100 Quotes About Edmond Mbiaka

If you've ever had a chance to speak with Edmond, you'll find him to be very down-to-earth and really easy-going. A lot of people in his position would become bitter and angry after what they went through, but he's remained positive about everything. This is what makes him so lovable and admirable. Although his life is full of struggles, he refuses to let them get the best of him Read more

These are some of the best quotes by Edmond Mbaya.

Why wait for your happiness to come from your future blessings, when this moment already has all you need to live happily? Unknown
You cannot carry your whole marriage on your back and call it, compromising. It takes two willing hearts to effectively compromise. Unknown
When faced with obstacles, let your heart beat with courage and faith by focusing on the growing opportunities they bring. Unknown
A heart can only be broken or remain shattered through repeated negative interpretations of a negative experience. Unknown
When you are a dreamer, so many people are not going to believe in the success of your dream. These people could include your close friends, relatives, parents, siblings, and other people around you. But don't be discouraged by them, because you only need the grace of God, believing in yourself, and consistent strategic actions to succeed in life. Unknown
When character speaks, many minds listen. Unknown
A mind that opens its door to fears, doubts, grudges, jealousy and anger, compromises its peace in return. Unknown
Peaceful and racist thoughts can never coexist in the same mind. Living happily starts from loving yourself and others unconditionally. Unknown
What are challenges to a mind that strongly believes in its limitless potential? Unknown
No level of obstacle can prevail in crippling a mind that's continuously fed with positive self-talk. Unknown
A racist mind is an enemy of its happiness. Unknown
Be very optimistic about your dream until the length and roughness of its road become highly irrelevant in your mind. Unknown
Without the spirit of gratitude, no amount of blessings would activate the feeling of happiness in one's mind. Unknown
Sophistication is a thing of the mind not of worldly appearance. Unknown
Never give yourself a reason to betray your positive inner-self by playing evil games with negative minds. Unknown
A complicated life can only be the outcome of a mind that's polluted with negative beliefs. Unknown
A life of abundance knows nothing about a mind that allows its obstacles to distract it from life's endless possibilities. Unknown
In the journey of life, you can only be as fruitful or fruitless as the thoughts that constantly dwell in your mind. Unknown
It is either you control your thoughts or be controlled by them. Unknown
Negative thoughts and beliefs absolutely don't belong in that amazing beautiful mind of yours. Unknown
Happiness is nothing but a blissful feeling that can only be activated when positive thoughts and beliefs are constantly dwelling in one's mind. Unknown
If success is yet to become a reality in your life, you haven't exhausted your willpower. Unknown
You could pay for power, but would never buy dignity. Unknown
You are as special and important as everyone else that walks on the face of the earth. We were all created by the same Almighty Goad. So be proud of who God has uniquely created you to be. You are very special in His eyes. Unknown
No matter what life throws at you, never stop loving it. Obstacles are meant to be conquered. Unknown
The answer to every adversity lies in courageously moving forward with faith. Unknown
When one achieves massive success, unenlightened minds say, "It's all about luck." But if you were to ask me, I would say, "It is the mighty reward of faith, confidence, courage, patience, relentlessness and resiliency. Unknown
As long as you invite faith, courage, and perseverance to become your daily companions, every test would inevitably mature into a testimony in your life. Unknown
When life throws trials and tribulations towards you, shield your destiny with courage, faith and perseverance. Unknown
Every great story begins with a very courageous step into the land of the unknown. Unknown
Never give your enemies a reason to celebrate your lack of courage. Unknown
A life without integrity, faith, courage and a positive purpose, is an unnecessary gamble with no positive possibility. Unknown
Always protect your heart with unconditional self-love, faith and courage. Unknown
In you lies the courage and perseverance to endure and conquer any battle. But the question is, are your frequent thoughts cheering for your victory or constantly focusing on your weaknesses? Unknown
There is absolutely no difference between a dreamer and a non-dreamer, if the dreamer's dream is not accompanied with faith, courage, perseverance, patience, and consistent actions. Every dream needs some consistent actions in order to give birth to success. Unknown
This is definitely the wrong time to allow fear and doubts to hold you back. Push yourself far away from your fearful past and into a blissful and prosperous future. God is your guide, protection wisdom, courage and strength. You were born to experience greatness. Unknown
A life of success demands that you never starve your dreams from the actions, courage, and faith that they consistently need. Unknown
When positive attitudes meet with faith, courage, consistency and perseverance, miracles tend to happen. Unknown
Before every great reward, comes the footprints of persistency, consistency, perseverance, courage, faith and patience. Unknown
Happiness is what happens when you build the level of awareness and courage to continuously identify, challenge, and replace your negative thoughts and beliefs. Unknown
It's time for you to step up with courage and fight tirelessly to take back all that your fears and doubts have stolen from you. Unknown
Keep pushing with faith, hope and courage, for there is a very valuable prize waiting for you at the end of your struggle. Unknown
Your true destiny is desperately waiting on you to start thinking, acting, and walking with faith and courage. Unknown
You weren't born to live a life of failure. God brought you into this world to fight with faith and courage until each and every one of your battles is won. So by all means, always keep your mind strong, head up, and keep on fighting. Unknown
There is no greater success than turning your true passion into a dream, and seeing its reality come to manifestation. Unknown
Passion is the mother of every greatness. Unknown
We all have something amazingly special in us, and you solely owe it to yourself to discover yours. Unknown
The gift of life is the only privilege you desperately need to turn your goals and dreams into realities. Unknown
Try not to waste your entire life working just to earn a paycheck. Seek to discover what your true passion in life is, and start working on turning it into an empire of your own. Unknown
Why spend a lifetime wishing for things a lot of people already possess in their lives? Your greatness lies in persistently going after your desires. Unknown
In order to live in the reality of your God's given destiny, you must consistently guard your mind against all self-defeating thoughts and beliefs. Unknown
In order to live in the reality of your God's given destiny, you must consistently guard your mind against all self-defeating thoughts. Unknown
A life without positive thinking is a dire threat to one's destiny. Unknown
The taste of unconditional happiness can never be achieved without the ingredients of positive thinking and interpretations. Unknown
It makes no sense rushing to become a parent if you are not going to be a good one. No child deserves anything less than unconditional love and positive guidance. Our nation and the world as a whole desperately need some generations of well nurtured children. Unknown
When people pressure you to engage in negative decisions and actions, look at them boldly in the eyes and dare them to do good. Unknown
A nation is only great when its citizens fall in love with the art of dwelling in peace and unity. Unknown
The habit of upgrading your mind with self-development messages is highly important, if you desire to reach the pinnacle of your true destiny in life. Unknown
If it doesn't look like success, it isn't your true destiny on earth. Unknown
Quitting is only for those who are doubtful of their destiny. Unknown
If it has failure written all over it, it's definitely not your portion in life. Unknown
The land of victory is desperately waiting on your arrival, and your destiny demands that you never let your fears and doubts turn you into a failure. Unknown
The destinies of all followers lie in the hands of their leaders. Unknown
Positivity is the vault of every destiny. Unknown
As long as God hasn't counted us out from the realities of our destines, victory will always be ours. Unknown
Success becomes inevitable when you fence your destiny with God's word. Unknown
Give today the gifts of creativity and productivity, and it would reward you with a better tomorrow. Unknown
No matter how high you climb, there will always be a room for you to turn your creativity and productivity up some notches. Unknown
You must be willing to go through some tough tests, if you wish to witness a future full of great testimonies. Unknown
You can never deceive or manipulate the future. Whatever it is you contribute towards it, is exactly what it will compensate you for. Unknown
If you think that your life is amazing, wait till you see what God has lined up for you in the future. But remember, you have to keep pushing forward with bigger goals and ideas. Unknown
Any belief that doesn't add any positive value to your present or future, absolutely doesn't belong in your mind. Unknown
Life leaves no one behind unless one's beliefs do. Unknown
Whatever belief that doesn't make you happier, stronger, healthier or wiser, surely doesn't deserve to be sheltered in your mind. Unknown
Many people are living unhappily because they keep trying to experience happiness without evicting the negative thoughts and beliefs that are vandalizing their minds. Unknown
Happiness is nothing but a state of mind which only your thoughts and beliefs could place you in. Unknown
A dream is only impossible if you allow your thoughts and beliefs to convince you to believe so Unknown
You owe it to your destiny to never allow your thoughts and beliefs to go against your positive desires. Unknown
If whatever belief you are holding on to isn't driving you forward in life, then it's time to let it go and let the opposite take charge. Unknown
Whatever thought or belief that cannot produce happiness or growth in your life, doesn't belong in your mind. Unknown
In order to live up to your full potential on earth, you must always challenge and replace any thought or belief that goes against your happiness and success. Unknown
Negative thoughts and beliefs are poisons to one's true destiny on earth. Unknown
Your mind is too precious to bear negative thoughts and beliefs in it. Unknown
You must refuse to entertain or shelter in your mind, any thought or belief that goes against your happiness and success in life. Unknown
You owe it to your destiny to never allow your mind to become a playground for negative thoughts and beliefs. Unknown
Negative experiences don't create fears, doubts, anger, grudges, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, jealousy, stress or depression; one's repeated negative interpretations of them do. Unknown
Repeated positive interpretations of one's negative experiences are the greatest medicines for stress and depression. Unknown
Before the state of stress or depression comes some frequent negative interpretations of one's experiences. Unknown
Ignoring to change your thoughts and beliefs wouldn't fail to cause your negative mood to remain unchanged. Unknown
The earlier you admit to your mistakes, the more time you would have to learn and grow from them. Unknown
From the beginning and end of every adversity, the light of a virtuous woman will always shine. Unknown
There is a big difference between being loved for who you are and being loved for the worldly things you bring in a relationship. A wise one would ask, 'What would happen if those things were to be gone? Unknown
Mutual understanding is the main backbone of every happy relationship. Unknown
If you cannot piece someone else's heart back to its original condition, don't dare to break it. Unknown
Any relationship that is solely built on lust absolutely has no long blissful future. Unknown
A strong positive mind is an unbreakable shield against all negative forces and experiences. It never bargains for anything that goes against its true destiny in life. It sees life as an inevitable journey of happiness and success in abundance. Therefore, you should make it your daily ritual to introduce your subconscious mind to some deep inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings from great inspiring and uplifting deep self-help authors. Positive words and beliefs are the core foundation of a positive life. Unknown
The friends who would forsake you for choosing to live a positive life, would also leave you if you find yourself going through some painful consequences due to some negative decisions and actions. Unknown
Beware of unfriendly friends who come nicely dressed in friendly suits. Unknown
Always abide by your positive principles even if it would result in most of your friends abandoning you. Friendship is about quality not quantity. Unknown
Stop complaining about friends who make your life miserable, and start surrounding yourself with positive minded individuals who would lift you up and show you the path to a blissful and successful future. Unknown