100 Quotes About Pressure

Pressure is one of life’s greatest challenges. It can be found in competition, work, relationships, or any other facet of life where we feel the need to perform. And without the right tools for success, it can be hard to handle. These pressure quotes are here to help you deal with it Read more

Whether you are dealing with the pressures of work, school, or relationships, these quotes will help you keep calm and carry on.

Pressure makes diamonds
Pressure makes diamonds Unknown
Tension, in the long run, is a more dangerous force...
Tension, in the long run, is a more dangerous force than any feud known to man. Criss Jami
Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it...
Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon. Sope Agbelusi
She knew there were only small joys in life--the big...
She knew there were only small joys in life--the big ones were too complicated to be joys when you got all through--and once you realized that, it took a lot of the pressure off. Lorrie Moore
Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it be your time to shine soon. Sope Agbelusi
I don't know where this pressure came from. I can't blame my parents because it has always felt internal. Like any other parent, my mother celebrated the A grades and the less-than- A grades she felt there was no need to tell anybody about. But not acknowledging the effort that ended in a less than perfect result impacted me as a child. If I didn't win, then we wouldn't tell anyone that I had even competed to save us the embarrassment of acknowledging that someone else was better. Keeping the secret made me think that losing was something to be ashamed of, and that unless I was sure I was going to be the champion there was no point in trying. And there was certainly no point to just having fun. . Portia De Rossi
Some people are like popcorn: they will only succeed when...
Some people are like popcorn: they will only succeed when under heat or pressure. Charbel Tadros
Through most of human history, our ancestors had children shortly after puberty, just as the members of all nonhuman species do to this day. Whether we like the idea or not, our young ancestors must have been capable of providing for their offspring, defending their families from predators, cooperating with others, and in most other respects functioning fully as adults. If they couldn't function as adults, their young could not have survived, which would have meant the swift demise of the human race. The fact that we're still here suggests that most young people are probably far more capable than we think they are. Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of — and buried — the potential of our teens. Robert Epstein
As long as high schools strive to list the number of Ivy League schools their graduates attend and teachers pile on work without being trained to identify stress-related symptoms, I fear for our children’s health. I am not mollified by the alums of my daughter’s school who return to tell everyone that the rigor of high school prepared them for college, making their first year easier than they’d anticipated. If they make it that far. Candy Schulman
It is a healthy approach not to expect persons to...
It is a healthy approach not to expect persons to turn out precisely how you would have wished. Criss Jami
The feeling one has no time to get anything done...
The feeling one has no time to get anything done provides the pressure that guarantees one does get some things done. Alain De Botton
I know so much pressure is on all of us...
I know so much pressure is on all of us to waste time and to just trivialize it. There is so much pressure on us to try to overcome boredom by spending time on frivolities. Sunday Adelaja
There is so much pressure on us to try to...
There is so much pressure on us to try to overcome boredom by spending time on frivolities. Sunday Adelaja
You must stop living under the pressure of the environment...
You must stop living under the pressure of the environment and surrounding and culture and tradition. Sunday Adelaja
Certainly we can say that the pace of modern life, increased and supported by our technology in general and our personal electronics in particular, has resulted in a short attention span and an addiction to the influx of information. A mind so conditioned has little opportunity to think critically, and even less chance to experience life deeply by being in the present moment. A complex life with complicated activities, relationships and commitments implies a reflexive busy-ness that supplants true thinking and feeling with knee-jerk reactions. It is a life high in stress and light on substance, at least in the spiritually meaningful dimensions of being. . Arthur Rosenfeld
Our task is not to yield to the pressure of...
Our task is not to yield to the pressure of our environment Sunday Adelaja
I just want to be someone, to mean something to...
I just want to be someone, to mean something to anyone… Charlotte Eriksson
Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will...
Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will make you live up to it. Tim Fargo
Sometimes a people lose their right to remain silent when...
Sometimes a people lose their right to remain silent when pressured to remain silent. Criss Jami
Relief is a great feeling. It’s the emotional and physical...
Relief is a great feeling. It’s the emotional and physical reward we receive from our bodies upon alleviation of pain, pressure and struggle. A time to bask in the lack of the neg Vera Nazarian
Of course, if one does not fully trust the promise of God's Kingdom, he will have a hard time taking risks and making sacrifices in this life. A gospel centered around the temporal self - fleeting happiness, earthly success, vain prosperity, things such as these - is the primary ambition of the half-hearted Christian; the one who somewhat believes he is subject to an eternal death; the one who just might believe in men before God, who morbidly fears seeming less than anyone else. The man of this school feels deeply that he has but one life to live, that this must be his only chance, and therefore must have it all in his favor - from glory to comfort to riches - and have it right this instant. He is but hinting that he is overcome because he insists always that he must overcome, that his judgment comes now and by the persons around him. The point is, however, in this sense, that by grace the Christian is indeed free, but only for as long as he wants to be free - the practicality of true freedom: that of God which offers not so much freedom to be like the world as it does freedom from the pressures of having to be like the world. For Divine Law is based solely on love and freedom; whereas secular law, pressure and imitation. Criss Jami
True beauty, the kind that doesn't fade or wash off, takes time. It takes pressure. It takes incredible endurance. It is the slow drip that makes the stalactite, the shaking of the Earth that creates mountains, the constant pounding of the waves that breaks up the rocks and smooths the rough edges. And from the violence, the furor, the raging of the winds, the roaring of the waters, something better emerges, something that would otherwise never exist. And so we endure. We have faith that there is purpose. We hope for things we can't see. We believe that there are lessons in loss, power in love, and that we have within us the potential for a beauty so magnificent that our bodies can't contain it . Amy Harmon
Crying relieves pressure on soul.
Crying relieves pressure on soul. Toba Beta
And if she liked and trusted the person who asked, she would add that yes, it was kind of a lot to deal with: her outward affect was bright and capable, and that was no illusion, but equally real was the yawning pit of exhaustion inside her. She just felt so tired sometimes. And because of everything her parents asked of her, she was ashamed of being tired. She could not, would not let the pit swallow her up, as much as she sometimes wanted it to. . Lev Grossman
True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure - the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character's essential nature. Robert McKee
What you're going through is not meant to hurt you, but meant to deliver you from the evil oppressing you. Jeanette Coron
You cannot really get married by mistake. You can only marry the wrong person. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Every category has its snobs: music, books, movies. There are so many things a man is only pressured into liking or disliking. Criss Jami
In life there will be so many pressing demands, and there will be a mass of pressure on you, but you must be so disciplined so that you can go through these things and come out victorious Sunday Adelaja
At the W.M. Keck Observatory on the very high altitude summit of Mauna Kea, there was no routine monitoring of mental functioning, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure or heart rate of workers. Steven Magee
She wanted to make sure she studied all the manuals thoroughly, but she had to admit that part of her hesitation was the unsettling length of the list of things that could go wrong if she mishandled the pressure. Jaleigh Johnson
Never strike out of anger if at all possible, this will give your enemy the advantage and strengthen his resolve and psyche Soke Behzad Ahmadi
Procrastination causes pressure that zaps creativity and excellence. Todd Stocker
Good friends will allow you to be as innocent and free as a child when in private, and as wise and mature as an adult when in public. Criss Jami
They think I’m not entirely ‘grounded in reality’, they say. They want me to go to some live-in nerdy activity ranch thing for troubled Canadian youth, that one out in Ontario where you come back programmed like some robot, dressed in a tye-dyed shirt and eating tuna sandwiches, ” Mandy explained, a horrified look on her face. “You’re eighteen, not twelve! Would they really send you to some rat’s nest like that?” Wendy questioned in mock horror. “Aw hell no, if you get sent there, they’ll make you hold hands and sing songs about caring! And they’ll force you to recycle everything in blue canisters, and to discuss your emotions in front of groups of bratty little dopes! ”“ Dear god, they’ll have geeky youth wiener roasts at night, and no locks on the doors! ” Mandy added, eyes wide. “…It’ll be the day pigs fly, my parents have the camp brochure on the fridge but they’ll never go through with sending me there. They always forget. Rebecca McNutt
The reason you’re going through what you’re going through is to receive the things you’ve been praying for. Jeanette Coron
There’s a pressure at all hours of the day only a poem can assuage. Kristen Henderson
If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After awhile you'll see your rivals scrambling for second place. Criss Jami
Once you are defiled, you can't get back your purity by any means, instead, you will only look for ways to be defiled over and over again. Michael Bassey Johnson
If any woman opens her legs for you, don't feel so lucky to be fed with nonsense, she has been a bitch for a long time, and now its your own turn to get a share from her itching tunnel. Michael Bassey Johnson
25. Whenever two human beings spend time together, sooner or later they will probably irritate one another. This is true of best friends, married couples, parents and children, or teachers and students. The question is: How do they respond when friction occurs? There are four basic ways they can react:- They can internalize the anger and send it downward into a memory bank that never forgets. This creates great pressure within and can even result in disease and other problems.- They can pout and be rude without discussing the issues. This further irritates the other person and leaves him or her to draw his or her own conclusions about what the problem may be.- They can blow up and try to hurt the other person. This causes the death of friendships, marriages, homes, and businesses.- Or they can talk to one another about their feelings, being very careful not to attack the dignity and worth of the other person. This approach often leads to permanent and healthy relationships. James C. Dobson
We should teach our kids that they're blessing and not a burden and that they're valuable beyond what they can imagine - in God's eyes, in the world's eyes - that they're purpose is so important to fulfill and it's gonna make a difference in the world. And they're the only ones that can make the difference that they can make, in the way that they can make it. That's why we all have different fingerprints. And I feel like the message is not clear enough. It's not clear because they go to school and they get challenged and they're bombarded with the idea that abortion is okay, that we can just go ahead and, you know, if we're not ready to have a kid we can just take care of that problem. But kids are not a problem, they're not a mistake, they're not a burden. They're blessing from God and that's what we don't understand. My mom was sixteen when she had me and we both almost died, I was a second kid, she had my brother when she was fifteen. And we both almost died and the doctors told her to abort me and I think that a lot of people gave her that advice. So when I grew up I think I had a sense of being a burden. And I think a lot of kids actually have that sense. Lacey Sturm
We're constantly judging and grading other parents, just to make sure that they aren't any better than us. I'm as guilty as anyone. I see some lady hand her kid a Nintendo DS at the supermarket and I instantly downgrade that lady to Shitty Parent status. I feel pressure to live up to a parental ideal that no one probably has ever achieved. I feel pressure to raise a group of human beings that will help America kick the shit out of Finland and South Korea in the world math rankings. I feel pressure to shield my kids from the trillion pages of hentai donkey porn out there on the Internet. I feel pressure to make the insane amounts of money needed for a supposedly 'middle-class' upbringing for the kids, an upbringing that includes a house and college tuition and health care and so many other expenses that you have to be a multimillionaire to afford it. PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE. Drew Magary
Forcing the muse to let thoughts flow; equals to pushing a child, into labor. Aniruddha Sastikar
Both men and women experience pressure to conform to social standards of attractiveness. Men to look strong and be tough, women to look pretty and soft. Men to be masculine, women to be feminine. Men get judged for being "too feminine", women get criticized for being "too masculine". Gender policing affects us all. Miya Yamanouchi
When people pressure you to engage in negative decisions and actions, look at them boldly in the eyes and dare them to do good. Unknown
Most people want so desperately to be an individual yet are so easily shaped by the media. Criss Jami
The basic thing nobody asks is why do people take drugs of any sort? Why do we have these accessories to normal living to live? I mean, is there something wrong with society that's making us so pressurized, that we cannot live without guarding ourselves against it? John Lennon
How hard it is to now believe that these strong, merciless chains of fear and hopelessness, rendering the limbs of my mind motionless, were once innocuous mere threads.” -Mehul.M Abhinav .M
Sometimes God’s way of answering prayer is not by removing the pressure, but by increasing your strength to bear it. Elizabeth George
We all are creative by nature, but our creativity gets buried deep under the pressure of our day to day mad rush. Sukant Ratnakar
Comedy strikes here... just to reduce pressure and depression. Deyth Banger
There isn’t any doubt I’m stuck in stress and depression. Deyth Banger
Sometimes I feel like all the crap in the world is building up inside me, like all the bad is just filling me like a balloon. I push it all back, live my happy life. But sometimes that balloon exposed and all the crap lands on everything around me. Keary Taylor
Don´t let your work define you. But let you define what works for you to defy and refine you even more. Ana Claudia Antunes
Life's pressure is equal to your resistance. Bryant McGill
The whole bloated sensation of success is wiped clean when among family. There is no pressure of being looked upon as 'the brilliant one' but rather the comforts of always being the pupil. Criss Jami
In order to improve our life for good always remember that regardless of what anyone else says and does, we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. This is the only way to experience victory, joy, and satisfaction every day of our lives. Donald Pillai
Stays focused and channel your little efforts through a common canal and you will marvel at the amount of pressure you create in that canal. Israelmore Ayivor
Live with kindness, integrity and spirituality. Comport yourself with grace under pressure. Bryant McGill
A demand on self to add value is a kind of pressure that causes increase Sunday Adelaja
Be real. Embrace that you have weakness. Because everyone does. Embrace that your body is not perfect. Because nobody’s is. Embrace that you have things you can’t control. We all have a list of them. Dan Pearce
(Talking about the movement to deny the prevalence and effects of adult sexual exploitation of children) So what does this movement consist of? Who are the movers and shakers? Well molesters are in it, of course. There are web pages telling them how to defend themselves against accusations, to retain confidence about their ‘loving and natural’ feelings for children, with advice on what lawyers to approach, how to complain, how to harass those helping their children. Then there’s the Men’s Movements, their web pages throbbing with excitement if they find ‘proof’ of conspiracy between feminists, divorcing wives and therapists to victimise men, fathers and husbands. Then there are journalists. A few have been vitally important in the US and Britain in establishing the fightback, using their power and influence to distort the work of child protection professionals and campaign against children’s testimony. Then there are other journalists who dance in and out of the debates waggling their columns behind them, rarely observing basic journalistic manners, but who use this debate to service something else — a crack at the welfare state, standards, feminism, ‘touchy, feely, post- Diana victimhood’. Then there is the academic voice, landing in the middle of court cases or inquiries, offering ‘rational authority’. Then there is the government. During the entire period of discovery and denial, not one Cabinet minister made a statement about the prevalence of sexual abuse or the harm it caused. Finally there are the ‘retractors’. For this movement to take off, it had to have ‘human interest’ victims — the accused — and then a happy ending — the ‘retractors’. We are aware that those ‘retractors’ whose parents trail them to newspapers, television studios and conferences are struggling. Lest we forget, they recanted under palpable pressure. . Beatrix Campbell
In this book we paint an unprecedented portrait of Britain’s first ‘false memory’ retraction and show that, like other ‘false memory’ cases which appeared in the public domain, memory itself was always a false trail — these women never forgot. We are not challenging people’s right to tell their own story and then to change it. But we do assert that the chance should be interpreted in the context that created it. Thousands of accounts of sexual and physical abuse in childhood cannot be explained by a pseudo-scientific ‘syndrome’. We have been shifted to the wrong debate, a debate about the malignancy of survivors and their allies, rather than those who have hurt them. That’s why the arguments have become so elusive. […]. Beatrix Campbell
Pressure has the power to create a diamond, but it has to be the "right" pressure. Shannon L. Alder
Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure. Tommy Lasorda
The pressure of adversity is the most powerful sustainer of accountability. It's as though everything you do is multiplied by 50 in order to surpass those with a head-start. I was never capable of slacking when at the threshold of failure. Criss Jami
Never ask while you are doing it if what you are doing is fun. Don't introduce even your most reliably witty acquaintance as someone who will set the table on a roar. Christopher Hitchens
The world is so obsessed with defining sexuality for everyone and attaching labels to it. Any time any person openly leaves the sexual norm, their sexuality becomes, more often than not, the absolute defining characteristic of that person. It becomes the first thing people think about and often the first thing they mention. Every other part of that person all but disappears. Dan Pearce
At the border of where I will literally not survive so long as I keep living in so much fear of the harsh judgments of others, I am finally conceding the truth to you all. I am finally conceding the truth to me. I am something other than straight. Dan Pearce
If only I could change the world around me, perhaps my truth won’t one day be the end of me. Dan Pearce
Make life easier for those around you, not harder. Every person you know is fighting their own great battle. Few of us ever know what those battles entail, and so often we say and do things that push others deeper and harder into the front lines of those battles. I know such has been the relentless lifelong reality for me. Love a person for the person that they are. Or dislike them for the person that they are. But don’t love or dislike them for the sole reason that they see people differently than you do. Don’t love or dislike them because they experience the world differently than you do. And please don’t eternally and wholly define them with sexual labels just because they were among those who finally found the courage to acknowledge their truth. Dan Pearce
For twenty-one years, I have been paralyzed by the fear of what this society will do with me if they ever were to know of the thoughts that I continually push away. For more than two decades, I have made a choice to be straight. After all, it’s as easy as making a choice, isn’t it? This culture has made sure that I know that. Anyone who is anything other than straight was just someone deceived by the devil. He is unnatural. He is confused. He is mistaken. He is weak. He can control it if he desires to control it. Such a compelling and ongoing argument has been made that I have always trusted it. I believed that if I hid it long enough, and ran from it long enough, and refused to acknowledge it for long enough, I could indeed succeed at living up to their decrees. I believed that I could force myself to never be anything else. Dan Pearce
Lumani had never managed a failed delivery because, in the end, no matter how skilled or how hard they fought back, pressure applied in the right places caused even the strongest men to fracture. But this one? He'd watched her. Studied her. Observed what maybe even Uncle, the reader of people, had missed. This one was already fractured, and the lines between her broken pieces were not fissures but scar material stronger than whatever had once filled those spaces. Taylor Stevens
Princess. By S. Morgenstern. It's a kids' classic. Tell him I'll quiz him on it when I'm back next week and that he doesn't have to like it or anything, but if he doesn't, tell him I'll kill myself. Give him that message exactly please; I wouldn't want to apply any extra pressure or anything. William Goldman
Be oblivious to city high-rises, work-related stress and microwave popcorn. Fennel Hudson
Dark Energy is poorly understood and it is clear that we are currently moving into exploring thecomplete electromagnetic spectrum that also includes the study of atmospheric pressure waves, atmospheric voltage effects on the cellular system, and the biological effects of the various forms ofatmospheric radiation transmission. Steven Magee
The Pressure-Maybe one day, after centuries, we can become brilliant gemsin crystal cavesand we will be immortal after all. Keelie Breanna
In a stress pressure-cooker like America, I believe we will see more and more shooting massacres. Violence is in our cultural DNA. Bryant McGill
In the world there is, parallel to the force of death and constraint, an enormous force of persuasion that is called culture. Albert Camus
Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel. Michael Bassey Johnson
If thinking and reason crack under pressure of emotional convulsions or when commissioned facts are resulting from fibs and fake constructions, truth may be in great peril. ( ”Blame storming”) Erik Pevernagie
If there is any pressure to sell yourself cheap in order to be accepted, you truly don't belong there. Unknown
You weren't born to be a product of societal and peer pressures. However, you have to first understand that your presence on earth matters, because your life has a very unique purpose. Therefore, be comfortable with parading your true positive self, accompanied with an undying faith in God's guidance and protection. Unknown
These masked men were going to bring me to a cleaner place, where things were more sharply distinguished from one another and where I would finally have the space to figure out who I was without other people nudging me all the time into shapes they thought I should have. Alexandra Kleeman
There's a kind of pressure that your own life muscles onto you, to do something just like you would do, to behave just like yourself. Alexandra Kleeman
You wanted a wife but I wasstill a girl. Kate Chisman
Whether we know it or choose to admit it, we are either an Encourager or a Discourager. We each make a choice as to which type we will be… every day. Discouragers bring “stresspools.”I call any of those places that add unnecessary stress and aggravation “stresspools.” They are just as stinky and rotten as cesspools, but “stresspools” wreak of tension, strain, anxiety, worry, hassle, pressure, and emotional trauma. Cathy Burnham Martin
30 or 40 of such voluntary gentlemen would do more in a day than 100 of the rest that must be press'd to it by compulsion. John Smith
I like to read and write because it is the ONLY thing that takes my mind off of the real world and my spinning worries. It is a time I can be free of anxiety, worry, and stress. When my life gets hectic I HAVE to read and write or I'll drown. Shandy L. Kurth
People who pressure you usually deserve a “no". People who are patient with you usually deserve a “yes". Alan Cohen
Many professionals have to sign gagging clauses or face the sack if they speak out. The social worker and therapist was familiar with the scare that revelation brings to the survivor. […]We are in this story. It isn't ours, but we are in it nonetheless, not least because of the viscous campaign which has followed us over the last ten years. Any organisation with which we work may receive correspondence from the accused adults’ and ‘false memory’ movements. Some of these propagandists are confidentially dominating the professional and political arguments using new information technology to spread what we consider to be smears, innuendo and misinformation. P8(refers to authors Beatrix Campbell & Judith Jones — a journalist and a social worker/therapist). Beatrix Campbell
Let pressure pass over and through you. That way you can't be harmed by it. Brian Herbert
Wars are times of intense technological transformation, because societies invest — sometimes with extensive borrowing — when and where matters of life and death are at stake. George Friedman
For us to have great and impressive increase, we need to do than just lying down and wishing for the best. We need to get off the bed, lay demands on ourselves and exert enough pressure, as much as necessary to get the kind increase we need Sunday Adelaja
If you want to get results in your life try with comedy... first pressure then apply comedy. Always it shallow the shitty life-pressure! Deyth Banger
When you're reaching the end of the semester and you just wanna die. Coffin Making 101 is literally killing me.- Karen Quan and Jarod Kintz Karen Quan
No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don't fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best. Benjamin Carson
I worried so much about how I looked and whether I was doing things right, I felt half the time I was impersonating a girl instead of really being one. Sue Monk Kidd
Expectations. Strong belief something will happen in the future. Pressure. A motivator. A positive. An indicator you are in the right place. Joe Maddon