100 Quotes About Novel

For thousands of years, humans have been writing. Whether it be the Stone Age cave drawings or the modern day screenplays, we’ve been chronicling our great stories and passing them along to generations to come. It’s a tradition that has evolved and changed over time, and has provided us with so much insight and wisdom. As we read these classic novels today, we can see how far we’ve come in terms of language and expression Read more

These novel quotes, which range from the classical to modernism, show just how far we’ve come as a people who read these words.

And when her lips met mine, I knew that I could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when I first kissed the girl of my dreams and knew that my love would last forever. Nicholas Sparks
A fit, healthy body–that is the best fashion statement Jess C. Scott
Isn't it funny how the memories you cherish before a breakup can become your worst enemies afterwards? The thoughts you loved to think about, the memories you wanted to hold up to the light and view from every angle--it suddenly seems a lot safer to lock them in a box, far from the light of day and throw away the key. It's not an act of bitterness. It's an act if self-preservation. It's not always a bad idea to stay behind the window and look out at life instead, is it?. Ally Condie
V-Day…if you need this one day in a year to show everyone else you truly care for “your loved one” I think it’s quite stupid. I hate this commercialism. It’s all artificial, and has nothing to do with real love. Jess C. Scott
My head’ll explode if I continue with this escapism. Jess C. Scott
Maybe you could be mine / or maybe we’ll be entwined / aimless in this sexless foreplay. Jess C. Scott
I suppose it’s not a social norm, and not a manly thing to do – to feel, discuss feelings. So that’s what I’m giving the finger to. Social norms and stuff…what good are social norms, really? I think all they do is project a limited and harmful image of people. It thus impedes a broader social acceptance of what someone, or a group of people, might actually be like. Jess C. Scott
Do you think we can be friends?” I asked. He stared up at the ceiling. “Probably not, but we can pretend. Priya Ardis
And all I could think was that I would like...
And all I could think was that I would like to spend every morning for the rest of my life waking up beside her Nicholas Sparks
Vane grabbed me. “DuLac, let’s chat.” British-speak for “Stand still while I yell at you. Priya Ardis
For a moment, I wondered how different my life would have been had they been my parents, but I shook the thought away. I knew my father had done the best he could, and I had no regrets about the way I'd turned out. Regrets about the journey, maybe, but not the destination. Because however it had happened, I'd somehow ended up eating shrimp in a dingy downtown shack with a girl that I already knew I'd never forget. . Nicholas Sparks
A man is like a novel: until the very last...
A man is like a novel: until the very last page you don't know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldn't even be worth reading. Yevgeny Zamyatin
Please, touch me, I pray.
Please, touch me, I pray. Jess C. Scott
Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and...
Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something( All The King's Men) Robert Penn Warren
If she spoke, she would tell him the truth: she...
If she spoke, she would tell him the truth: she was not okay at all, but horribly empty, now that she knew what it was like to be filled. Jodi Picoult
I was flipping channels, watching this cheerleading program on MTV. They took a field hockey girl and “transformed” her into a cheerleader by the end of the show. I was just wondering: what if she liked field hockey better? Jess C. Scott
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers[novan]: and some...
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we're good with our mouths too...(~ IM chat with Novan Chang, 18, bassist) Jess C. Scott
The contract between the author and the reader is a game. And the game .. . is one of the greatest invetions of Western civilization: the game of telling stories, inventing characters, and creating the imaginary paradise of the individual, from whence no one can be expelled because, in a novel, no one owns the truth and everyone has the right to be heard and understood. Carlos Fuentes
The human mind is not a dignified organ, and I do not see how we can exercise it sincerely except through eclecticism. And the only advice I would offer my fellow eclectics is: "Do not be proud of your inconsistency. It is a pity, it is a pity that we should be equipped like this. It is a pity that Man cannot be at the same time impressive and truthful. E.m. Forster
Rencana Allah selalu indah...
Rencana Allah selalu indah... Rhein Fathia
The sight of her made him understand why he'd lost...
The sight of her made him understand why he'd lost his faith in God. Sarah Langan
When Don Quixote went out into the world, that world turned into a mystery before his eyes. That is the legacy of the first European novel to the entire subsequent history of the novel. The novel teaches us to comprehend the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude. Milan Kundera
We weren’t happy together but we lived in a state of easy, mild contentment. We shared everything except the stupid fucking secret hanging round your neck. I imagined tiny photographs: portraits in sepia of your parents, their faces partially obscured by goitres. Meanwhile, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, maybe not even in a decade from now but one day: the planet would fall apart. Jon Gresham
Vane’s lips tightened to suppress a smile. “Why so hostile,...
Vane’s lips tightened to suppress a smile. “Why so hostile, love?”“ You whacked me on the head with a ball! ”“ You deserved it. Priya Ardis
I caught his hand. “What do you want me to...
I caught his hand. “What do you want me to do?” Leaning down, he kissed the pulse beating on my neck just above the damaged skin. “Tomorrow, I need you to die. Priya Ardis
He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again. I...
He’d used the amulet to read my thoughts again. I pictured smacking him in the face. Priya Ardis
I noticed him right away. No, it wasn’t his lean, rugged face. Or the dark waves of shiny hair that hung just a little too long on his forehead. It wasn’t the slim, collarless biker jacket he wore, hugging his lean shoulders. It was the way he stood. The confident way he waited in the cafeteria line to get a slice of pizza. He didn’t saunter. He didn’t amble. He stood at the center, and let the other people buzz around him. His stance was straight and sure. . Priya Ardis
As a rule of thumb, it was always safer if...
As a rule of thumb, it was always safer if the Commander-in-Chief formulated a risky plan. Rowena Cherry
Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the...
Rough palms cradled my face while my fingers gripped the pillow on either side of his. Lips, teeth, tongue, mingled together. I ate him up and didn’t let go until I had to come up for air. Priya Ardis
You try spending six months sitting at somebody's bedside, waiting...
You try spending six months sitting at somebody's bedside, waiting for them to die and then tell me that the happy-ending love story isn't one of God's good gifts. Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an...
Matt was almost completely naked. A tattered loincloth and an ugly chain with a yellow diamond were his only apparel. Priya Ardis
People snare when I tell them that I’m an emotional prostitute. But after my rebuttal, they begin to realize that they are one too. Like me, they have pimped their emotions for the affections of another. Like me, they’ve gone through life tormented by the idea of living a happily ever after, not realizing that the ever after isn’t so happy. Beatrice McClearn
Misunderstanding and distrust–the predominant elements of a novel. Without them, everyone lives happily from beginning. Carmen DeSousa
Apa kamu tidak bisa menerima takdir kalau kita akan selalu...
Apa kamu tidak bisa menerima takdir kalau kita akan selalu pergi bersama? Jenny Thalia Faurine
WEST SALEM ~ October 2011A sudden vision, fraught with malevolence and darkness, obscured her sight. The face of a menacing figure turned from the shadows of his grisly handiwork and stared at Sorcha.Her muscles tensed. By the Goddess, could he see her? Please! No! She wanted to scream, to run, but the vision ensnared her into the horrific moment like a fly in a spider's web. Unknown
Surround yourself with what matters.
Surround yourself with what matters. Hlbalcomb
When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in bad condition in the particular moment, but that the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about dead people, which is "So it goes. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
You can’t get the blood out. Steven Ramirez
Sometimes things are just what they seem to be and...
Sometimes things are just what they seem to be and that's all there is to it. Charles Bukowski
Some things are just like riding a bicycle; you jump...
Some things are just like riding a bicycle; you jump on, pedal, and hope you don’t fall. Henry Mosquera
People have incredible nerve to do terrible things, but never...
People have incredible nerve to do terrible things, but never actually admit to them. Henry Mosquera
I think all artists struggle to represent the geometryof life in their own way, just like writers deal witharchetypes. There are only so many stories that you cantell, but an infinite number of storytellers. Henry Mosquera
There’s no better way to get to know a city than to walk its streets. A place will reveal its soul through its sights, sounds and smells, and eventually, it’ll teach you its rhythm. Henry Mosquera
Any self-defense class worth its salt will tell you thatyou...
Any self-defense class worth its salt will tell you thatyou don’t pull out a weapon unless you intend to use it. The same should apply to ballsy remarks. Henry Mosquera
I don’t care what Einstein said about God not playing...
I don’t care what Einstein said about God not playing dice; If he exists, he’s addicted to craps. Henry Mosquera
Inside the scrawny adolescent was a soul that defied extinction.
Inside the scrawny adolescent was a soul that defied extinction. Yen
The world is a better place when you smile.
The world is a better place when you smile. Nicholas Sparks
You draw characters speaking loud and clear but you’re not hearing them.” her mother told her, then she kissed her forehead and mumbled how she liked her art and went downstairs. Cecilia wrote these words on her bedroom wall, just behind her headboard for no one to see it but herself to know that it exists. Basma Salem
O' melancholy, hectic chill for human soul, herewith dismal presence,...
O' melancholy, hectic chill for human soul, herewith dismal presence, any spirit does descent. Nithin Purple
One often hears of writers that rise and swell with their subject, though it may seem but an ordinary one. How, then, with me, writing of this Leviathan? Unconsciously my chirography expands into placard capitals. Give me a condor's quill! Give me Vesuvius' crater for an inkstand! Friends, hold my arms! For in the mere act of penning my thoughts of this Leviathan, they weary me, and make me faint with their out-reaching comprehensiveness of sweep, as if to include the whole circle of the sciences, and all the generations of whales, and men, and mastodons, past, present, and to come, with all the revolving panoramas of empire on earth, and throughout the whole universe, not excluding its suburbs. Such, and so magnifying, is the virtue of a large and liberal theme! We expand to its bulk. To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be who have tried it. Herman Melville
Everything around us is made up of matter so small, its mass cannot be written down. You're either an atom, or a cell. These things are super small, but they join and function together to create something powerful. It reminds me of love; its always the small things that are done that makes a person feel like they're made of something. Polkadot
She might not have read many books. But when she...
She might not have read many books. But when she reads a book, she swallows the very words. If you open the books on her shelves, you will find that the front and back covers encase white pages. Kamand Kojouri
Relate comic things in pompous fashion. Irregularity, in other words the unexpected, the surprising, the astonishing, are essential to and characteristic of beauty. Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony. The blend of the grotesque and the tragic are attractive to the mind, as is discord to blasé ears. Imagine a canvas for a lyrical, magical farce, for a pantomime, and translate it into a serious novel. Drown the whole thing in an abnormal, dreamy atmosphere, in the atmosphere of great days … the region of pure poetry. Charles Baudelaire
The novel is a formidable mass, and it is so amorphous - no mountain in it to climb, no Parnassus or Helicon, not even a Pisgah. It is most distinctly one of the moister areas of literature - irrigated by a hundred rills and occasionally degenerating into a swamp. I do not wonder that the poets despise it, though they sometimes find themselves in it by accident. And I am not surprised at the annoyance of the historians when by accident it finds itself among them. . E.m. Forster
We made love outdoors–without a roof, I like most, without stove, my favorite place, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with dew, and our love for each other was seen. Our love for the world was new. Roman Payne
The first inkling of this notion had come to him the Christmas before, at his daughter's place in Vermont. On Christmas Eve, as indifferent evening took hold in the blue squares of the windows, he sat alone in the crepuscular kitchen, imbued with a profound sense of the identity of winter and twilight, of twilight and time, of time and memory, of his childhood and that church which on this night waited to celebrate the second greatest of its feasts. For a moment or an hour as he sat, become one with the blue of the snow and the silence, a congruity of star, cradle, winter, sacrament, self, it was as though he listened to a voice that had long been trying to catch his attention, to tell him, Yes, this was the subject long withheld from him, which he now knew, and must eventually act on. He had managed, though, to avoid it. He only brought it out now to please his editor, at the same time aware that it wasn't what she had in mind at all. But he couldn't do better; he had really only the one subject, if subject was the word for it, this idea of a notion or a holy thing growing clear in the stream of time, being made manifest in unexpected ways to an assortment of people: the revelation itself wasn't important, it could be anything, almost. Beyond that he had only one interest, the seasons, which he could describe endlessly and with all the passion of a country-bred boy grown old in the city. He was beginning to doubt (he said) whether these were sufficient to make any more novels out of, though he knew that writers of genius had made great ones out of less. He supposed really (he didn't say) that he wasn't a novelist at all, but a failed poet, like a failed priest, one who had perceived that in fact he had no vocation, had renounced his vows, and yet had found nothing at all else in the world worth doing when measured by the calling he didn't have, and went on through life fatally attracted to whatever of the sacerdotal he could find or invent in whatever occupation he fell into, plumbing or psychiatry or tending bar. ("Novelty"). John Crowley
When he was in college, a famous poet made a useful distinction for him. He had drunk enough in the poet's company to be compelled to describe to him a poem he was thinking of. It would be a monologue of sorts, the self-contemplation of a student on a summer afternoon who is reading Euphues. The poem itself would be a subtle series of euphuisms, translating the heat, the day, the student's concerns, into symmetrical posies; translating even his contempt and boredom with that famously foolish book into a euphuism. The poet nodded his big head in a sympathetic, rhythmic way as this was explained to him, then told him that there are two kinds of poems. There is the kind you write; there is the kind you talk about in bars. Both kinds have value and both are poems; but it's fatal to confuse them. In the Seventh Saint, many years later, it had struck him that the difference between himself and Shakespeare wasn't talent - not especially - but nerve. The capacity not to be frightened by his largest and most potent conceptions, to simply (simply! ) sit down and execute them. The dreadful lassitude he felt when something really large and multifarious came suddenly clear to him, something Lear-sized yet sonnet-precise. If only they didn't rush on him whole, all at once, massive and perfect, leaving him frightened and nerveless at the prospect of articulating them word by scene by page. He would try to believe they were of the kind told in bars, not the kind to be written, though there was no way to be sure of this except to attempt the writing; he would raise a finger (the novelist in the bar mirror raising the obverse finger) and push forward his change. Wailing like a neglected ghost, the vast notion would beat its wings into the void. Sometimes it would pursue him for days and years as he fled desperately. Sometimes he would turn to face it, and do battle. Once, twice, he had been victorious, objectively at least. Out of an immense concatenation of feeling, thought, word, transcendent meaning had come his first novel, a slim, pageant of a book, tombstone for his slain conception. A publisher had taken it, gingerly; had slipped it quietly into the deep pool of spring releases, where it sank without a ripple, and where he supposes it lies still, its calm Bodoni gone long since green. A second, just as slim but more lurid, nightmarish even, about imaginary murders in an imaginary exotic locale, had been sold for a movie, though the movie had never been made. He felt guilt for the producer's failure (which perhaps the producer didn't feel), having known the book could not be filmed; he had made a large sum, enough to finance years of this kind of thing, on a book whose first printing was largely returned. John Crowley
To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that's aching to see you smile again.lines from Love Vs Destiny... Atul Purohit
Fe es aquello que nos permite creer en cosas que...
Fe es aquello que nos permite creer en cosas que sabemos que no son ciertas. Bram Stoker
Our books are the deepest glimpses into our souls, the...
Our books are the deepest glimpses into our souls, the most raw and real anybody will ever find us. Melodie Ramone
Writing a novel is not merely going on a shopping...
Writing a novel is not merely going on a shopping expedition across the border to an unreal land: it is hours and years spent in the factories, the streets, the cathedrals of the imagination. Janet Frame
On my website there's a quote from the writer Anthony Burgess: "The greatest gift is the passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind." I've always found that inspiring because the written word, as an art form, is unlike any other: movies, TV, music, they're shared experiences, but books aren't like that. The relationship between a writer and a reader is utterly unique to those two individuals. The world that forms in your head as you read a book will be slightly different to that experienced by every other reader. Anywhere. Ever. Reading is very personal, a communication from one mind to another, something which can't be exactly copied, or replicated, or directly shared. If I read the work of, say, one of the great Victorian novelists, it's like a gift from the past, a momentary connection to another's thoughts. Their ideas are down on paper, to be picked up by me, over a century later. Writers can speak individually to readers across a year, or ten years, or a thousand. That's why I love books. Simon Cheshire
I write all these remarks with exactly the same feeling as if I were writing a letter to post into the distant past: I am so sure that everything we now take for granted is going to be utterly swept away in the next decade....) Doris Lessing
A novel takes the courage of a marathon runner, and as long as you have to run, you might as well be a winning marathon runner. Serendipity and blind faith faith in yourself won't hurt a thing. All the bastards in the world will snicker and sneer because they haven't the talent to zip up their flies by themselves. To hell with them, particularly the critics. Stand in there, son, no matter how badly you are battered and hurt. Leon Uris
A novel is an impression, not an argument; and there...
A novel is an impression, not an argument; and there the matter must rest. Thomas Hardy
Starting over can be the scariest thing in the entire world, whether it’s leaving a lover, a school, a team, a friend or anything else that feels like a core part of our identity but when your gut is telling you that something here isn’t right or feels unsafe, I really want you to listen and trust in that voice. Jennifer Elisabeth
Being a Dream Girl is never going to be about what you look like or how much you weigh. After all, our physical appearances are just reflections of our inner worlds. What makes you a Dream Girl is your emotional sensitivity, your self-awareness, and your ability to communicate who you are effectively and compassionately in the world. Jennifer Elisabeth
This is your life — not your parents’, teachers’ or significant other’s. If you ever find yourself on a path that just doesn’t feel safe anymore, you have every right to stop the car, get out — change your shoes and start walking. Jennifer Elisabeth
I never want you to deny anything about yourself because...
I never want you to deny anything about yourself because you have grown up thinking it’s unacceptable or inconvenient for the people around you. Jennifer Elisabeth
Can you identify the source preventing you from feeling good every single day, from loving yourself unconditionally and making your dreams come true? Is it a voice in your head or a gut wrenching ache that compromises your inner peace and doesn’t allow you to accept the love around you? Is there one thing, or maybe many things, keeping you from forgiving your past and moving forward, tormenting you with lies like “You don’t deserve real love so just settle for whatever you can get, ” “You’re not smart enough to achieve your dream so don’t even try, ” or “Look at your past… you should hate yourself way more than you actually do! ”? Welcome to your Little Monster. Jennifer Elisabeth
Even if we try to conform to ideals and strive for perfection, we will always be pulled back to our core identity because it’s the path of least resistance for our souls — an energy force that wants nothing more than for us to honor and accept who we are and discover what we’re meant to do in the world. Jennifer Elisabeth
Novelists when they write novels tend to take an almost godlike attitude toward their subject, pretending to a total comprehension of the story, a man's life, which they can therefore recount as God Himself might, nothing standing between them and the naked truth, the entire story meaningful in every detail. I am as little able to do this as the novelist is, even though my story is more important to me than any novelist's is to him - for this is my story; it is the story of a man, not of an invented, or possible, or idealized, or otherwise absent figure, but of a unique being of flesh and blood, Yet, what a real living human being is made of seems to be less understood today than at any time before, and men - each one of whom represents a unique and valuable experiment on the part of nature - are therefore shot wholesale nowadays. If we were not something more than unique human beings, if each one of us could really be done away with once and for all by a single bullet, storytelling would lose all purpose. But every man is more than just himself; he also represents the unique, the very special and always significant and remarkable point at which the world's phenomena intersect, only once in this way and never again. That is why every man's story is important, eternal, sacred; that is why every man, as long as he lives and fulfills the will of nature, is wondrous, and worthy of every consideration. In each individual the spirit has become flesh, in each man the creation suffers, within each one a redeemer is nailed to the cross. Hermann Hesse
An excerpt from:“ Hypothetically Speaking”ByAnthony T. Hincks(A book about you and the world — coming soon! ) If I was a savvy person, I would watch, and study mankind in order to find out where his weaknesses lay. Greed, for sure; vanity; mistrust; a tendency towards violence; fanaticism, and many other less than honorable traits and even some honorable ones which could also be used, and capitalized on. Then, once I had found his weaknesses I would act. I and some friends or family, not terms that I would usually use but ones that are more commonly used here on Earth, would start an empire. Months — Years - Millennium Who cares, for time is on my side, not yours! I would sow mistrust; magic; wisdom; knowledge, and start many religions. Why many religions? Because where would the fun be by just having one, when with a whole handful you can sow hatred; do unspeakable acts all in the name of religion. That’s a lot more fun, and, besides which, it suits my purposes. Innovation — Invention — Intelligence All of those things would come, but only at a time of my choosing. Decades would pass and then centuries. Wars would be fought. He against him. He against her. She against him. They against others. I tell you, watching something come to fruition is a hell of a lot of fun. . Anthony T. Hincks
Every novel which is truly written contributes to the total of knowledge which is there at the disposal of the next writer who comes, but the next writer must pay, always, a certain nominal percentage in experience to be able to understand and assimilate what is available as his birthright and what he must, in turn, take his departure from. If a writer of prose knows enough about what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an ice-berg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water. A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing. A writer who appreciates the seriousness of writing so little that he is anxious to make people see he is formally educated, cultured or well-bred is merely a popinjay. And this too remember; a serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl. . Ernest Hemingway
It is usually unbearably painful to read a book by...
It is usually unbearably painful to read a book by an author who knows way less than you do, unless the book is a novel. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Know the word of God not in order that by doing so you might be saved; know it rather so that unlike the many you are not easily deceived. You may find that, evidently, a great many of the so-called novel ideas of the present were made without a clue that 'God', if you will, already laid profound discourse on or against them ages ago: no man has gone against God in such a way that God, from the beginning, did not already expect him to. Then, insofar as this, you will remain clear in that it is not at all that the Christian should be against newness; quite the opposite really - for a major point of Christianity is about one constantly being made new in Christ - it is only that many people are not actually bringing true newness to the table, and this is precisely because they do not first apply (or let alone even know) the wisdom of old. Criss Jami
But there is no doubt that to attempt a novel of ideas is to give oneself a handicap: the parochialism of our culture is intense. For instance, decade after decade bright young men and women emerge from their universities able to say proudly: 'Of course I know nothing about German literature.' It is the mode. The Victorians knew everything about German literature, but were able with a clear conscience not to know much about the French. Doris Lessing
...Love can give you the most exhilarating wonderful highs at...
...Love can give you the most exhilarating wonderful highs at times......Then there will be dives that will take all you have just to hold on... Quote on the Title Page of "Love TORN Asunder Elizabeth Funderbirk
In this world there are two types of people: the...
In this world there are two types of people: the ones who hurt, and the ones who are hurt. But if we all claim to be the victims, then aren't we all the criminals too? Polkadot
She was always like this, only moves when her mind...
She was always like this, only moves when her mind and heart tells her to move, not doing what everyone demanded her to do. Basma Salem
I do not think, Prospero, ' he said, 'that one...
I do not think, Prospero, ' he said, 'that one should attribute a very high degree of reality to your house. John Bellairs
Nahum bobbed again. 'My crest is cropped by croaking cranes....
Nahum bobbed again. 'My crest is cropped by croaking cranes. I go to drown in doleful dumps, dead-drunk with drearihead. John Bellairs
And life? Life itself? Was it perhaps only an infection, a sickening of matter? Was that which one might call the original procreation of matter only a disease, a growth produced by morbid stimulation of the immaterial? The first step toward evil, toward desire and death, was taken precisely then, when there took place that first increase in the density of the spiritual, that pathologically luxuriant morbid growth, produced by the irritant of some unknown infiltration; this, in part pleasurable, in part a motion of self-defense, was the primeval stage of matter, the transition from the insubstantial to the substance. This was the Fall. Thomas Mann
If you surround yourself with the good and righteous, they can only raise you up. If you surround yourself with the others, they will drag you down into the doldrums of mediocrity, and they will keep you there, but only as long as you permit it. Mark Glamack
A great book increases my heartbeat as if I’m prey,...
A great book increases my heartbeat as if I’m prey, melts my insides in anticipation of a first kiss, immerses me in its depths. Carmen DeSousa
Michelle, since the first day I met you I knew you were the one for me. I knew that I would make you my wife. I love waking up to your beautiful face every morning and seeing you before I close my eyes each night. I love you with everything in me, and I promise to be the man that you need for the rest of our lifetime together. Would you do me the honor of being my wife? Blaque Diamond
Every book has to wait for the right time to...
Every book has to wait for the right time to be read and understood. Kamand Kojouri
You’re different, and I know that’s probably the most cliché response ever given, but it’s the truth. When I look at you, it’s as if I’m reading a novel. No matter how much time I spend studying your pages, there will always be more for me to learn, deeper layers of complexity to baffle me, and plot twists that’ll leave me speechless. Caroline George
Speak peace unto the world and good souls will stand.
Speak peace unto the world and good souls will stand. L.T. Hill
And so we continued to live in fear, hoping that...
And so we continued to live in fear, hoping that we would not get caught. Fear had become our constant companion at this dreadful Lashkar-e-Taiba camp. Vivek Pereira
Was it possible that the emotion of love had somehow made me more susceptible to fear? Does the noble emotion of love make us start valuing our own lives and the lives of our loved ones more so that the feeling of fear creeps into our mindset? Vivek Pereira
I write because the security of your love allows me to develop my craft without concerning myself with trivialities – as if your love could be any more complete. But I write, in the first place, because of you, my muse. I write for your green eyes to glance at my humble words and for the pleasure of hearing you utter them. Kamand Kojouri
I came to pen another poem for you, but even...
I came to pen another poem for you, but even every unwritten poem is you. Kamand Kojouri
Millions cheer the warriorspilling blood across the ringwhile the one who stands for peaceis ridiculed and shamed. Must hearts forever sufferfrom ignorance and greed? Can bombs heal our soulsor set our spirits free? Aberjhani
... the old Berlin — last vestige of a mysterious fête — wheeled away from the gravelled road and went lurching noiselessly across country over a grass-grown track. Beyond the hedge nothing could be seen of it but the driver's cap bobbing up and down. AlainFournier
Every great novel begins with a single word. One word,...
Every great novel begins with a single word. One word, followed by another and another and another. Sentences forming paths to that dream. Pamela Morris
When I was a student, there wasn't a single thing we did that was unrelated to others. It was all for the Emperor, or parents, or the country, or society–everything was other-centered, which means that all educated men were hypocrites. When society changed, this hypocrisy ceased to work, and as a result, self-centeredness was gradually imported into thought and action, and egoism became enormously over-developed. Instead of the old hypocrites, now all we've got are out-and-out rogues. Do you see what I mean by that? . Unknown
The call for political freedom took place long ago. The call for freedom of speech is also a thing of the past. Freedom is not a word to be used exclusively for phenomena such as this which are so easily given outward manifestation. I believe that we young men of the new age have encountered the moment in time when we must call for that great freedom, the freedom of the mind. Unknown
Someone once told me that we move when it becomes...
Someone once told me that we move when it becomes less painful than staying where we are". Anne Hines
The longest piece of literature I've read lately was a...
The longest piece of literature I've read lately was a tattoo on this biker I picked up last night. It said, If you're this close, you've gotta suck it. Eric Arvin