84 Queensland Quotes And Sayings

I think the last thing you should do to someone willing to put your penis in their mouth is give them criticism. S.A. Tawks
I didn't let what I wanted to do become a made up memory that I looked back on years down the road and wished it was real. S.A. Tawks
Honestly, if I stay on this gruelling path, I'm going to end up as another suicide statistic. S.A. Tawks
I must have appeared like a real bad boy in Christy's eyes. Well, at least a bad boy by home and away standards. S.A. Tawks
It wasn't a glorious or grand act of misadventure but it was a start. It wasn't what I should have done but it was what I truly wanted to do. S.A. Tawks
A fight needs at least two fighters. Sometimes you can win straight away by not fighting. S.A. Tawks
Someone who lives vicariously will never be truly happy because they're not happy with themselves. S.A. Tawks
If you're not happy with yourself, how can you even begin to figure out if another person makes you happy, annoyed, angry, sad and so on. S.A. Tawks
This is your chance. Are you going to cower and make excuses or are you going to do what you really want to do? S.A. Tawks
It seemed, at that point, my greed and cunningness were being rewarded. S.A. Tawks
She'd been fed anti-consumerist bullshit by her parents but didn't understand simple economics. S.A. Tawks
Now comes the hard part. Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. Just say Peyton. S.A. Tawks
It's called the kindness of a fellow human being. You should try it sometime, ya fuck. S.A. Tawks
So much to do but so many incompetent workers, " I said, playing to his take-no-shit-get-in-and-fucking-do-it attitude. S.A. Tawks
At least I can say I once worked a day on a tea plantation in Far North Queensland. S.A. Tawks
Everyday something unexpected happened. Everyday was exciting. Everyday was a misadventure. S.A. Tawks
The acceptance of just one person is enough to silence the rejection of thousands. S.A. Tawks
But now I think he was trying to teach me to never feel entitled because life can be a cruel bitch at times. S.A. Tawks
Where's your sense of misadventure? S.A. Tawks
My newfound motivation had me feeling confident in my ability and I headed to Mackay with a plan. S.A. Tawks
Being determined delinquents, Peyton and I jumped the barricades and wandered around the dilapidated interior. S.A. Tawks
You know what's the worst? Having realistic, ordinary expectations taken out of your reach by seemingly unrealistic, extraordinary circumstances. S.A. Tawks
The false hope I filled myself with is fleeing and I'm beginning to feel scared again. S.A. Tawks
You live by whatever rules you need to govern your life the best you think. Let's just try not to encroach. S.A. Tawks
Nyree taught me not to trust anyone but Steve quickly corrected that lesson and taught me not to trust everyone. S.A. Tawks
Even freedom needs some rules to keep it from being complete chaos. S.A. Tawks
I took her word and didn't let my concern for my future ruin the present moment. S.A. Tawks
The best experiences can't be forced and they come when you least expect it. You don't find misadventure, it finds you. S.A. Tawks
I realised I got anxious because my true aspiration wasn't to become the chief of a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company that created widgets or some shit. S.A. Tawks
Time is wasted on the young and experience is wasted on the old. S.A. Tawks
It's easy to give up at the beginning of something, but after gaining a bit of momentum it's not as tempting or easy to just give up. S.A. Tawks
He was the captain of the rugby team and he was built like a fucking gorilla. He had the personality of a fucking gorilla, too. S.A. Tawks
Your days are only important if you decide to make them important. S.A. Tawks
If I hadn't worked up the courage to talk to Christy, she most likely would have been a pretty face that disappeared back into the crowd. S.A. Tawks
People give up. People settle. People persevere. And you can do all three if you're smart enough. S.A. Tawks
I let my initial stance on her prettiness stand and didn't let any superficial thoughts hobble it. S.A. Tawks
Besides the gifts, the only thing that gave the headstones colour were the memories family and friends had of the people they represented. S.A. Tawks
Lighting a cigarette with a sense of achievement for company made the journey worth it. S.A. Tawks
They were queen bitches and it seemed everyone and everything they knew and everyone and everything they didn't know deserved some kind of criticism. S.A. Tawks
The stretch of Bruce Highway between Gin Gin and Miriam Vale was long and lonesome. S.A. Tawks
It was as if I was automatically one of them because I smoked. S.A. Tawks
We smoked the joints down to the roaches and then relaxed beneath the stars to let the drug form dazzling constellations. S.A. Tawks
It was odd but I couldn't jump the chasm of missing evidence to the conclusion Todd was making. S.A. Tawks
Most would probably call it a dumb idea, but considering my wants it was a good idea. S.A. Tawks
It was an impossible achievement but that didn't stop me from trying and having fun. S.A. Tawks
What does that quote mean to you? Can you explain the concept behind it and not just repeat the pretty phrase to me? S.A. Tawks
Looking back really does make you wonder, but the truth is it doesn't change a thing. S.A. Tawks
Everyones' worst problems weigh the same, and it's up to you how heavy that weight is and how much you let it drag you down. S.A. Tawks
I didn't appreciate the moment as much as I should have while living it, but I can attribute that to my poor emotional state and hindsight. S.A. Tawks
Other times, when existential crisis mode kicked in, I flirted with the idea of giving up and drifting whichever way gravity and wind moved me. S.A. Tawks
Misadventure was my primary compass and I followed it without caring if I pissed off one person or a whole bunch of people. S.A. Tawks
It was a start, and a start is all anyone needs to put an end to something. S.A. Tawks
It was my duty as a mother to invade your privacy and search your room. I'm just glad you weren't hiding an illegal drug. S.A. Tawks
In a world of differing opinions, mentally unstable people and complete psychopaths, it was the type of simplistic notion that some people wouldn't want to follow or ignorance would just simply not allow them to understand. S.A. Tawks
I found it hard to get motivated because I found it hard to care. S.A. Tawks
My sense of misadventure took over and I began looking at my problems as challenges. S.A. Tawks
I liked learning but the challenge was that my mother's need to turn education into a competition was ruining the experience for me. S.A. Tawks
Too much negativity can make the strongest structures dilapidate. S.A. Tawks
I found that disturbing the night's calm ambience was almost as gratifying as the ambience itself. S.A. Tawks
Maybe I should have given more thought to her thoughts. S.A. Tawks
Self-harm appealed to my sadness but I didn't let it coax me. S.A. Tawks
Would I come off as a creepy-stalker-kind-of-guy or would it demonstrate that I cared? S.A. Tawks
I'd developed an apology-is-much-better-than-asking-for-permission mentality. S.A. Tawks
A misadventurer's greatest fear is their mother. S.A. Tawks
My anger tempted the act of delinquency and it felt good to dabble. S.A. Tawks
The purpose of water is to drink it but we swim in it for the fun of it. S.A. Tawks
There were no snooty commuters at this late hour. They were home snug in their beds where they should be. S.A. Tawks
After spending the previous night the way I had, I felt I could afford to lose some of the daytime to sleep. S.A. Tawks
Maybe if you allowed me to blow off some steam, I wouldn't have been so frustrated when I had to find higher order fucking derivatives. S.A. Tawks
Acting with confidence, but inside lacking certainty, I'd told her I could. S.A. Tawks
They had to be untrustworthy enough to buy a minor alcohol but trustworthy enough to not walk away with my money. S.A. Tawks
One thing a girl loves more than a bad boy is a self-aware bad boy. S.A. Tawks
As long as you don't kill someone or seriously maim them, sure, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you have a good time. S.A. Tawks
Misadventure will always cause someone to be pissed off at you, because they don't know what degree you're willing to go to to satisfy your need for misadventure. S.A. Tawks
Substituting the discount rate for the ever increasing chance of death and a dollar for joy, joy today is worth more than joy tomorrow. S.A. Tawks
I'd been exposed to alternate ways of thinking and it seriously affected the way my mother had reared me. S.A. Tawks
A misadventure is an act that has a safer, less self-detrimental, less interesting alternative. But you choose that act because you want to do something memorable and worthy of discussion. S.A. Tawks
An adventurer has a purpose. Such as finding new lands and valuable treasures. A misadventurer, besides doing it for the hell of it and for a good time, doesn't really have a good purpose. S.A. Tawks
Misadventure asked what the harm was partaking in one more and I decided not to argue with her. S.A. Tawks
Patience, persistence and hard work lead to success and happiness. Or you can do whatever the hell you want and with a bit or a whole lot of luck you'll stumble onto success and happiness. S.A. Tawks
What does a guy say to that? What does an inexperienced guy say to a beautiful, smart, proper girl who's not supposed to say things like that? S.A. Tawks
As academia became my identity, my fascination with firefighters became buried and, seemingly, died. S.A. Tawks
I'll tell you what you want to hear. I mean, what I need to hear. I'll tell the truth. S.A. Tawks