56 Quotes About Self Leadership

Self-leadership is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. There are many forms of leadership, but self-leadership is unique in its ability to empower us to take responsibility for our own lives. Self-leadership means having confidence in your abilities, while being humble enough to admit when you’ve made mistakes. It means being responsible for your actions, while giving others the benefit of the doubt Read more

It means believing in yourself, even when things are going badly. Whether you are struggling with self-leadership or just need a little encouragement, these quotes on self-leadership will boost you up when times get tough.

We are no longer in the dispensation of age and...
We are no longer in the dispensation of age and experience. We are in the era of knowledge and information. Information leads a true leader and a true leader leads others. Israelmore Ayivor
A self-leader cries for no followers by himself. He does...
A self-leader cries for no followers by himself. He does his thing and people get to know him, chase him and learn from him. Israelmore Ayivor
You can be in your room and lead people. Just...
You can be in your room and lead people. Just develop your potentials and publicize them and you will see people looking for your product. That is influence Israelmore Ayivor
Self-leaders are still true leaders even if they have no known followers. True leaders inspire by the influence of their characters and general self-made brands. Leadership is defined by the virtues of one's behaviour. Israelmore Ayivor
Self-leaders do not look for followers because they are busily pursuing their influencial dreams that followers will trace and ask for. Followers look for influence and that can be obtained from self-leaders. Israelmore Ayivor
A young child is a leader to an elderly person once his purpose has a faithful, sincere and trustworthy influence on people. Leadership is not restricted to position and age; it is self-made and influencial. Everyone has this self-leadership quality. Israelmore Ayivor
The concept of leadership is abused by people who think a person becomes a leader when he grows grey hair, put into a position and expected to function. Everyone has a leadership potential carried within in a specific area of his or purpose. Leadership is universal and built on trust. Israelmore Ayivor
Contrary to popular opinion, leadership is not a reserved position for a particular group of people who were elected or appointed, ordained or enthroned. Leadership is self-made, self-retained, self-inculcated and then exposed through a faithful, sincere and examplary life. Israelmore Ayivor
A true leader is still a leader even when he takes up servants' duty, provided he maintains a human face and added integrity to his self-retained qualities. Israelmore Ayivor
Everything you attract into your life is a reflection of the story you believe and keep telling yourself. Farshad Asl
A self-leader looks around for problems, and then thinks deep to device solutions to them. Israelmore Ayivor
You can’t be a self-leader if you are an enemy to yourself. Stop the hatred and love yourself. Israelmore Ayivor
It is better to apologise later than to ask for permission now. It is called self leadership Janna Cachola
How we lead ourselves in life impacts how we lead those around us. Michael Hyatt
Self-leadership is about digging out your hidden endowment and making them known and useful to those who need it most. Israelmore Ayivor
Vision unknown is self-abuse. Vision known is self-abuse discovery. But vision applied is self-liberation. Application is the key Israelmore Ayivor
You can’t lead people if you can’t lead yourself. Self-leadership qualities qualifies you to become a co-operate leader. Israelmore Ayivor
Many self-leaders lead the world even by being invisible. The world learns from them without sitting in their classrooms. Israelmore Ayivor
Success = Wisdom + Courage + Discipline. KNOW what to do, be BRAVE enough to do it, and LEAD YOURSELF to doing it again and again. Ryan Lilly
Your decisions will determine your destination. “No decision” is the decision to be just how you were at where you had been. Israelmore Ayivor
Great leaders are most wanted. They are most wanted for what they do with their gifts and talents. Their dreams are so unique in such a way that their presence becomes a source of hope and courage for others to thread on along. Why won't they look for them? Israelmore Ayivor
Before someone will get the guts to monitor your life, he must get the keyboard of humility. To be a humble person, is a priority in leadership! Israelmore Ayivor
The 10 ever greatest misplacements in life:1. Leadership without character.2. Followership without servant-being.3. Brotherhood without integrity.4. Affluence without wisdom.5. Authority without conscience.6. Relationship without faithfullness.7. Festivals without peace.8. Repeated failure without change.9. Good wealth without good health.10. Love without a lover. Israelmore Ayivor
Passionate people are always ready to stand for their dreams even if no one stand with them. They vote and vote alone for their dreams but never loss their nomination for excellent leadership! Israelmore Ayivor
Those who mistrust their own abilities are being too wicked to themselves, discouraging themselves from doing what they should have been excelling in. If you are good at discouraging yourself, you can't be a good leader because leadership is built on inspiring others to face challenges. Israelmore Ayivor
Leadership is an art expressed by the demonstration of characters worthy of immitation, emulation and inspiration. It is neither a title nor a postion. Israelmore Ayivor
Leadership potential is in everyone; we all have it, but we all don't know it until we have a direct individual encounter with the Holy Spirit of God. The principal source of leadership influence is the Holy Spirit. Israelmore Ayivor
A mere motivator sees potentials in people and tells them to take actions. A true leader sees the same potentials in the same people and influences them to optimize them under his God-lead inspirations. Israelmore Ayivor
It is not about whether you call yourself a leader or not. It is about what you have to show to people as a leader. Leadership is contagious, you carry it and share it. Israelmore Ayivor
The first person you have to conquer is you. This is because when at last you win over million people, the first person to bring you down could be you. Discipline yourself! Israelmore Ayivor
Defend your leadership roles with your true character. Never attack your own aspirations with corruption and unfaithfulness! Keep calm and be honest! Israelmore Ayivor
True leaders do not make choices with reference to the opinion of the majority. They make choices based on the opinion of the truth and the truth can come from either the majority or the minority! Israelmore Ayivor
True leaders are like statues, whether it rains or it shines, they never bend their necks to look backwards! They never run away from challenges! Israelmore Ayivor
Leadership is built on true character! You lose your leadership when you fake your character. The degree of leadership potential a person can expose will depend on how potent he can maintain his true character! Israelmore Ayivor
This is what you can do to be called a true leader; know the truth, love the truth, speak the truth and repeat the cycle over and over again and again! Let the truth reign! Israelmore Ayivor
...21st century leaders use their brain cells more than their muscle tissues! Israelmore Ayivor
Your character and attitude is what takes the lead in your leadership role and you follow them as a true leader". Poor character and attitude is eventually poor leadership. Israelmore Ayivor
Real kings and queens are people whose heads are crowned with dreams as they sit on the throne of passion. They rule with visions in the regalia of inspirations! Israelmore Ayivor
You cannot climb up to a true leadership position unless you use the ladder of integrity! Israelmore Ayivor
It is said that if you want to change the world, take pen and write. I want to add that if you want to maintain that change, then be the ruler to rule the pen's lines. True rulers are true leaders; they maintain a change! Israelmore Ayivor
A leader without a clear vision and plans only abuses his power because visions, dreams and plans are the fulcrum along which the loads of success will spine by your own efforts. And where power is abused, there is manipulation instead of inspiration. Israelmore Ayivor
You are your own leader. Where are you driving yourself to now? You can't afford to go wayward! Rise up and break new territories and live life so well. Israelmore Ayivor
Yes. Oh no! I don't subject myself to a leadership that does not break new territories! It is the job of leadership to succeed in landing its limbs on new grounds. Israelmore Ayivor
We need Wisdom to seek for the Kindom and we need the Kingdom to have the Freedom to posess all other things! Israelmore Ayivor
Authority confined in you does not make you a leader. It is the authority created by you that makes you influence people with your purpose. Israelmore Ayivor
Ballot papers do not define leaders. Leadership is defined by conviction, vision, passion and inspiration. Israelmore Ayivor
Your title is what you are; your visions are who you are. When you know who you are, then you will know where you can be useful most. Israelmore Ayivor
The fact that people are in positions does not justify the means that they are leaders. A leader can be blind and to know this, check his sense of vision. Israelmore Ayivor
As good surgical doctor works on a patient in the theater with varied kinds of surgical instruments, so a true leader also needs a clean bag of leadership characters that vary from task to task. One-way leaders are obvious failures! Israelmore Ayivor
If you want to wait till your black hairs turn grey and your teeth start pulling out before you become a leader, you are either too fast to prove your ignorance, or you are too late to know who you are made of. Israelmore Ayivor
God is not interested in your ability. He isinterested in your availability. When you availyour ability to God, you become a faithful leader. Israelmore Ayivor
A “self-leader” is the positively influence you have on yourself and on others without any influence with your titles and positions. You must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others. Israelmore Ayivor
Making appointments with yourself and scheduling other things around them is key to proactive self-management. Michael Hyatt
Self leadership requires us to lead and motivate ourselves. But it looks a heck of a lot like schizophrenia during a ropes course. Ryan Lilly
Embrace the right values that may enable you achieve self-leadership & self-discipline, and show commitment to these values unconditionally. Assegid Habtewold