89 Best Eye Quotes And Sayings

The best thing we can do for our eyes is to keep them healthy and protect them from the sun. Here are the best eye quotes to help you feed your eyes and keep them healthy. If you regularly wear glasses, regularly wear sunglasses.

The story of life is quicker than the wink of...
The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye...until we meet again Jimi Hendrix
Nothing and no one is perfect. It just takes a...
Nothing and no one is perfect. It just takes a good eye to find those hidden imperfections. Daphne Delacroix
The visible emerged from the invisible.
The visible emerged from the invisible. Lailah Gifty Akita
The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind,...
The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind, the Music breathing from her face, The heart whose softness harmonised the whole –And, oh! that eye was in itself a Soul! George Gordon Byron
I see him in my mind's eye, feel him in...
I see him in my mind's eye, feel him in my soul...twin flames will unite. Sanjo Jendayi
Every eye makes its own perception. Lailah Gifty Akita
I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart. Pope John XXIII
Let your heart be your eye. Lailah Gifty Akita
We feel through our minds, we live through our hearts, and we love through our eyes. Gabriella Jording
The heart can see things invisible to the eye. T.A. Barron
An eye for an eye will only make the world bright. Sorry, Mahatma. This is the absolute and only true form of justice. Natalya Vorobyova
Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror each day. You can ignore the small voice still inside you, but your reflection will always have something to say. Ryan Lilly
Sometimes we fail to see what others see and emphasise on what they lack to see. The I of a different eye. Goitsemang Mvula
The eye of a man is never satisfied with what it sees. Lailah Gifty Akita
We have two eyes... two hands... two legs... but we can focus on one! ??! ? Naah, lie double and triple... I can focus on 2 and do 3... Deyth Banger
My eye sees sacred things. Lailah Gifty Akita
She looked at him, his black, depthless eyes like boiling wells of oil. R.J. Lawrence
I have two eyes, and I go to see the ice. Deyth Banger
I saw with my eyes people with and without purpose, people with the purpose know where they are going and the others follow the flow! ? Deyth Banger
She held out her hand, like a man. He hesitated, then took the hand and shook it. It was very warm. You could not help but be aware of the wild passage of blood on the other side of its wall, veins, capillaries, sweat glands, tiny factories in the throes of complicated manufacture. [He] looked at the eyes and, knowing how eyes worked, was astonished, not for the first time, at the infinite complexity of Creation, wondering how this thing, this instrument for seeing, could transmit so clearly its entreaty while at the same time–- Look, I am only an eye–-denying that it was doing anything of the sort. Peter Carey