67 Over Quotes And Sayings

There are few things more powerful than the strength of a father’s love for his children. But sometimes, life can be hard. The best thing you can do is reach out to your parents whenever you need them, because they are always here for you. Have a collection of wise and inspirational fatherly quotes below to keep on hand especially when life overwhelms you and you need some positive words to get you moving again.

How do you know when it's over?
How do you know when it's over?" "Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you. Gunnar Ardelius
I'm guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve...
I'm guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I'm done, I'm done. Turcois Ominek
We all know we're one day closer to the end...
We all know we're one day closer to the end when we wake up in the morning. We just kid ourselves that it's not happening. Rachel Ward
I'm still looking for someone Who said they were here for me, And I thought I was once there for you. But when troubles are nearer than friends, And the road comes to an end, What could I do? I wish I could fly away like you. Margo T. Rose
Only absolute and unshakable faith in God can make us...
Only absolute and unshakable faith in God can make us rule over the world Sunday Adelaja
Drama don't arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised.
Drama don't arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised. T.F. Hodge
We got to see a Corsair ship up close — all matt black, no markings, no lights — and practically invisible out here in the dark! What a sight to behold! Most people don’t get to see those bastards up close. That is, for very long! Anyways, the ship was just floating there, no sign of life. Our hails weren’t being answered, and so we assumed the ship was dead in space. Captain Mulligan, gods-rest-his-soul, told me to form a boarding party of security and medics from the sickbay and that we were going over there. We weren’t a military ship, and we’re not Star Marines, so we were lightly armed and quite nervous. I mean, this wasn’t just some of my security section being called out to break up a fight at one of the bars on the promenade, this was serious life-and-death shit! So I said ‘okay’, and told my assistant supervisor, Lisa Garfner, to get them all together. Seven of us shifted over to the other ship with the transmatter (you still use those things, I take it?) not knowing what to expect. It could’ve been anything… and it was. It was crazy. Christina Engela
He had wished me well in finding my own fate to follow, and I never doubted his sincerity. But it had taken me years to accept that his absence in my life was a deliberate finality, an act he had chosen, a thing completed even as some part of my soul still dangled, waiting for his return. That, I think, is the shock of any relationship ending. It is realizing that what is still an ongoing relationship to someone is, for the other person, something finished and done with. . Robin Hobb
As the new year began, [Patricia Highsmith] felt completely paralysed, incapable of reading or picking up the phone. 'I can feel my grip loosening on my self, ' she wrote. 'It is like strength failing in the hand that holds me above an abyss.' She wished there was a more awful-sounding word for what she was feeling than simply 'depression'. She wanted to die, she said, but then realised that the best course of action would be to endure the wretchedness until it passed. Her wish was, 'Not to die, but not to exist, simply, until this is over'. Andrew Wilson
It finally was entirely silent and I inhaled and breathed its magical peace... Oksana Rus
God is always creating something new, He wants to give us new information and reveal to us new secrets in order to exalt us over this world Sunday Adelaja
We, as children of God, have an advantage over the world Sunday Adelaja
Still in my mind the old days scenario is playing OVER AND OVER Deyth Banger
Gone are the summer daysand my mind along with them. No longer will I indulgein hopes of getting you back. It is hope that makes these chains heavierand autumnal nights longer. I will merely serve as a memory to you:the lover that recited love poems. I must go nowand I urge you not to look back. Kamand Kojouri
It's not over till the fat lady eats! Ljupka Cvetanova
That part of your life is over. Set it aside as something you have finished. Complete or no, it is done with you. No being gets to decide what his life is "supposed to be"..' Be a man. Discover where you are now, and go on from there, making the best of things. Accept your life, and you might survive it. If you hold back from it, insisting this is not your life, not where you are meant to be, life will pass you by. You may not die from such foolishness, but you might as well be dead for all the good your life will do you or anyone else. Robin Hobb
Your fear comes not from what you're afraid will happen. Your fear comes from thinking what may happen. You cannot predict your future. You can however, create your future. What happened yesterday is over. What happens today is up to you…. James A. Murphy
Each time you turn your life issues over to God and allow Him to lead, you build trust in Him. Elizabeth George
It was over before I even had a chance. Jenny Han
God wants you to begin to strategise, plan, draw out tactics, methodologies of how your business would take over that particular sphere of business where you are Sunday Adelaja
No matter how obstacles may "play" you over the bar, you will be able to assume your shape when your passion is always intact. You will not burst! Israelmore Ayivor
For a moment, I almost felt sorry for her. Then the bitch blasted me with her water magic, and I got over it. Jennifer Estep
When we prepare not our hearts for the things of God, evil things take over. Sunday Adelaja
Horror is a curiousity, it's used we to go over on real horror it just prepare us for the hard battles. To laugh at somebody's harm... there is even and scientific explanation. Deyth Banger
They all call me "Excuse me, " even though my nametag clearly says "Jordan." It's like people don't actually exist while they're working. Workers are just tools who aren't supposed to have feelings or personalities. You don't become human until your shift is over. Until then, we're all just zombies. We're dead to the world: infected people who need to be avoided, unless, of course, someone needs to know where the paintbrushes are located. J. Cornell Michel
The day you left, it felt like I lost a diary in which I had been writing for so long. Now all that memories flashes in bits and pieces inside my head always and makes me wish that I could sit back and read it all over again. Akshay Vasu
Many people over forty have at least one health condition that affects their ability to work a forty hour work week effectively. Human Resources (HR), doctors and governments have known this fact for decades. Steven Magee
She fell into his arms like the rainfall over an ocean. Akshay Vasu
Overeating at Thanksgiving is a case in point. It's a national tradition. Eric Samuel Timm
If I am ever unexpectedly stopped in my car by the police, my response after pulling over in a populated area is to politely and clearly inform them that I am unarmed, I am recording everything, if they want to take me to the police station that they will need to appoint a lawyer, and I am now using my USA federal right to silence. Steven Magee
If God is truth, that truth must reign supreme on the earth even as he reigns over the universe Sunday Adelaja
Men who make all the decisions in a relationship are also the ones who will blame you when they don’t work out as they expected. Heather Chapple
I don't know do I exist? I'm two different characters, DeYtH Banger isn't even and my name it was a character created by me. But who am I??Can I use the word "I"?, who is "I". You use "I", he use this word and she use this word, but who is "I"? Deyth Banger
Girls should be taught at school that giving birth to an unnaturally over-sized western baby that no longer fits down the birth canal may lead to a multitude of long term health problems. Steven Magee
The Doktor was very vond, I mean fond of Vluffy, so he gave him a flame-proof doggie-jacket. It was dull grey, but it had a tartan pattern on it. Vluffy liked his doggie-jacket and wore it all the time. When things went ‘bang’ he could just roll over, dust himself off and quickly scamper off with the doggie jacket flapping on his back. So in short, Vluffy was a very happy little dog who spent a lot of his time hiding under furniture. But the point is that he’d had a lot of time. Much more than those who went (up in smoke) before him. . Christina Engela
Self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle. Billy Graham
People are stupid, because of watching the same over and over and over and over - which goes as far as I can tell hell. Deyth Banger
Hell is repetition, you go over and over and over. That's hell, so I will eat your eyes in hell, I will be waiting you in hell, I will repeat that over and over and over... Deyth Banger
I feel so horrible, but you won't believe what I know. What you think "I have done", you have done it you can't fight this, it's not over and it won't be over! Deyth Banger
I love books because I don't have to wait for the commercials to be over to find out what happens. Unknown.
If in fact it’s not too late to realize that something’s ‘too late’, then there’s a good chance that it’s not. Craig D. Lounsbrough
I wonder if He anticipates the day when He can make us understand what was occurring in our time of trial. I wonder if He broods over our sorrows. James C. Dobson
The fight isn't over until you win it... That's all you have to remember. No matter what the other man thinks. Robin Hobb
People die from hitting the wall, they hit it again and again......one moment it ends all and they die! Deyth Banger
My humor is traced with dark - I've got dark patches all over the place. Albert Brooks
I'm not afraid of computers taking over the world. Thom Yorke
The subtlety of nature is greater many times over than the subtlety of the senses and understanding. Francis Bacon
Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate. Ambrose Bierce
For over ten years or so game music has developed into a very large market. Nobuo Uematsu
By Thursday morning, we'd gotten over the worst of it. William Scranton
Actors are one family over the entire world. Eleanor Roosevelt
Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over. Ernest Hemingway
Those among them that have not received our religion do not fright any from it, and use none ill that goes over to it, so that all the while I was there one man was only punished on this occasion. Thomas More
The present time has one advantage over every other - it is our own. Charles Caleb Colton
Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will. Alexander Hamilton
No authoritarian leader cedes power easily or turns it over to bodies he cannot control. Stephen Kinzer
The law has no power over heroes. Charlotte Lennox
The power of man has grown in every sphere, except over himself. Winston Churchill
Language fits over experience like a straight-jacket. William Golding
There are now over 5, 000 medical physicists in the U.S more than 50 times the number in 1958. John Cameron
Art is the triumph over chaos. John Cheever
Most lyric poetry is about love, whether yearned after, fulfilled, or wistfully regretted; what isn't tends to consist of laments and cris du coeur over this, that, and the other. Michael Dirda
Get mad, then get over it. Colin Powell
It is typical of women to fester and ferment over disappointments, slights, annoyances, angers, etc. Laura Schlessinger
Public anger over bank bailouts was as much about fairness as the billions of dollars spent. Nina Easton
He took over anger to intimidate subordinates, and in time anger took over him. Milan Kundera