100 Quotes About One

We take ourselves too seriously, and sometimes forget to just enjoy life. Sometimes we need a reminder that we are not the only ones here doing our best, and we won’t always find ourselves in the situation we’re in now. We all experience bad days, and it can be really hard to remember that other people have had their fair share of them as well. But there is one thing we all should always remember: everything happens for a reason Read more

These quotes about one will help you see the good in life’s little ups and downs.

There's only one thing that can heal the heart... Only...
There's only one thing that can heal the heart... Only one... It's love, Gaara. Masashi Kishimoto
When you are lonely for a while don't get restless,...
When you are lonely for a while don't get restless, if you had born alone, you are going to die alone then for sometime you can certainly live alone. Amit Kalantri
When the sea reaches the sky, then we shall all...
When the sea reaches the sky, then we shall all become one. Anthony T. Hincks
If you caress me one more time, you will melt...
If you caress me one more time, you will melt the butter on my toast. Anthony T. Hincks
We dream that we're all different. The reality is that...
We dream that we're all different. The reality is that we're all not. Anthony T. Hincks
A week is an eternity between lovers.
A week is an eternity between lovers. Anthony T. Hincks
ONE BUT MANYOne God, many faces. One family, many races. One truth, many paths. One heart, many complexions. One light, many reflections. One world, many imperfections. O N E. We are all one, But many. Suzy Kassem
Interconnection permeates the entire universe. We are all one. Amy Leigh Mercree
I am one and when I am one I am...
I am one and when I am one I am none, and when I am none I have won. Julieanne OConnor
Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd...
Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone. Michael Bassey Johnson
We are all connected. When one arm or foot is...
We are all connected. When one arm or foot is poisoned, the whole body becomes infected. Suzy Kassem
I am looking for the one I can’t fool. Kamand Kojouri
No knowledge can summarize humans in one premise.
No knowledge can summarize humans in one premise. Zaman Ali
Normal people attempt countless goals with limited success. Weird people...
Normal people attempt countless goals with limited success. Weird people focus on just one God-given objective with tremendous results. Craig Groeschel
One day I woke up and realized no amount of love, care, pain, hurt, anger, or retribution could ever transform those who are evil into good or kind people. That day I let go; I stopped caring for them, gave up any hope for their souls, and knew they were never worthy of me or my time. Ken Poirot
There is only one of you in all time, this...
There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. Martha Graham
There had been a computer he had also built himself on the farthest corner of the room, but he had sold that a couple of months ago to buy me a necklace. I wore it then, it was two silver hearts linked as one. That’s what he and I were, we we’re one. Natalie Valdes
2. Overcommitment and time pressure are the greatest destroyers of...
2. Overcommitment and time pressure are the greatest destroyers of marriages. It takes time to develop any friendship...whether with a loved one or with God Himself. James C. Dobson
Sometimes we meet people and are so symbiotic with them,...
Sometimes we meet people and are so symbiotic with them, it’s as if we are one person, with one mind, one destiny. Gayle Forman
Most people do not realize that they are one car...
Most people do not realize that they are one car crash away from death. Steven Magee
Understanding why so many western women are giving birth to...
Understanding why so many western women are giving birth to unnaturally large babies that either damage the birth canal or will not fit down it is one of the greatest challenges to modern medicine. Steven Magee
Some people are so much heaven to the square inch...
Some people are so much heaven to the square inch that life is simply hell, when she leaves you in order to go south for the winter. (Yes, women are people too, sometimes even threee.) Will Advise
To leaders, one trusted friend is better than ten well known betrayers Israelmore Ayivor
When everyone has a microphone, you can't hear anything. Choose one voice carefully and listen in. Richie Norton
One religion, one civilisation, above all is Love and Humanity, respectively. Vikrmn
Poetry is seeing everything when there is only one thing. It is looking at a rose but seeing the stars, moons, seas, and trees. It is a truth beyond logic, an experience beyond thought. Poetry is the Earth pausing on its axis in order to manifest itself as a rose. Kamand Kojouri
Now, young lady, I suppose you're here for a work assignment." Work?" Tally said. They both looked down at her puzzled expression, and Shay burst into laughter. Scott Westerfeld
17. One of the secrets of successful living is found in the word balance, referring to the avoidance of harmful extremes. We need food, but we should not overeat. We should work, but not make work our only activity. We should play, but not let play rule us. Throughout life, it will be important to find the safety of the middle ground rather than the imbalance of the extremes. James C. Dobson
Work on making yourself a complete being. Though you were born with the physical traits of one sex, you possess the characteristics of both - including those of plants and animals. You were created as a nearly complete universal being, but with flaws. True perfection can only be achieved when one recognizes that they need to combine their oneness with others and nature. Only then is one considered complete. Suzy Kassem
Let us recognize that we are all part of each other. We are all human. We are all one. Suzy Kassem
One in AllAll in One--If only this is realized, No more worry about your not being perfect (175) Edward Conze
It's good to see the snakes revealing themselves. They weren't actually hidden at all. People hide behind the masks, but eventually you see them for who they truly are. Amaka Imani Nkosazana
If we can prevent just one marriage from disintegrating--or just one child from suffering the loss of a family--our effort will be justified. James C. Dobson
There is only one limitation that exists in our minds, which can indeed reduce the speed of our progress; that is the limitation of our understanding Sunday Adelaja
Mankind's obsession with money and greed has them going down a one way street to their demise. Steven Magee
A merciful heart beats contently stronger than many vengeful ones Munia Khan
His famous, soul-stirring "I have a dream" speech will still give you chills and break your heart today. Decades later, long after his life on earth tragically ended, the legacy of his burden lives on, improving lives for generations to come. All because one man allowed his burden to birth a dream. Craig Groeschel
Eyes and ears are two. Lungs and kidneys, too. I wonder thenwhy we're born with oneheart that skips a beat when hay is here, and beats quickly when you are near. One heart that cracks when you are far, lie to me and leave a scar. I wonder thenwhy we're born with oneheart that gets broken. Was I supposed to find you then? So your heart would make one plus one is twofor me andtwo for you. Kamand Kojouri
Every one of us can do something about the truth. You can at least stand for the truth wherever you are. You can refuse to compromise the truth. Of course you can tell the truth. Truth could be proclaimed. Truth could be protected. There are so many responses to the truth that would please the heart of our master. Heaven awaits only your decision Sunday Adelaja
To succeed as a Christian is to become one with God Sunday Adelaja
There is no indication that God explained to Joseph what He was doing through those many years of heartache or how the pieces would eventually fit together. He had no ways of knowing that he would eventually enjoy a triumphal reunion with his family. He was expected, as you and I are, to live out his life one day at a time in something less than complete understanding. What pleased God was Joseph’s faithfulness when nothing made sense. . James C. Dobson
Bond is stronger than blood. The family grows stronger by bond. Itohan Eghide
The very idea of making shoes by hand boggled her mind. Scott Westerfeld
Each and every one of us was created to carry out justice, judgment, truth and equity on the earth. It could be in different spheres of life, in various professions or in diverse gifting. But the mandate is clear, his nature must be reflected on the earth. If he is a God of justice, people must see his justice on earth. If he is a God of sound judgment, that sound mind must be revealed in people who identify themselves with him on daily basis. If God is truth, that truth must reign supreme on the earth even as he reigns over the universe. If fairness, impartiality, equity, are his essence, that should become dominant in any society. Sunday Adelaja
16. Christians should never consult astrologers, psychics, or those who practice witchcraft (see Isaiah 47:13-14). They are usually phonies who only pretend to have extrasensory powers. But in some cases, they are working in cooperation with Satan. Rather than tamper with this evil world, the one true God wants us to bring our needs, problems, and decisions to Him. He has promised to lead us into all truth (see John 8:32). James C. Dobson
The world's questions cannot be simply solved with just one equation. Gabriella Jording
The Words 2012, one world is ruin and one new world is build. One twisted pictures, one couple which loved each other... just their relationship dies... And another person just steal somebody's life and then he finds the truth... Deyth Banger
The world from it self is a brutal one. Deyth Banger
I'll forget me. You forget you. We can be onetogether, happily. Kamand Kojouri
I didn’t know what it was, who I was or who he was. I just knew what we could have become as one. Dominic Riccitello
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam."" I shall either find away, or make one Latin Quote
Writers aren't exactly people.... They're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person. F. Scott Fitzgerald
One big blow can hit and destroy any strong door in front of you. As for the 1000 feeble blows, they can’t even remove the cobwebs. Courage is the key. Israelmore Ayivor
One more action to transform your dreams, one more passion to reform your brand; give one more trial and you’ll never regret your willingness to hold on! Israelmore Ayivor
The Scribe"Under the wings Of the feathered Goddess, And in the middle Of the three dancing women, The scribe comes alive To reveal mysteries hidden Through divine gifts given The scribe is driven On his sacred mission To wake up All the universe's Men, women and Heavenly children. Under the seven rays of Aten, And from the age of just ten, The scribe comes alive With the fertile ink Of his luminous pen. Below the spectacle of the moon, And in the smile of the sun, The scribe is here to show us How we are all one. Suzy Kassem
The passenger liner Ossifar Distana was one of the most luxurious of its kind in space anywhere. It ferried the cream of society across the void in opulence and style. Only the wealthiest could afford an apartment on this ship for a trip of any duration, even a short one around the proverbial block. Even the crew was obliged to pay rent. Christina Engela
The Book revealed to Muhammad is one and unique of its kind. It has left indelible impression on the hearts of humanity. Nothing can overcome its majesty. The Quran has given new dimensions to human thinking - Surprising reforms, stunning success! The power that created in Muslims a ravenous appetite for knowledge sprung from the Quran. B. Margoliouth
Everybody is Beautiful and Unique in Their Own Special Way, Beauty goes Beyond the Outer Appearance. I think it's More Important to have a Beautiful Mind. Stop Comparing Yourselves Amongst Yourselves. Nobody is like You and Never will be You. Stop being Jealous of Others. Stop Hating on Others. Appreciate your Qualities and Characteristics. Amaka Imani Nkosazana
Why live unless you live large? Death is a reality, always present, waiting, with that in mind, live today, it is everything you own. Jason Goodman
One major way to avoid shifting blames unto other people is to accept and agree that the efforts that turn the loads of your self- improvement have to turn on your own pivot. Israelmore Ayivor
We have a thousand possible, but only one is the target. (Nous avons mille possibles, - Mais un seul est la cible) Charles De Leusse
Paul's one thing was committing to forget about the past, to forge ahead into the future. Craig Groeschel
My mathematics is simple: one plus one = one. Dejan Stojanovic
With your goal you make the one. Dejan Stojanovic
Sticking to one person for a lifetime is not a waste of time or lack of better ones, it means you've found your place of eternity. Michael Bassey Johnson
One major factor that will prevent your dreams from becoming nightmares is learning to vacate your spectators’ seat and then taking steps towards the players' bench! You've got to play to win! Israelmore Ayivor
We are basically all one. We are one being, one consciousness, one whole. We are all connected to each other. We are all parts of the same whole. How we treat others are how we treat ourselves. If we treat others badly, we are really treating ourselves badly. If we hate others, we are really hating ourselves. If we love others, we are basically loving ourselves. Swami Dhyan Giten
The ones who love your dark are the only light you'll ever need. Jenim Dibie
Love ~ Truth ~ Freedom are three words that mean the same, and none may exist without the other present. Unknown
As one who would rather light a candle than curse the darkness. Richard Paul Evans
At the edge you will always remember me, at the edge you will last be remembered, where sanity and insanity come together, for the time, then separates. Like leaves on October trees, that color the world, but for a moment, then leave. At the edge, where life losses its edginess, and thoughts we will become one, someday. At the edge the sun drops, the ring falls, and senses of raindrops climb upwards to the gray sky. . Anthony Liccione
Life is not enjoyed by being busy over everything in general, but being passionate about one thing in particular. Always focus on that one thing; dream it and live it! Israelmore Ayivor
Complacency is a sword of two edges. One edge kills hard earned successes while the other end stops future glories. Complacency is a murderer and a barrier! Israelmore Ayivor
Don't tell me that I can't do it. Go and tell God that story. After all, He is the one who gave me the air to breath and be able to do it well! Go! Israelmore Ayivor
If you think you can't make time to invest into your life at once now, you will be compelled to make time to count your regrets one by one later. By all means, you'll make time... So, make it now! Israelmore Ayivor
Look upward to your God for direction! Look inward into yourself and discover your talents! Look outward into your environment and get helped! Stop looking at one direction! Israelmore Ayivor
Most people who are global achievers were once victims of greater circumstances than yours, but they had one word to sum it up; "They never give up! Israelmore Ayivor
In one opinion, the house in which you stay, the church you attend and the town in which you reside may not determine the size of your dreams, but they can influence the rate of maturity of what you have planted. Israelmore Ayivor
One of the greatest ever statement that can keep you at peace with others is that "I am right, but I may be wrong"! Yes, we know you are right but you may be wrong! Israelmore Ayivor
One major factor that makes most achievers to fail is their ability to know where they are going and becoming unaware of what they will have to do when they get there! Israelmore Ayivor
Don't despise the little steps you know you can take every day. There are tiny miracles in each and every one of them. Israelmore Ayivor
There are two types of patience. One is exercised in hard work and the other in idleness. Patience with hard work is the one that moves mountains. Patience in idleness moves nothing, not even cobwebs. Israelmore Ayivor
Wisdom is the ability to make wise decisions and pursue them. The bible said "wisdom is the principal thing". This means it's the number one thing ever that you cannot bypass and expect to succeed! Israelmore Ayivor
Self-control is a divided battle in one body. The "self" produces desires that "you" must battle with and kick off. Two wrestlers in one body. Just imagine. It's difficult, though rewarding! Israelmore Ayivor
It's one fucking illusion in this fucking delusion... you don't want to be in my dream, do ya? Deyth Banger
One dream, will suffice a thousand nightmares. Anthony Liccione
For many of us, it's just one thing standing in our way of completely following Jesus. Craig Groeschel
There is no record in Scripture that an angel visited John’s cell to explain the meaning of his persecution. This great, godly man who was the designated forerunner to Jesus went through the same confusing experiences as we. It is comforting to know that John responded in a very human way. He sent a secret message to Jesus from his prison cell, asking “Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Matthew 11:3). Have you ever felt like asking that question? . James C. Dobson
Only one life, it will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last. Elizabeth George
An Ego Mind is a destructive mind and a rational mind is a peaceful mind. Charleston Parker
Quit Believing in Lies and Always Search For the Truth! Charleston Parker
Ah, Toulouse, you have travelled too much. You know the gods of a hundred lands, those of the trees and mountains, the sky and sea, the stars and planets, of demons and angels, and even the Master of the Cosmos. But I am speaking of God. There are others, I’m sure, but only one God who created even great Zeus and Rama. Yet travel is like philosophy: a few years of it will perk the eye to differences, which you shall be able to notice with ease. Yet living as I have, travelling to lonely lands and through a thousand metropolises and hidden woods, you rather see the similarities. All becomes one, and God too becomes one. Not the sum of all those gods here, but beyond them, a being few philosophers have truly grasped. He has always been one, but he is severed in our minds. So it is up to us to piece him back together. If our souls possess a clarity beyond what our mortal nature can bestow, we shall see him. MaryJean Harris
At least there is one book with which we all or few of us could have fun. Deyth Banger
Time is exactly the amount of wealth God gives to each and every one of us on a daily basis Sunday Adelaja
I felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone James Dashner
A spiritual journey is becoming what one has always meant to be-come and always was. One with God's Spirit. Jazz Feylynn
When you are able to know the right thing, you are intelligent. But when you choose that right thing to do, you are wise. This means people can get money, education, marriage, and good health and not get wisdom. Wisdom is the number one gift for a Godly success. Israelmore Ayivor
The compass rose is nothing but a star with an infinite number of rays pointing in all directions. It is the one true and perfect symbol of the uni Vera Nazarian
We are alive in all our layers of self and selflessness - individuals becoming one. Jay Woodman
When I die it will be game over, ... but I know one life is short, to be selfish is not the best decision, to make an incrediable self-image is the best. Deyth Banger