131 Best Idolatry Quotes And Sayings

We all idolize others and what they represent, and we sometimes let it get in the way of our own goals. This collection of good and bad idolatry quotes will remind you to step back and see the bigger picture.

You can’t, if you can’t feel it, if it never Rises from the soul, and sways The heart of every single hearer, With deepest power, in simple ways. You’ll sit forever, gluing things together, Cooking up a stew from other’s scraps, Blowing on a miserable fire, Made from your heap of dying ash. Let apes and children praise your art, If their admiration’s to your taste, But you’ll never speak from heart to heart, Unless it rises up from your heart’s space. Unknown
You can safely assume you've created God in your own...
You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. Anne Lamott
One must love God first, and only then can one...
One must love God first, and only then can one love one's closest of kin and neighbors. We must not be idols to one another, for such is not the will of God. Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
These infinitesimal distinctions between man and man are too paltry for an Omnipotent Being. How these madmengive themselves away! The real God taketh heed lest a sparrow fall. But the God created from human vanity seesno difference between an eagle and a sparrow. Bram Stoker
What God says is best, indeed is best, though all men in the world are against it. Seeing, then, that God prefers his religion; seeing God prefers a tender conscience; seeing they that make themselves fools for the kingdom of heaven are wisest; and that the poor man that loveth Christ is richer than the greatest man in the world that hates him: Shame, depart, thou art an enemy to my salvation. John Bunyan
If God created us in his own image, we have...
If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated.") Voltaire
The idea that we can be exactly what the other...
The idea that we can be exactly what the other desires is a powerful fantasy. Sherry Turkle
One man's faith is considered idolatry by another
One man's faith is considered idolatry by another Bangambiki Habyarimana
We have glorified wealth and freedom so much that it...
We have glorified wealth and freedom so much that it is impossible for most of us to truly believe that a man can truly be happy in a shack or within the confines of a prison cell. Mokokoma Mokhonoana
The engine that drives all your activities is hope. What you hope in shapes you. Unknown
Rather than continuing on the normal sexual path toward pain, emptiness, and idolatry, you can allow God to heal you, change the way you think, and place deliberate safeguards in your life to protect you. Craig Groeschel
I cursed myself. For once, heaven had sent me "Beauty" in its most perfected form and I abandoned it. She might not have been a girl after all but an angel: a force to guide me on this hazardous path of life I hurry down... How can life be hazardous if it can only end in death? Roman Payne
Possibly the most debilitating deception of all is to create a god of my own making, fool myself into believing that this limp god of mine is the true God, and then construct the entirety of my life on this flamboyantly fictional character. Possibly the most devastating realization of all is when the real God shows up, and in the showing up all of this come crashing down. Craig D. Lounsbrough
If I see God as nothing more than a caricature of history or imagination I cannot do anything less than make myself my own ‘god’. And once I realize that in doing so my rendition of being a ‘god’ is embarrassingly inferior to the very caricature I am mimicking, I quickly come to realize that maybe the only thing that can be ‘god’ is a God. And if that is the case, I suddenly find myself hounded by the stunning reality that God is not a caricature. Craig D. Lounsbrough
Nixon was by nature a excluder. Halderman like to exclude people. When Nixon's need met Halderman's abilities, you had the most perfect formula for disaster. — Jim Shepley David Pietrusza
The author says one patrician English leader saw his relationship with the populace thusly: He wasn't responsible TO them. He was responsible FOR them. He was responsible for their care. Barbara W. Tuchman
King die hard, in Shakespeare and in life. Harold Bloom
Jealousy from a love affair is something even God can admit. Criss Jami
The Bible does not say money is the root of all evil; it says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. A poor man who, in his heart, worships the idea of being rich is more vulnerable to its evils than a rich man who has a heart to use it all for the Lord. Criss Jami
I don't see money as evil or good: how can illusion be evil or good? But I don't see heroin or meth as evil or good, either. Which is more addictive & debilitating, money or meth? Attachment to illusion makes you illusion, makes you not real. Attachment to illusion is called idolatry, called addiction. Daniel Suelo