And she wasn't ashamed to admit that she wanted love and a lasting partnership. She refused to settle for less. Savannah Stuart
There was a gaping hole in his chest without her. The three weeks he’d spent with her had been the best of his life. She was like this bright, shining star that had been ripped away from him. He was territorial as hell and he wasn’t letting her go. Savannah Stuart
Tingles traced up her spine, and even before she turned around she knew Reece was moving her way. That shouldn't excite her so much, but after his visit this morning he was all she'd been able to think about. Obsess about. Her nipples beaded tightly against her bra as his earthy, masculine scent grew stronger, invading all her senses. Damn that male Savannah Stuart
Full disclosure. I approached your father once I knew who you were. I asked him to visit my territory and to bring you. I made my intentions clear from the start. He came up with the arranged mating thing." His lips twisted in annoyance. "But I didn't stop him because the thought of waking up to you every day... Savannah Stuart
Shifters didn't share when it came to their mate. Savannah Stuart
I wanted to throw you over my shoulder and take you back to my place the moment we met, your scent was that sexy. Savannah Stuart
Gage sighed. "This team was a whole hell of a lot easier to run before any of us had ever heard about The One. You know that, right?" Maybe." Becker grinned. "But it wasn't nearly as interesting. Paige Tyler
Sleeping with a guy isn't the same thing as opening your heart to him. Paige Tyler
Have ye ever known a female who wasna a bit of a witch in her own sweet way? Vonnie Davis
A bear! I've landed on a wild and wicked bear! Vonnie Davis
She placed her fingertips on her forehead as if trying to gather her thoughts on how to handle this unexpected scenario. "Do not run from a bear. Make yourself a large target and yell to scare the bear away. Bears are easily frightened unless it's mating season." "Oh, wouldn't it be just my horrible luck to fall on a horny bear? Vonnie Davis
Months ago, he'd told Effie, grandmother to his eldest brother's wife, that he was too busy to find a woman. He went on to brag he was quite happy being alone. That the only way he'd even consider a woman was if she dropped from the feckin' sky. He groaned and downed his first cup of coffee. Him and his big whisky loosened tongue. Vonnie Davis
What the feckin' hell is PMS, I'd like to ken?"" Petty Male Shit, " she yelled. Vonnie Davis
Driving a stolen plane will be nothing compared to the ride with a fired-up Scot. Vonnie Davis
I think... I shall call ye Beauty, for I shall be yer beast. Vonnie Davis
He held his crotch, his knees bent and his kilt showing he wore nothing beneath it. She shuffled from one foot to the other as she stared at his Scottish bagpipe. Bet he could hit a lot of high notes with that thing. "You..you startled me when you grabbed me like that."" Well, ye needna be afraid now. I couldna molest ya, even if I wanted to, which I dinna. I'm betting foreplay with ye would be like grabbing hold of an electrical wire while sitting in a tub of water." He groaned and cussed some more. "Hell, I bet yer vagina is lined with shark's teeth. . Vonnie Davis
She leaned her uninjured shoulder against his plump, furry behind and shoved while she bitched to herself, "Four years at the military academy, two years at Kansas State University, survival camp in the swamps of Alabama, more schooling in Florida, and then torture endurance training with the Mossad and all so I could heave a bear's ass into a helicopter. Unfreaking real. Vonnie Davis
The little woman, wearing a pink and black zigzag-striped pantsuit over a black turtleneck, resembled a skinny zebra who'd OD'd on Pepto-Bismol. Vonnie Davis
Ye have taught me something I never understood."" What? How to get rid of Parisian Pink Pecker Disease? Vonnie Davis
You sure you don't want me to come over? We could make a snowman in the garden, or one in front of the hotel for the guests' arrival tomorrow. Or we could build snow forts and have a snowball fight. Surefire way to wear you out and make you sleepy. Then we could have cocoa with marshmallows on top. And I've been dying to have a piece of that seven-layer chocolate cake. I can't quit thinking about it. Terry Spear