34 Best Complacency Quotes And Sayings

When things are moving along well, it’s easy to get comfortable. It’s easy to start taking things for granted. And it’s easy to think that the status quo is just fine, that you can just sit back and enjoy life as it is. But you should never let yourself become complacent because complacency leads to stagnation Read more

Things could change at any moment, and you should always be ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. That means developing the right mindset, applying yourself, and staying alert for signs of change.

You are -- your life, and nothing else.
You are -- your life, and nothing else. JeanPaul Sartre
Achieving success is hard staying successful is even harder.
Achieving success is hard staying successful is even harder. Frank Sonnenberg
There are few things more pathetic than those who have...
There are few things more pathetic than those who have lost their curiosity and sense of adventure, and who no longer care to learn. Gordon B. Hinckley
I would rather drown in the depths of Love than...
I would rather drown in the depths of Love than splash around on the shore of complacency. Mishi McCoy
The sun's champagne streamed from one body into another. And there was a couple on the green silk of the grass, covered by a raspberry umbrella. Only their feet and a little bit of lace could be seen. In the magnificent universe beneath the raspberry umbrella, with closed eyes, they drank in the sparkling madness.' Extra! Extra! Zeppelins over the North Sea at 3 o'clock.' But under the umbrella, in the raspberry universe, they were immortal. What did it matter that in another far-away universe people would be killing each other? . Yevgeny Zamyatin
Complacency delivered us into the hands of evil greedy men...
Complacency delivered us into the hands of evil greedy men like Cheney. Sonia Rumzi
You or I might think that at least one would show courage and put up a fight. But neither you nor I have suffered as they, and even we have born witness in silence to lesser ills under less dire threat. Yet, in the face of evil, to sit silent is an even greater evil. Complacency is ever the enabler of darkest deeds; Robert Fanney
I never saw it coming; I never thought you’d leave, but baby what you gave me was the courage to find me. Lorii Myers
The problem with the ‘herd’ is that our voice is never ‘heard’. Craig D. Lounsbrough
We must not overlook the role that extremists play. They are the gadflies that keep society from being too complacent or self-satisfied; they are, if sound, the spearhead of progress. If they are fundamentally wrong, free discussion will in time put an end to them. Abraham Flexner
To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted George Keller
People who become successful take every “today’s victory” as a rehearsal for tomorrows trophy. Israelmore Ayivor
When you do great things, think as if you missed the mark by an inch; walk as if you are yet to face the greatest task; talk as if you are yet to have the best preparation for the momentous moment and dream as if you are fighting a battalion of tasks Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
That initial anger she had felt turned to sadness, and now it had become something else, almost a dullness of sorts. Even though she was constantly in motion, it seemed as if nothing special ever happened to her anymore. Each day seemed exactly like the last, and she had trouble differentiating among them. Nicholas Sparks
A person is not like a thing that you put down in one place and leave, a person moves, thinks, asks, questions, doubts, investigates, probes, and while it is true that, out of a long habit of resignation, he sooner or later ends up looking as if he has submitted to the objects, don't go thinking that this apparent submission is necessarily permanent. Unknown
We don’t have a good excuse before God if our nation and people are suffering as a result of our complacency Sunday Adelaja
The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it. Albert Einstein
Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often. Mae West
Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long, in vain. A.W. Tozer
Contentment - being happy while doing something - and complacency - being happy while doing nothing - are entirely different. Adam Kirk Smith