120 Best Early Quotes And Sayings

Early in the morning is when you’re most alert and focused. What better way to start your day then with a set of inspiring early quotes to get you going in the right direction.

Ah, Nothing is too late, till the tired heart shall...
Ah, Nothing is too late, till the tired heart shall cease to palpitate. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before...
Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before they dig out the dream seeds you've planted! The earlier, the better; the quicker, the safer! Israelmore Ayivor
34. Sexual contact between a boy and a girl is a progressive thing. In other words, the amount of touching and caressing and kissing that occurs in the early days tends to increase as they become more familiar and at ease with one another. Likewise, the amount of contact necessary to excite one another increases day by day, leading in many cases to an ultimate act of sin and its inevitable consequence. This progression must be consciously resisted by Christian young people who want to serve God and live by His standards. They can resist this trend by placing deliberate controls on the physical aspect of their relationship, right from the first date. James C. Dobson
The tragedy waiting for politicians in future is greater than the gain in politics if it is measured, politicians kill, steal and betray the voters, but at the end they go to early grave, lose their peace and become miserable for the rest of their life. Bamigboye Olurotimi
Wake early, take more! Julie Elise Landry
If something cames out from your mind it doesn't matter is it in the morning so early or it's too late for example it's nigh or you are outside with friends spend few minutes and write this down you could make something incrediable. Deyth Banger
It’s never too early to begin pointing your little ones’ souls heavenward. Elizabeth George
Don't give up too early because everyone is ahead of you and you are far behind them. Set a standard for yourself and keep beating that standard regularly! Israelmore Ayivor
Be prepared before you set off to work on your dreams. Prior preparation is success divided by half. The more prepared you are, the easier your success. Set off. Israelmore Ayivor
You keep your followers confused when you begin very well and give up too early... Suspense is useful in movies, but useless when writing your success stories! Israelmore Ayivor
If you really want succeed in what you do, obey this rule;... Wake up very early, go to bed lately... Occupy your time usefully! Israelmore Ayivor
You can change direction if you feel like you have missed your way... Decide to do that now! Go back a little more and begin from where you missed it out! If only you are ready to rise again, you can make a right decision in that tight belly of the shark. Jonah did that earlier! Israelmore Ayivor
The way the early Protestants taught on the other hand is that everybody is a full time minister in their various places of work. They went to the extent of saying, your job, profession, occupation is your calling Sunday Adelaja
31. The human body seems indestructible when we are young. However, it is incredibly fragile and must be care for if it is to serve us for a lifetime. Too often, the abuse it takes during early years (from drugs, improper nutrition, sporting injuries, etc.) becomes painful handicaps during later years. James C. Dobson
Before you speak... I have already heard. Before you see... I had seen a million times. Before you reach... I came and departed, so is the way and life of a versatile soul. Michael Bassey Johnson
Everything comes at the right time, but if the right time is too late to be patient, go earlier before it becomes too late. Michael Bassey Johnson
Adoration is a sign of an infant civilization. Toba Beta
Those who take responsibility for their actions are the real winners in life. Winners meet life challenges and head on, knowing there are no gurantees, and give it all they've got, and never think it's too late, or too early to begin. Anonymous
The first few moments of the day are some of the most important as they can determine the mood for the rest of the day. Daniel Willey
Raising the minimum wage represents a substantial financial burden for employers, particularly start-ups, early stage companies, and family-owned businesses. In response, business owners would be forced to either lay off workers or raise prices to offset the rise in labor costs. Fabrizio Moreira