100 Quotes About Attraction

Attraction is a powerful force, but it’s also unpredictable. Some people are born with certain traits that make them more attractive than others, while others might be attracted to the same traits in other people. Still other people are attracted to someone because of how they look, their personality, or even their background. And then there are those who are attracted to qualities that are completely different from theirs, like confidence or kindness Read more

Attraction quotes help you figure out what makes others attractive to you and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

The power of a glance has been so much abused in love stories, that it has come to be disbelieved in. Few people dare now to say that two beings have fallen in love because they have looked at each other. Yet it is in this way that love begins, and in this way only. Victor Hugo
Tonight was... well, it was perfect for me too. You've turned my world upside down. I've fallen in love with you, chica, and it scares the fuckin' shit outta me. I've been shakin' all night, because I knew it. I've tried to deny it, to make you think I wanted you as a fake girlfriend, but that was a lie. Simone Elkeles
Love must not entreat, ' she added, 'or demand. Love...
Love must not entreat, ' she added, 'or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract. Hermann Hesse
One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy. Alain De Botton
Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic....
Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together. Lisa Kleypas
Buy a gift for a dog, and you'll be amazed at the way it will dance and swerve its tail, but if don't have anything to offer to it, it won't even recognize your arrival; such are the attributes of fake friends. Michael Bassey Johnson
He smiled in a way that made me want to...
He smiled in a way that made me want to kiss him right on the spot. Or the lips. Whichever was closer. Shannon Hale
I mean to say, I know perfectly well that I've got, roughly speaking, half the amount of brain a normal bloke ought to possess. And when a girl comes along who has about twice the regular allowance, she too often makes a bee line for me with the love light in her eyes. I don't know how to account for it, but it is so."" It may be Nature's provision for maintaining the balance of the species, sir. P.g. Wodehouse
Oh, for Christ's sake, ' I hear. 'Can we please...
Oh, for Christ's sake, ' I hear. 'Can we please just try to have a good time?' This is like ordering someone to find you attractive, and it doesn't work. I've tried it. David Sedaris
Rose looked down to the sheet of paper, saw a number and where to sign. Butch was holding out a pen for her to take. When she reached for the pen her fingers grazed lightly against his. She felt it. She saw it. The tiniest arc of electricity. It was as if flint and steel met, just waiting for the right moment to spark the dry tinder into a burning inferno. Grace Willows
A pure heart is superlatively rare and even more attractive. J.S.B. Morse
Each of them had done their best. Matt was still his friend. For Meredith, maybe the day would come when she could look at him and not think “inhuman” – or at least not think it immediately and constantly. Maybe Bonnie, the moth, would be able to stay away from the unholy flame. Now, there was something to worry about. He could all too easily see Bonnie taking a walk on the very wild side with Damon. His brother had a soft spot for her already, she knew. But if either of them had a problem, he already knew what he had to do to find a plan for a solution. Just look up. L.j. Smith
Watch what you ask for you just might get it.
Watch what you ask for you just might get it. Marylin Schirmer
Knowing beauty is not what can be described but felt,...
Knowing beauty is not what can be described but felt, upon looking at something beautiful. Benjamin Meadows
Success attracts success to build strong partnerships for more successful...
Success attracts success to build strong partnerships for more successful ventures whilst failure attracts failure to have more pity parties. Oscar Bimpong
Just because you discover that you may like somebody after...
Just because you discover that you may like somebody after all, it doesn't necessarily mean there's any attraction. Steve Kluger
If somebody never gets enough of you, they will always...
If somebody never gets enough of you, they will always want more Ashly Lorenzana
We believe we are seeking happiness in love, but what we are really after is familiarity. We are looking to re-create, within our adult relationships, the very feelings we knew so well in childhood and which were rarely limited to just tenderness and care. The love most of us will have tasted early on came entwined with other, more destructive dynamics: feelings of wanting to help an adult who was out of control, of being deprived of a parent’s warmth or scared of his or her anger, or of not feeling secure enough to communicate our trickier wishes. How logical, then, that we should as adults find ourselves rejecting certain candidates not because they are wrong but because they are a little too right–in the sense of seeming somehow excessively balanced, mature, understanding, and reliable–given that, in our hearts, such rightness feels foreign and unearnt. We chase after more exciting others, not in the belief that life with them will be more harmonious, but out of an unconscious sense that it will be reassuringly familiar in its patterns of frustration. Alain De Botton
I have an attraction to strangeand unusual things. I find...
I have an attraction to strangeand unusual things. I find them interesting, spellbinding, utterly fascinating. Melody Lee
S: But Chris, I think his embarrassment isn't in relation to you or me but to himself. What can he do? C: I hate being thrown into such a physical state. S: Isn't that experiencing life to the hilt? C: No, it's just a dumb infatuation. I'm so ashamed. S: But even if his silence hurts you, isn't that what attracted you to him? The fact that he was inaccessible. So, I think there is a contradiction there, at least nothing to feel ashamed of -. Chris Kraus
The Dictionary defines Soul Mate as: A person who is...
The Dictionary defines Soul Mate as: A person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament. Before I met mine, I didn't know I was bonkers! James Hauenstein
When you focus on being the best person you can...
When you focus on being the best person you can be, you draw the best possible life, love, and opportunities to you. Germany Kent
Mars tugs at the human imagination like no other planet....
Mars tugs at the human imagination like no other planet. With a force mightier than gravity, it attracts the eye to the shimmering red presence in the clear night sky... John Noble Wilford
Fascinating ... The whole thing [the school dance] seems to work on a similar principle to a supercollider. You know, two streams of opposingly charged particles accelerated till they're just under the speed of light, and then crashed into each other? Only here alcohol, accentuated secondary sexual characteristics and primitive "rock and roll" beats take the place of velocity. Paul Murray
Dark matter is love. It's the attracting force.
Dark matter is love. It's the attracting force. Nicola Yoon
But the second she opened her eyes and looked at...
But the second she opened her eyes and looked at me, I knew. She was either going to be the death of me .. . or she was going to be the one who finally brought me back to life. Colleen Hoover
The power of imagination is the center of all attractions.
The power of imagination is the center of all attractions. Lailah Gifty Akita
The room was filled with a strange vibe of awkwardness...
The room was filled with a strange vibe of awkwardness that I was sure could only be dissolved by kissing him again or running away. E.M. Denning
One month. Thirty days. I could bury myself in my art and forget the feel of his lips sliding across mine. I could forget the scent of his cologne, the way my body reacted when he touched me. I sighed. Thirty days suddenly seemed like an eternity. E.M. Denning
If more people recognized the difference between friendship and mere attraction, or how love must partake of both to prosper, I expect there'd be more happy people." "And a lot fewer poems and plays, " I said, laughing as I splashed about in the scented water. Sherwood Smith
Here’s my usual party strategy: find the liquor, find the food, find the space where two walls meet. Alienate enough people around you to have some breathing room. Find the attractive people–this shouldn’t take long; they’ll be the ones getting everything they want in life. Once you’ve found them, stare hungrily at them all evening, and interpret every alarmed flicker of eye contact from them as a new stage in your relationship. . Isaac Oliver
Love is a feeling that must be felt from the heart and seen through inner beauty. Only if this was known to the youth, many a marriages would have blossomed with age and cherished through decades. Just like a plant that needs the sun, water and more time to grow into a beautiful tree with lovely leaves and flowers, love needs time to be nurtured over time, built on a strong foundation of friendship, trust and honesty. When this foundation is built and combined with the feeling that tickles you from within, that is when love actually happens, the rest is all infatuation, attraction or even lust. . Jagdish Joghee
Often we find a friend, not by accident, by unknown...
Often we find a friend, not by accident, by unknown inner attraction and synchronicity. Debasish Mridha
If you know who you are, this knowledge will attract...
If you know who you are, this knowledge will attract people in all types of situation and circumstances to support your intentions and ideas Sunday Adelaja
All war will end when women cease to find men...
All war will end when women cease to find men in uniforms attractive - discuss. Bill Drummond
Drama don't arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised.
Drama don't arrive by surprise; it is summoned, undisguised. T.F. Hodge
I think women are sexy when they got some clothes...
I think women are sexy when they got some clothes on. And if later they take them off then you've triumphed. Somebody once said it's what you dont see you're interested in, and this is true. Groucho Marx
Gone are the days when women were attracted by a...
Gone are the days when women were attracted by a man's hansomeness. Today, we are talking about cash, and your compromise to become a tiger in bed. Michael Bassey Johnson
Dear Dick, I'm not sure I still want to fuck you. At least, not in the same way. Sylvère keeps talking about us disturbing your "fragility", but I'm not sure that I agree. There's nothing so remarkable in one more woman adoring you. It's a "problem" you're confronting all the time. I'm just a particularly annoying one, one who refuses to behave.. And yet I feel this tenderness towards you, after all we've been through. . Chris Kraus
Nothing like beautiful legs. 'Cause with beautiful legs, even if you've been there only once or twice, there might be something up there besides the cunt, there might be something really marvellous this time - it could be a cunt, but it could be - it's just something about looking at the legs just makes you - I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the cunt, I'm just saying, you always imagine - some extra magic when you're looking at the outside portion of the female. Charles Bukowski
Ladies, you have a ton of power if you just...
Ladies, you have a ton of power if you just understand the fundamental differences between men and women and unaffectedly play by the rules. Julieanne OConnor
My feeling on the subject of sex with a man...
My feeling on the subject of sex with a man is - don't give it up unless you're willing to give him up. Not in the beginning. Sex is power! Julieanne OConnor
There will be a time when love is beautiful and passionate and nothing else will exist but you and the person you love, and a time when love hurts so badly that you will wish you wouldn't wake up. I say this. Always, always, always approach love with the heart of the angel you were born with. Julieanne OConnor
Marry for love. But also choose to marry a man...
Marry for love. But also choose to marry a man or woman who you love that treats you with the ultimate respect for your expression of who you are at your very core. Julieanne OConnor
To love without ownership, to love with total trust and...
To love without ownership, to love with total trust and faith in that very love, to love with the same faith you have that your heart will keep beating moments from now, that is the ultimate love. Julieanne OConnor
Life is surreal. When you step back and really take...
Life is surreal. When you step back and really take a look at it, the irony is absolute. Julieanne OConnor
We will all experience the judgment of others when we...
We will all experience the judgment of others when we fall in love. Love with your whole being anyway. Julieanne OConnor
But it may be that I betrayed myself. Since Dorcastle, my ability to supress my emotions has diminished. I know feelings are showing, not in ways which commons might see, but clearly enough for Mages to spot. My elders could well have decided that I am ruined, that my contact with you has corrupted me beyond correction." .."What does it take to corrupt a Mage, anyway?"" I told you. They thought that you had attempted to seduce me. Perhaps they thought that you had already succeeded despite my denials that such a thing had happened." Once again Mari stared at him, her face darkening. "I was under the impression that your elders thought I would try that at some future point. What did you tell them to make them think that I had already put my moves on you? Or that I had already hooked you?"" Hooked?" Alain asked. "Ensnared." Mari got the word out between clenched teeth. "I told them nothing. That is the illusion they wished to believe, not thinking there could be any other reason for a female Mechanic to seek my company." Alain paused in thought. "A young and attractive female Mechanic, that is."" Oh right. The one with all those physical charms."" Yes, " Alain agreed. She gasped a laugh. "I was being sarcastic again, Alain. I hope that isn't the only reason you've been attracted to me. Not the only reason anyway."" You are very pleasant to look upon, " Alain said, and Mari's face flushed again. Had he angered her? "But my elders were foolish to think physical desire alone could corrupt me. It should not be possible with all of my training, but I found that a single shadow was by far the most important part of the world illusion. That is what doomed me, so my elders were correct in thinking that you had altered my thinking. Not with your body or other physical temptation, but with who you were and the things you did." Alain made another effort to bend his lips into a smile. "I will never be able to return to what I was before I met you. . Jack Campbell
That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want...
That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfeast cereals based on color instead of taste. John Green
I wish I could line up naked the men I've...
I wish I could line up naked the men I've slept with and just gloat for a hot minute. Beautiful creatures. Crystal Woods
Beauty will attract a man, but more than it will...
Beauty will attract a man, but more than it will help you to keep him. Olawale Daniel
Believe me, men never stare at women, its they who...
Believe me, men never stare at women, its they who steal our attention - Ramana Pemmaraju Ramana Pemmaraju
The law of manifestation operates like a triangle: First, know what you want and visualize it as if you already had it; Second, see it behind the illusion of reality, practice it in your decisions, choose the people you hang out with, etc; Third, believe, have faith and work on your emotions to be at the right frequency. This triangle of manifestation is one of the secrets of many religions: Christianity, Scientology, and Freemasonry. In Masonry is seen as "heart, mind and desire"; in Scientology is perceived as "reality, communication and affinity"; in Christianity is understood as "Father, son and holy ghost"; basically, "actions, learnings and emotions". In Christianity, the Father equals reality or the Creator of the illusion, the son is the way, the path, he road of our decisions and actions, and the holy ghost is our heart, instincts and desires manifested in that same path. In word words, through Jesus, and with the power of the holy ghost, you reach God. This is an allegory that not many Christians can understand. Jesus represent behavior - right and wrong, the holy ghost is our faith, your heart and emotions reflecting back at you what you attract, it's the energy that connects you to your dreams, and God represents the Architect of Reality. So, through moral behavior and positive emotions, your understand God and life, and then you receive "paradise". This paradise is whatever you dream for yourself. Furthermore, if someone has shown you this way, he has been as an angel to you, a messenger of God; if someone stopped you from reaching it, he has been as a demon, a worker for Satan, the enemy, if you failed in seeing this path, you have redirected yourself towards hell. And if you hate your life, you are already in hell. If you want to get out of hell, you must accept the truth, and this truth is that you must know God, for He is the truth. He and the truth are one and the same. . Robin Sacredfire
Every leader attracts a different type of follower from the left or the right, from the lowest or the highest class. Every leader unwittingly attracts certain stereotypes that fuel their underlying agenda. Unknown
The girl whose table I occupied was reading a book but I couldn’t help but notice that all this time, she was secretly watching me.“ You are beautiful.” I took my eyes off my phone and I saw the girl talking to me. I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say or how to react. Nico J. Genes
The sense of respiration is an example of our natural sense relationship with the atmospheric matrix. Remember, respiration means to re-spire, to re-spirit ourselves by breathing. It, too, is a consensus of many senses. We may always bring the natural relationships of our senses and the matrix into consciousness by becoming aware of our tensions and relaxations while breathing. The respiration process is guided by our natural attraction to connect with fresh air and by our attraction to nurture nature by feeding it carbon dioxide and water, the foods for Earth that we grow within us during respiration. When we hold our breath, our story to do so makes our senses feel the suffocation discomfort of being separated from Earth's atmosphere. It draws our attention to follow our attraction to air, so we inspire and gain comfort. Then the attraction to feed Earth comes into play so we exhale food for it to eat and we again gain comfort. This process feels good, it is inspiring. Together, we and Earth conspire (breathe together) so that neither of us will expire. The vital nature of this process is brought to consciousness when we recognize that the word for air, spire, also means spirit and that psyche is another name for air/spirit/soul. Michael J. Cohen
There is only one attraction, one law, one power and that is the power of love. Debasish Mridha
I think part of your attraction to him is the draw of the unknown, of being different, even special. He is so out of the ordinary that you feel pulled to that because you yourself are not so ordinary. You're alone. And sometimes the pain of so much loss is written across your face. You wear it like an adornment and that causes other people to wonder about you; they can't relate to you and what you've been through, but you can relate to him in his dark state. Donna Lynn Hope
Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people. Jonathan Franzen
Successful long term relationships are all about power levels. A high power level male will attract and succeed with a high level power female. How do we define those power levels? We can’t, they are inherently in us, and invisible to scientists, accountants, psychologists and spiritualists alike. None can explain the Universe in its entirety, and it is more than chemistry, biology, physics, genetics, horoscopes, religion, in-laws, fame, psychology and spirituality. We may be infatuated by a person, but as soon as we hold their hands, kiss their lips, and especially, make love or have sex with them, their power levels will be instantly exposed. Robert Black
Value is what you trade to get money. The more valuable you are the more money you attract. Oscar Bimpong
But Catherine did not know her own advantages - did not know that a good-looking girl, with an affectionate heart and a very ignorant mind, cannot fail of attracting a clever young man, unless circumstances are particularly untoward. Jane Austen
Matters of the heart were important, but people tended to put too much stock in the particular organ when, in retrospect, it was only tissue. It pumped blood and the body couldn’t live without it, sure, but it had no actual bearing on love. The soul was what made a person distinct–the part that lived on after death, how one being connected to another, and what bound essence. Kelly Moran
What was that? Valentine's Day? Her heart gave a little skip at the thought, she had never spent it in a romantic way before, usually the day meant sending and receiving cute Cupid cards and heart shaped sugar candies, but it was all in a platonic celebration of friendship. This time, it would not be like that, it would be ... special. E.a. Bucchianeri
The greater the pain associated with love, the more likely a person is to be attracted to others who will inflict this pain…for isn’t this what love is? Hurt people tend to hurt other people. David W. Earle
I began to realize what everyone in the world knows and routinely forgets: that to be loved sexually is to be loved not for one's actual self but for one's ability to arouse desire in the other... Only the thoughts in one's mind or intuitions of the spirit can attract permanently... Vivian Gornick
Take notice of what thoughts you fill your mind with each day. Our thoughts draw to us whatever is dominating our mind, so always keep what you are thinking about in check. Miya Yamanouchi
The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad. Idowu Koyenikan
When the Self is freed from mind there are no limits to what one can experience. Vivian Amis
She knew exactly how he was feeling, because experience had taught her that the kind of excitement she was feeling at that moment was never, ever one-sided. On the contrary, she knew that it was born of acute and mutual anticipation, and she knew, too, that it would not be denied. Jack Whyte
Some people confuse intensity for passion and challenge for attraction. Donna Lynn Hope
Is it not rather the touch of Love, of Love the Mysterious, who seeks constantly to unite two beings, who tries his strength the instant he has put a man and a woman face to face? Guy De Maupassant
It wasn’t often he met someone who had her emotions so on display. Most of the women he knew were interested in more material things and kept their emotions well hidden beneath a mask of sophistication. It was refreshing to find someone who was so natural — so passionate. Emily Arden
He couldn’t grab reality if he attempted the task with both hands. Kelly Moran
I couldn't possibly have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar! Russell Brand
Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet. Andy Warhol
In every age a general misdirection of what may be called sexual "taste".. [is] produce[d by the devil and his angels]. This they do bu working through the small circle of artists, dressmakers, actresses, and advertisers who determine the fashionable type. The aim is to guide each sex away from those members of the other with whom spiritually helpful, happy, and fertile marriages are most likely. Thus [they] have now for many centuries triumphed over nature to the extent of making certain secondary characteristics of the male (such as the beard) disagreeable to nearly all the females-and there is more in that than you might suppose. As regards the male taste [they] have varied a good deal. At one time [they] have directed it to the statuesque and aristocratic type of beauty, mixing men's vanity with their desires and encouraging the race to breed chiefly from the most arrogant and prodigal women. At another, [they] have selected an exaggeratedly feminine type, faint and languishing, so that folly and cowardice, and all the general falseness and littleness of mind which go with them, shall be at a premium. At present [they] are on the opposite tack. The age of jazz has succeeded the age of the waltz, and [they] now teach men to like women whose bodies are scarcely distinguishable from those of boys. Since this is a kind of beauty even more transitory than most, [they] thus aggravate the female's chronic horror of growing old (with many [successful] results) and render her less willing and less able to bear children. And that is not all. [They] have engineered a great increase in the license which society allows to the representation of the apparent nude (not the real nude) in art, and its exhibition on the stage or the bathing beach. It is all a fake, or course; the figures in the popular art are falsely drawn; the real women in bathing suits or tights are actually pinched in and propped up to make them to appear firmer and more slender and more boyish than nature allows a full-grown woman to be. Yet at the same time, the modern world is taught to believe that it is being "frank" and "healthy" and getting back to nature. As a result [they] are more and more directing the desires of men to something which does not exist-making the role of the eye in sexuality more and more important and at the same time making its demands more and more impossible. . C.s. Lewis
O woman, thou art my imperfection! Pawan Mishra
Lola found herself staring at him when he turned back to the road. He was tall enough that his dark, wavy hair touched the roof of the car, and so broad his sculpted bicep continually brushed against her bare upper arm, sending shivers straight to her nipples and between her legs. She crossed her thighs, disgusted with herself, and vowed not to start lusting after this jerk. Sweden Reese
It wasn’t that her dress was revealing, not by current standards, but the fitted bodice and flaring skirt played with a man’s imagination in a maddening way. It would be easy access to put her over his knee, flip up the skirt and warm her luscious ass with the palm of his hand. Sweden Reese
You don't have to lie to someone saying that you love him just to sleep with him. Let's accept it that there is something called as (uncontrollable) physical attraction. ;) Gr r r r r r No it's not taboo or bad. It is natural and It is oh k if both of you are equally attracted. ;) :)Applies to all men, women and transgenders. Stop saying I love You casually n let's not add it to the list of Thank You and Sorry.Say it only when u mean it! . Honeya
What exactly does that expression even mean? An ass that won’t quit? Think about the primary function of an ass– I’d think that’s the sort of thing you might want to quit. Nicki Elson
She hadn’t known that the ability to make pancakes from scratch made a man brutally hot. Now she did. Suenammi Richards
It's unnerving how you fit in the basin of my thighs. Audrey Rey
Oh my friend from future centuries, I am leaving my love and endless good wishes for you. I have no possessions to leave for you. I have a broken pen and a few pages of paper with thoughts that I am leaving for you. Believe in the power of your thoughts, truths of your perceptions, magic of joy in your dreams, and the attraction of your love and purity. Debasish Mridha
He had a bad habit of initially zeroing in on one or two things he liked about every new girl he found himself interested in, as if to justify his attraction. Adelle Waldman
Girls and guys, don't let anyone tell you who and what you should be into. Miya Yamanouchi
Love is a kind of symptom that arises through the repression of libido. Frank Tallis
Part of the strength of science is that it has tended to attract individuals who love knowledge and the creation of it.... Thus, it is the communication process which is at the core of the vitality and integrity of science. Philip Abelson
A giver's purse can never be paused. Michael Bassey Johnson
Someone smells good, it automatically makes them more attractive. Hannah Q. Mensah
Impatience, resentment, jealousy and endless "want" are not creative attractors and have no value. Bryant McGill
I don't purchase people with money, or hiss like a snake to attract their attention, all i do is to rest on my couch because i have the conviction that no human can progress with an exception without a power behind. Michael Bassey Johnson
His voice was like soothing melted chocolate. I wanted him to ooze his lovely voice all over my naked body. James Lusarde
In the School of Life events, situations, and the people you have attracted to be part of your personal experiences are synchronized perfectly in order to teach you the lessons that need to be learned. They show you exactly what is needed to be successful in your Life. Jacqueline Ripstein
People are like vines that grow upwards to the Sun in the heavens. Our ascent is inspired by seeking a deep connection with the divine. When we are attracted to others, we are attracted to a spark of the divine that is a reflection of our true being. Ambika Devi
The ability to find sparks may be buried so deep in you that you stop believing there's a God. Until someone comes along, with so much light in her that you can't help but see your own, and when you're together, that light grows even brighter. Jodi Picoult
There's no rule that says attraction warrents trust. If that were the case, then more wedded couple would be happier. Jennifer Hudson Taylor
The first time he wrapped his arms around her and bent his head to caress her lips with his, she was caught by surprise and felt a breathless tingle shoot through her. Was this it, she wondered? Emily Arden
When you can find your own axis, you can revolve around it, for when you revolve your life on someone outside of you, you lose your own alignment. Just as the earth revolves around its own axis daily and through this eternal gentle revolving it also revolves around the sun, if you don’t find your own axis and you don’t gently revolve, you cannot be for anyone. Then, once you have centered on your axis and someone else who has also centered on theirs is brought into your world, the two of you can come together and there is a collision of axes and you shift from your center. This is the sensation of ‘falling in love’. . Malti Bhojwani