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Teenagers are often faced with a lot of pressure to choose the right friends, get into the right school, get the right type of job, and get the sort of relationship that everyone will envy. But here’s the thing: many teenagers are just fine with what they have. Some are even perfectly happy being themselves. And others are actually content doing things their own way and refusing to compromise on their beliefs and values Read more

If you’re in this latter group, there’s a whole universe of kindslehighlight quotes that you can benefit from.

Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous.
Belief can be manipulated. Only knowledge is dangerous. Frank Herbert
It is one thing to be clever and another to...
It is one thing to be clever and another to be wise. George R.r. Martin
Like all failed experiments, that one taught me something I didn’t expect: one key ingredient of so-called experience is the delusional faith that it is unique and special, that those included in it are privileged and those excluded from it are missing out. Jennifer Egan
Christians, indeed, have a special obligation not to forget how great and how inextinguishable the human proclivity for violence is, or how many victims it has claimed, for they worship a God who does not merely take the part of those victims, but who was himself one of them, murdered by the combined authority and moral prudence of the political, religious, and legal powers of human society. David Bentley Hart
Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt. Mike Norton
You could put a blond wig on a hot-water heater and some dude would try to fuck it. Tina Fey
But sometimes, talent isn't worth shit. There are tons of talentless people out there making zillions of dollars. And unfortunately, an equal number of brilliant artists whose name and voices you'll never hear. - Paul Hudson Tiffanie DeBartolo
I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as I lay the sausage against my ear. Abruptly, my cell phone went dead. A drop of grease dribbled into the dead center of my ear, creeping like a worm down onto my neck and below the collar of my shirt. A group of men and women in business suits walked by, swerving to avoid me. Across the street, a homeless-looking guy was staring at me, curious. Yep, this was pretty much rock bottom. As I was about to reach for a napkin and at least get my money's worth by eating the bratwurst while still hot, I heard it. "Dave? Can you hear me? . David Wong