200+ Best Edmond Mbiaka Quotes And Sayings

If you've ever had a chance to speak with Edmond, you'll find him to be very down-to-earth and really easy-going. A lot of people in his position would become bitter and angry after what they went through, but he's remained positive about everything. This is what makes him so lovable and admirable. Although his life is full of struggles, he refuses to let them get the best of him Read more

These are some of the best quotes by Edmond Mbaya.

Why wait for your happiness to come from your future blessings, when this moment already has all you need to live happily? Unknown
You cannot carry your whole marriage on your back and call it, compromising. It takes two willing hearts to effectively compromise. Unknown
When faced with obstacles, let your heart beat with courage and faith by focusing on the growing opportunities they bring. Unknown
A heart can only be broken or remain shattered through repeated negative interpretations of a negative experience. Unknown
When you are a dreamer, so many people are not going to believe in the success of your dream. These people could include your close friends, relatives, parents, siblings, and other people around you. But don't be discouraged by them, because you only need the grace of God, believing in yourself, and consistent strategic actions to succeed in life. Unknown
When character speaks, many minds listen. Unknown
A mind that opens its door to fears, doubts, grudges, jealousy and anger, compromises its peace in return. Unknown
Peaceful and racist thoughts can never coexist in the same mind. Living happily starts from loving yourself and others unconditionally. Unknown
What are challenges to a mind that strongly believes in its limitless potential? Unknown
No level of obstacle can prevail in crippling a mind that's continuously fed with positive self-talk. Unknown
A racist mind is an enemy of its happiness. Unknown
Be very optimistic about your dream until the length and roughness of its road become highly irrelevant in your mind. Unknown
Without the spirit of gratitude, no amount of blessings would activate the feeling of happiness in one's mind. Unknown
Sophistication is a thing of the mind not of worldly appearance. Unknown
Never give yourself a reason to betray your positive inner-self by playing evil games with negative minds. Unknown
A complicated life can only be the outcome of a mind that's polluted with negative beliefs. Unknown
A life of abundance knows nothing about a mind that allows its obstacles to distract it from life's endless possibilities. Unknown
In the journey of life, you can only be as fruitful or fruitless as the thoughts that constantly dwell in your mind. Unknown
It is either you control your thoughts or be controlled by them. Unknown
Negative thoughts and beliefs absolutely don't belong in that amazing beautiful mind of yours. Unknown