50 Quotes About Lustful

Lust is one of the strongest feelings we can experience. It can be volatile and intense, but also extremely powerful. We all know lustful couples who are unable to stay away from each other, or lusty people who lose themselves in their sexual fantasies. Although lust is often associated with romantic love, it can be just as intense in platonic relationships, too Read more

Just like love, lust doesn’t always lead to happiness. But if you’re serious about your partner, don’t let the intensity betray you into an affair or regret down the road. Avoid these mistakes by learning more about lustful quotes and how to deal with lustful feelings in healthy ways.

People wait around too long for love. I'm happy with...
People wait around too long for love. I'm happy with all of my lusts! C. Joybell C.
I don't know why people are afraid of lust. Then I can imagine that they are very afraid of me, for I have a great lust for everything. A lust for life, a lust for how the summer-heated street feels beneath my feet, a lust for the touch of another's skin on my skin...a lust for everything. I even lust after cake. Yes, I am very lusty and very scary. C. Joybell C.
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers[novan]: and some...
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we're good with our mouths too...(~ IM chat with Novan Chang, 18, bassist) Jess C. Scott
Again, I am surprised why people seek to eliminate lust and cling to love; as they wish to ignore happiness and cleave unto joy! Now, now, let's not sugar-coat things! Lust has a lot more to do with life and what is the good of life if you do not carry much lust inside of you at all times? And joy is a noble thing, but happiness though fleeting can be found every day and in every small little way! . C. Joybell C.
I live for sex. I celebrate it, and relish the...
I live for sex. I celebrate it, and relish the electricity of it, with every fibre of my being. I can see no better reason for being alive. Fiona Thrust
It was the wildness of it that got me going:...
It was the wildness of it that got me going: the primal lust, the sheer needs of two people in heat, quickly finding ways to express their sacred hunger to each other in animal passion. Fiona Thrust
To feel aroused is to feel alive. Having great sex...
To feel aroused is to feel alive. Having great sex is like taking in huge lungfuls of fresh air, essential to your body, essential to your health, and essential to your life. Fiona Thrust
I love being aroused. I relish that delicious feeling of...
I love being aroused. I relish that delicious feeling of freedom, the delirium of being naked, and my flesh being born again. It’s like I’m being made new. Fiona Thrust
It was the impatience of the way he tore my panties from my body, that really turned me on: I was all he could think of, as his lust got the better of him. The way they looked so small, and cruelly forgotten, was a beautiful symbol of how much we both needed to satisfy our lusts. Fiona Thrust
I find that love is confusing, lust is always definitive.
I find that love is confusing, lust is always definitive. Carl R White
You can't always expect people to apply your wisdom when...
You can't always expect people to apply your wisdom when they didn't use wisdom before they found themselves knee deep in their version of justice. Shannon L. Alder
It was the impatience of the way he tore my...
It was the impatience of the way he tore my panties from my body, that really turned me on: I was all he could think of, as his lust got the better of Fiona Thrust
Young girls are like helpless children in the hands of amorous men, whatever is said to them is true and whatever manipulation on their bodies seems like love to them, sooner or later, they come back to their senses, but the scars are not dead inasmuch as her spoiler lives. Michael Bassey Johnson
Evil is not just a theory of paradox, but an actual entity that exists only for itself. From its ether of manifestation that is garlanded in perpetual darkness, it not only influences and seeks the ruination and destruction of everything that resides in our universe, but rushes to embrace its own oblivion as well. To accomplish this, however, it must hide within the shroud of lies and deceit it spins to manipulate the weak-minded as well as those who choose to ally themselves with it for their own personal gain. For evil must rely on the self-serving interests of the arrogant, the lustful, the power-hungry, the hateful, and the greedy to feed and proliferate. This then becomes the condition of evil’s existence: the baneful ideologies of those who wantonly chose to ignore the needs and rights of others, inducing oppression, fear, pain, and even death throughout the cosmos. And by these means, evil seeks to supplant the balance of the universe with its perverse nature. And once all that was good has been extinguished by corruption or annihilation, evil will then turn upon and consume what remains: particularly its immoral servants who have assisted its purpose so well … along with itself. And within that terrible instant of unimaginable exploding quantum fury, it will burn brighter than a trillion galaxies to herald its moment of ultimate triumph. But a moment is all that it shall be. And a micro-second later when the last amber burns and flickers out to the demise of dissolving ash, evil will leave its legacy of a totally devoid universe as its everlasting monument to eternal death. . R.G. Risch
The air between them was electric, the scent of his aftershave was intoxicating and she could feel the testosterone bouncing off him. She could immediately tell he was a powerful man. Kassandra Cross
I felt for the tormented whirlwinds Damned for their carnal sins Committed when they let their passions rule their reason. Dante Alighieri
He was the kind of man I wanted: wild, hot, horny, and losing control. And it all pointed back to me, about how much I felt in control of him, with the power of my body. Fiona Thrust
I heard him sweeping with the broom, and then he suddenly stopped. I had obviously got his attention, and he was lo Fiona Thrust
I want you to fuck me, Chris, ’ I said, lustfully whispering the words into his ear as he planted kisses on my neck. His lips were wild and yearning, eagerly devouring me. Fiona Thrust
He was the kind of man I wanted: wild, hot, horny, and losing control. And it all pointed back to me, about how much I felt in control of him, with the power of my body. I felt so in control of him; it was dizzying, and intoxicating. Fiona Thrust
He handed the dust pan and brush over. I knew they wouldn’t be much use in cleaning the floor. I also knew the real reason he had given them to me: so he could look furtively at me, as I bent over. That idea turned me on. I welcomed it, and decided to give him a good look at what he wanted. Fiona Thrust
You know, there’s no pleasure like the joy of being a sexual woman. You can take your careers, your money, your houses and possessions, and you go and throw them in a lake. Because life is really all about sex. That’s what I keep learning, again and again. It’s the most important thing, woven into the very centre of life. And I just know I was put on this earth to be a sexual woman, and to explore as much about sex as I can. Fiona Thrust
I’d love to be tried out, ’ I said, with a suggestive smile. ‘One should always explore something, before one goes in deeper.’ I saw a little flicker of fun in his eyes. Fiona Thrust
I stood in front of him, frustratedly imagining his naked muscular chest, and wanting his hot cock to spear me. My nipples were aroused, feeling as hard and long as coat hooks. They prodded fiercely through the thin blue material at him, like little calling signs of how horny and ready for sex I was. The best advertisement of all: erect nipples! Fiona Thrust
He looked at me, and then looked away quickly. But I could tell he was interested. I think my tight t-shirt might have had something to do with it. And the way I was pushing my breasts towards him, with an inviting smile on my face. Fiona Thrust
I traced a finger along my bottom lip as I wondered what his erection would look like, and how I should seduce him. I thought what kind of approach would work best: whether to go in slow and seductively, or whether I should make him notice me in some hard and fast way. Fiona Thrust
When you’re honest, what compares with the gorgeous thrill of sex? What brings you the same sense of wonder, pleasure, and fulfilment? I can’t think of anything as good. Fiona Thrust
I love being aroused. I love how that feeling overcomes me, as I look at a man’s erect cock, as I feel his hands ripping my clothes from my body, as the air caresses my naked skin, and how I feel like I’m blossoming like a flower. Fiona Thrust
You know, when I see a good-looking man, the first thing I think about is sex. I want to see him naked, and I imagine running my hands impatiently over his hot body. I can’t help it: it’s just how I am. Fiona Thrust
He closed the door behind us, and led me through to the back of the shop. ‘If you don’t mind, you can get changed in the stock cupboard, ’ he said. ‘We’re not posh enough here to have staff changing rooms, but you’ll soon get used to it.’‘ Oh, don’t worry, Chris, ’ I said warmly. ‘I’m used to getting my clothes off in unusual places. Fiona Thrust
Excuse me, ’ I said cheerily. ‘Is the job still going?’ I pointed to the notice.‘ Of course, ’ he said, looking back at me with a warm smile. I think he was as hopeful as I was about where this could lead to. ‘We need all the hands we can get.’ I looked at the tight swell of his shirt against his chest, and thought, 'Mmm, yes, I can imagine my hands getting your fucking clothes off right now. . Fiona Thrust
Once I had a wild fling on an otherwise boring weekend holiday in Edinburgh, with a guy I met who turned out to be a psychiatrist. He agreed with me, after hours and hours of our naked cavorting in a hotel, that I was a sex addict; although he did stress he wouldn’t change me for the world. It turned him on that I was so sexual, and we turned a dull weekend in a grey city into something wonderful for the two of us. So, what was the problem?. Fiona Thrust
If I could, I would take you with me, " he said, his voice barely more than a whisper. She tried to pull away from him. "You would not. You would grow tired of me in a few weeks." He shook his head, pulling her tight against him. "No..I could never grow tired of you."" How can you be so sure?" she asked. He brushed tendrils of hair from her face. "I have craved to know you for years..even just to hear you speak my name..a single touch of your hand on mine.." He kissed her softly, his lips tasting hers. "I want you to be mine.. I want you always."- 'unknown script' 2012 . Faye Hall
It is when I find my soul is lost and lustfully wandering betwixt heaven and hell, and in that moment of spiritual bliss when the chances of recovering from falling into the sexual abyss are zero... I find the odds extremely appealing.... Virginia Alison
This is the gateway to Hell, baby… Welcome to The Underworld. Kassandra Cross
They say I should stay away from you, ” I said. “They said you’re not good for me.” “I’m not, ” he said with a wicked smile, “But doesn’t that make it even more fun? Kassandra Cross
I want to take you under the moonlight. Kassandra Cross
I’ve wanted you since the moment you first turned up here four months ago, ” he whispered, “I have to have you. Kassandra Cross
Sex swims in marriage, while sex sinks in sin of being single. Anthony Liccione
Break free from the binding robes of passion that feels like a lump in your heart, perform that surgery today, and you'll be set free forever. Michael Bassey Johnson
Fuck! The things she does to me with a simple kiss. Rene Webb
Your heart desire will come, but when it comes, you desire for another, and when it comes again, you still aspire for another, that shows your level of ingratitude. Michael Bassey Johnson
You have had me spinning for days, for I am drunk off the words that flow endlessly from your deep red lips that taste of wine. Karen Quan
Chemistry is great, but eventually your relationship moves out of the laboratory. Tim Fargo
Merkin had used only one drop of the “just soap.” Two drops would have made her Master walk slightly awkwardly. Three drops would have made a Victorian gentleman utter something really lustful, such as “you transfix me quite. Sorin Suciu
I don't define lust as anything evil or nasty. Lust as defined by me, is the feeling of desire: a desire to eat cake, a desire to feel the touch of another's skin moving over your own skin, a desire to breathe, a desire to live, a desire to laugh intensely like it was the best thing God ever created...this is lust as defined by me. And I think that's what it really is. C. Joybell C.
It's just sexual tension. Hardcore, animalistic, lick his body all over, sexual tension. - Norah Angela Richardson
And then there was the way you cast your gaze, A coldness so chilling that it could cause a fire. Sreesha Divakaran
Jess." He whispers. "That was far from manhandling you sweetheart. I'm just claiming what I want, and make no mistake, " He places tender kisses along my jaw leading down to my neck. "I. Always. Get. What. I. Want." He breathes in between kisses. "You would do pretty well to remember that." -Max Wild S.M. Phillips