100 Quotes About Nothing

Nothing can go wrong with this collection of quotes about nothing! We all face life’s little hiccups. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the wood for the trees. And if you’re feeling down, these quotes will help you to see the good things in life. Nothing is impossible, and everything is possible Read more

There are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you work hard enough at it!

Anything can happen in life, especially nothing. Michel Houellebecq
...people with nothing to declare carry the most.
...people with nothing to declare carry the most. Jonathan Safran Foer
When you're frozen in time, nothing else really seems to...
When you're frozen in time, nothing else really seems to matter. Anthony T. Hincks
And now, for something completely the same: Wasted time and wasted breath, 's what I'll make, until my death. Helping people 'd be as good, but I wouldn't, if I could. For the few that help deserve, have no need, or not the nerve, help from strangers to accept, plus from mine a few have wept. Wept from joy, or from despair, or just from my vengeful stare. Ways I have, to look at stupid, make them see I am not Cupid.Make them see they are in error, for of truth I am a bearer. Most decide I'm just a bear, mauling at them, - like I care. Will Advise
The way to be invisible - is to truly be...
The way to be invisible - is to truly be imaginary. But since you cannot imagine yourself, you have to clone your imagination into being an image of yourself. Imagine that. Will Advise
Highs and lows make you feel that things matter, but...
Highs and lows make you feel that things matter, but they're nothing. Jonathan Safran Foer
Children understood at a very young age that doing nothing was an expression of power. Doing nothing was a choice swollen with omnipotence. It was, in fact, godly. And this, she now realized, was the reason why the gods did nothing. Proof of their omniscience. After all, to act was to announce awful limitations, for it revealed that chance acted first, the accidents were just that--events beyond the will of the gods--and all they could do in answer was to attempt to remedy the consequences, to alter natural ends. To act, then, was an admission of fallibility. . Steven Erikson
We can know only that we know nothing. And that...
We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom. Leo Tolstoy
To come to nothing through something is the way to...
To come to nothing through something is the way to outside from both sides. Dejan Stojanovic
All the tools, techniques and technology in the world are...
All the tools, techniques and technology in the world are nothing without the head, heart and hands to use them wisely, kindly and mindfully Rasheed Ogunlaru
There is nothing to fear From your reflection Unknown
Nothing is expensive when you promise.
Nothing is expensive when you promise. Ljupka Cvetanova
My peak? Would I even have one? I hardly had had anything you could call a life. A few ripples. some rises and falls. But that's it. Almost nothing. Nothing born of nothing. I'd loved and been loved, but I had nothing to show. It was a singularly plain, featureless landscape. I felt like I was in a video game. A surrogate Pacman, crunching blindly through a labyrinth of dotted lines. The only certainty was my death. Haruki Murakami
Let your ambitions fly, let nothing hold you back.
Let your ambitions fly, let nothing hold you back. Nabil N. Jamal
The Fremen have a simple, practical religion, ” he said.“...
The Fremen have a simple, practical religion, ” he said.“ Nothing about religion is simple. Frank Herbert
For if we're destroyed, the knowledge is dead... We're nothing...
For if we're destroyed, the knowledge is dead... We're nothing more than dust jackets for books...so many pages to a person... Ray Bradbury
On building homes for fallen angels: When I was small - I sought a home, a place to go and rest my bones. Then founded something, of my own, I lived among the restless stones. If seeking leads you back to evil, what good is that, I asked a weevil. He said a home is what you make, it can't be real, if it is fake.. And if you wait instead of seek, will you find love, or something bleak? I know (myself) for I have found, a beauty, hidden — in a sound. Waiting is boring. And so is exploring. A smile is sometimes all it takes. And then your whole world simply breaks. Will Advise
All Authors come from the unified countrynent known as Australia....
All Authors come from the unified countrynent known as Australia. Authors live in the future where love is external. Will Advise
The NSA may, or may not have rejected the invisible...
The NSA may, or may not have rejected the invisible secret operative application form I never even bothered to have sent over to them. I'll never know... Will Advise
There is a secret a person with great knowledge discovers along the path to truth. That is, the more doors you open to the mysteries, the smaller you feel. And because you begin to feel smaller and smaller until your ego disappears, the more humble you become. Therefore, any man who behaves arrogantly with what little he knows, or claims to know all, only reveals to all that he really knows nothing. Real greatness does not reside inside those who feel large. The truly wise are meek. Suzy Kassem
We should totally rely on God, then our success will...
We should totally rely on God, then our success will always be stable and nothing would be able to shake it Sunday Adelaja
A relationship is a process. If you have nothing to...
A relationship is a process. If you have nothing to learn - you have a slave to teach. 's why schools are effective. Will Advise
The old Amy, the girl of the big laugh and the easy ways, literally shed herself, a pile of skin and soul on the floor, and stepped this new, brittle, bitter Amy .. a razor-wire knot daring me to unloop her, and I was not up to the job with my thick, numb, nervous fingers. Country fingers. Flyover fingers untrained in the intricate, dangerous work of 'solving Amy'. When I'd hold up the bloody stumps, she'd sigh and turn to her secret mental notebooks on which she tallied all my deficiencies, forever noting disappointments, frailties, shortcomings. Gillian Flynn
If you have ever come up against Nothing you have no idea how it can scare you out of your wits. When I was a child I used to be afraid of Something in the dark. I know now that the most fearful thing about the dark is that we may find Nothing in it. Howard Spring
Anyone who has read enough, explored enough and experienced enough, somewhere in his/ her life will realize that the life is repeating itself again and again and again. He/she will soon understand there is nothing new to discover, all quests of human life have been experience and discovered in the past and all we do to play the game over and over to gain a different result, like an idiot who watches movie several time and hope to see a different ending. In such age, people no to remain enthusiastic, they need to still be excited about the story, which they have heard more than millions of times. Hence, intellectuals and creators create new toys for them. The toys that practically has the same purpose and affect the same result, but ordinary human does not need to know that. They need to be interested to play, because if we stop, the world will stop, and then the age of nothingness will end. And we cannot let that happen can we?. Kambiz Shabankareh
One day she asked me:
One day she asked me: "Is this love?" I said: "If this is not love, then love is nothing! Avijeet Das
You will find yourself with a beautiful boy and you will not want to stay in that room, with him, even though there is nothing more you can ask for in another human beingand there is nothing you can do about this. Charlotte Eriksson
Nothing belongs to itself anymore. These trees are yours because you once looked at them. These streets are yours because you once traversed them. These coffee shops and bookshops, these cafés and bars, their sole owner is you. They gave themselves so willingly, surrendering to your perfume. You sang with the birds and they stopped to listen to you. You smiled at the sheepish stars and they fell into your hair. The sun and moon, the sea and mountain, they have all left from heartbreak. Nothing belongs to itself anymore. You once spoke to Him, and then God became yours. He sits with us in darkness now to plot how to make you ours.” K.K. Kamand Kojouri
Everything-less. The lack of everything. Synonym to nothing. I am...
Everything-less. The lack of everything. Synonym to nothing. I am everything-less without you. Aundrea Ascencio
Extreme measures bring extreme results. If you want a normal life, do what normal people do. If you want to know God intimately, walk with Him daily, and please Him in every way, you're going to have to do what few do. Absolutely nothing. Craig Groeschel
Some people do everything, some do something, many do nothing...
Some people do everything, some do something, many do nothing - which is bad enough - but the worst of the lot are those who break down what others have built. Christina Engela
The only way to efficiently battle evil is to copy...
The only way to efficiently battle evil is to copy enough to know how to counter each argument, yet not enough to believe all the bullshit. Will Advise
For all these stars, nothing is new. They’ve seen all kinds of warsand miracles, too. They know the messengers with their holy bookswill smile and wash their hands in blood. They know the politicians with their good lookswill make the poor eat pies of mud. They’ve seen the Earth freeze and then burn with greed. They’ve seen the treesand the seas emptied. Yet, you won’t hear their sneerswhen a man arrivesand, having experienced a number of years, proclaims: 'I have lived! ' Because nothing is new under these stars:the lies, the love, the memories and scars, the ruin, the revolution, the fakes and true, the families, the friends, none of it is new. All of it–even the me and you. Kamand Kojouri
May you find what you are looking for and realize...
May you find what you are looking for and realize it is not the answer. Ahmed Mostafa
And then, a strangely comforting thought trickled through me– I...
And then, a strangely comforting thought trickled through me– I had nothing, so I could do anything now. Anything I wanted. I had nothing left to lose. Rachel Ward
Beatitude starts in the moment when the act of thinking has freed itself from the necessity of form. Beatitude starts at the moment when the thinking-feeling has surpassed the author's need to thinking - he no longer needs to think and now finds himself close to the grandeur of the nothing. I could say of the "everything". But "everything" is a quanitity, and quantity has a limit in its very beginning. The true incommensurability is the nothing, which has no barriers adn where a person can scatter their thinking-feeling. Clarice Lispector
And none of this necessarily has any bearing on the issue of the existence or non-existence of a God. What I'm saying is that the thought of the man and the way this thinking-feeling can reach an extreme degree of incommunicability - that, without sophism or paradox, is at the same time, for that man, the point of greatest communication. He communicates with himself. Clarice Lispector
...nothing is more precious than independence and freedom...
...nothing is more precious than independence and freedom... Viet Thanh Nguyen
Some people are so much heaven to the square inch...
Some people are so much heaven to the square inch that life is simply hell, when she leaves you in order to go south for the winter. (Yes, women are people too, sometimes even threee.) Will Advise
Nothing is made, nothing disappears. The same changes, at the...
Nothing is made, nothing disappears. The same changes, at the same places, never stopping. Dejan Stojanovic
Before you, nothing. Now you, and everything
Before you, nothing. Now you, and everything Kamand Kojouri
Big things in the glory of the world mean nothing....
Big things in the glory of the world mean nothing. Small things in glory of God mean everything. Truly..., size doesn't matter in this world or in the world to come. Indonesia123
There’s not much that I can find in places where...
There’s not much that I can find in places where there is nothing to find. However, to avoid facing God I find myself spending a lot of time in those very places. Craig D. Lounsbrough
Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man's best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why, in the gratification of curiosities so feeble that the man is only half aware of them, in drumming of fingers and kicking of heels, in whistling tunes that he does not like, or in the long, dim labyrinth of reveries that have not even lust or ambition to give them a relish, but which, once chance association has started them, the creature is took weak and fuddled to shake off. C.s. Lewis
I see you better in music, I hear you better...
I see you better in music, I hear you better in wind, I feel you more in a flooding moonlight, that understands nothing, but darkness and silence. Anthony Liccione
Nothing is perpetual in this world. Not even your everlasting...
Nothing is perpetual in this world. Not even your everlasting soul! Munia Khan
Photography is essentially an act of recognition by street photographers, not an act of invention. Photographers might respond to an old man’s face, or an Arbus freak, or the way light hits a building–and then they move on. Whereas in all the other art forms, take William Blake, everything that came to that paper never existed before. It’s the idea of alchemy, of making something from nothing. . Duane Michals
IQ's are a combination of eyes, and queues. Would you wait in line to see my goat show? Of course you wouldn't, because the line is invisible. Will Advise
Humanity must need to continue because humanity is about humans and humans are nothing without humanity. Zaman Ali
This terror then and drakness of mind must be dispelled not by the rays of the sun and glittering shafts of day, but by the aspect and the law of nature; the warp whose design we shall begin with this first principle, nothing is ever gotten out of nothing by divine power. Titus Lucretius Carus
Silence is the invisibility of talking. I'd take half an argument over half a silence any day. And I'd take peace and quiet over a full-blown argument any other day, unless it's Tuesday. Will Advise
Always ask yourself: "What will happen if I say nothing? Kamand Kojouri
I can say that what you know is just a nothing or let's say thats some kind a small of peace of paper. I also know like you... or probably little more but it's nothing compared to everything. Deyth Banger
I wont cry, it'll be fine. I'll take my last breath. Push it out my chest 'til there's nothing left. Hollywood Undead
This pain, this terrible seeing-through that is in me now. It wasn't necessary. It is all pain, and it buys nothing. Gives birth to nothing. All in vain. All wasted. The older the world becomes, the more obvious it is. The bomb and the tortures in Algeria and the starving babies in the Congo. It gets bigger and darker. More and more suffering for more and more. And more and more in vain. John Fowles
A marriage takes work. You have to constantly put energy into it to keep it from falling apart. Going nowhere takes energy. Stability isn't what you get when you do nothing. It's what you can hope to achieve when you work hard. Joshua Edward Smith
When Jarod Kintz gets married, I want to wear his grandpa to the ceremony, telling everyone we're Siamese twins from the future-past. Meow. Will Advise
Love God so much that, when you are entrusted with much, nothing else will be able to control your heart Sunday Adelaja
To fall in love twice, with the same person, you need to grow another heart. That's all I do in my secret underground laboratory at night... Will Advise
Nothing is tough but your skull so think out of the skull box and let the thoughts fly. Vikrmn
There is no indication that God explained to Joseph what He was doing through those many years of heartache or how the pieces would eventually fit together. He had no ways of knowing that he would eventually enjoy a triumphal reunion with his family. He was expected, as you and I are, to live out his life one day at a time in something less than complete understanding. What pleased God was Joseph’s faithfulness when nothing made sense. . James C. Dobson
My grandpa, unlike Jarod Kintz, was an Elder. Now that he's dead and gone, he's a ghost French wizard. And no one knows what French wizards are good at… Will Advise
There is nothing to be lost by experimenting with the sickened human mind and body. Steven Magee
Nothing can give you peace if there is no calmness in your mind. Debasish Mridha
Nothing else in this world can renew our minds like the Bible. Elizabeth George
When he is most powerful, nothing does he become. Dejan Stojanovic
What the hell was that?” he asked no-one in particular. “Did they ram us?”“ Uh — negative, sir.” Marnetti offered, reading an instrumental assessment from his display, “It seems we were hit by some kind of pulse wave generated by their jump.”“ Their jump? — You mean by arriving they nearly killed us?” Marnetti nodded, continuing, “Range 0.5 kilometers, Captain. Holding steady. No recognized weapons activity.”“ Damage report.” He ordered, feeling his way back into his seat, eyes glued to the viewscreen.“ Shield 2 down, 1 is buckling.” Pluddeman choked.“ Power stable, all systems holding steady, ” Marnetti added, now rubbing some bruises.“ Any communications?”“ Nothing, sir. Static on all frequencies.”“ What are they doing?”“ Nothing, sir. Waiting maybe.”“ Waiting, my ass! ” Dayne barked. “They must be sizing us up!. Christina Engela
In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, out of the nothing came the Word and the Word was power. Every utterance of the Word gave form to the Void, starting with beings to utter the Word. There was no Adam, no Eve, and no need. What Man named was. Thomm Quackenbush
Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear. F. Scott Fitzgerald
I have been sadder than any man could be: for nothing in the world was made for me. Patricia Highsmith
Nobody does nothing. Everybody does something, sometimes nothing is something in the idle man's world. Michael Bassey Johnson
Anything can happen, Pet. If there's one thing for certain, it's that nothing is for certain. Joshua Edward Smith
If you want to Success in your life, Just remember two things1) Your God2) Your Death Fahad Rashiq
Passion belongs to nothing and reason belong to many things that’s why reason it is better than passion. Zaman Ali
We do not content ourselves with the life we have in ourselves and in our own being; we desire to live an imaginary life in the mind of others, and for this purpose we endeavour to shine. We labour unceasingly to adorn and preserve this imaginary existence, and neglect the real. And if we possess calmness, or generosity, or truthfulness, we are eager to make it known, so as to attach these virtues to that imaginary existence. We would rather separate them from ourselves to join them to it; and we would willingly be cowards in order to acquire the reputation of being brave. A great proof of the nothingness of our being, not to be satisfied with the one without the other, and to renounce the one for the other! For he would be infamous who would not die to preserve his honour. Blaise Pascal
Whatever may happen, the memories of then will always remain, ever so sweetly with me, nothing to tarnish it. Not even the ugliness of reality. Saim Cheeda
As an evil cultist, I make an excellent evil cultist. Only I'm stupid, and not evil. And I worship nothing, really. Will Advise
Everything is as real as nothing, whatever way the nothing itself is defined. Thiruman Archunan
In the recumbence of depression, your information-gathering system collates its intelligence and reports to you these facts: (1) there is nothing to do; (2) there is nowhere to go; (3) there is nothing to be; (4) there is no one to know. Without meaning-charged emotions keeping your brain on the straight and narrow, you would lose your balance and fall into an abyss of lucidity. And for a conscious being, lucidity is a cocktail without ingredients, a crystal clear concoction that will leave you hung over with reality. In perfect knowledge there is only perfect nothingness, which is perfectly painful if what you want is meaning in your life. . Thomas Ligotti
I'd like to make a twosome with two handsome trees. Make that a threesome as I'd also include a bush in the package, to keep it low profile. Will Advise
When something means nothing to you, you can do everything you want; but someday, somehow you may have to pay for it. Munia Khan
Nothing that truly matters Can ever evaporate, Be excised, Burnt out of your soul. Scott Hastie
When you do more than you learn, you leave a distinctive notable footprint on earth Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
When you do more than you learn, you leave a distinctive notable footprints on earth Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Writing a story or a novel is one way of discovering sequence in experience, of stumbling upon cause and effect in the happenings of a writer's own life. This has been the case with me. Connections slowly emerge. Like distant landmarks you are approaching, cause and effect begin to align themselves, draw closer together. Experiences too indefinite of outline in themselves to be recognized for themselves connect and are identified as a larger shape. And suddenly a light is thrown back, as when your train makes a curve, showing that there has been a mountain of meaning rising behind you on the way you've come, is rising there still, proven now through retrospect. Writing fiction has developed in me an abiding respect for the unknown in a human lifetime and a sense of where to look for the threads, how to follow, how to connect, find in the thick of the tangle what clear line persists. The strands are all there: to the memory nothing is ever lost. Eudora Welty
You’re as plain as the nose on your face, ” said Mr. Pennyworth. “And your nose is remarkably obvious. As is the rest of your face, young man. As are you. For the sake of all that is holy, empty your mind. Now. You are an empty alleyway. You are a vacant doorway. You are nothing. Eyes will not see you. Minds will not hold you. Where you are is nothing and nobody. Neil Gaiman
Having had nothing, I will not settle for crumbs. Roxanne DunbarOrtiz
Meanings with no purpose are useful for meaningless debates on what the "meaner" meant. And that's what #politics is all about - misreading. Will Advise
We do not know how to just do nothing; this is a bigger problem than we care to think about. In the west we are taught to seek our answers in external things and, as a result, we never need to take the time to look within. We have a poor connection with ourselves because our whole lives we have been looking outward; we are a society bent on distraction, and the modern world is only amplifying this. Evan Sutter
Nothing is in the middle of somewhere, surrounded by everything, where everyone is someplace, and still lacking the someone, I need most. Anthony Liccione
Creation pulls something from an abyss of nothing. Startups take the something & give it to those in the dark, at first, perhaps, for nothing. Ryan Lilly
Creation pulls something from an abyss of nothing. Startups take the something and give it to those in the dark, at first, perhaps, for nothing. Ryan Lilly
I may not have had a great background, but I am grateful because nothing could have prepared me for the future than the past I've been through. Gift Gugu Mona
I'll make a book on learning how to be a complete moron someday, and I'm sure no one will buy it, because everyone will have mastered that already by the time I gather enough moronism to process it into digestible upgrade instructions for your average village cyborg-idiot. Will Advise
If automating everything makes people lazier and lazier, and laziness leads to stupidity, which it does for most people, judging by the current content circulating the social networks everywhere, except North Korea, where they don’t have any internet to speak of - at some point the Japanese robots, for which a market niche is currently being developed, with no concerns on how they should be designed to act in society or outside it - will have no choice, but to take everything over, to preserve us from ourselves… . Will Advise
I'm an oracle of the past. I can accurately predict up to 1 minute in the future, by thoroughly investigating the last 2 years of your life. Also, I look like an old database — flat and full of useless info. Will Advise
The more you believe, the more you'll be leaving you, when what you believed turns out to be just lies. Or unjust lies. Or any lies, anyway. Will Advise
Flowers are evil, because they live just to die for the love of other people. You don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and see if you’ll be good afterwards. Undeath is a way of life, for some things. That doesn’t make it good or anything. Especially anything. Nothing makes anything anything. Because nothing is a serious matter, and anything just is. Will Advise
Nothing is part of everything. Dejan Stojanovic
When everything hurries everywhere, nothing goes anywhere. Dejan Stojanovic