100 Home Quotes And Sayings

Home is where the heart is, and it’s an important factor in our happiness. Wherever you go, be it to school or work, you need to feel at home. This means not only the physical home, but also the people in it. It’s said that a person’s home is where he or she collects their most treasured memories Read more

Not only that, but a home is where we spend our time and where we live out our lives. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Here are the best home quotes to help you create a beautiful nest for you and those you care about.

For the two of us, home isn't a place. It...
For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home. Stephanie Perkins
The desire to go home that is a desire to be whole, to know where you are, to be the point of intersection of all the lines drawn through all the stars, to be the constellation-maker and the center of the world, that center called love. To awaken from sleep, to rest from awakening, to tame the animal, to let the soul go wild, to shelter in darkness and blaze with light, to cease to speak and be perfectly understood. Rebecca Solnit
We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a...
We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. Pascal Mercier
Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go. Sarah Dessen
A home filled with nothing but yourself. It's heavy, that...
A home filled with nothing but yourself. It's heavy, that lightness. It's crushing, that emptiness. Margaret Atwood
A man travels the world over in search of what...
A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. George Moore
Home is where somebody notices when you are no longer there. Aleksandar Hemon
I wanted to cry because I needed you there with me so bad. I knew in that moment that I was in love with you. I was in love with the way you loved me. When you wrapped your arms around me and held me, I knew that no matter what happened with my life, you were my home. You stole the biggest piece of my heart that night. Colleen Hoover
After all, " Anne had said to Marilla once, "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string. L.m. Montgomery
You can't go home again
You can't go home again Thomas Wolfe
No other success can compensate for failure in the home.
No other success can compensate for failure in the home. J. E. McCulloch
Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.
Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home. Novalis
Home is the place where, when you have to go...
Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. Robert Frost
Romance is about putting things aright after some tragedy has put them asunder. It is about restoration of the right relations among things — and going home is where that restoration occurs because that is where it matters most. A. Bartlett Giamatti
Home was not a perfect place. But it was the...
Home was not a perfect place. But it was the only home they had and they could hope to make it better. Dean Koontz
I will take you home, his lord had said. Home....
I will take you home, his lord had said. Home. He held to that word, as a man holds to a rope in a raging sea. Elizabeth A. Lynn
I’m going to love again so quietlyno one will know i’m home. Unknown
A homeless with hope is in a better situation than...
A homeless with hope is in a better situation than a hopeless with home! Mehmet Murat Ildan
Solitude is the house of peace.
Solitude is the house of peace. T.F. Hodge
I have no house but glad to have a home.
I have no house but glad to have a home. Lailah Gifty Akita
No, the safest thing is to become an island. To make your house a citadel against all the garbage and ugliness in the world. How else can you be sure of anything? Nickolas Butler
Love does not pay attention to timetables or knock when...
Love does not pay attention to timetables or knock when it is convenient for you. True love shows up unexpectedly, bags fully packed, daring you to offer it a place to stay. Alfa H
I will stand beside you through all of this, '...
I will stand beside you through all of this, ' she said when she could finally speak. “And welcome you home with gladness when it’s over, and you return triumphant. Grace Draven
I’ve found a new kind of home in us, and...
I’ve found a new kind of home in us, and I’m ready to move in for good. Scott Stabile
You know home isn’t really about what color your couch...
You know home isn’t really about what color your couch is or what you hang on the wall... Home is about knowing you are in the right place with the right people. Jay Crownover
People would rather live in homes regardless of its grayness....
People would rather live in homes regardless of its grayness. There is no place like home. L. Frank Baum
Introverts live in two worlds: We visit the world of...
Introverts live in two worlds: We visit the world of people, but solitude and the inner world will always be our home. Jenn Granneman
The Men of the Ordeal do not march to save the World, Proyas--at least not first and foremost. They march to save their wives and children. Their tribes and their nations. If they learn that the world, their world, slips into ruin behind them, that their wives and daughters may perish for want of their shields, their swords, the Host of Hosts would melt about the edges, then collapse. R. Scott Bakker
To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Savior, is an especially noble calling... She has been placed here to help to enrich, to protect, and to guard the home--which is society's basic and most noble institution. Spencer W. Kimball
The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home, filling it with love and prayer and purity, is doing something better than anything else her hands could find to do beneath the skies. Unknown
He sat down on a grassy bank and looked at the city that surrounded him, and thought, one day he would have to go home. And one day he would have to make a home to go back to. He wondered whether home was a thing that happened to a place after a while, or if it was something that you found in the end, if you simply walked and waited and willed it long enough. He pulled out his book. Neil Gaiman
We can only love one another deeply from the heart, for there is home of sacredness. Lailah Gifty Akita
The vast and beautiful world is the home we share together. Bryant McGill
I stood there a long while, staring at that tree. It looked so strong So beautiful. Hurt right down the middle But alive and well. Cee touched my shoulder Lightly. Frank? Yes? Come on, brother. Let's go home. Toni Morrison
Being born in a place is only one way to belong, nor do you have to die there.. I knew at once that Magdala was home because I felt sighted there again, second sighted. It was not only the spring. In time everything spoke. When birds rose into the air, I could read the pattern of their wings, and the path the wind made on the water carried messages. The very ground said make a path here, plant herbs there. These vine are not dead. Tend them and they'll bear fruit again. Ancient trees offered shelter and wisdom as well as olives. And there were certain rocks that could absorb fatigue or agitation, leaving me refreshed and calm. . Elizabeth Cunningham
Peace and rest at length have come All the day's long toil is past, And each heart is whispering, 'Home, Home at last. Thomas Hood
But there is no Messiah of Sitka. Landsman has no home, no future, no fate but Bina. The land that he and she were promised was bounded only by the fringes of their wedding canopy, by the dog-eared corners of their cards of membership in an international fraternity whose members carry their patrimony in a tote bag, their world on the tip of the tongue. Michael Chabon
We believe that Jesus has made His home in our hearts, and as long as we carry Him there, God's love will keep our love strong no matter where we are. Nick Vujicic
Aren't we all homeless without a home inside our mind? Munia Khan
The world is such a big place; staying in one town your whole life, is like never leaving your house. Chris Geiger
If you wish to know the truth of who you are, follow the voice that calls you home. Go there. For where our love is, there we will be. Frederick Espiritu
I know nothing I’m doing is important, ' he said. 'Sure, I’m just a waste product of history. Maybe nothing I’m doing is even real, after all. But I was born right here, in this old house, and I look out the window and know what I’m seeing, and I know some people I like to be with, and I like what I do all day long, and maybe that’s all that realness is, anyway Robert Penn Warren
It's not a homeless life for me, It's just that I'm home less Than others like to be. Akilnathan Logeswaran
We live in that grave, in those clothes, in the pressure between nothing and everything, we live by perpetual movement from place to place but we want oh we so much want to escape to say it all to come home at last to the right place our rightful place our rightful space. As if that was possible. Gabriel Josipovici
I'm homeless. I've taken to the belief that home is not where we lay our heads comfortably some nights, or where we entertain visiting friends. It's not where love is unconditional. When I look up and realize I haven't run away in a long time, I'll know I'm home. Darnell Lamont Walker
All of us need to be constantly reminded it takes a heap of living and loving to make a house a home. Marvin J. Ashton
Go where the situation takes you, but never forget where you came from, where you belong and the direction of where you entered in. Auliq Ice
Here is the time for the sayable, here is its home. Speak and attest. More than everthe things we can live with are falling away, and ousting them, filling their place, a will with no image. Will beneath crusts which readily crackwhenever the act inside swells and seeks new borders. Rainer Maria Rilke
I have learned and dismantled all the words in order to draw from them asingle word: Home. Mahmoud Darwish
It is not an unusual life curve for Westerners - to live i n and be shaped by the bigness, sparseness, space clarity & hopefulness of the West, to go away for study and enlargement and the perspective that distance and dissatisfaction can give, and then to return to what pleases the sight and enlists the loyalty and demands the commitment. Wallace Stegner
No, I stay for myself. Everything I need, everything I want, is here. I know it's not enough for most people, but it is for me. Every time I leave, even for an afternoon or an overnight trip to Seattle, I can't wait to get back. This is home. And I guess I'm a person who needs a home, a place to plant seeds and watch them grow. Barbara Freethy
For he came to perceive that since people were his study, his teachers, the objects through which he could satisfy his persistent wonder about life itself, his own being among others, wherever he lived for the moment, there was his home. Pearl S. Buck
But that's the thing, how you feel about the place that's home. About its sky, its air, its smell, the color of the light, the way the rain falls (or doesn't), whether it hot or cold. Laura McBride
Surrender to the unknown and trust that the universe will lead you home. Karen A. Baquiran
You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood, back home to romantic love, back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame, back home to exile, to escape to Europe and some foreign land, back home to lyricism, to singing just for singing's sake, back home to aestheticism, to one's youthful idea of 'the artist' and the all-sufficiency of 'art' and 'beauty' and 'love, ' back home to the ivory tower, back home to places in the country, to the cottage in Bermude, away from all the strife and conflict of the world, back home to the father you have lost and have been looking for, back home to someone who can help you, save you, ease the burden for you, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time--back home to the escapes of Time and Memory. Thomas Wolfe
How do you go to your own house when something has gone bad on the inside, when it doesn't seem like your place to live anymore, when you almost cannot recall living there although it was the place you mostly ate and slept for all your grown-up life? Try to remember two or three things about living there. Try to remember cooking one meal. William Kittredge
He crosses the front room, which he calls his study, and comes down the staircase. The stairs turn a corner; they are narrow and steep. You can touch both handrails with your elbows, and you have to bend your head, even if, like George, you are only five eight. This is a tightly planned little house. He often feels protected by its smallness; there is hardly room enough here to feel lonely. Nevertheless. Christopher Isherwood
Men? One never knows where to find them. The wind blows them away. They have no roots, and that makes their life very difficult. Unknown
Home is the place that expects the most of you, but still welcomes you at your worst. And she has always been my home, my Merminia. Emm Cole
A kind of memory that tells usthat what we're now striving for was oncenearer and truer and attached to uswith infinite tenderness. Here all is distance, there it was breath. After the first homethe second one seems draughty and strangely sexed. Rainer Maria Rilke
People like my grandmother, who have no home but in memory, learn to be very skilled in the art of recollection. Amitav Ghosh
I lived here once, " the author said after a moment." Here? For a long time?"" No. For just a little while when I was young."" It must have been rather cramped."" I didn't notice."" Would you like to try it again?"" No. And I couldn't if I wanted to." He shivered slightly and closed the windows. As they went downstairs, the visitor said, half apologetically: "It's really just like all houses, isn't it?" The author nodded." I didn't think it was when I built it, but in the end I suppose it's just like other houses after all. . F. Scott Fitzgerald
Home is a desk. The amalgamation of a dream. Home is the cats, my books, and my work never done. All the lost things that may one day call to me, the faces of my children who will one day call to me. Maybe we can't draw flesh from reverie nor retrieve a dusty spur, but we can gather the dream itself and bring it back uniquely whole. Patti Smith
Or maybe we'll make a home somewhere inside ourselves, to carry with us wherever we go- which is the way I carry my mother now. Veronica Roth
I didn't say another word to Mama that night, but I could feel something good even then: the YES in my heart, the swirling-around in my belly, the prickly tingling all the way from the freckle on my finger to the tip of my pinky toe. That much wonderful could only mean one thing: There was still magic in Midnight Gulch. Natalie Lloyd
When one is traveling, everything looks brighter and lovelier. That does not mean it IS brighter and lovelier; it just means that sweet, kindly home suffers in comparison to tarted-up foreign places with all their jewels on. Catherynne M. Valente
It’s funny. When you leave your home and wander really far, you always think, ‘I want to go home.’ But then you come home, and of course it’s not the same. You can’t live with it, you can’t live away from it. And it seems like from then on there’s always this yearning for some place that doesn’t exist. I felt that. Still do. I’m never completely at home anywhere. Danzy Senna
I suspected, however, that I wasn't homesick for anything I would find at home when I returned. The longing was for what I wouldn't find: the past and all the people and places there were lost to me. Alice Steinbach
Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. Unknown
You haven't really been anywhere until you've got back home. Terry Pratchett
Where you come from does matter -- but not nearly as much as where you are headed. Jodi Picoult
I think about what the man at the Coney joint said. He was right. We are the people who stay. We stay in our homes and pay them off. We stay at our jobs. We do our thirty and come home to stay even more. We stay until we are no longer able to mow our lawns and our gutters sag with saplings, until our houses look haunted to the neighborhood children. We like it where we are. I guess then the other question is: Why do we even travel? There can only be one answer to that: we travel to appreciate home. (p.97). Michael Zadoorian
Do you know what the luckiest thing is?’‘ No.’‘ It is to be at home everywhere. Ben Okri
When we’ve been travelling around I’ve often thought: Oh, this would be a good place to be, and that would be an excellent place to live. And yet, after I’ve seen everything I’ve decided that home, wherever that may be, is the place for feelings of peace. And if I can be at peace with myself then that is the most important thing. I think travelling teaches one that. Ben Okri
I have no home in the sense that is generally understood and so there is nothing to prevent me enjoying to the uttermost the spirit of wanderlust that has entered my soul. I am never lonely. How can I be when there is so much to see and admire in the world? Gertrude Benham
Everywhere I travel to, there is my home. Lailah Gifty Akita
Everywhere, I am welcome, I will stay there. Lailah Gifty Akita
All journeys eventually end in the same place, home. Chris Geiger
We'd all be lucky in life if we had the chance to experience an unexpected adventure, and then make our way back safely to a place of comfort. Sometimes the only way we can appreciate our home and the simple happiness it has to offer is to be away from it for a while. Noble Smith
A boat would seem to be an object whose one purpose is to travel, but its real purpose is not to travel but to reach harbour. We found ourselves on the high seas, with no idea of which port we should be aiming for. Fernando Pessoa
Ready am I to go, and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind. Only another breath will I breathe in this still air, only another loving look cast backward, Kahlil Gibran
I mean this: every time I come home, I feel like I'm coming back to the world, and when I leave Macomb it's like leaving the world. Harper Lee
I am a citizen-at-large, of everywhere and nowhere, so sometimes I get pretty homesick. Rich Benjamin
...the longer she had lived away, the more she realized that nowhere became home… though everywhere had. Susan Ornbratt
Home at that moment was a starless night, a steady wind, not a human to be seen. Alan Furst
With languages, you are at home anywhere. Edward De Waal
A (wo)men travels the world over in search of wht (s)he needs and returns home to find it Barbara Magro
One wants never to give up this crystalline perspective. One wants to keep counterpositioning home with what one knows of alternative realities, as they exist in Tunis or Hyderabad. One wants never to forget that nothing here is normal, that the streets are different in Wisebaden, and Louyang, that this is just one of many possible worlds. Alain De Botton
Nos·tal·gia (n):A feeling that lingers long after the taste is gone. Jenim Dibie
Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all. Hermann Hesse
It may be argued that the past is a country from which we have all emigrated, that its loss is part of our common humanity. Salman Rushdie
And then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection with the past. Someone who’s only yours. And you’ll realize… that this is where your life is. Unknown
While we tend to think of love as some faraway place, it is actually a place nearby that we have forgotten. Vironika Tugaleva
May this poetrybe the homeyou will someday come back to. Sanober Khan
Sometimes to be at home is like a nightmare by Stephen King. Deyth Banger
But if home suddenly becomes not like home, what then? Kate Milford
As soon as she says this, I realize she is just like everyone else, and wish I was back at home so that all the things I do not understand could be the same as they always are. Claire Keegan
I bring my kiasu friend to the airportleavings are never easy, not for longand though we both saw blur along the waymemories flooded present tensions.in the curry of his life no lemak remainedso now the predictable exit signalledthe end of his roundings, his bombings—he can bluff like hell, ma, he got style—and left me thinking about home, my kampong. Kirpal Singh
I had spent my whole life feeling homesick. The only difference between the two of us was that I didn't know what or where home was. Marian Keyes
There are many sadnesses in the hearts of men who are far away from their countries. Alexander McCall Smith