119 Best Christian Fiction Quotes And Sayings

If you're looking for suggestions on how to get the most out of your Christian Fiction book club, these book club quotes will inspire and motivate you to do just that. We've gathered a collection of Christian fiction quotes to inspire and encourage you throughout 2018. If you're going to read a Christian fiction book, why not read a good one? Christian fiction can be a great way to learn about God's love and forgiveness through real-life stories. But reading a good Christian fiction novel isn't enough. When you read a book club selection, you want to get motivated and inspired by positive quotations from the book that will encourage you to do what the author is encouraging the main character to do. In order for a book club selection to be effective, it needs quotes from the author that motivate the character in the story Read more

These quotes need to be inspiring and encouraging! They need to inspire you to take action towards your goals or call out something in your life that needs improving. When we were searching for Christian Fiction quotes, we were surprised by how many Christian Fiction books did not have any quotes from the author at all! For example, did you realize that the best-selling Author of The Shack , William P. Young , didn’t have any quotes from him at all? This is pretty concerning because without quotations from the author, how can we know whether these books are worth reading? We had hoped there were some great quotes from him inside his books but they weren’t there. We went on a mission to find some excellent quotable quotes from authors like John Grisham , Dave Ramsey , and Jodi Picoult . Are any of these authors quoted in any of these popular Christian Fiction books? Here's what we found: All of these authors are popular authors who write inspirational Christian novels about faith issues like divorce, adultery, or child abuse.

After all, if this kind of story is so compelling, why wouldn't they want people to take action afterwards? Why wouldn't they want everyone reading their books to take action afterwards? These inspirational quotations are not only helpful in motivating us to take action after reading their books but also serve as educational tools that help us learn more about God's love and forgiveness through real-life stories. These quotes are also great for our personal notebooks too! So whether these popular Christian Fiction authors wrote them down themselves or someone else did them for them, they're definitely worth remembering! About Christian Love Quotes :

Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely,...
Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely, they could never die? To give them more than just your heart or your soul? What if you could give then the miracle of immortality? Kellie Thacker
Why could he not have chosen some other woman? Why Avelina? But he knew why. It was because she had seemed good and kind and had expressed her thoughts without any false pride or pretense. He had admired her forthrightness and her compassion. And although he had never thought of a wife with strong opinions was a good thing, he actually found he liked her opinions-or at least admired her for having them. He wanted to get to know her, to know everything that was in her heart. He wanted to marry her and, surprising even himself, to love her. Melanie Dickerson
It is when the individual's faith is weak, not strong, that he will be afraid of an honest fictional representation of life; and when there is a tendency to compartmentalize the spiritual and make it resident in a certain type of life only, the supernatural is apt gradually to be lost. Flannery OConnor
Dear Lord,
Dear Lord, " she prayed, "please help me to handle all the work You've set before me. I can only do this with You at my side. Amen. Daniel Patterson
He considered telling her that she could, and often, if she married him. Melanie Dickerson
But in her heart she truly believed she was a better lady than Lady Dorothea ever was. Was it wrong to think she was nobler in her heart than the true nobleman's daughter? Melanie Dickerson
If the only tool in Willem's arsenal was a silent supplication to an absent almighty, then I might as well be sitting next to a raving radical ready to die for the promise of seventy-two virgins and a couple of camels. Lisa C. Temple
All night, I thought about that walk. The touch of the forest tickled my skin long after, while the scent lingered in my nostrils. It was unlike anything back home. There was a feeling in the atmosphere I couldn't shake--something that was trying to draw me back. I felt alive in that forest. --His Name is Moonlight Kellie Thacker
I felt empowered by him, as if his very existence manipulated the balance of my nature from a shy little girl to wonder woman. Kellie Thacker
Their blissfully soft texture calmed me but alerted me at the same time. I couldn't explain the gentle spark of light that dripped off the edges. And of course, the aqua trim felt way too familiar. Dianne Bright
For the first time in fifteen years, he felt a mother's love again. R. A. Rooney
So in a man’s mind, he appraises, negotiates, defines, delineates, weighs the information, and that includes God. As you can see, this is a relationship of management, not trust. You don’t trust things you can manage, you manage them. And so, God as information is managed and no relationship of trust is fostered. Geoffrey Wood
At the same time, they find their mind-god has played a trick on them. For mind is a part of the very system it has closed around it, and being inside, there is no reason to think any statement made by some part concerning the whole has any validity. Mind was caused by the material universe, if mind is right. But only the greater can accurately define the lesser, never the other way round, so if mind is right, mind would never know. . Geoffrey Wood
The more we train a man to labor, deliberate, dictate and demand over the inconsequential, the less capable his mind becomes of holding that of consequence. Geoffrey Wood
Without God, reality is madness. Reason will tell you so. You either madly trust in God, or you trust in a world gone mad without him. Geoffrey Wood
Joy is that paradox where a man so trusts, is so enraptured, as to be caught up and lost in the other, while at the same time, being utterly known by the other, thus utterly himself. Geoffrey Wood
In Joy, to lose one’s life is to gain it, and Joy never loses an opportunity to be lost in the other. Geoffrey Wood
The sorry religious novel comes about when the writer supposes that because of his belief, he is somehow dispensed from the obligation to penetrate concrete reality. He will think that the eyes of the Church or of the Bible or of his particular theology have already done the seeing for him, and that his business is to rearrange this essential vision into satisfying patterns, getting himself as little dirty in the process as possible. Flannery OConnor
Maybe that was the best part. The beautiful peace that came with living her own story, knowing every turn of the page and tug of the heart was a new beginning. Melissa Tagg
I believe that all things happen under the watchful eye of God and the lessons we learn along the way only serve to make us stronger. Nancy B. Brewer