22 Best Company Culture Quotes And Sayings

Few words have the ability to change a person’s attitude and outlook on life like the ones below, which can be found in any company culture. For companies looking to improve their culture, these quotes are a great place to start. If you’re looking for more great company culture quotes, check out our collections on corporate culture, leadership, and human resources.

But in the military you don't get trusted positions just because of your ability. You also have to attract the notice of superior officers. You have to be liked. You have to fit in with the system. You have to look like what the officers above you think that officers should look like. You have to think in ways that they are comfortable with. The result was that you ended up with a command structure that was top-heavy with guys who looked good in uniform and talked right and did well enough not to embarrass themselves, while the really good ones quietly did all the serious work and bailed out their superiors and got blamed for errors they had advised against until they eventually got out. That was the military. Orson Scott Card
Your mission statement, vision statement, core values, and service standards provide a clear focus for all while keeping your team humble and hungry. It creates that family environment in which your employees enjoy coming to work and dealing with the challenges they face each day. Amber Hurdle
If your culture is how you do business internally, your brand is what people believe about you externally. Amber Hurdle
You can’t be “it” for everyone. In fact, if you try to please everyone, you will please no one, especially yourself. Amber Hurdle
Your company culture is made up of the family rules ofyour business that establish consistent expectations among all. Amber Hurdle
When you create a company culture, you are drawing your lines in the sand for you, first & then for anyone else who does business with you. Amber Hurdle
All businesses begin and end with their company culture. Amber Hurdle
You want how you do business to be consistent among all team members, including partners, management, employees, and even vendors. Amber Hurdle
Your company culture is the internal foundation on which everything in your business builds. Amber Hurdle
To gain your share of the market, you must show how your company is different and how your culture produces a unique experience for your customers, leaving no room for competition. And that, Bombshell, is your brand. Amber Hurdle
When you have a strong company culture it will shine through your brand and you can authentically say, “This is what our brand is about. Amber Hurdle
Creating a company culture is the first operational step in becoming a bold, brave fempreneur. It creates certainty, a road map and stability. Amber Hurdle
Your mission statement outlines why your company exists. It doesn’t have to be all fancy-pants, just a clear statement of what you do. Amber Hurdle
While a mission statement speaks to why a company exists, a vision statement communicates what you want to accomplishin the future. Amber Hurdle
Values are the measuring stick for howyou make decisions in business: goal setting, employee conduct, recognition, discipline–everything. Amber Hurdle
Love is the surprising emotion that company builders cannot ignore. Brian De Haaff
The key difference between captain and coach? The latter’s opportunities for influence come at moments when play isn't happening, Carolyn Taylor
Your culture is the birthplace of your brand. Amber Hurdle
Service standards create the standard of expectation that you and all team members follow when interacting with customers. Amber Hurdle
A Bombshell commands attention for her business with a strong culture, consistent branding, and simple, no-to-low cost marketing. Amber Hurdle