52 Best Breathe Quotes And Sayings

The act of breathing is often the first thing that comes to mind when we need to calm our minds or recharge our batteries. Breathing is an integral part of our lives, but it’s so simple and so easy to overlook. We tend to take it for granted, which can lead to problems down the road. If you’re not getting the oxygen your body needs, you run the risk of having issues with your heart, lungs, and even your skin Read more

The best way to breathe is through common sense. Here are ideas on breathing techniques to use at every moment.

You honestly expect me to breathe in a world without...
You honestly expect me to breathe in a world without air? Renee Ahdieh
I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to remind myself to breathe. I have to close my eyes and concentrate, even force myself to take a few deep breaths. In and out. In and out. In and out. I know that breathing just happens, without us needing to work at it. But so does stress, and distress, and discomfort. That's when a few deep, conscious breaths can make a world of difference. Can I get an inhale? . Scott Stabile
May your love for me be likethe scent of the...
May your love for me be likethe scent of the evening seadrifting inthrough a quiet windowso i do not have to runor chase or fall... to feel youall i have to dois breathe. Sanober Khan
I breathe in...the fragranceof love, and moist sandthe onehis roses...
I breathe in...the fragranceof love, and moist sandthe onehis roses lefton both my hands I just keep on breathingevery momentas much as I canpreserving it, in my bodyfor the dayit can’t. Sanober Khan
Breathe deeply and remember to love. Scott Stabile
The following ten throws went a variety of places. I...
The following ten throws went a variety of places. I never hit the target, but I was getting closer. Isabella was laughing so hard she wrote "Please stop can't breathe" in the dirt with her finger. Jim Benton
The more we talk about our troubles and our fears,...
The more we talk about our troubles and our fears, the more life we breathe into them". HS/el Evinda Lepins
When God created us, He breathed in us the Spirit...
When God created us, He breathed in us the Spirit of Life and put all that we need to make us great on this earth in us Sunday Adelaja
I breathe in.. The sights and smells Of this city I’ve come to know.. So well I gaze.. Across the turquoise ocean Where the waves Liberate my spirit.. From its shell I breathe in.. The brilliant sky line Where the birds Emerge shyly From the dappled sunshine I breathe in.. The gently.. Blowing winds That soothe me Like a mother, around her child I breathe in.. The sounds of laughter Pure and pretty Like the golden-green butterfly I’m always after I breathe in.. The closeness, I have always shared With people, Who almost knew me, Almost cared I breathe in.. The comfort Of my home, The safe walls, The scents of childhood On the pillows I breathe in..the silence Of my own heart Aching with tenderness.. With memories. Of home I breathe.. in.. The fragrance Of love, and moist sand The one.. His roses left.. On both my hands And I just keep on breathing Every moment As much as I can Preserving it, in my body For the day It can’t So I breathe in. Once again. Feeling life's energy Fizzing through my cells Never knowing What awaits me Or what's going to happen to me. Next I breathe in This moment.. Knowing it's either life Or it's death I close my eyes, And breathe in Just believing in myself. Sanober Khan
It had always been a breathtaking view, the kind that made him inhale and forget to exhale .. . Unknown
Power is given only to those you allow to have power over you. No man was born with a master. The only master of all is the Creator, and he created all men to be free. Freedom is a God-given right, not a human-granted gift. No man should have to fight to breathe in good health and peace. Suzy Kassem
He ran as fast as he could, but the memories were fast too. He stumbled upon them and fell to the ground. The memories got up and stared into his eyes menacingly, they laughed harder and kept their foot on his neck. He choked and fought to breathe. He tried and failed to scream. They choked him hard until he suffered and died miserably inside. Akshay Vasu
Be still my little light beam, As I breathe life into your heart, By giving you the essence of color, To show off your blossoming heart. In its red gentleness, I see your flickering flame, And then I see your body, Glowing in the dusk. Ever so gently, You do but come to life, For me to see your entirety, For me, It’s the color of love. Anthony T. Hncks
Every single time you looked at me, through the corner of your eye and smiled. My heart pushed the ribs with all the force towards my lungs, until it got crushed and I could not breathe anymore. Akshay Vasu
When a turbulent mind and wounded heart surrenders to grace, breathing is easy. T.F. Hodge
My nails clawed against the smooth tiles as I pushed up onto my hands and knees. I rose unsteadily to my feet. Speed is my ally. Breathe. In and out. Focus. Time is my power. Lori M. Lee
He had to get out, get some space between him and the world, just to breathe. Allison Brennan
What air is there left to breathe Antonio Cisneros
Just because life is full of craziness doesn't mean you must go crazy. You can experience outer chaos and still find inner peace. Nothing even needs to change outside of you for you to find calm inside of you. This inner calm is available at all times. Just breathe. Karen Salmansohn
You flourish one hushed breath at a time. Imagine all you can build word by single word. Laurie Seidler